Wedding Cake: The Selection Process Begins

Today’s lunch took me out of the office!

Several of my coworkers and I headed to Dexter’s, a cute restaurant in Thornton Park, for make-your-own sandwiches! Ā (You may read about my past lunches at Dexter’s here and here.)

I ordered a roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread with all the veggies and Dijon mustard. I didn’t snap a picture of my meal, so please enjoy this replica from a past lunch at Dexter’s when I ordered a turkey sandwich!

Replace the Turkey with Roast Beef in Your Mind!

The whole wheat bread at Dexter’s is delicious and has lots of seeds throughout the slices which gives it a nutty texture that I adore.

A Peek Inside

I ate every last bite! šŸ˜€

Though I typically prefer to each lunch at my desk to save moo-lah, it was really nice to get out of the office and chat it up this afternoon!

Wedding Cake

I am unbelievably excited for this weekend!

Ryan and I have some seriously fun wedding-related appointments on the agenda, one of which is tasting and selecting the design of our wedding cake!

There are so many different cake designs to choose from. One thing Ryan and I know for sure is that we want a tiered cake with only white icing. I think cakes with colored icing can be adorable, but we both prefer a simple, color-free look.

I would love to incorporate some beautiful flowers from our florist into the cake, preferably on the top, as I think flowers on a wedding cake can add a pop of color and a romantic, feminine look which appeals to me.

I am pretty much obsessed with Jessica’s wedding cake

The "How Sweet It Is" Wedding Cake

Isn’t it amazing? (Aside from looking breathtakingly beautiful, it also had a chocolate fudge center. Heaven.)

Though Ryan and I were asked to select several cake flavors to try during our tasting this weekend, we selected only one (red velvet cake) and told the pastry chefs to “surprise us” with the other flavors by selecting popular flavors people seem to enjoy.

I’m excited to see what they have in store!

Blowing Out the Candles on My Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Side note: If you are a red velvet cake fan like we are, definitely try making these red velvet cake brownies. SO tasty!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What was the flavor (or flavors) of your wedding cake?
  • If you’re not married, what flavor wedding cake would you like for your big day?


  1. says

    Jessica’s cake looks absolutely stunning! I hope you have a lot of fun picking out cakes – lots of yummy cakes to sample! šŸ™‚
    PS- I have to check out those muffins – YUM!


  2. says

    We didn’t have a wedding cake, we did a huge canoli tree instead šŸ™‚ They matched with my white theme and were WAY cheaper. We saved a ton of money that way, and everyone loved it and talked about it afterwards! They are my favorite dessert and my husband is very Italian, so they worked out perfectly.


  3. says

    I alternated my cake flavors between pink champagne and almond with a vanilla filling. Apparently it was delicious!! The tiny piece Ben fed me was awesome! Oddly enough, I am not a wedding and sales consultant at a bakery and I design wedding cakes. Let me know if you want any help. I love getting a feel for people and coming up with a design!


  4. says

    We went to the place of places for cake in the Twin Cities and just couldn’t decide from all the flavors what we wanted to give our guests to enjoy.

    So we created a cupcake tree with three flavors, chocolate overload of sorts, raspberry/lemon, white/Irish chocolate, for all the guest. Then for the head table my husband and I did a two-tiered cake with our two favorite flavors. Red velvet on top for me and Boston cream on the bottom for him. It was perfect!

    Have a blast at your tasting! šŸ™‚


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