Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

I woke up this morning to a bug-eyed dog, wagging her tail and breathing heavily in my face. After one big doggie kiss, I bounded out of bead to make a breakfast I thought of as I was falling asleep last night.

Apparently food is the first and last thing on my mind… ;)

French toast may be my favorite breakfast food. When it’s stuffed with sweet treats like bananas or candied pecans, it’s all the better.

Last night as I was going to sleep, I thought about combining my beloved peanut butter with French toast.

This morning, I began by creating a sweet peanut butter filling by combining two tablespoons of Crazy Richard’s natural creamy peanut butter with 10 grams of powdered sugar.

PB + Powdered Sugar

I spread the peanut butter sugar combination on two slices of honey wheat bread and dipped the sandwich in a mixture of Almond Breeze almond milk and egg.

Once the French toast was cooked, I sprinkled it with cinnamon and powdered sugar before topping it with syrup.

A Dusting of Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar

Syrup Sweetness

The creamy peanut butter mixture held its own against the cinnamon and egg flavors.

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast

Sunday Morning Breakfast

What a great way to start a Sunday.

I’m off to change for church!

What is your favorite Sunday morning breakfast?


  1. says

    Ahhh this looks so delicious!! I rarely eat French toast, and I have no idea why. Especially with peanut butter! My favorite Sunday breakfast is the same as my everyday breakfast, cereal. I do love going to my grandparents’ house occasionally for blueberry pancakes on Sundays near the holidays, though!


  2. says

    I eat special breakfasts on Saturday mornings because that is when I have the time. I have to get up and get going to volunteer at church pretty early in the morning so I don’t have time to do anything fancier than oatmeal!


  3. says

    next time you MUST try with a baby schmear of nutella. PB + nutella stuffed french toast is my fave (my brother even adds naners and strawberries, but i like it straight up. PB and J french toast is lovely too!)


  4. says

    Sunday mornings are the best for leisurely breakfasts. I always eat something hot even in the middle of summer because I actually have the time to use the stove!

    I’ve never made stuffed french toast but this sounds simple and delicious!


  5. says

    I love French toast, or pancakes with mix-ins such as bananas, blackberries, chocolate chips, or a combo of the above. :)

    I had a dream last night that we were both at a blogger conference and were trying to meet up, but you went to bed much earlier than me and we never had the chance to meet! Which is kinda silly since we went to high school together, haha.


  6. says

    Oh my goodness that french toast looks fabulous! Definitely beats my free continental breakfast from this morning which was basically full of rubbery and stale food…BOOO! ;)


  7. says

    Oh my Julie!!! Whenever I read your posts, my stomach growls so loud and I basically have to sprint to my kitchen to make whatever you made! Hehe!
    It’s really fun, though because you always make/create the most delicious things!

    Does cooking and baking and making up recipes just come naturally to you?



    • peanutbutterfingers says

      i really love cooking & baking, but think i started to feel brave enough to try new things once i started living on my own & HAD to make my own food! if i wanted something tasty & didn’t want to spend lots o’ $$$ out, i gotta make it myself!


  8. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg says

    Mmmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever had stuffed French toast, as crazy as that sounds. Regular French toast is definitely a favorite though, so I’m sure I’d like it!


  9. says

    Food is the last thing and first thing on my mind when going to and waking up from sleep, LOL.

    That French toast looks AMAZING!!! :D I don’t really have a breakfast favorite, I don’t always eat breakfast foods for breakfast, lol.



  10. says

    yummmmmm! i’m not really a huge french toast fan – i think i may have had it a couple of times as a kid and didn’t like it much, so i haven’t really tried it since. i’m sure PB would make i delicious though! my favourite sunday AM breakfasts are pancakes with lots of fruit and yogurt on top.


  11. says

    Peanut butter french toast!!! Sounds ABSOLUTELY amazing. I do the peanut butter pancake thing allllll the time. Any combo of sweet carbs and pb and banana or cinnamon or what have you probably qualifies as my favorite food.


  12. Laparoscopic Surgery says

    breakfast foods should always be high in protein and also in carbohydrates, we need food energy during the early morning ::-


  13. says

    This looks ah-maaaaazing! You are brilliant Julie!

    When I was a little girl the only way I would eat french toast was if it was cut up into strips and then I got to drag it through creamy pb. I grew up and learned syrup was delicious, but I still LOVE the cinnamon/pb combo :)


  14. Hannah says

    This looks so delicious! I am a peanut butter lover :)

    How much peanut butter did you use to make the filler for the french toast. Thanks! Love the blog btw!


  15. Kaila says

    OMG! I’m addicted! So good! I’ve made this 3 times this week for me and my boyfriend! I love to experiment with new breakfast foods it’s my fav meal of the day! I am also a health nut/fitness junky! Working out 6 days a week and eating healthy as much as I can! So I love this blog! It’s m morning go to while I eat breakfast! So glad I found you! :-)



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