Hikin' Kinda Weather

The weather outside today was hikin’ kinda weather.

Hiking Trio

Ryan, Sadie and I went on a wonderful two hour hike at Weikwa Springs Park, about 25 minutes from downtown Orlando.

We’ve never seen so many people (or dogs!) on the trails before. Everyone seems excited about the 70 degree weather.

After our hike, we swung by 7-Eleven and Ryan bought a slurpee and shared a few swigs with me. Yum!

We then dropped Sadie off before heading to the grocery store to pick up food for the week. We both were feelin’ pizza and picked up a frozen one for dinner tonight. 

When we got home, we popped a California Pizza Kitchen Sicilian pizza into the oven right away.

Sicilian Pizza

It baked up in no time at all.

Pizza, Pizza

On the side we enjoyed steamed broccoli, but I forgot to snap a picture. Bad blogger!

My Plate


CPK knows how to make a mean frozen pizza!

Tonight we’re straightening up our apartment since our landlord has two showings scheduled for tomorrow. I’m so not in the mood to clean… Fortunately it shouldn’t take too long and I hope to be cuddlin’ on the couch in no time. 🙂


  1. says

    I saw so many dogs out today too! It was around 65 here in Georgia and while I was sitting outside doing my homework, it seemed like everyone that walked by had a puppy by their side!
    Your little family is so cute!!


  2. Anne @ the doctor takes a wife says

    That is by far the best kind of frozen pizza 😉

    PS: I had a long AND short veil for my wedding. Long for ceremony, short for reception. And if you want something simple, look on ebay first. Seriously. I got both of mine for literally $20.


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