From Teacups to Glow in the Dark Liquor Bottles

I cannot believe how many of you have experienced the terror of a missing pet before. It really is a gut-wrenching feeling and I’m so thankful that so many of the missing pet stories you guys shared turned out positive. It’s amazing the impact a beloved animal can have on our lives, huh?

My day today has been spent working away on my laptop with Sadie right by my side on the floor. The only furniture in our house right now is our kitchen table, but I was getting sick of sitting up at the table, so it’s been a work-on-the-floor kind of day.

I can’t wait until we get my home office set up! A trip to IKEA to buy the office furniture I fell in love with last week is in order.


After working through the morning, I took Sadie on a quick walk around the neighborhood (yes, I’m all over her today) before making myself a quick lunch.

Lunch today included tuna salad on a hot dog bun served with a side of tomatoes and hummus for dipping.



As I was prepping my lunch, one of my decorating experiments from yesterday stared down at me.

I placed some colorful teacups on top of the kitchen cabinets. I thought they added a little color to the kitchen, but couldn’t decide if they looked too cheap.



When Ryan came home from work yesterday I asked him what he thought of the teacups. After complimenting all of my other kitchen decorating and unpacking, he let it spill.

“The cups remind me of the college apartments that had liquor bottles on display above cabinets.”

glow in the dark liquor bottles


I burst out laughing.

We then debated filling some empty vodka bottles with highlighters, shaking them up and turning on a black light in our kitchen to really relive the college days.

(Please rest assured that I never used my alcohol bottles as apartment décor in college.)

The cups are currently still in place until we can find something to replace them or we decide they actually look okay.


What do you think? Be honest! I’m not in love with them at all, so I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.


  1. says

    I think that the cups look cute, but agree that they are on the smaller side. I also tend to shy away from lots of different colors, so I’m biased! I like the suggestions of adding houseplants or artificial plants, that would look nice and go with your countertop decorations / the ball jars nicely.


  2. says

    I have been in so many apartments with the liquor bottle thing!! It’s sort of funny, I just moved into a new apartment and upon my friend visiting the first thing she said is, “You aren’t going to line up liquor bottles and stuff, are you?” haha I told her to rest assured that no, I most definitely would no. The cups are cute, btw! Maybe you should try something a bit larger, though?


  3. Nicole says

    I like the idea of the cups adding color, but i think it might look better if they were larger, or if you used a similar idea but with plates on plate holders.


  4. says

    I like the idea and definitely the color, but I think you need something bigger. Check out Homegoods or Marshalls or Ross for cheap vases. I got huge ones we used on a ledge in our previous house from those stores for super cheap!


  5. says

    Hahah ohh that does remind me of some of my college guy friends houses! They put those bottles on display like they’re some prized possession haha.

    I think you should add some other nick nacky type things up there. Check out anthropologie!!! They have the cutest plates, bowls, cups, etc!


  6. says

    hahaha- I love Ryan’s response! I have to agree with him! Good luck finding a replacement, I think I will need to hire an interior decorator when I finally move into a grown up place (not a studio apartment!!) because I have no eye for any kind of decorating.


  7. says

    I can’t wait to see your home office. I work from home too and have a pretty boring work station. I found a really cool office closet picture on Pinintrest, go figure, finding something cool on Pinintrest! Addicted! So happy to see you getting settled. 🙂


  8. says

    I love the idea but think if you got big oversized mugs it could be adorable just so it takes up a little more room! Go to anthropologie even and get a few mismatched bowls/mugs, would be super cute as well!



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