Everything About Her

I love everything about her.


I love her scrawny, wiggly little body.

I love the way she sighs when she’s frustrated.

I love the way she stands at the top of our bed at nighttime, waiting for us to lift up the sheets so she can dive underneath.


I love her for teaching me to appreciate the little things in life more often.

I love that simply saying the word “walk” brings the most intense joy to her face.

I love that she smiles.


I love how cuddling her makes all of my worries and sadness fade away.

I love that she actually knows how to hug.


I love watching her relationship with Ryan.

sadie 019


dog eating turkey

bulls fan

I love how she can barely contain her excitement when I walk through the door… even if I’ve only been gone for five minutes.

I love how she gets “huffy” and pseudo-barks when she sees something that upsets her.

I love her nibble kisses.

I love how she immediately acts like she’s dying if you start babying her because you think she hurt herself.


I love that there is not an evil bone in her body… unless a stick is involved.


I love that she made it nearly impossible for me and Ryan to take a quality engagement photo of ourselves with the self timer in our backyard.

engagement photo with dog

I love that she has no concept of personal space.


I love that whenever Ryan and I talk about getting rid of some of Sadie’s toys we never do because she honestly plays with all of them.


I love when her jowls get caught in her teeth.

I love that her yawns are the most dramatic thing in the entire world.


I love that she can look like an old man one second…

old man sadie

And an adorable little puppy the next…


I love that she loves peanut butter just as much as I do.

peanut butter dog

And I even love her ass grass.

Questions of the Morning

  • What do you love most about your pet?
  • No pet? What is one thing you love about animals?


  1. says

    LOVE this post! You have put it in a nutshell how I feel about our animals (we have 2 dogs and a cat). They each have their own personality and I love them SO much! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


  2. says

    Ah! I feel the same way about my little princess doggie! I can’t imagine my life without her!!! I’m so glad that your scare this morning turned out okay!
    I wish I could photograph my dog as well as you do! Tia just won’t sit still for me!


  3. Nicola says

    This is such a cute post. Omg I could go on forever about the things I love about my dog. I have a labrador, Bonnie and she is 12 now. I hate seeing her get old, but she is still as cute as ever. I love the looks she gives when she wants food – so full of hope haha, and I love how when there’s food around, she tries to be really subtle that she is keeping such a close eye on it, then as soon as someone’s hand goes near the plate, her head shoots up.

    I love all her little positions she gets into when she’s sleeping and how when her water bowl is empty she stands at it waiting for someone to come with water. So many things…….


  4. Debbie says

    Hey just to say that i love this post and your blog in general, i have been reading/lurking for a few weeks now…ur always so upbeat and positive in ur posts and i love sadie, she is so cute. she reminds me of my dog, although he never tried pb, but i’m sure he would have lapped it up!
    keep up the great posts


  5. Gina @ Will Run for Cupcakes says

    This post may be my most favorite ever! There is nothing better than the unconditional love of your four legged child. Yes, I call my dog my child 🙂


  6. says

    Our dog Mason is really sick right now. He has to spend 4 weeks in his crate with only 30 minutes a day for bathroom breaks. I really hope he gets better …. he has the same spunk and energy that Sadie has and I’m not sure if our other dog Coco (his sister) could handle life without him. Please keep Mason in your thoughts….


    • Danielle says

      Wishing Mason a quick recovery. If Coco wants to try putting a bed for her next to the crate. She may want to be close to him.


  7. Danielle says

    OMG I had to check out ass grass and I’m still laughing. If you thought that was bad my Chewy has a knack for eating my hair. My long hair. And often needs help when he needs to go potty.

    There is not enough room to list all I love about my pets. But here are a few:
    Chewy, the way he kisses me when I cry.
    Bella, the way she crawles up my chest and rests her head under my chin.
    Oliver, the way he enjoys life, a very happy go-lucky guy.


  8. says

    !!! I love this post so much. The amazing thing about dogs is that the relationship we have with them is so universal. Your post made my heart ache for my Max, who we had to put down after ten awesome years last June. There is just something so special about pets, even when hilarious/gross things like ass grass occur. 🙂


  9. Alison says

    What a heartwarming post! I have a 5 lb tiny toy poodle named Lily and love so many things about her…

    I love how she shakes her green bunny stuffed animal to let me know that she’s hungry.

    I love how she “purrs” (really!) whenever I cradle her and rub her belly.

    I love how she barks at every single person on the street and thinks she’s 10 times her size.

    I love how she paws my foot to let me know she wants to be held.

    I love how she snuggles with me and cheers me up with doggy kisses.

    I love her!!!! 🙂



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