Uber Chocolaty Overnight Oats

Prior to yesterday, I have only ever made overnight oats by combining Greek yogurt with oats and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. While I thought this combination was good, something always bothered me a bit about the texture. I don’t think the oats ever got soft enough for me. (Overnight barley bowls made with Greek yogurt, on the other hand, are delicious!)

Thankfully I decided to give overnight oats another go and used almond milk with the Greek yogurt. This combination suits me much better. Now I love ‘em!

Since I finally figured out that using milk with yogurt is the key to my personal love of overnight oats, I had to make them again for breakfast this morning.

I’ll call today’s batch uber chocolaty overnight oats.

Last night I combined the following:

  • 1/2 c. old fashioned oatmeal
  • 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 6 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1 heaping spoonful dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds

Then, this morning I added frozen banana slices to the mix.

After stirring everything up, it was time to dig in.

If you’re a big fan of really chocolaty foods, try this baby out. I’m all for sneakin’ a little chocolate into my day first thing in the morning.


Before breakfast, I headed to the gym with Ryan to complete 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical before taking a BodyPump class. After BodyPump, I met up with my friend Merri to take Sadie on a 20-minute walk.


(The above picture of me and Merri was taken during my bachelorette party in Chicago! Remember my busted up knee? Thanks, Sadie.)

Merri is officially moving to New York at the end of May and I am getting really sad about her departure. I told her yesterday that Ryan and I have to find a time this summer to visit Merri and her boyfriend. I really want to see the big city (I’ve only been once before and I was too young to remember) and I like to have a date to look forward to in the future when I know I’ll see her again.

For me, having a date set when you know you’ll see someone in the future makes it easier to say goodbye because it doesn’t feel so permanent. I remember when I was in a long distance relationship before I met Ryan, I always wanted to have the next trip on the books before the current visit was over, otherwise I’d be an emotional basket case at the airport.

Question of the Morning

  • Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?


  1. says

    My boyfriend and I were together for 2 years in college and have spent the last two in a serious LDR… a weekend here or there every few months! And you are exactly right – if the next trip wasn’t already scheduled I was a wreck!


  2. says

    Holy yum! Those choc oats look amazing.

    I am the exact same with long distance relationships. Tom and I dated long distance for 4 years (while in college), and before I left every Sunday, I HAD to know the next time I would see him, or I hypothetically thought that we would never see each other again.

    Plus, NYC is awesome 🙂


  3. says

    Your overnight oats look awesome! I’ve been adding Nutella to my oats for my chocolate fix.
    My boyfriend & I went to college about two hours apart… I guess you could call that long distance. We saw each other once or twice a month, and we are neighbors at home so we always were together over breaks. I think being long distance made me appreciate the times when we were able to be together, and definitely helped us build trust!


  4. says

    oh no! im sorry about Merri! but you two are so close that nothing will change!! nothing like choco in the morning- and a little pb wouldn’t hurt too!


  5. says

    I did a long distance relationship for about 6 months. We’d see each other on weekends only. We lived 2 hours away. Is that considered “real” long distance?

    I wouldn’t mind that kind of relationship (if I HAD to) with someone I trusted, but I did NOT trust this guy and that’s why it didn’t last.


  6. says

    That photo of you and Merri is gorgeous! I’ve never been in a long-distance relationship but I have plenty of friends who have. It doesn’t sound easy at all, but I think if it’s right, you definitely make the time and put in the effort. That’s so exciting that you’ve got a trip to New York planned – I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my list!


  7. says

    Your overnight oats look so yummy. For some reason, I have been so scared to try them.

    I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and the last two years have been long distance. Right now he lives in Las Vegas and I live in Virginia. It is REALLY hard but we make it work with several phone calls a day and some serious planning. I totally agree, having the next date set before you leave really helps!


  8. Nicole says

    I love overnight oats. Often times when I make them I use 1/3 c. almond milk and 1/3 c. yogurt. The combo of the two make the oats nice and soft! They are also great when substituting pumpkin for the yogurt and adding nutmeg/and or pumpkin pie spice.


  9. says

    I was in a long-distance relationship for 1.5 years. I think because we started out that way, it made it not so bad. If I were to go from being with someone all the time to them moving away and being long-distance, it may be a different story!

    Aaand ya know, I just bought unsweetened almond milk the other day since I just discovered my love of vanilla and chocolate Silk. I HATED it… maybe putting it in overnight oats will do the trick?


  10. says

    Those overnight oats look amazing! There is nothing wrong with chocolate in the morning! 🙂 I bet strawberries would taste really good in the oats too!

    I’m sorry that Merri is moving. But like you said, you can always go visit her and planning ahead definitely gives you something to look forward to! Plus, NYC is so much fun! That picture you and her is really pretty!


  11. says

    Ha. “If you’re a really big fan of chocolatey foods” If…

    Since your nixing the sweets for Lent, try getting your hands on Scharffen Berger cocoa powder for unsweetened chocolate stuff. It’s good enough to eat straight (not that I would know) and is really intense – especially in banana soft serve.


  12. Annie says

    My hubby and I were long distance up until we got married! He was in the Marine Corps and was stationed in NC while I was going to FSU. The ultimate long distance was when he was deployed for 6 months…thankfully I got to talk to him via email almost every day, but I would never want to go 6 months without him again! I get pouty when we don’t talk at least a couple of times throughout the day, hahaha

    I just started making oats (previously I would just buy the pre-packaged bags of oatmeal), so I must try this… I love trying new ways to eat something! Chocolate in the morning is always a plus 🙂


  13. Briana (AuD Runner) says

    You both are gorgeous! And I love the way Merri spells her name!

    I am currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. His jobs require him to split his time between DC and New England.. so we get to see each other for a week every month when he’s in Massachusetts, where I’m in grad school. If it weren’t for text messaging, skype and planning our next visit, I don’t know how it would work!


  14. Hillary says

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship for the last four years (my boyfriend is getting his PhD—we still have another two years to go!) It’s hard, but I agree with you—having the next visit planned makes it so much easier!


  15. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Those oats look amazing — and I love your idea of adding the frozen banana slices in there, I bet they get all melty but still kind of cool 🙂

    I have not been in a long distance relationship — but I have friends that do not live near me — in Seattle, some in CO, MI, etc. It is tough not seeing them very often — thank God for email and phones!


  16. Sherri says

    Hey Julie! I love my oats that way too, but I also add a lil organic vanilla extract to the mix for even more flavour. Dessert for breakfast 🙂


  17. Rachel says

    Those oats look amazing! 🙂

    I hate long distance relationships…I’m currently in one.(bf is in Afghanistan) and I don’t really know when I’ll see him…maybe in August. Tha’ts probably the worst part. I need a day so I can start my countdown…not it’s just kind of 5is months which isn’t as exciting!


  18. says

    Yum, love this idea for a quick and easy workday breakfast. I haven’t tried overnight oats yet, but have been so curious since they keep popping up around the internet. Thanks for your honest opinions about the different methods.. will definitely give this a try!


  19. says

    I have to agree about the greek yogurt O.N.O.’s. There was something always a little off. Now I do water for the overnight part and then soymilk or coconut milk in the morning to enjoy almost like cereal! So yummy.

    I am currently in a long distance relationship, and I have to agree it is always so much harder to say goodbye without the next trip planned. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen but I have come to understand/recognize that that is just where we are in our lives right now. If we are meant to be, which we both believe we are, we know that our time apart is limited. Soon the idea of a weekend apart will seem too long!


  20. says

    I would add peanut butter to that overnight oats bowl, I think it would go great!
    My bf is going away to another country, so it will be a seriously long long distance relationship. I can’t wait to go and visit him, for the whole summer. it really is easier when you have something in the future planed, dates, trips and stuff like that.


  21. Heather S says

    Long distance relationships are no fun but the know ahead is a must! I was in one with my husband while we were dating because he was stationed in FL with the Air Force, while I was finishing college in TN. Luckily, now we are together in FL.. at least until he deploys next month for 6 months. It’s our first one and I am totally not looking forward to it.


  22. says

    you and Merri are so pretty!! great picture 🙂 I know the feeling, I’m in a long distance relationship right now (that will hopefully no longer be long distance soon) and I hate it!! Its hard! Def set some dates to visit!!


  23. says

    What time do you get up in the mornings? A work out before work and breakfast sounds like it would be amazing! Maybe I should also ask what time do you have to be at work?

    PS – the oats look great!


  24. says

    AGREED! My parents and brother live in New Jersey but I moved to Virginia Beach in August.. I feel like I always need to have a date planned for the next time I’m going home to visit or else I just get sad!! 🙁


  25. says

    My boyfriend and I were long distance for the first 2 years of our relationship. first 5 hours away, then 8-9, then 2.5. we still don’t live in same city but now we’re only an hour away from each other and I see him all the time. In june we will be moving in together, it will be a big change, I hope we don’t kill each other, haha.


  26. says

    My fiancée and I were in a long distance relationship for 3 years before we moved to Orlando together. I was the same way about setting a date for the next time we would visit. It was HUGE, circled, starred, you name it, on my calendar and I would countdown the days. It was hard, but worth the wait! 7 years and counting…and getting married soon!


  27. says

    i found your blog through your friend Merri (we’re FB friends and she mentioned your blog in her status before). Her boyfriend and my husband are in the same b-school. My husband is graduating this year though. You’ve mentioned that you like NC, have you come to visit CH? It’s gorge this time of year!


      • Merri says

        Brooke! How funny that you read PBfingers!! Glad my little FB plugs work! I think I’ll be in CH in April…I don’t think I’ve seen you once since I’ve been up there.

        Hope all is well!



  28. Rachelle says

    Those overnight oats look DELISH! I must try it out.

    I’ve had a long distance relationship and it was miserable and as a result he is now my ex bf. It was difficult from seeing him almost everyday to once a week. At times it was good because it made you appreciate the time you had with your partner, but other times you felt distant. We both weren’t phone people and you can only text/email so much. In the end we decided to break up after three months of doing the long distant thing.

    My current bf might be going to Law School not in NYC and I’m not looking forward to doing Long Distance. Hoping he gets into a school in NYC. Fingers crossed!


  29. J3nn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog) says

    My husband is originally from Ohio and I’m from NY, so we maintained our relationship long-distance for several months. It was amazing! Then, he moved to NY 6 years ago and we’ve been happy ever since. 😀


  30. says

    Keith and I actually did long distance for about 18 months and it was awful. We were only about 3 hours apart and we saw eachother almost every week but still I would just cry and cry when it was time to say goodbye. It was awful. I wouldn’t relive that for anything!


  31. says

    Your oats look delish! I’ve been craving OO lately, but haven’t made them, so I think tonight is the night!

    My last 2 relationships have had a long distance component to them. I am a mess in a long distance relationship! I just want to be with the person so badly & it makes me miserable. 🙁

    The first long distance was due to his deployment to Iraq . . . that was really tough mostly because I didn’t see him for 9 months & never knew when I would hear from him. Plus, he was in Fallujah when it was really bad there, so I was constantly on edge with worry. After he came back . . . it was just too tough. That kind of war changes a person. I wish the military would do more for returning soldiers to help them reassimilate into civilian life.

    The next relationship was long distance almost from the get-go, and there were a lot of trust issues. At least now I know that I need to be in a same-city relationship from now on!

    (end longest comment EVER!)


  32. says

    mmm… it kind of reminds me of old school cocoa crispies, even though I doubt it’s crunchy… looks like dessert for breakfast!

    Most all my best friends are long distance now 🙁 but phone calls and setting dates to see each other (even months in advance) always helps!


  33. says

    I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for close to 5 years now, yes 5!! I’m hoping that we are towards the end of it, but I know it can be tough – just realize that once you make dates to see each other, it always makes you feel better 🙂


  34. says

    I’m currently in a long-distance relationship and having the next trip already planned before the current one is over is a MUST. I actually just left my boyfriend last night and I was so sad. We have the next trip planned already but we have been seeing each other every 2 weeks recently and this time we have a month to wait…even though its planned it still seems like forever away!


  35. Anne says

    My current relationship started as long distance almost 6 years ago. We hung out as friends all summer and got together less than a week before I had to go back to school.

    Long distance sucked, but fortunately it was only for a year. When he graduated, he moved from Texas to Virginia to be in the same city while I finished my last year in college! I seriously owe him big time…

    I have to say, based on my experience and those of my friends, I would much rather start a relationship long distance than have to separate part-way through.


  36. says

    I’ve been in a long distance for over a year and a half now and it’s been tough, but through the wonders of Skype/FaceTime it’s been much easier to manage.

    Knowing that I can see my [now] fiance with only a click of the mouse is very helpful, because I need face to face communication often. We’ve also stuck to a pretty regular visit schedule wherein he drives to see me every 2-3 weeks, for a weekend, and when I’m not busy with weekend graduate school work I’ll take off of work to visit him on a long weekend.

    Long distance isn’t for everyone, but it works for us and it won’t be much longer, less than 7 months [ah!!], until we’re in the same zip code again!


  37. Ashley says

    I just started reading your blog in the past few days, I found it through the Fitnessista and I love it! 🙂

    I’m currently in a LDR, it’s only been 6 months so far but it’s going to be a long time before we get to be together all the time! Especially since I’m Canadian and he’s American..tough stuff.


  38. Dana says

    My high school boyfriend and I went to colleges 5 hours apart. We made it through all 4 years! It was tough, but now we live together in the same city and we’re engaged. Getting married 9/4/11!


  39. says

    I have been in a LDR before and it did not work for me. Just made me unhappy. I currently live with my boyfriend so it would be a huge change if for some reaosn we had to adjust to that. I miss him just being separated during the workday. Haha, I’m so lame!


  40. Elle says

    After seeing your oatmeal creation for this morning, I just had to share this recipe that I found and have used countless time; it combines some of the best ingredients, in my opinion- chocolate, oats, greek yogurt, bananas, and of course peanut butter! Trust me, you will not be sorry- it’s like dessert for breakfast, and healthy! 🙂



  41. says

    Yup. Me and my boyfriend of 2 years started dating during the summer..but I still went to school in Missouri ( we live in Houston). The whole fall semester was long distance and the longest I had to go without seeing him was 2 months. It was terrible. I transferred home the next semester! (a new baby niece in Houston and the multiple blizzards Missouri got had a little something to do with it too!)


  42. Mimi says

    Julie if you come to NY you have to organize a workout session / meet up! I was so jealous that I couldn’t come to the last one you had in FL!

    BTW I also want to add that I used to be a runner in HS/College and I had stopped working out because I work a lot and “had no time” but I started reading your blog a few months ago and you motivated me to start waking up at 5am to workout and now my husband has joined me too!


  43. sue says

    I start my overnight oats with a little water — just enough to get all of the dry oats wet, but not soupy. Then in the morning, I add yogurt to them. That way the oats get soft, but I still get the creaminess of the yogurt.


  44. says

    I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend right now and have been for almost 2.5 years! Right now we only see each other maybe 1x/month. The summer is always easier since we are both on break from grad school and live in the same hometown. Once I’m done with school and my internship, (2 more years!) we will be able to be in the same place at the same time, finally! :-). I think we are used to it know, but it’s definitely really hard to leave him after a weekend of fun.

    Have a great day!


  45. says

    I was in a “LDR” in college and it was fun and exciting for a while but then just got to be too much, especially since we had just turned 21 and wanted to have fun and enjoy the college experience. Looking back, it is definitely for the best.


  46. says

    I did long distance for almost a year with my current signifigant other. During that time I was miserable. But now it is like it never happened and we have been going strong for 5 years+. Also, You have to go to NYC and summer is the best time. It is much easier to walk around when your not weighed down by a heavy jacket and cold wind blowing everywhere.


  47. says

    I love chocolate in my morning oats! So good. 🙂

    Right now, I’m going through a long distance relationship since my husband is in Texas before he goes to Afghanistan. It’ll be a tough year, but I trust he’ll come home safely.


  48. says

    I dont’ like the tangyness of overnight oats with yogurt. I love it with milk and either some pumpkin or a small bit of yogurt to thicken it up a bit. Cocoa ones are delicious!


  49. says

    I’ll have been with my bf for 6 years in July. We’ve been doing LD for 3 of those years. 🙁 It’s super hard, but when you know in your heart that something’s worth it, you’ll put up with almost anything! On a happier note, I’m going to see him tonight when he picks me up at the airport! WOO!


  50. says

    Long distance relationships can be so challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. My high school boyfriend moved to Israel during my first year of college, and we stuck it out for about a year before going our separate ways. Of the 4.5 years that my current boyfriend and I have been together, nearly a year has been long distance. With long distance relationships, I’ve noticed that every little thing can get magnified if you don’t have a strong foundation of trust. Patience, persistence, respect for the other’s time and personal space, and great communication skills are also helpful with LD relationships (and ANY relationship! :)).


  51. Robyn says

    Before I was with Ryan, I called myself the queen of LDR’s! I had 3 of them, all lasting 3+ years. I thought I was destined for nothing else. Clearly they worked for me. I could do my own thing all week and then live on “vacation” all weekend. But, I knew something was missing. I wanted more. I found that and know I won’t ever live apart from Ryan.


  52. says

    I’ve never had a LDR… but I’ve seen friends who have and it can be done! Very tough on the heart, though.

    Also, I knew Merri was moving (didn’t realize it was to NYC… amaaaazing!!!) but what is she moving for? A job? School? Just curious!


  53. says

    Currently in one! We have visits planned out pretty much every six weeks until August. Because I also tend to become a basket case at the airport. He lives in Wisconsin and I’m in VA 🙁


  54. says

    I had the same thing for breakfast minus the banana. I added pb which totally made up for the lack of nanner. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 5 years now, 3 of which have been long distance. We went to the same college in WI for awhile but he then transfered to NYC. With breaks and everything we see each other every 2-3 months and are currently on our last stretch before he graduates(5 weeks left) which I am more than thrilled about. It takes a toll after awhile! 😛


  55. Kaella says

    Did the long distance relationship thing and it didn’t work (I was the only one putting in the effort.) Now, I find I’m that way with my family. (they live about a 20 hour drive away) Everytime I visit, I need to have my next visit planned, so I can say “see you in three (4, 6 8 etc) months.” It definitely makes it a little bit easier to say goodbye.

    P.S. I LOVE NYC!! I try and go every fall. The city makes me feel so alive!! I can’t wait to someday “read” about your trip 🙂


  56. says

    Chia seeds are the best! I love them in oats, they make them have so much volume!!!

    Awwwwww thats hard when a good friend moves away, but yay for a visit to see her in NYC, that is something great to look forward to!


  57. says

    Those oats look great! I was in a long distance relationship when I went to college. It didn’t last long. But friendships? That’s a different story. Hey, at least you’ll have a fun place to visit! That’s a perk about my best friends living in Florida 🙂 But yes, we always plan our next trip when we’re together.


  58. says

    I have only ever been in one relationship and I married the guy. Since we’ve been together (almost nine years) the longest we have been apart is when he went on a work trip for three days. We’re definitely odd!

    I find that overnight oats made with milk are way too soft for me. I am so weird about my oats though! When I make hot oats I use HALF the amount of liquid most people use because I like my oats thick and chewy, almost like a cookie’s texture. Because I hate a soupy mess.


  59. Joely says

    I read your blog everyday and don’t usually comment, but today’s pot struck a chord with me.

    One of my closest BFF’s is getting married in just over 2 weeks and is moving to New York the day after she marries. I’m beyond happy for her, I can’t even tell you how happy I am. But I am sad at the thought she will be so far away from me. The dynamic of our relationship has changed over years with our different circumstances, but we’ve remained BFF’s for about 14 years years now. I know we’ll stay in touch, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the new people and experiences she’ll have living there.

    My hubby and I and I also dated long long distance. He’s from England and I’m from California. It worked well for us and when he came to visit never left. We’ve now been happily married for 9 years this May and are expecting our 2nd child in August.

    Long distance relationship can be hard, but if we’re committed and love our friends, we can make it work no matter where we live 🙂


  60. Amanda says

    Hey Julie! Love your post today. Had a question for you — what kind of chocolate protein powder do you and Ryan use?? We got some Myoplex a few weeks ago but I wasn’t the biggest fan. Thanks girl!


  61. says

    Aww I can relate abt living apart from your bff! After living in London together, I now live in Mumbai whereas my bff lives in Singapore! We’re constantly emAiling which helps. I’m actually visiting her in Singapore next week which I’m super excited about!

    If you like chewy oats, try adding the yogurt/milk in the morning: only way I eat em, so refreshing…not-so-overnight-oats !


  62. says

    My husband and I dated for 5.5 years before getting married. About 3 of those were long distance (as in Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, Wyoming). It was fun learning how to live together when we got married and moved to Colorado!


  63. Lauren says

    Overnight oats are awesome with almond milk & chia seeds – I love to make them doughy. I had chocolate overnight oats this morning too!
    My boyfriend & I were in a long distance relationship all last year, and it was hard only seeing each other every 1-2 months. It helped to know that it was only for one year and to know when the next time we would see each other.


  64. says

    I’ve done long distance once and I kind of loved it. I’m anti-commitment so the only seeing each other once a month or so really worked for me. Well, clearly it didn’t since we broke up. But I liked it at the time 🙂


  65. Merri says

    We can plan a run in Central Park when you visit JB and all the blogger friends can meet up too…SO FUN!! Afterwards we can go drink beer, b/c the hills in Central Park are very deceptive and wear ya’ out! xxxoo Can’t wait for you two to visit!!!


  66. says

    Those oats look great!! My boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship, but then we were together at college. Now he is done so its going to be long distance again….. but totally worth it! 🙂


  67. Angie says

    Hey Julie, I just found your blog and spent the last week or so reading every entry! Very inspirational, and you’ve motivated me to start exercising every day and eating healthier, especially since I am about to graduate in May. Keep up the good work.


  68. says

    I can definitely relate to the long distance relationship thing. My Fiance and I lived on separate coasts of the U.S. for about a year and a half. I shed many tears at the airports and I think it was because we never set a date on when we’d see each other again.
    Now that I’ve joined him on the west coast, I do the same with my family. I never say goodbye to my Mom, I say “I’ll see you in July or I’ll see you at Christmas”. It does help, but I still miss her like crazy.


  69. says

    I sorta am in one right now. My boyfriend lives in the same city as me (san diego) but he’s an aviation mechanic in the navy. The good news is when he goes on detachment it’s only for a month at a time, the bad news is it’s for a month..and he just left for one yesterday : ( The worst part is none of the guys have cell phones out there so you can’t just call them whenever, it’s all skype, emails and calling cards, which is really hard. The good thing though is that at least I do have a definite date locked down to when he gets back. I agree that I would totally break down as well if I didn’t know when we get to see each-other again.


  70. Lauren @ Hungry Dancer says

    Those chocolate oats look amazing!!! I have never been in a long distance relationship….I give a lot of props to the people who can do it! I find I really need that face time with my significant other!


  71. Alberta says

    In 2 weeks I’ll be in a LDR! 🙁
    My boyfriend is getting transferred to Orlando for work. We live near Boston now and have dog so it’s triple hard. I’m moving down there at the end of the year so there’s an end in sight.

    ps love reading your blog


  72. Lauren says

    The chocolate oats look delish !!! I’m thinking I might try those later this week if my throat feels better. Maybe I might try them any was…they might go down easily. Have you ever tried to make overnight oats with protein powder?

    One of my best friends lives in Dallas now. She moved there about three years ago when her husband got transferred. I don’t get to see her very much but we keep up via email, texting, calling and facebook.

    I have another best friend that lives in Belfast, Ireland. We usually talk about 2-4 times a month on the phone. We also talk via email a lot too. We plan to meet up at least once a year on vacation if we can.

    I have another good girlfriend who lives an hour away from me and we make every attempt to see one another a few times a month. We also stay in touch via phone, text, and facebook.

    I believe that friends will always be friends no matter the distance between them. Sometimes the people that are far away are the ones that you are closest with because you try to make it a point to stay in touch.


  73. says

    I’m also pretty new to overnight oats; my favorite so far is to combine ½ cup oats with ½ cup fat-free milk and ¼ cup pumpkin puree, plus cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. It’s like a cold bowl of pumpkin pie by morning! Delish : )

    I’ve done long-distance only once and I won’t EVER do that again. It’s really emotionally grueling, especially when you’re a broke student who can’t afford to travel much. Skype is great, but it’s just not the same.


  74. says

    Too funny! I like ONO much better with yogurt – everyone’s different.

    And I’m currently long-distance and it’s awful. I can’t plan my trips because work changes so much for both of us. It’s hard not knowing when w’ell see each other next! It’s been a bout a year of averaging once a month…


  75. Kristen says

    Ive been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years … its all we’ve ever known. Over the course of these three years we’ve both lived in various cities and in various countries, but never in the same place.

    Right now i’m in the states and he’s working in Kuwait.

    Sometimes it toally sucks but i appreciate the relationship for what it is. I’m a very nontraditional person so it doesn’t shock me that my relationship isn’t traditional either.

    I just try not to let the stress of seeing other people around me in “normal” relationships make me feel like mine is somehow wrong or a waste of time.

    I agree with you completely that having a set date for your next visit makes things feel less intense & dramatic. In fact, im off to Dubai to visit him in 2 weeks!

    Love your blog, girl.


  76. Ashley says

    I’ve never tried the ONO but I totally am now! Thanks for the idea…

    I am currently in a long distance relationship and it suuuuuuucks! 🙂 We’ve done this twice before though so we know how it goes. It just takes more patience and communication. Luckily we will only be doing this for one more month when I join him back in our hometown of Dallas, yay! I can’t think of a better thing to look forward to at this point, than knowing we’ll be together on a daily basis again very soon.


  77. Allison says

    I’m in a long distance relationship right now. I go to Northern Kentucky University and my boyfriend goes to Indiana University. We are about 2 1/2 hours apart. It really stinks only seeing each other 2-3 weekends a month, but I love him and he makes me very happy; so it’s worth it. Communication is KEY! We talk as much as we can on the phone and text every day. We always tell each other good morning and good night. It helps me to feel more connected to him. We had a rough patch a couple months ago because we weren’t communicating as much as we needed (especially him!). We worked through it though, and decided we are happier together than apart. The next big obstacle is that he graduates in May and is looking into an advertising job in Ft. Lauderdale. I don’t graduate until May 2012. We know it will be hard, but if he does move we are still going to try to make it work. I’m getting a bachelor’s in elementary education and would have no problem with moving to Florida! Honestly, the job outlook for elementary teachers in my area isn’t all that great. I hope that it gets better in a year! Thankfully, I’m flexible with moving to another state.

    P.S. I love your blog! I read it every day. 🙂


  78. says

    Your oats look delicious! I was in a long distance relationship all throughout college. It was definitely hard and took lots of planning and ended up not lasting. Luckily I found an amazing guy that lives in the same city as me. Thank goodness for him and no more long distance!


  79. MJ says

    Those overnight oats look delish! I’ve been in a few long-distance relationships, sadly none have worked out. My sister was in one, and is now married. They were together almost 4 years before getting married and for the majority of that time it was long distance, and well before the internet, and email took off… so lots of snail mail, phone calls and visits took place. They will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary this August and they will be together 20 years in October!


  80. says


    i have a longdistance relationship w/my very best friend. she moved to california about 4 years ago. but we email/text practically daily—with time differences and work schedules, it’s so hard to have phone conversations but w/email, facebook, texting, blogging and twitter….we have some form of communication daily!


  81. says

    I just discovered your blog and I love love it! Your healthy lifestyle is such an inspiration for me! Thank you for posting this question about long distance relationships. My boyfriend will be commissioning to be a Marine Corps officer this spring and moving to Virginia while I’m staying here in the Midwest. I’m nervous about starting our year-long long-distance relationship, but reading all the comments to this post have certainly given me a boost of confidence.

    Keep up all the wonderful posts! : )


  82. Franzi says

    I am currently in a long distance relationship – I met my boyfriend in San Francisco last year, now I’m back in Germany and he’s back in Canada… BUT I’ll go to Canada in 2 weeks and 4 days *yay* and stay there for a looong while, so the tough times will be over very soon!! 🙂


  83. says

    That is my favourite combination for overnight oats too. But instead of almond milk, I use soy milk.

    Long distance relationship? I’m in one right now, and it’s certainly not easy to be apart. We live about 3800 miles apart, and only get to meet up once every 3-4 months. We do skype everyday though. All thanks to technology:)


  84. Caitlin says

    Hi Julie!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now at the recommendation of a friend and I love it!
    I definitely recommend a long distance relationship tips post… I’ve been in one for few months now while my boyfriend finishes grad school. It’s always nice to see other people’s perspectives and know that we’re not the only silly people doing it!


  85. Becky says

    I’ve so enjoyed your blog as I’ve been browsing around the last few days! Just mixed up my first ever batch of overnight oats to try. Used Silk dark chocolate almond milk….looks so chocolatey delicious that I think I will actually WANT to get up early on a Saturday! 🙂


  86. ivette says

    i’ve been in a long distance relationship for 6 years! my boyfriend and i started dating since we were fifteen & we’re still going strong. it’s actually better than ever!

    anyways, i recently started reading your blog & really enjoy coming back every day.. i decided i had to catch up with all the older posts so here i am:)


  87. Tracey L. says

    I’m wondering what type of chocolate cocoa powder you use. I’m sure some are better than others- any recommendations?


  88. says

    Thanks A LOT!! for giving the tip with combining overnight oats and yogurt (as a vegan I used soy yogurt which worked perfectly)
    It was AWESOME and so fluffy <3


  89. soraya says

    Hello! i found it interesting to make 😀 without feeling any boredom about oatmeal!! i have tried myself to make your oatmeal recipes but never tried this one. Anyway, can flaxseed substitute chiaseed? i barely can find chiaseed in my country due to the unfamiliar meal (i’m Indonesian).


  90. Megan says

    Hi Julie!
    I recently found your blog and I love it!!! I read it daily. I am working on becoming a registered dietitian so I love your health related posts as well as all the baby updates!! I noticed you love overnight oats and I do too! I eat mine with: oats, coconut milk, cinnamon, tiny splash of vanilla, frozen fruit and peanut butter! I know you love peanut butter so I thought I would share. 🙂 also I love that cinnamon includes other awesome health benefits!!



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