Sadie’s Annual Birthday Challenge: Year Seven

rotisserie chicken vs fried chicken

It’s no secret that Ryan and I are a little too obsessed with Sadie. So, it should come as no surprise that we celebrate her birthday every year. Sadie gets extra love and cuddles but I’m pretty positive her annual birthday challenge is her favorite part of her birthday. (Oh, and if you object to… 

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Sister Time

Davidson North Carolina

Spending time with my sister this weekend was perfect… but it also reminded me just how much I miss seeing her all the time! Leslie’s work brought her to Charlotte late last week, so we planned to extend her stay a little bit so I could show her around our new hometown and we could… 

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Rural Hill Sheep Dog Trials

free weights

Good morning! I’m back after a sweaty and productive day at the gym! The majority of my Monday was spent working at the gym and I kicked off my time there by teaching the morning barbell strength class. The class went well and I took everyone through a total-body strength workout that used both the… 

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PBF Favorites: Sadie’s Favorite Dog Toys, Food and Products

Best Dog Food, Toys and Products For Your Dog

Good afternoon! It’s time for another edition of PBF Favorites! Past PBF Favorites posts: Favorite Hair Products Favorite Workout Capris and Leggings Today I am following up a request I received from a few of you for a post all about Sadie’s favorite dog toys, food and products. Ask and you shall receive! Yep, it’s… 

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