Good afternoon, my friends! How are things going for you today?

Everything is going well over here! Well, for one of us, at least. Little Miss Sadie had a vet appointment this afternoon.

Pathetic Dog

(Sadie and the vet aren’t exactly best friends.)

Ryan and I are flying to Chicago on Friday for my friend Kristen’s wedding and since we’re going to have to board Sadie, we wanted to be sure she is healthy and that all of her shots are up to date. She needed a couple of shots today and handled them like a champ. The part of her visit that did not go so well was the basic examination of her ears, teeth, eyes and body.

ridiculous dog

When the vet approached Sadie, she hit the deck and then wiggled around and tried to hide behind me which had everyone laughing and calling her “Slink.” She’s ridiculous.

Also, how do dogs always seem to know they’re at a vet’s office? Within two minutes of our arrival, Sadie was shaking in my lap in the lobby and we had never even been to this vet’s office before. I think maybe the office smells too sterile and feels too cold. Or perhaps the German shepherd wearing a “cone of shame” in the waiting room gave it away?

Before Sadie’s vet appointment, I took her for a lunchtime walk on a shady path at a local park.

Jetton Park (2)

We stopped a few times to check out the lake and Sadie splashed around for a bit as she tried to coerce me into a game of fetch. Unfortunately no swimming is allowed at this particular park, so Sadie had to stay on her leash which I’m sure made her think I am super lame.

Vizsla in Lake

After our walk, we headed to the vet. We were there for longer than I anticipated but I left feeling good about vet we chose. (Thank you, Yelp reviews!)

Lunch today included a Subway club salad served with a side of chocolate-covered pecans.

subway club salad chocolate covered pecans

After lunch, I started sorting through the box of giveaway clothes I had leftover after I sent a batch to Twice before our move. (Speaking of Twice, I’ve actually purchased a couple of “like new” Lululemon tops for less than half of their retail value from the site and have been quite impressed with the quality. Thought that might interest some of you!)

giveaway clothes

Anyway, thanks to your recommendations, I looked into ThredUP, another clothing resale website, and was happy to see that they accept even more brands than Twice. After requesting a free shipment bag last week, I filled it up today and plan to drop it in the mail tomorrow.


Thanks so much for the tip! I’m hoping they accept some of my stuff!

Question of the Afternoon

  • How often do you clean out your closet?

I think I go through my closet four times a year. I read somewhere to go through your closet at the end of each season and get rid of whatever you didn’t wear that season. This didn’t really work or apply in Florida since we basically had one season, but I still thought the idea was a good one!


  1. says

    My cat is such a wimp at the vets. She’s a nightmare to get into her cage to take there, throwing her legs out in all directions to make herself as large and unhelpful as possible and meowing loads. But once she’s on the vet’s table she just sits there quietly, awaiting her fate. I always feel so guilty for taking her!


  2. says

    I have never tried selling my clothing but really should…sometimes I end up donating brand new clothes with tags on! I have a stack of clothes waiting to go to Plato’s closet so hopefully I will be able to make some money to restock the closet 😉


  3. says

    My dog does the SAME exact thing at the vet. He just freezes when getting shots, but as soon as they want to listen to his heart or touch him, he’s trying to climb onto my neck. It’s hilarious and sad all at the same time.


  4. says

    If you really want to know why dogs hate the vets office before you’ve even stepped foot in the door check out the book Inside of A Dog. Basically, even if a room has been sterilized they can smell SO many other animals, and the scents those animals release when they are in fear, pain, scared, etc. Sometimes us humans forget how amazing a dogs nose is.


  5. Laura says

    I used Twice for the first time with your recommendation. I got $117 back from 21 items! So impressed, I’ll definitely be cleaning out the closet more often! 🙂


  6. says

    We use when going out of town with our dog. It’s like online date for a pet sitter. The sitters post a profile, pictures, details about their house, etc. We’ve used it twice now and LOVE it. Our last sitters took great care of our older family dog and our younger dog was entertained with lots of dog park visits. They texted me pictures and updates of what they were doing which made this dog crazy lady very happy!

    I try to clean out my closet twice a year or so. I tend to donate vs. trying to resell them as I like the thought of someone in need getting them. I find myself wearing the same 10-20 pieces all the time. I don’t need half the clothes I have but I’m always like “what if this happens…” so I keep it.


  7. Veronica says

    Oh my … I never heard of ThredUp … and I am intrigued on trying this the next time I go through my closet. Although I have more seasons than Florida up in Chicago (which it may be rainy this weekend, although the Taste of Chicago is happening so you should check it out, plus food trucks) I only clean out my closet probably during the summer. I tend to have extra time then due to the fact that I teach high school during the school year.

    Sadie and my brother’s dog Midas I think would be best buds. Ha!


  8. livitant says

    I go through my closet at least 2 times a year!I I feel so wasteful buying new clothes that I don’t need, so I always end up looking through the whole closet and reorganizing!


  9. Virdiana says

    I worked at a vet clinic all throughout college and saw my fair share of anxious dogs and cats! One of the best tips our veterinarian gave to clients for pet anxiety was to bring the pet to the vet’s office on a day when they don’t have an appointment. I know it sounds weird, but bringing them in and just letting them smell around, meet the staff (and receive lots of love and treats!) will help them to associate the setting with a positive experience! It helped a lot of our regulars act much more relaxed when they would come in for appointments. Hope that helps! 🙂


  10. says

    I have pretty good luck selling name brand items on eBay (but it can be a little tedious to mail each item individually). I’m requesting a ThredUp bag now though for the items that don’t sell 🙂 Thanks for the tip!


  11. Holly says

    Julie, I would LOVE for you to do a piece on your closet- your favorite pieces, what’s inside, etc. you always look fabulous and I can only dream of having the opportunity to invade your closet one day!


  12. says

    i recently adopted a chihuahua and he shakes and hides on my lap when we go to the vet too.. we switched to another one… and they give him treats. he reacts better to them now. 🙂



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