Things I’m Loving Friday #169


Gooooood morning and Happy Friday to my favorite Internet friends! How are you guys today? All is well over here! My father-in-law arrived in town late yesterday morning and will be spending his birthday weekend with us here in North Carolina. We’re happy to have him in town and are really hoping to secure a last-minute babysitter so we can go out … [Continue reading...]

A Random Wednesday in January


Hello my friends! I hope you are having a good Thursday so far! I wanted to pop in this morning to share a little glimpse into our day yesterday. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? (Sadie says hi from her little cocoon of blankets!) Breakfast My day began dark and early, as usual, when I woke up to my alarm and headed downstairs … [Continue reading...]

Top PBF Posts of 2016 (The Rest!)


The final look back into 2016 is here and today’s blog post dives into the most popular blog posts that weren’t workouts or recipes… The best of the rest! Below you will find an assortment of content from beauty-related posts to motherhood to travel, fitness and bachelorette parties, I hope a post or two that you may have missed will pop out … [Continue reading...]

Monday In Meals


Hi guys! I must begin this post by thanking all of you so much for your kind words on yesterday’s blog post. I’m so glad you could see what a special woman my Auntie Gwenn was and my family and I truly appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thank you, thank you. Yesterday was, for the most part, spent getting life back in order after my weekend … [Continue reading...]

Remembering My Great Auntie Gwenn


This weekend passed by in a flash of snow, family, tears, laughter, plane trips, car rides and frigid temperatures. I left Charlotte first thing on Friday morning for Baltimore, Maryland to attend my great Auntie Gwenn’s funeral and celebrate her life with her two daughters (my mother’s cousins) and my extended family. My Auntie Gwenn was my … [Continue reading...]