No, not housekeeping… Blogkeeping!

Today has been dedicated to more email organization and updating blog pages I’ve severely neglected.

I want to update those pages further, but first I think I’ll tackle some of the other pages… like my Q&A and Favs pages. Now those bad boys are oversaturated and in need of some serious attention.

I powered through my blogkeeping while jammin’ out to my favorite Wicked Pandora Station.

pandora playlist

Songs from musicals and Disney movies make me want to sing! And you know what? Now that I’m working from home, I can!

chocolate smoothie bowl 002

chocolate smoothie bowl 003

Lunchtime Errands

Around lunchtime, I took a breather to head out and run to the post office to mail our landlord our new lease (we’re now month-to-month – thank goodness!). Ryan and I are really hoping to move out of our apartment in the very near future because we’ve been having issues with some unwelcome guests.

Yes, mice. Gross. Completely nasty. I know.

The mice have actually been an issue for a while now and we’re beyond annoyed and disgusted. All of our food is in plastic bins and we’re doing everything we can to make our place as unwelcoming to mice as possible. The guy we’ve been working with to control the problem explained that mice are a big problem in many older Florida homes because they weren’t made very well, as insulation in Florida isn’t a big issue. Houses have crevasses and cracks that are welcoming to mice. Fantastic!

Wanna hear the funny part? We used to faintly hear them in our walls occasionally and called them our “friends.” We thought we had a silent treaty to coexist peacefully and leave each other alone. They’ve since taken advantage of our hospitality (literally craping all over the treaty) and now it’s time to go.


Since I spent quite some time looking through old blog posts to round up some of my favorite smoothie recipes for the smoothie page, I knew my lunch would have to be something cold and creamy.

chocolate smoothie bowl 005

I busted out the Vitamix and blended the following:

  • 1 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. peanut butter
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. cocoa powder
  • 1 handful fresh spinach

chocolate smoothie bowl 007

Time to power through the rest of the work day! It feels so good to be checking things off my to do list. Slowly, but surely.

I have plans to meet up with my former (!!) coworkers for happy hour this evening, so I guess I should shower soon, too…

P.S. The Fashion page was updated!


  1. Chloe (South Beach Girl) says

    Those silly mice – they should have kept to themselves like you asked them to!
    Also, isn’t Pandora great? I love listening to it at work, I feel much more productive.


  2. says

    Eek those mice would not make me happy all. Luckily, I’m not experiencing any pests in the house, but I’ve been seeing snakes when I go running around the neighborhood. It really freaks me out!

    And that smoothie looks delicious as always 🙂


  3. says

    Oh, my! I would be completely freaked out by mice too! I’m sorry that you have to live like that. I hope your landlord does something soon or that you can find a better place to call your home!

    Have fun at Happy Hour!! 🙂


  4. Jen says

    OMG, we are having some unwelcome mice visitors too and it’s so, so gross. We saw one literally just looking at us the other day. Creeper!
    We are moving into a brand new house in a few weeks and will be mouse free!
    Good luck getting rid of them and Happy Friday!


  5. says

    I couldn’t imagine hearing mice in our walls. Creepy!

    On a side note, I’m so proud of you for pursuing your best interests and leaving your job! Right now I wish I had a career to leave. I just finished university and couldn’t find a “real job” anywhere. Now I’m stuck working in retail. I feel like I’m even more behind than where I was BEFORE I went to university. 🙁


  6. says

    Ugh, mice are *the worst*! Congrats on being month to month though for your lease…. i hope things work out for you! And thanks for letting us know you updated the blogroll, I’ll be sure to check out the new ones you added!


  7. says

    Silly Floridian housemakers!!! Lol the house im renting here in St. Augustine apparently use to have rats in the ceiling (gross!!!!) until the landlord put chicken wire up. The other day i noticed a hole i had never seen before and im hoping the didnt come back!! Either way im excited for my lease to be up on August 1st:)

    I didnt get a chance to comment on your job quitting post about how it was just what i needed to read! I am going to graduate in December with a Fine Art degree and i plan on being a freelance illustrator. I was in the midst of having my daily freak out about never being able to find work when i read your post and was encouraged:):)


  8. says

    HAHA! I love that first picture of Sadie, and the caption. She really does look annoyed! I think I laughed out loud at my desk a little bit!

    And sorry to hear about your new “friends”. Gross! My parents always lived really close to fields and things when I was growing up so I always had mice in my house my whole life. I used to hear them crawling through the walls by my bed. Thankfully I live in the “city” now (techincally I live in a suburb of SLC but there are no horse fields anywhere near my house!).


  9. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    When I had an apartment in college we had a mouse issue. We thought we had 1 or maybe 2 — nope. We caught 15. Ew!


  10. Katie says

    I had a mouse once in my old apartment and I freaked out, barricaded myself in my bedroom, and waited for the service guy to come capture the thing. It was a pretty traumatizing experience.

    So, I have a question (and I’m sorry if I missed this), but since you’re working from home now, do you have a mini office? I love hearing what sort of set up people working from home have. 🙂 I think part of it is that I live vicarously through you guys! 🙂


  11. says

    We have a mice problem so I totally feel your pain! We don’t see them much but they leave their evidence all over the kitchen if you know what I mean. I’ve become OCD about keeping our kitchen spotless but it doesn’t help. The two houses next door to us are being renovated so I’m just PRAYING that once people move in the problem will go away (we own, so no moving for us!)


  12. says

    haahah.. I think Chloe would feel the same way about “Part of Your World.”

    aaand let’s just say I had QUITE A FEW unwelcome guests last winter when I moved in my house…. not just mice. rats. and not just rats, rats and squirrels. apparently, my attic is the party place!


      • Katie says

        Oh my gosh, that happened to my aunt and uncle before. They had about three dozen squirrels come through the chimney in their vacation home. Those things tore up all of their furniture and ruined the windows and any sort of hole leading to the outside in an effort to escape. Then they all died in random places around the house.


  13. Linda says

    OMG, you poor thing! I could not stand it knowing there were mice around.
    Your picture captions seriously make me laugh out loud!


  14. Nikki F says

    Here is a simple trick to keep mice away. Fabric softener sheets. My hubs and I heard of this trick and tried it this past fall before we closed up the cottage for the winter. We usually open in the spring to poop everywhere. So in the fall we stuffed fabric softener everywhere and this spring, not one poop or other signs of mice. Not sure if its a coincidence but it might be worth a try!


    • Mary says

      I second the fabric softener sheets. We moved into our house (in the middle of a corn field in TX, so you can imagine the mouse possibilities!) last July, and there was mouse poop everywhere! The house had been empty for a few months before we moved in, and our landlords put down dryer sheets everywhere about a week before we moved in.

      In the almost year we have lived here, we have only caught one mouse in the house, and I don’t see droppings anywhere anymore. Plus, it makes your house smell fresh 🙂


  15. says

    Ooooh mice. At my parents house.. we have Micky, Minney.. and their whole brude. I totally understand where you are coming form.. it is gross. Our problems would be in the winter though.. the mice are looking for somewhere warm (we live in CT) … They would always steal DOG FOOD! So don’t leave Sadie’s food around if she is not eating it.

    Worst thing ever – when I was like 10.. I opened up the toilet.. to find a dead mouse floating. I nearly fainted.


  16. Kristen says

    Julie, try some pure peppermint extract to help with the mice. I thought it was an old-wives tale at first, but it totally fixed the mouse problem at my apartment! Just put a few dabs of the oil around where you usually see the mice. I hope it helps, and if it doesn’t, at least the smell is pleasant!


  17. says

    Ugh we had the same issues when we had basement apartments here in DC. When I first moved into my old place I wondered why there was a little quarter size hole between the door and the floor but didn’t really think about it. After I moved in I quickly realized mice had made it so when it rained they could come in since I lived below ground level. They were an annoyance and used to get into the walls too. Make sure you have Sadie’s food put in some type of bin, the first time I confirmed it was mice it was after scooping out dog food and having a mouse run across my hand. They had made a whole in a 1 pound bag which I had to throw away.


  18. Shady says

    I live in an apartment with plenty of cats and I always said only really stupid or really brave mice would come in here. And than late the other night, I’m sitting on my couch and doesn’t one of my cats get on my lap with something hanging out of it’s mouth. In total ignorance I was like, what toy did you find? And than I realized it wasn’t a toy. it was a mouse! *Commence dancing and wild squealing* It was so completely unexpected that I freaked out and called one of best friends, woke her up and kept her on the phone for an hour to talk me off the edge, as I chased my mouse catching cat around bribing him with treats so he’d drop the sucker and I could bag it up and throw it out.

    Yes, I’m totally blessed with amazing friends who will stay up with me in the middle of the night.


  19. Sarah says

    I have a confession to make:

    I’m super selfish.

    I’m SO happy you put in your two weeks 🙂 Because now I get to read your lovely blog everyday. Leave it up to me to take your life changing situation and make it all about ME. haha. I freaking love reading about your adventures and DELICIOUS eats.

    SO sorry about the mice- been there done that- it’s so awful finding mice poop when you’re cleaning your dresser drawers, or under the sink. EW. In my last apartment in San Diego there was a serious cockroach problem..which is 100x worse in my opinion. The landlord didn’t care. She said all the beach side apartments are infested with roaches, and there is not point in trying to kill them because they’ll come back in 2 seconds. YUCCCKKK. Good luck!!


  20. says

    I recently found your blog and I love all the pictures of Sadie and your comments are hilarious!
    Congrats on your move to full time blogging, I look forward to following along!


  21. says

    Your smoothie this morning was probably so much better than mine! Haha, i tried an Amazing Grass packet (the mango pomegranate flavor) in my smoothie with some milk, a frozen banana and some strawberries and it was BEYOND awful!! It was horrible, I tried to choke down as much as I could (about half) because the Amazing Grass stats and nutritionals are AMAZING, but eventually I just dumped it!


  22. says

    I think Sadie needs a kitty friend! In all seriousness I live in an older Florida home (1960’s) and we don’t have a mice problem. Wasps in our wall yes, ants, yes. Good luck and get a kitty, even if it lives outside all the time (or move)!


    • Shady says

      I’m sorry but to advocate someone to get a cat “even if it lives outside all of the time” (or even part of the time) is irresponsible. Speaking as someone who is owned by cats and very involved in cat rescue, the stats about outdoor cats is impressively depressing with their expected life spans being only a few years compared to indoor cats who are expected to live into their late teens.

      On top of the risk to the cat, is the risk to the ecosystem. Cats are hunters and don’t discriminate between vermit and songbirds or other prized small animals.

      Finally, there are an increasing number of municipalities that have made free-range cats illegal.

      *stepping off soapbox now*


      • says

        Haha I am not an outdoor cat fan, I have 2 lovely indoor cats (both rescues) and actually get annoyed by the number of feral cats in our neighborhood. Try walking an 80lb lab when every house has at least 1 cat outside for an entire block. Including one that likes to follow us.


  23. jen @ taste life says

    Your photos of Sadie with the comments are always hilarious; you could write a whole book of them! They totally crack me up. Does she help with the mouse problem at all? I know my cats catch one in our house once in a while.


  24. says

    I love that you’re finding something new to love about working at home every day 🙂

    Mice completely gross me out, but at least their not as bad as cockroaches!

    Mmm chocolate PB smoothie sounds so good right now…


  25. says

    Your chocolate smoothies look so good. I hope to have time this summer to make some!

    I’m also excited to have time to clean up my blog like you’re doing today. It’s fun to constantly keep improving it, and I look forward to seeing what changes you make on yours!


  26. says

    Are you and Ryan going to buy a house? Or just looking for another apartment? I used to have mice in my old apartment, I HATED finding mice poop everywhere!


  27. jamie says

    mice, aak! i had some a few years ago. i thought i had gotten rid of them and was saying so to a friend on the telephone when i looked over at my dish rack….and there were THREE of the little mofos, each sitting in a wine glass and watching me. speak of the devil, for real!

    good luck, and congrats on your recent job change.


  28. Anna says

    Omg! Your mice problem & the comments about squirrels, rats, roaches, wasps in Walls… I would die. I’d cry so much! Seriously I’m a real big wuss! We used to have mice in our apartment when I was a kid & I wasn’t as scared. Ah Childhood..

    Hope you find an apartment soon!


  29. Beth (Well I'll Be) says

    Have you tried the repellents that you plug in and it emits some kind of noise we can’t hear but it drives them away. I thought it sounded ridiculous, but my sister tried it and it worked! Maybe it’d at least make them want to re-sign the treaty?


  30. ellalinea says

    Oh dear, I would freak out with mice in my house.. Are you looking to move to another appartment or a bigger place?


  31. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    E-mail organizing can take forever… I’ve tried multiple times and have yet to finish!! I don’t know how I would handle your mice situation…gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it!!!!! GOOD LUCK, hope it gets resolved soon.


  32. Lee @ In The Pink of Condition says

    I feel your pain. We get all sorts of “friends” here in our Manhattan apartment. I’ve seen mice, roaches, ants, you name it! Not to mention I work with mice in the laboratory…I can’t seem to get away from them! I guess I should just make “friends” with them, hehe 🙂


  33. says

    I was awoken on Sunday night to a mouse crawling around on my desk in my room!! Eww! I freaked out so bad I couldn’t go back to sleep! He must be a genius because I have not been able to catch him yet! I have tried all sorts of different types of traps with no luck!!

    Smoothie page?? I can’t wait to check it out!


  34. skinnyrunner says

    congrats on blogging full time. i knew it was gonna happen! mostly bc your former boss and i are besties. is that weird? ok, or not. but congrats and cant wait to see what PBF does in the future.


  35. says

    Yup, mice are the worst. We had them at my old apartment, and I used to have my cliche girl moments—you know, the ones where you see a mouse run by and you JUMP ON THE COUCH AND SCREAM. It was awesome. And by awesome, I mean absolutely horrifying!


  36. Katie @ Katie Rose Fitness says

    I just heard a trick to keep mice away…and other rodents. Take a few drier sheets and tie them together then put them in places where you think mice are. We found a dead mouse in our basement the other day and I have made it official that mice give me nightmares.


  37. says

    Gross! I woud freak out. My house has been open to carpenter ants lately – I almost died when I saw them in my pantry last week. I seriously screamed so long and hard my neighbors probably thought I was getting murdered.


  38. Michelle says

    Yuck!! Bugs and rodents gross me out to no end. I don’t blame you for wanting to move! Good luck finding something new where you don’t have unwelcome guest!
    As always, the smoothie looks delicious!


  39. says

    A little late but congratulations on your big life change!!! So excited to see what is down the road for you 🙂 Definitely a little jealous, too, best of luck Julie!!


  40. says

    oh no! unwelcome pests are no fun. we had ants right when we moved into our current apartment. thankfully, a couple ant traps was all it took and we seem to have gotten rid of them.

    i love that your excitement for your new career move is totally coming through. i’m excited for you! 🙂


  41. Kathy says

    Julie I love all the little captions you are putting at the bottom of the pictures of Sadie… they go perfectly everytime and make me laugh out loud…keep em coming…haha


  42. Anne says

    Ugh! I had a mouse problem in my first apt in Boston. My loving mother took her rubber gloves and bleach to the kitchen!
    By the way I sure have missed some stuff with my silly wedding and honeymoon! I think that you were still in Europe last time I read anything! Hooray for being back! congrats on being so brave!


  43. says

    Ugh we had a mice problem once when I lived with my dad in his rickety old house. We had a machine that plays this noise that makes a really obnoxious sound to the mice so they don’t come in. But we went on vacation and apparently the power had gone off while we were gone.

    So they came in during the down time of the noise machine. Nothing more disgusting than opening your underwear drawer, reaching in, and having a mouse hop across your hand. I’m shuddering now just remembering it!



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