Bridesmaid Pic Preview + Egg McMuffin Remix

Are you ready for the reeeeemix?


First take your standard healthified egg McMuffin and subtract the Canadian bacon and cheese,  replacing them with veggie bacon and roasted red pepper hummus. Slap some sauteéd portobello mushrooms on there for good measure!

Veggies + Protein + Whole Grains

It’s hot. It’s tasty. It’s healthy.

Bite Me, Baby!

Slaaaam dunk.


I needed a hot breakfast after a cold walk with Ryan and Sadie this morning. Fortunately I had Ryan along on my usual walk with the pup, because talking to him distracted me from the chill. Well, unless the wind started blowing, and then all bets were off!

We went on a walk with Sadie after hittin’ up the gym for a workout. I took my usual BodyPump class, followed by 10 minutes on the elliptical while reading Women’s Health. The magazine had little tid bits of advice about healthy eating, one of which I really enjoyed.

It advised readers to address each meal like Monday morning. A fresh slate. A new opportunity to eat nutritious foods and make healthy decisions. I really liked this tip, as I found myself experiencing an “all or nothing” approach to my eating last Friday.

When we were baking 16 dozen Christmas cookies last week, Ryan and I ate a ton of dough. Since I already ate so much dough, I figured why not eat a ton of cookies? (Because inevitably I ended up in a sugar coma with a cookie tummy ache, that’s why.)

Eating samples of cookie dough while baking isn’t something I would ever beat myself up over, but throwing caution to the wind and overdoing it made me feel sick and sluggish. My “what the heck” attitude lead to more cookie consumption, and if I had just taken the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a healthy snack rather than several more cookies, I know I would’ve felt much better.

It was just a random tip, but it resonated with me and I figured there might be someone out there who has experienced a similar all-or-nothing experience recently that may also benefit from this little nugget of knowledge, so I figured I’d share. 😀

Bridesmaid Pictures

And now for the wedding-related surprise I mentioned last night.

Our wedding photographer, Gina Leigh (<– beyond amazing),  is working on uploading all of our wedding photos for us. She has a beautiful blog where she posted some preview pictures of me and my bridesmaids and I thought you guys might want a sneak peak since I haven’t posted many pictures from our big day. (I’m waiting on getting all the photos from her before posting a full wedding recap.)

I don’t want to elaborate too much about my bridesmaids, their dresses, etc. until  the recap, but until then, you may wish to click here to enjoy the sneak peak of pictures! 🙂

Of Possible Interest


  1. laura says

    oh my gosh Julie. you looked so pretty on your wedding day and I love how natural your makeup looked. Bravo to the photographer! But it’s really just you and your pretty bridesmaids…her skills merely enhanced the beauty :)!


  2. says

    I read the same tip in Women’s Health and it totally hit home for me, too! I thought about how I usually feel on Mondays, and I always want to feel that way!

    Your pictures are so beautiful. I LOVE those b-maid dresses!


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