The Maze Runner Trilogy

My morning snack today included veggies, string cheese and hummus. I rarely snack on vegetables, as I typically gravitate toward fresh fruit, peanut butter, a smoothie or Greek yogurt. 

I initially planned to make myself a salad for lunch, but after snacking on raw vegetables this morning, I was in the mood for something different. 


I made myself a bowl of Monterey Pasta Company lobster ravioli, topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese.


I also ate two plums as I waited for the ravioli to cook on the stovetop and Sadie stared at me with intense longing for a bite of people food.

puppy eyes

She kills me.

I haven’t bought plums in ages and randomly purchased five this week. I ate three yesterday and two today. All gone!

I must remember to buy them again in the future because they were so much better than I remembered. I also think I managed to snag some exceptionally delicious plums, because I remember biting into my fair share of tart plums in my day.

The Maze Runner Trilogy

Last week, Ryan and I finished reading the final book in The Maze Runner trilogy, The Death Cure. (The second book is The Scorch Trials.)

When we first began reading the books, I promised you guys a review and I’m here to deliver!

maze runner

Michelle recommended that I read The Maze Runner since she knows I really enjoy dystopian novels and loved The Hunger Games and Divergent. (Side note: I know The Hunger Games is crazy-popular right now and if you read and loved the books in that series, you must read Divergent. I actually liked it even more than The Hunger Games.)

The Maze Runner follows Thomas, a teenage boy who wakes up in the middle of the Glade with his memory completely wiped. Boys just like Thomas, whose memories have also been wiped, live in the Glade, a large, desolate place surrounded by stone walls with doors that open out to a seemingly never-ending maze every morning and close every night.

Thomas and the other Gladers are determined to find a way out of the maze and figure out who put them there and why. Some of the Gladers are able to remember bits and pieces from their past and these little glimpses into the outside world add to the intrigue of the book.

The arrival of the first girl to the Glade knocks Thomas off his feet as he realizes he has a serious connection to her. Gradually Thomas realizes his role in the Glade is an important one and one he must take very seriously if the Gladers ever hope to get out of the maze and understand their new world.   

I don’t want to say too much more in case you decide to read the second and third books, but the additional books in the trilogy continue to follow the Gladers and their adventures. The books are action-packed, fast-moving and every chapter ends in a way that makes you want to keep reading.

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  1. Bridget says

    Julie, I just started reading the first book of The Maze Runner. I LOVEDDD The Hunger Games and Divergent and so far The Maze Runner isn’t impressing me as much as the other two. It doesn’t seem as well written and is a little repetitive. I’m still not that far in so I hope it gets better. Where does The Maze Runner lie in your ranking of the three books? I know you liked Divergent better than Hunger Games.



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