Wedding Recap: Groomsmen

Ryan had six groomsmen.003_GroomsmenTwo childhood friends. One cousin and college roommate. Three fraternity brothers. 026_GettingReady027_GettingReady001_Groomsmen Ryan’s mother always says, “Ryan surrounds himself with wonderful people.”

004_GroomsmenI couldn’t agree more.

I consider every one of his groomsmen a friend of my own and have always felt support and love from each of them.

Not only are they a really fun group of guys…007_Groomsmen008_Groomsmen009_GroomsmenThey are also smart, kind and thoughtful…006_Groomsmen …And confident enough to wear pink argyle socks down the aisle. 022_GettingReady021_GettingReadyThe socks were a surprise wedding day gift from Ryan to his groomsmen to get them back for making hot pink t-shirts with his face on them to wear throughout his bachelor party cruise. 061_Details 059_DetailsThey’re a good group. 😀002_Groomsmen To be continued…

(All photos courtesy of the amazing Gina Leigh. Socks courtesy of Ralph Lauren. 😉 )


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