PBF Baby: 33 Weeks


Hello, hello! Today is going to be a fairly pregnancy-centric day for me because I have a routine prenatal appointment early this afternoon and an appointment with a physical therapist later in the day. Thank goodness! I’m really hoping my physical therapist will be able to help with some of the pain I’ve been experiencing lately! But before the … [Continue reading...]

Celebrating Mimi in Gettysburg


Ryan and I arrived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the early afternoon on Friday. Our drive up from North Carolina was seamless and absolutely gorgeous. We drove through Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland and commented on the lush greenery and breathtaking mountain views at least a dozen times. It was stunning! My mom, dad, sister and … [Continue reading...]

Things I’m Loving Friday #91


It’s Friday and I am so, so happy the weekend is here. Ryan and I are hitting the road for Pennsylvania right when this post goes up and will be staying in an adorable house I found on VBRO.com with my whole family. It will be so wonderful to be around people who loved Mimi most and her visitation and memorial service will take place on Saturday. I … [Continue reading...]

Thursday Morning Catch Up


Good morning! How are you guys today? Juggling work, blog stuff, my in-laws’ visit and preparations for my grandmother’s funeral have left me feeling a little frazzled. I meant to share a nursery tour with you guys this week, but haven’t had the chance to sit down at the computer and type out the details in the way that I want to, so it will be … [Continue reading...]

Roasted Grape and Ricotta Toast


This post is part of my partnership with Grapes from California. I hope you enjoy the recipe! It’s summery, simple and very delicious! When it comes to summertime snacking, I cannot seem to get enough fresh fruit. The fact that I am 33 weeks pregnant and the 100-degree heat in Charlotte have me constantly reaching for sweet, refreshing fruit, with … [Continue reading...]