Wild Blackberry Run + Roo Sport Review

Stepping out of the shower after a morning run with Sadie and seeing this?

Sleepy Vizsla

That sleepy little face makes it all worth it!

sleeping dog

Tiring Sadie out is virtually impossible, and even though I know she would happily play fetch for hours if I grabbed her frisbee right now, I’d like to think the five miles we ran together this morning tired her out a little bit. Enough to warrant a late morning nap at least!

Our run today took us around our new neighborhood and along a beautiful path surrounded by lush greenery.


Ryan and I have been taking Sadie for an evening walk along this path every night and I still cannot get over the large number of wild blackberries we see growing along the 1.5 mile greenway.

Wild Blackberries

There are tons and tons of them everywhere you look!

Wild Blackberries (2)

So cool!

Roo Sport Review

On today’s run I wore my new Roo Sport pouch that all of the bloggers who attended the Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival received in a swag bag.


Before the Roo Sport, I was pretty married to my armband and used that to hold my iPhone for music on my run. I would slip my house key in my shorts and thought that set up worked pretty well.

I was intrigued by the Roo Sport since I kept finding myself more and more annoyed with my armband because it didn’t make my phone easily accessible when I wanted to adjust the volume of my music, skip a song, take a picture on my phone, etc. I would have to finagle my armband around to adjust the volume or remove the camera part of it to snap a picture that wasn’t super blurry. Not big issues, but still annoying enough to make me curious about the Roo Sport.

The Roo Sport is a magnetic running pocket that is easy to attach to your shorts or pants (or anywhere else you might want it to go) thanks to a powerful magnet. The magnet is really powerful. I accidentally caught some skin from my finger in it the first time I used it and it HURT.

I wanted to wait until I had used the Roo Sport several times before mentioning it to you guys (if I did, in fact, like it) and I must say I am a huge fan. It easily holds my phone, keys, fuel, chapstick and whatever little treasures I might want to bring along on a run with me.

Roo Sport

I keep my phone and fuel  in the large open pouch so it’s easy to access and use the mini zip pouch for my keys and chapstick.

Roo Sport Running Pocket

A couple of notes: The Roo Sport did stay in place when I wore it with running tights/spandex capris, but I prefer using it when I run in running shorts with a tie waistband (my favorites are the Nike Tempo running shorts). I feel like it’s more secure and doesn’t rub or bounce around at all when it’s attached to a tighter waistband.

This was definitely one of those products I didn’t think I would like at all that pleasantly surprised me! I just wanted to share in case any of you are looking for new ways to bring things with you on a run or walk and aren’t a huge fan of arm bands or fuel belts!

Questions of the Morning

  • What do you bring with you when you go for a run?
  • Do you use an arm band, fuel belt or anything else to hold your keys, phone, etc.?


  1. says

    I definitely want to check out the Roo pouch! I’ve been looking for something like this! Thanks for posting your comments!

    Those black berries look divine!!


  2. says

    Haha I love that it’s a Roo pouch…like a kangaroo. I usually just bring my phone and keys on runs- I hold my phone and put my keys in my shorts!


  3. V says

    I use an amphipod for my cell phone and Chapstick and dog treats on my runs. It doesn’t bounce and I love being hands free when I’m on my own. Most times I have smokeys leash in hand.
    It stretches so I can put a couple of dates in there for long runs.


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