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Today I had a hot lunch date with three lovely ladies at the Virgin Olive Market in downtown Orlando.

              virgin olive market 023

If you’re an avid blog reader, you may recognize Tina, Meghann and Kelly from their amazing blogs. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with Tina and Meghann before, but it was my first time meeting (the newly engaged!) Kelly. Such a fun and friendly group!

Tina is in Florida for her family’s annual trip to Daytona Beach, so we all got together for a long lunch since she was in our home state.

Once we were all seated, we looked at the menu and I found myself feeling indecisive as to what to order. When I heard Meghann and Kelly discuss a sandwich called The Big Cheese, I was immediately intrigued. Cheese? Big? Sign me up!

virgin olive market 021

The sandwich was essentially a caprese salad on bread, with roasted red pepper and thick, creamy buffalo mozzarella cheese serving as the shining star. I ordered my sandwich on whole wheat bread and was pleasantly surprised when I bit into bread that had seeds and nuts in it. I love hearty whole wheat!

virgin olive market 022

The food at the Virgin Olive Market was on point. It was fresh, flavorful and extremely delicious. No bite left behind!

We met up for lunch around noon and didn’t leave for a good two hours! As a blogger, I love getting together with other bloggers because it is so nice to talk about something I love so much with other people who feel the same way about blogging.

In a normal work environment you have coworkers to talk to about your job who can relate to things you’re saying, but when it comes to blogging, it can be a bit lonely when you have questions or need someone to lean on who understands the annoyances of website server issues or the sting of a hurtful comment. You don’t really have a boss you can turn to with questions (and I always have millions!) or a coworker you can depend on for support. It’s funky like that, and I love it oh-so-much. I jump at any chance to get together with other bloggers! (Also, if you’re a blogger and are looking to meet up with other bloggers in your area, definitely check out for a list of healthy living blogs by location!)

When I arrived home from lunch, the top of my neck felt a little itchy and when I went to scratch it, look what I found:

virgin olive market 025

Whoops. Looks like I forgot to remove the tag from my necklace! I guess I was in a hurry to get out the door and didn’t even realize it was still on. Thank goodness I wore my hair down! I wonder if the other bloggers thought I was some kind of a klepto?

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  1. jen @ taste life says

    So jealous of your blogger lunch! I’d love to meet all of those ladies. There aren’t too many other bloggers in my neck of the woods, though I’ve met a couple.


  2. says

    What a fun meet-up! I agree, it’s SO nice to have other bloggers to talk to and discuss all things blog related (good things and annoying things!!) In the meet-ups I’ve been to, I love how we come together totally not knowing each other at all, but by the amount of chatting that goes on, you’d think we’d all known each other for years!


  3. says

    That sandwich looks so good!!! I am getting together for the 2nd time with a few Austin bloggers next week and I’m very excited too!

    P.S. you may or may not have entered my dream at some point last night… my task that you gave me was to burn a dvd of a slideshow you wanted for a wedding. Hmmmm…. maybe it’s a glimpse into the future on blogger island 🙂


  4. says

    I always crack a little smile when I see someone else leave a tag on their clothes.

    My favorite thing to do is to go up to my students and say, “is that new?” They’re like “how did you know?” And then I tell them they still have the tag on. Ha!


  5. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    I’d love to meet Tina — she seems like such a genuine and kind person.

    I’ve done that before — found tags and such on my clothes. Once I forgot to take the sticker thing off my jeans — you know that long strip that has your size number on it? Yeah that was on the back of my leg for a few hours. Oh well!


  6. says

    I get so many hurtful comments on my blog as well 🙁 They really sting sometimes but you just have to move on.
    You look gorgeous btw! I love being tan and wearing white dresses ha 🙂


  7. Faith @ lovelyascharged says

    I literally live two a block away from Virgin Olive…I LOVE rolling out of bed on Sundays for their breakfast or grabbing a yuengling draft on the way home from work!


  8. skinnyrunner says

    i hear ya on the blogging… i learned real quick to not talk too much about it with my husband – he just doesnt get it.


  9. Kathleen says

    This has nothing to do with blogging but your itchy neck comment made me chuckle. One time I went for my usual run on a busy road and I had on my favorite shorts. I couldn’t figure out why the back of my leg itched so bad. Turns out, I had a dryer sheet hanging from the edge of my shorts. Talk about embarrasing.


  10. says

    I do this all the time! I am always finding tags in my clothing! I”m going to have to check out the Banana outlet for some jewelry..super cute!


  11. Carey @ Positively Blonde says

    I love readings about blogger meet ups! Plus it always gives me some new ones to follow!


  12. says

    visiting from bess be fit and SO happy that I found your site! It’s fabulous!! I have a healthy living site too and enjoy reading others’ to find new and exciting ways to make healthy living FUN!

    Great wedding pics too..what a beautiful dress 🙂 I will totally be visiting often!


  13. says

    That sandwich looks amazing!

    Your necklace tag reminds me of a funny story: My junior year of high school I wore a beautiful white and orange dress to prom and was in a big hurry getting ready in time. When I got home that night, I took off the dress and found the price tag still on it!!! I was so confused because no one ever saw it, even my mom who sewed my dress to my bra (didn’t know about fashion tape then). So weird, and to this day I still have no idea how I got through the whole night without realizing or someone telling me about it! 🙂


  14. says

    So awesome that you got to have a nice lunch with some other bloggers.
    It’s funny though that you mentioned forgetting the tag on your necklace. There were two times that I can really remember that I went out to eat and totally didn’t realize that I still had the tag on my clothes. Once on my shoes (mesh – completely noticeable!) and another time a HUGE tag on the back of my dress (thankfully inside of the dress!) and the only reason I noticed it is because Frank put his hand on my back and was like what the heck do you have in there…? haha woops! 🙂


  15. says

    Hi, Julie! I have been following your blog for awhile now, but never posted!

    That sandwich looks amazing! I am confident you will make it exceptionally well without the job! Rooting for you!


  16. cizar says

    I loved hanging out today! Just a little preview of the fun we’ll have rooming together in August. Can’t wait! 🙂



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