We’re baaaack! 🙂

After four days of cruising, Ryan and I arrived in Tampa this morning.

We’re heading back work today, but I wanted to get a quick post up to tell you guys a bit about the wonderful conclusion to our honeymoon.

On Thursday, we departed Tampa for Cozumel, Mexico on the Carnival Inspiration.honeymoon cruise 001

honeymoon cruise 002The weather was absolutely beautiful, so we spent lots of time on the deck of the ship, taking in the sights and enjoying the sea breezes.

Once our luggage was delivered to our room, we unpacked and walked around the ship to orient ourselves with our floating home for the next four days.

Since I am a huge planner, I immediately paged through the itinerary for the day and saw that a sushi booth opened up in the early evening. We headed over to the sushi booth before dinner to sample some of the goods.honeymoon cruise 003Since Ryan and I have both been on several cruises before (they’re a really cheap way to travel when you live in Florida and can book last-minute cruises), we were both pretty excited for dinner.

I won’t take you guys though every meal on the cruise because there were a billion and that would likely make you die of boredom, so we’ll fast forward to our second day on the ship and cover dinner on the cruise’s “formal night.”

We had a good time gettin’ all gussied up prior to indulging in a delicious meal.honeymoon cruise 012The wait staff on the Carnival Inspiration were so kind, accommodating and friendly. We loved our waiter!

On the second night, I began my meal with the pumpkin soup appetizer which I didn’t photograph. Ryan and I also ordered the shrimp cocktail. honeymoon cruise 004For my main course, I opted for the tiger shrimp and lobster with mashed potatoes and parmesan broccoli. honeymoon cruise 014 It was good, but to be totally honest, the lasagna I ordered on the first night was better. Here’s a picture of the cheesy lasagna for good measure. 🙂 honeymoon cruise 005 For dessert on the formal night, I opted for the cherries jubilee, which was served with creamy vanilla ice cream.

honeymoon cruise 015honeymoon cruise 016Three course meals for four days straight is my kind of vacation.

When we returned from dinner each night, we had a little towel animal waiting for us on our bed.honeymoon cruise 018honeymoon cruise 008

Aren’t they adorable?

And now it’s time to return to normalcy. Back to work!

See ya a little later for Part Two of our honeymoon cruise. 😀


  1. Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat says

    The first (and only!) time I’ve gone on a cruise was in 7th grade and those towel animals were probably my favorite/fun memory from the entire trip (otherwise we just spent a lot of time sunbathing 🙂 )! I really wish I lived in FL so I could go on more cruises!


    • Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat says

      Also, this post title totally reminds me of that song Gywneth Paltrow sang in that movie Duets! I am kind of obsessed with her singing ability right now 🙂


  2. says

    I have done a cruise on the Carnival Inspiration too!! That was about two years ago but geeze I miss the wonderful food and around the clock soft serve 🙂 I am glad you guys had a blast!


  3. says

    I am so glad you’re back!
    I just went on a Cruise to Mexico, and the food was amazing and we got towel animals too!
    We got Sandy the Stingray and Lenford the Swan, and Francois the Dog I believe! 🙂
    It was so much fun, I am glad you had fun on your cruise too!


  4. Kaella says

    Welcome back!! Glad you had such a great time! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise, but am paranoid I would get sea sick (no idea if that’s common LOL, but I get car sick sometimes if I’m in the back seat!)

    Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂


    • says

      you know what? i get terribly sea sick & have never had an issue on a cruise until this one… i felt a little queasy one day & made sure to take sea-sick medicine for the rest of the trip so i didn’t have any problems.


  5. says

    SO glad you had fun! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more. You looked beautiful.

    And – ahem – I know you just got back to real life and everything, but I do have to say I still think we need to be roomies in May. *wink wink*


  6. says

    what cruise were you on? im going on one in December and would love to know your thoughts on the one you went on! the formal dinner looked beautiful!
    and LOVE your blue dress 🙂


    • says

      we were on the carnival inspiration. i’ve been on both carnival & royal caribbean cruises & will tell you this: i think carnival has better food, but royal caribbean has nicer ships! either way, they’re both really fun!


  7. Monica says

    This looks so fun! We are thinking about a cruise for our honeymoon- I have never been on one! Do you usually use sites like Expedia to book your cruise??


  8. says

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