You Know It’s Cold When…

You know it’s cold when you look outside and see your dog huddled up in the middle of the yard, shivering in front of her toy…

So Cold... But Must... Play... With... Toy...

(Seriously, that’s how she was standing. I thought she was about to pop out a pooper, but this is apparently her “I’m flippin’ freezing” stance.)

You know it’s cold when you bust out your snowflake socks…

Let it Snow!

…And then hide them in your Uggs so no one at work will think you’re a 5-year-old.

Snowflake Sock Hiders

You know it’s cold when your plan to make a Thin Mint protein shake for breakfast is replaced by a less-freezing peanut butter and pear wrap.

PB + P + Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pears 'n' Spice

My Love, Peanut Butter

If you haven’t already guessed it… It’s COLD in Central Flordia today!

I swear I’m not just being a baby. It was in the 40s this morning! It’s hard to believe we were picking out our Christmas tree in shorts last week and now we’re layering clothes.

To be honest, I am thrilled that there is a chill in the air.

I remember the first Christmas my family spent together in Florida after moving from Illinois in 2003. My sister and I had a really hard time wrapping our heads around Christmas lights hanging on trees with leaves. A palm tree strung with twinkling lights!? Something just didn’t seem right.

We were a little sad that Christmas because we were so far away from the friends we grew up with and were still adjusting to our new life in Florida. We went on a walk with my parents that night (wearing only light sweatshirts… no need for a jacket), and picked an orange off a near by tree to share as we walked and talked. Picking an orange off a tree on a walk on December 25 would never happen in Illinois.

Though Florida may not have snow, ice and sledding, we do have winter citrus, Christmas Eve boat rides and can enjoy sunrise church services outside on the pier. Bottom line: The holidays are special no matter where you are. šŸ˜€


  1. says

    It’s cold in Philly today too! I am enjoying this sort of cold weather (36 today-coldest so far) because last winter it got as cold as 13 degrees in the middle of the winter! I swear I didn’t leave my apartment for days. Luckily my classes are all video taped and put up online so I didn’t miss a beat! Not looking forward to it getting that cold again though. I wish I was living in Orlando full time (my family has a vacation house there and we go a couple of weeks a year) because Philly gets super cold in the winter.


  2. Tiffany says

    I can relate, since I grew up in IL too and moved to FL in 2008. I’m used to it now though and can no longer handle freezing temps! The weather today is bit unbearable for me…I would enjoy it more if my apt had heat! I woke up this morning to find my cat huddled on top of my pillow trying to get warm.


  3. sue says

    I’m in Mundelein, IL, and we had snow flurries yesterday. Expecting our first accumulation of snow this Saturday – 2 to 4 inches. I’m SOOO not ready for this.


  4. Jackie says

    This cracks me up because I agree that it is cold but all my family and friends live in places where it is REALLY cold and are making fun of me.


  5. says

    I agree holidays are special as long as your with the people that are special to you! I’m looking forward to my first Christmas as a wifey as I’m sure you are as well! I’ll take your 40’s its been snowing non-stop in Ohio:)


  6. Katie says

    Growing up my family and I went to Chicago for Christmas to spend with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins, but now the kids are moved away and starting families of their own (and the grandparents don’t know who we are anymore) so now my family and I do our own thing. My brother got married last year, so we’re thankful that his wife’s family lets her spend Christmas with us. This year we’re going to a resort in Arizona!!! The past 5 years have been something different for Christmas, but we’re just glad that we are all together. Plus, in Arizona the girls are going to a spa while the boys golf on part of Christmas day!! šŸ™‚


  7. says

    Christmas definitely brings up images of cold, cookies, and hot cocoa. I’ll be moving to Australia, and I know I’m going to have a hard time adjusting to Christmas in summer


  8. Lauren says

    I hate being cold – even though I live in a state with snow about half the year. I love the snow though and can’t imagine not having a white Christmas!


  9. says

    It’s super chilly here too!

    And after living in WI / Chicago my whole life I thought it was just plain sad to see Christmas in Cali, but now I’m getting used to and realizing that it is more about the company and traditions than anything else!


  10. says

    It’s been really chilly in San Francisco, too! We don’t have snow, but it’s definitely been in the low 40s for a few weeks now. And I agree–the holidays are special because of who you spend them with, not necessarily where you are…even if that means you’re wearing a tank-top on Christmas! šŸ™‚


  11. says

    Winter is here! Even in FLORIDA! šŸ™‚ This morning I walked outside in Boston and proceeded to walk straight back in. Warmer coat, scarf, gloves and hat much needed!

    But my warm oatmeal tasted mighty fine!


  12. says

    I’m in South Florida! Haha, it was so surprising when I woke up this morning and it was COLD! Finally! It was actually warm not too long ago! Sometimes I wish we had snow, and a “white” Christmas, but you make the best of the holidays wherever you are!


  13. says

    I know how you feel. I woke up this morning only to see the green grass covered in a thin layer of snow.

    I love the snow and Christmas time, but the cold just turns me off.

    Sadie is so adorable all huddled up! I just want to give her a hug to keep her warm!


  14. says

    I know i made some comment on your post about it being weird on turkey day that you guys were all in shorts and tshirts.. But you guys do have your own way of being festive even if the weather isnt in the low 30’s.


  15. Laurie says

    Poor Sadie girl! I love how she is ‘standing’ there! It was really cold where I live too! I hate scraping the windows when it has frost on them, because I forgot to warm up my car! Love your socks and boots!


  16. says

    It was freaking freezzzinnnng this morning! I walked outside to go to the gym & I was blowing in the air to see if you could see my breathe since it was so cold šŸ˜€
    I LOVE that picture of Sadie, I died laughing when I first saw it..because I definitely thought it was going to be a picture of her about to well, ya know, poop! lol!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!


  17. says

    Sorry, gotta say it:
    You think 40 is cold???
    Minnesota’s temps have been below freezing–SNOW! And ice, and yucky rain. Be glad your lows are where they are, as opposed to potentially below zero. =\

    I love those socks! I have some that say Merry Christmas and have reindeer and… stuff like that. šŸ™‚


  18. Marijke says

    Wahh you think 40s is cold? I’m in England and we’ve got temperatures of -5 C outside right now! We had 8 inches of snow fall overnight! It. Is. Freezing!


  19. krista says

    I’m in Texas so yes this weather is COLD! I hate it! Don’t know how people deal with snow. I had to bundle up to go running when it was 60 outside. Still froze the entire time. Probably why I hate cold things like ice cream and smoothies! I don’t even like cold water, room temp is where it’s at.


  20. Jen says

    I’m in Des Plaines, IL right now and it’s cold but this post made me a little warmer. And it made me smile! I think your dog was trying to find a warm patch of sun to stand in. So cute!


  21. says

    Can we trade colds for awhile? I would welcome your cold with open arms! The windchill was SIX degrees this morning. Why do I live in such a frigid state?!?!


  22. Kelli says

    Hey Julie – do you know you are not supposed to wear socks with Uggs? It says so when u get them and it’s true!! I’ve worn mine on ski trips in the freezing snow & my feet stay nice & cozy. Look it up, it’s true! šŸ™‚


  23. says

    It was 40 this morning in jax. I was huddled in my car, praying my heat would come out faster.

    I have heard about the uggs and socks statement too! So weird….


  24. Shannon says

    I took a nice long walk today and besides slipping on a patch of ice and falling, I found the weather beautiful. Chilly with flurries is better for me any day than so hot my face is melting off and so humid my hair looks like I’ve been riding in a car with my head stuck out the window.


  25. says

    It’s never too cold for a smoothie. Even when if I’m wearing about 10 layers, plus a coat and my heather is cranked all the way up. But I’m crazy…. šŸ˜‰


  26. says

    I live in Orlando as well and I was home for Thanksgiving break. I was SHOCKED to realize that it was too warm to even wear my skinny jeans outside! Up here in Tallahassee it was in the 30’s when I was up at 8 this morning, Brrrrrrr!! šŸ™‚


  27. Bonnie says

    I had to show my fiance your pics of picking out the tree in shorts last weekend … as a Florida transplant up here in Indiana, it was 22 that day up here. I was like THIS is what it’s supposed to be – to where sometimes the AC blows tinsel off the tree … not frozen doggie paws!


  28. Tracy says

    How did you tuck your jeans into uggs so neatly!? I’ve very impressed. Your jeans aren’t super tight around the ankles, it looks like there’s a material there and you still tucked it in nicely.


  29. Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life says

    Those brussel sprouts look amazing. I love roasted vegetables.

    It’s a good thing Sadie doesn’t live up here in Vermont! She wouldn’t know what to do with herself!


  30. says

    I hear ya on the weirdness going from cold Christmas to hot! From the time I was 5 til soph year in college, we went to Sun Valley, Idaho (BEST PLACE EVER) for holiday break…now we go to Hilton Head to visit my aunt/uncle/grandma…it’s so weird to see lights on palm trees fo sho!


  31. Kate McIlvride says

    You all need to come to Australia where I am!! Summer has just begun. We spend Christmas every year at the beach in bikini’s and shorts and huddled under the air-con!


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