Work It Out

Living an active and healthy life is very important to me and I strive to exercise regularly.

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Daily Workout Log

My Daily Workout Log keeps track of all of my workouts. You may visit this page to see what I’ve been up to lately in a long list organized by week.


My Workouts page details some of my favorite workouts, including treadmill interval workouts, total-body weights workouts and circuit-style workouts that really get my heart rate pumpin’!


Treadmill Workouts

My Treadmill Workouts page includes some of my favorite treadmill workouts that vary speeds and inclines. Running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be boring and these workouts hold my interest and give me a great workout at the same time.


Circuit Workouts

The Circuit Workouts pages features my favorite circuit workouts that often combine cardio and strength moves, providing a fantastic total-body workout. They’re fast-paced and make time fly by.

Fitness-Related Posts

Below you will find a list of fitness-related blog posts that have popped up on PBF in the past!

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