Times, They Are a-Changin’

What a day! You know those days when you have 5,000 hours of work that you somehow need to cram into one working day?

Fortunately I got a lot accomplished this morning, but I have some techy stuff I need to finish up on the blog this afternoon that will likely be time consuming but exciting at the same time. I’m crossing my fingers for a smooth transition!

I took a break around noon for lunch at Greens & Grill. I met up with one of my former bosses, Mark, to catch up and chat.

greens and grille 008

I worked as an intern for Mark for about a year during my senior year in college. I applied for the internship when one of my favorite professors at UCF told me that her husband’s company was looking for an intern.

When I got the job, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my experience since I was mostly writing about power companies! It was a great experience and working under Mark was a great fit for me. He is the kind of boss you respect both personally and professionally. Plus, I thought the company was awesome. When I worked there, they had every employee take the Myers-Briggs personality test so everyone had a head’s up about their coworker’s personalities. It was really neat because the results were then posted outside your office and you knew before approaching a colleague how to better communicate with them.

Mark and I ended up chatting for nearly two hours. I hadn’t seen him a couple of years so we had a lot of conversation to cram into a quick lunchtime meet up!

greens and grille 006

Greens & Grille makes some awesome salads! The highlights of my salad included tart apple slices, edamame and sautéed onions.

greens and grille 007

What better way to wash down a salad than with a cup of fro yo?

On my way home from lunch, I swung by a frozen yogurt shop and enjoyed a cup of peanut butter and Nutella frozen yogurt, topped with brownie chunks, whipped cream and Butterfinger pieces.

greens and grille 005

(Don’t you miss my in-the-car-on-the-way-to-work photos? Winking smile)

greens and grille 010

A winning combination!

Now it’s time for the big announcement… which you probably skipped ahead to anyway.

For those of you who are actually reading these words, HI! I LOVE YOU THE MOST!

Also, the Fashion page was updated so have a field day and check it out if you’d like!

The Big Announcement

No, I’m not pregnant.

No, Sadie isn’t getting a boyfriend, brother or sister.

No, we’re not moving out of Florida.


But we are moving out of Orlando.

oatmeal whole wheat pancakes 009

Ryan and I will be moving to Ocala, a small town located about an hour north of Orlando.

A couple of weeks ago Ryan interviewed for a new job. Remember that one Tuesday when I blogged from Starbucks and Ryan and I went on a random mid-week date?

Well I kind of blog-lied.

I didn’t “just feel like getting out of the house” to work that day. I accompanied Ryan to Ocala where he had a long interview scheduled for a new position with a prominent company in the area. While I worked and blogged from Starbucks, he interviewed and then I picked him up and we ate dinner in Ocala before heading home.

And remember last weekend when we were searching for houses to rent all day long? It took so long because we had to drive the hour to Ocala and then we drove all around the town, trying to figure out which areas would be best for us to live.

And that fancy-schmancy dinner last weekend? That was a celebration dinner for Ryan! He officially accepted his new job last Friday and on Saturday I planned a surprise date for us to celebrate this exciting step in his career.

The Decision

Ryan’s decision to accept the position in Ocala was one we made together and one we made very carefully after many nights of long discussions about where we see ourselves in the future and Ryan’s career goals. We said over and over again how lucky we feel that my job can be done from anywhere, making the decision to move a bit easier since I won’t be out of work.

While the position itself seems like a good one and is one that aligns with the future goals of our family and Ryan’s career, we are obviously a bit nervous about moving to Ocala. Those of you who live in Florida likely understand our feelings, but for those of you who have never heard of Ocala, this little tidbit of information should help paint a picture about the new town we’ll be living in for you: More Kentucky Derby horses come out of Ocala than anywhere else in United States.

Let’s just say you would’ve thought Ryan and I saw Santa Claus when we drove past a Target last weekend! Open-mouthed smile

Though we’ve obviously heard a lot about the stereotypes of Ocala, as we explored the area, it definitely had more to offer than we expected. A mall, Best Buy, Joann’s, Ulta (!!!), Starbucks, Bonefish Grill, TJMaxx and many other stores we’ve become accustomed to in Orlando also have locations in Ocala. Ocala is also home to some amazing hiking trails, parks and camp grounds, which excites us a lot! Plus, it’s only an hour from our friends in Orlando and about two hours or so from our families in St. Pete and Sarasota.

I am so, so, so pumped about finding a nicer place to live. I become elated at the thought of living in a mouse-free apartment!

It seems like you can get more for your money in terms of housing in Ocala, so Ryan and I are hopeful that we’ll find a nice house to rent with a beautiful kitchen (my dream!), an office for me (our kitchen table isn’t cutting it), a fenced-in backyard for Sadie and possibly a pool. We finally heard back from the landlord of the dream house we found online last week and have plans to go see it on Monday. Yay!

Ryan will officially begin his new job on July 25, so we’re in quite a time crunch to pack up, find a place and move. Since we’ll be in Chicago all weekend for a wedding, the pressure will be on when we return!

I really am looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. I think we’re ready for something new.

I’m also really grateful that we’ll still be close to Orlando because we have great connections with friends, colleagues and other bloggers in the area, and it’s only an hour drive to see everyone.

Also, if any of you live in Ocala, please speak up because I’m going to do my best to coerce you into being my friend. This will be us:  Smile Red heart Smile Deep in love like. Great, now you already think I’m totally creepy. Seriously though, I need a friend… that’s a human and not a horse.


  1. says

    I read it all Julie, not just the announcement HAHA… I am happy for you! My husband is also job searching so I understand everything you just went through! You have my prayers for this very busy & exciting time in your life!


    • Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

      Me, too! (I read it all!) I was thinking about how odd it seems to have lunch with your old boss that you haven’t seen in a few years. But obviously you have a very different relationship with your boss than I do with mine!


    • Lindsay says

      Congrats on Ryan’s new job and your new moving situation!! Although I live in Texas, my Step-Mother and half-sister used to live right outside of Ocala. She’s actually in the race horse business and moved around quite a bit in that area. I love that area so much. You will definitely have to take a little trip to The Villages. It’s a retirement community with a great shopping square. The whole town is designed to match; even the fast food restaurants have the same architectural design!


  2. jen @ taste life says

    Congrats! This is very exciting, even though I hope you don’t have to resort to becoming best friends with a horse. I hope you guys can rent the perfect apartment and that Ryan loves his new job.


  3. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    WOW, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Totally amazing news for Ryan, and I’m so thrilled for you both, it will be such an adventure to move to a new location, and perfect now that you are a freelancer so can work wherever you choose 🙂 Such freedom…it’s awesome <3 SO happy for you both and excited to follow along on this part of yours and Ryan's life! (In a good way, not a weird stalker-ish way, lol!) Big smiles and happy high fives! xyx


  4. says

    Congrats and that is so exciting!!! I ran the Ocala Marathon back in Jan 2010 and thought it was so beautiful. I loved all the horse farms and there seems more to do there than meets the eye 🙂


  5. says

    Congrats!! It seems like you guys would adjust well to a smaller-town lifestyle since you’re such homebodies, so I’m sure you’ll love having a beautiful house. You should get yourselves one of those horses! 😉 Best of luck and congratulations to Ryan 🙂


      • says

        Julie , Congrats to you and Ryan!! So happy for you guys! I know how you feel about moving to a small town from a big city, at first it was a little hard for me, but Mike and I are homebodies too, and we really love it here where we are now in a small town, and it is great! U guys will adjust well to your new home and love it!!!!! So happy for you both!


  6. Brittany says

    Congrats to Ryan on the new gig and to both of you for the exciting move! It sounds very romantic, the two of you moving somewhere new together 🙂 best of luck with the dream house!


  7. Jess says

    Yay congrats to Ryan!!!! With both of your great attitudes and outlooks I’m sure you can make it work anywhere 🙂 Looking forward to all the moving adventures!!


  8. says

    All I know about Ocala is that I was once stuck in a massive traffic jam there on the way from MCO to Gainesville. 2 hours to go 3.5 miles. I bet, though, that you can find an awesome place to rent for not much money. Hope there is good fro-yo


  9. says

    That’s so exciting!!! Congratulations to Ryan and to your family for this great change:) I’m sure everything will work out wonderfully (with the house, friends).

    Best of luck! You guys are awesome!


  10. says

    Congrats to Ryan & You on his new job, and your new location! We live about an hour (down?south?west? I don’t know.. on 75 towards Tampa) 75 from Ocala. We’ve randomly driven up there to just explore. It’s a really pretty area.. and I doubt you are into this kind of thing, but there is a Gander Mountain, lol, it’s the “Bass Pro Shop” of Orlando.. It’s not nearly as cool as BPS, but it’s okay..y’know, if you need some gun stuff, or fishing stuff? Ha (it’s on 200 in Ocala).


      • Megan says

        There is Dick’s Sporting Goods there so you can make that your home 🙂 My boyfriend is actually a Store Manager for them and he worked in that store recently, he said its a nice area! We actually just moved to the Orlando area (he is managing the store in Davenport) and while I was nervous, it has all worked out, I was offered plenty of teaching jobs (my major concern) and we really love it so far! I know it will be the same for you!!!

        Ocala is only about an hr from our place in Clermont so when Ryan decides to camp out in Gander Mtn email me and I can come save you 🙂


    • says

      one does! only one though… that was one of the first things i checked! and the times it is offered are very odd, so i have a feeling i’m REALLY, REALLY going to miss bodypump a lot!


      • Maggie says

        that’s so sad! I got attached to a yoga studio when I lived in Chicago and miss it so much! isn’t it weird the things we think about when we are moving?


        • Kristi says

          I just moved and miss my minneapolis yoga studio (core power yoga) sooooo much! The only thing I miss since getting married/moving 🙂


  11. Brittany says

    I was super confused by the horses and santa claus thing but I get it now. Ha. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll love it! (Especially if you get your dream home there!)


  12. says

    Congrats to both you and Ryan! Moving is so exciting and personally, I love the idea of moving out of the big city one day and settling into suburbian or country life 🙂

    Can’t wait to follow you through the journey!


  13. Paige says

    Yay congrats to Ryan on his new job! Hopefully this leads to bigger and better things for you guys (including a non-mouse house). Can’t wait to read about your experiences in this small town…I just moved to one myself and it’s uh…very interesting thus far. Let’s just say I would be thrilled for a Target/Ulta/ANYTHING.

    And for the record I read the whole post. 🙂 Good luck to you guys!!


  14. says

    Oh wow! Congrats! That is way exciting that Ryan accepted a new job, and you all are moving. Change is ALWAYS a good thing, promise 🙂

    Best of luck finding a place, and you’ll have NO prob finding friends, I am sure!


  15. says

    yayayayay congrats!!!! maybe you will become a horse whisperer? you have lots of opportunities!!! just kidding, I am sure there are lots of awesome people in Ocala!


  16. Erinn says

    Congrats on getting out of your apartment and into a new place! Yayy! If I didn’t live in Phoenix, Arizona, I would totally be your friend and we could enjoy fro-yo and chat about our viszlas (mine’s name is Tommy).


  17. Beth (Well I'll Be) says

    This is really exciting Julie! Congrats to Ryan on the new job and hopefully you find your dream house. Yay!


  18. says

    I’m sad that you’re moving out so Paula and I can’t creepily stalk you anymore (kidding – for real), but CONGRATS!!

    You’ll still be coming to Central Fl Blogger stuff right? 🙂

    My mom lives near Ocala and the drive really isn’t that bad from Orlando (it’s even better when there aren’t screaming kids in the car!). It is a beautiful part of Florida for sure!


  19. says

    Congrats to you and Ryan! As someone who just moved, I feel your anxiety! I hope everything goes nice and smooth for you!! Best advice – HIRE MOVERS. Made mine and my husbands life so much easier! 🙂


  20. says

    Congrats, Ryan!!!!

    Very exciting for both of you. Went to school in Gainesville, which is about 30 mins from Ocala.

    There’s tonsssss of amazing outdoorsy things to do out there (juniper springs, Sonny’s BBQ and everything in Gville) which makes it extra legit.

    cant wait to follow your adventures!


  21. says

    CONGRATS to Ryan on the new job!!! That is SO exciting 😀
    So happy for the the both of you, things seem to be REALLY looking up & you have many new & exciting things coming your way!!!! 😀


  22. says

    Congrats! I live in Tampa and used to drive to Gainseville a lot, so I’ve made some stops in Ocala. Its gotten to be a lot better than it used to be! Plus, its very close to Gainseville which has a ton of restaurants and a decent mall. I bet you guys will love it!


  23. says

    Congrats to Ryan (and you) and starting somewhere new!!! I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in a new place!!

    Sadly, I do not live there or else I would say be my friend! Or maybe I would just introduce my bf to Ryan because the whole gander mountain comment… ya, thats my life every weekend 😉


  24. Madison says

    Oh how fun! The company that I work for actually has an office in Ocala (that would be strange if it was the same company!) and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to their office a handful of times—such a pretty place! Good luck! 🙂


  25. says

    Congrats!! And I read the whole thing 🙂 I am graduating from grad school and will be looking for a jobs soon in the real world so I am very much enjoying all your work related and new house and moving posts. Have you guys found a new gym yet?


  26. says

    Congrats Julie! New chapters in life are always exciting, there’s something about the unknown that’s thrilling isn’t there? I’m sure Sadie will love all the open fields Ocala has to offer 🙂


  27. Melissa says

    Congrats to Ryan! How exciting. Maybe he’ll have a better work-life balance? (I say that just based on a few times you mentioned he had to work late.)

    I have to ask-what was your code when you took Myers-Briggs?! I’m a huge MBTI nerd. Having never met you and just read your blog a ton, I’m going to step out on a creep-tastic limb and say ISTJ. 🙂


  28. says

    I read the whole thing starting at the top! but i did read really really fast! I also may have refreshed your page 5,000 and 1 times today too 🙂 … I am so excited for you both and can not wait to follow your journey on the blog every day! You better get that vitamix packed up! <- smothie maker will travel.


  29. Kelly says

    Ah, congratulations! I was hoping it was another puppy (just because I can only imagine how Sadie would react) but a move is so exciting! Good luck packing up & settling in to your new life 🙂


  30. Joanie says

    Congratulations to both of you! I’ll speak on behalf of any other Kentuckians who read your blog and say THANKS for all of those hearty, beautiful horses. 😉 They sure do make for some fun days at the track in the Spring. Now that you’ll be around them so much you and Ryan should really make a weekend trek to Louisville and witness our incredible Kentucky Derby! You wouldn’t be disappointed!

    I read the whole post! So thrilled for you guys!


  31. says

    Aw congratualtions! That’s so exciting and how awesome that you totally got to skip the “but-what-about-my-job” dilemma. Love it when things fall into place!

    I will tell you as a lifelong Florida resident (including Orlando proper, Winter Park, Oviedo and Gainesville), Ocala is lovely (a little out there) but simple and pretty. Like many small, isolated towns, it is catching up fairly quick. The Ocala National Forest is great and you will defintely afford a nicer place than a more metro place would allow.

    Sadie’s going to love chasing all that nature LOL.


  32. Marie says

    Yay! That’s great news! I think changes are great; it’s always nice to have things to look forward in each step of life. 🙂 I read everything, BTW…you’re so funny. 🙂 I think small towns are great, especially if you are pretty close to a bigger town. Congrats to Ryan on his job! If I lived there instead of Pearland, TX, I’d totally meet you up! 🙂


  33. Mel says

    Ah I remember when you posts that things “were -a-changing” a few months back. I can see why you were so excited – I hope these new changes bring you much happiness!! Congrats to you both!


  34. Anne @strawberryjampackedlife says

    That’s exciting! I thought that your announcement might be that Ryan was also quitting his job and using his new website about exercising for income. That sounds too unsteady for conservative ol’ me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.


  35. says

    It never amazes me how quickly the blog comments flood on your posts!
    I’ve been waiting all day for this announcement, secretly guessing what it could be.Congrats to Ryan and to you! Being an Ohio girl, I know very little about Florida (besides it’s my favorite place to be in the winter)- I am sure you’ll make the best of your new town/home!
    Oh- and I did read the top half. It was killing me a little not to skim though!


  36. says

    Congrats to you both! Change can be a great thing… or so I keep telling myself (just got married, about to move from my college town back to my home town but in a completely different area, and start medical school). I can’t wait to hear the new Ocala stories!

    PS I definitely am one of the people who read the first half even though I was tempted to skip to the big announcement 🙂


  37. says

    LOL I think I’m on the same page as Stace, refreshed your page a thousand times until I got the new post lol! Ocala is about 45 min from me, I’m in Apopka. Don’t forget John Travolta lives there too!

    My hubby and i go jeepin’ there a couple times a year (not as much recently but I know we will get there again). It’s great if you like outdoorsy kind of stuff!

    I did read the whole post too, but I skipped to the bottom then went up and read the rest LOL!

    I SOOO want to go to the blogger conference, Park Maitland is like 15 from my house but our company is having a convention the same day/weekend so I’ll have to go next time! Is there a list I can get on to get notified for that?

    Congrats on your decision, hope you find a great house up there!


    • says

      i know it was organized by bess centralfloridatop5.com! i just signed up through her site! definitely reach out to her. she’s so friendly and i’m sure could answer any questions you may have.


  38. stevie says

    Congratulations! I have a bunch of family that lives in Ocala. It truly is a great place to raise a family, and gives off more of a small town feel that can be hardier to find in Florida because of its large population.


  39. says

    Congratulations Julie! I suspected that your announcement would be something along these lines but nevertheless I’m so happy for you! I’d love to live in Florida – anywhere in Florida for that matter – and I’m excited to hear how your new home is! PS Say congrats to Ryan too!


  40. Adriana says

    Congratulations to you and Ryan!!! I hope you find the perfect home soon!! I know how you’re feeling right now – My husband and I are relocating to another state and we have to move in less than 6 weeks. (one of those weeks we’re going to be on vacation). We also have to relocate our business so it is definitely stressful. Good luck to you guys!!!


  41. says

    Congratulations! I totally guessed pregnancy too!
    I live in a town of about 85k people and we are 2 hours away from a city of 1 million+, so nothing is too far that you can’t have a little field trip (mine is generally to get M.A.C!)


  42. Bianca says

    That’s so exciting, congratulations!! I think my uncle lives in Ocala, I’m not sure. If he does I’ll let you know 🙂


  43. says

    Congrats to Ryan! I’m a big fan of change, so something like this would be right up my alley if my hubs or I had the opportunity.

    And look at you all getting closer to NC! 🙂 You’re making your way in the right direction. Good luck in your new mouse-free new area! Oh, and I didn’t skip anything in the post – you love me best. Yay!


  44. Lisa says

    I read the entire post. Do I get 10 points for that? Congratulations to Ryan on the new job and best of luck to you both in your house hunt. Hope you find the perfect place.


  45. says

    Congrats to you and Ryan (and Sadie, too… can’t exclude part of the family!). Change is good 🙂

    Btw, peanut butter and Nutella frozen yogurt?! Sounds like an amazing combo!


  46. Holly @ The Runny Egg says

    Congrats to Ryan! I thought you had found a house — but maybe you’ve found a house + Ryan’s new job. That is wonderful! I hope he is happy in his new position.


  47. Rachel says

    Congrats Ryan!! Enjoy this new adventure. I hope you both can get settled comfortably into Ocala life…in a fabulous new house!

    I went to college in a small town, and I enjoyed the relatively slow pace and all the outdoorsy things to do. We live in a city now, and I do miss some aspects of the smaller town such as going into my favorite coffee shop where they make my order juuuust right. 🙂

    Oh, and totally thought your announcement was going to be that you’re pregnant!


  48. says

    Haha, I totally wanted to skip down to the juicy stuff, but I read the whole post like a good girl (and I’m flattered that you love me the most) 😉

    Congrats to Ryan!!! How exciting to have so many nice changes going on in your lives! I hope you guys get your dream house.


  49. says

    First of all, that salad looks incredible!

    Secondly, congraaaaats on your news!!! Excited for ya’ll to be able to move somewhere new and do what is best for ya’ll! 😀


  50. krista says

    Congrats! I’m so confused on the Target and Santa Claus comment though? Were there horses parked where the cars usually are?


  51. says

    Eek thats exciting!! Really hope you get your dream home! 🙂 I totally know what it’s like moving to an area with slightly less amenities but I bet Ocala will be lovely and you can always take up horse riding?! 🙂


  52. Laura (Cookies vs. Carrots) says

    Congratulations! It seems like a big change, and I’m sure there will be some stresses, but you always find a way to look on the bright side. Can’t wait to hear all about the move!

    PS- I read the whole thing, but I seriously had to force myself to keep from scrolling down since I was so excited! Haha 🙂


  53. Courtney @ Girl In The Pink says

    That’s awesome news! Change is so fun! I’ve moved 2x in the past year for my hubby’s job! Unfortunately, I had to quit my job. Im envious that you can work from anywhere!!! 🙂


  54. Anne says

    you are quite the trickser! 😛
    hahah, but CONGRATSS!! ahh finally, you won’t hafta share space with those pesky rascalss


  55. says

    My parents have a house about 30 to 45 minutes east of Ocala on the St. Johns River. We do a lot of jet skiing and fishing that way. There’s a lot of fun outdoorsy stuff to do there! Maybe you’ll even run into John Travolta and Kelly Preston around town since they have a home there!

    Congrats to Ryan! and I’m sure you two and Sadie will like the small town atmosphere! And you should look into getting a boat, so many fun places to explore up that way and I’m sure Sadie would love to be on the water!


  56. says

    Wow, Julie! What an awesome blessing! New job, new city! 🙂

    Congrats to Ryan, you and Sadie!

    P.S. We still need to get together! I know the next couple of weeks will be crazy, but if you get a chance for lunch–let’s go! Carrie, too!


  57. says

    woohoo, congratulations! I am sure you will adjust swimmingly, and it is amazing that you are in a place in your career that you can make this move together!

    I will say that I read the whole blog post – but was weirdly nervous in anticipation of what the big news could be, haha!


  58. says

    I read the whole post (*pats myself on the back*)

    Congrats on your exciting new venture — moving is always fun and a bit scary, but in a good way.

    Boo that Ryan is no longer an LMer =(


  59. Mellissa says

    Big changes, sometimes you sacrifice a city life for a good career. Small town’s can truly be wonderful and you are close to everything still.

    Check out Meetup.com to see if there are groups in Ocala, it can help make the transition so much easier.


  60. Marie says

    Congratulations!! I jumped online just to see if you had made your announcement post! Very exciting to have the opportunity for a new adventure!!!


  61. says

    Such exciting news! Congrats to you & Ryan on this new adventure!

    When you get there, try meetup.com to make friends. You might end up with a bunch of weirdos, but if you make even one friend, it might be worth it! I also joined a running group when I moved and that helped me meet like-minded friends.

    Good luck! 😀


  62. says

    That is such exciting news! I would give anything to move to a small town but at the moment my job is in DC and even though I live 2 hours from work, I’m still in suburb city. One day the husband and I hope to move to Vermont and live the rural life. I’d take horses to DC politicians any day!!! Good luck with the move (hubs and I just moved last weekend and it was NOT fun) and I really hope you find a home you love (since you’ll be spending the most time there). Can’t wait to hear about your new adventures!


  63. says

    Wow, how exciting!! Congratulations to Ryan. 🙂 I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way as you get set for (and hopefully excited about) a new adventure!

    (Also, random addenda:
    1) I not only read the whole thing, but I am a new reader! Double points?
    2) I *love* edamame. Like, in love. Have you ever had edamame ravioli? Todiefor.
    3) Your picture of froyo made me want to throw the apple I was currently eating out the door of my office. Food envy, thy name is Tara.)


  64. says

    Congratulations!! I have to admit I’m a little disappointed since I live in Orlando and I love the familiarity I get when reading about the places you go knowing that I go there as well. But I’m sure Ocala will be great. I often stop by there on the way back to my college stomping grounds, Gainesville. Best of luck!


  65. says

    I knew the announcement would be about you moving, but I thought you had already found a house. Good luck with your move!
    (PS: I read it all! ;D)


  66. Chelsey @ Jam&Run says

    Wonderful news!!! Congratulations to Ryan! This is a very exciting time for you both, and I sound so corny but I really do love reading along everyday to take part in your daily life! 🙂


  67. Mark says

    Congrats to both of you! Hope everything goes very smoothly for you. Just the fact that it has a Bonefish would make it worth moving to IMO.


  68. Lee @ in the pink of condition says

    Yay Julie! You are super sneaky and fooled us all! Good luck on the move, girl! and congrats to Ryan!


  69. Ann Claire says

    Mmm the salad and fro-yo look delicious!
    Congrats on Ryan’s new job, good luck with the move and everything!


  70. says

    That’s fantastic news (I was a little bummed that is was not a new puppy, but I’ll get over it)!

    Change can be scary, but fun! So, have fun!


  71. says

    great news for you two! I don’t think you’ll have any problems making friends. I”m like you..I need to see what stores are around…no Target=no way!
    good luck to you both!


  72. sue says

    I read the whole post too! The only thing I know about Ocala is there were glass-bottom boat tours there when we were kids. We stopped and took the tour on our way driving from WV to Miami!


  73. Ashley S. says

    Congrats lady! You are too funny, I keep laughing at all the “Be my friend” replies you posted. Haha, I’m sure you will love it!

    Isn’t it amazing how everything happens the way it is suppose to? If you hadn’t had the courage to quit your full time job and devote your time to your real passions, Ryan wouldn’t have been able to take this job opportunity! It is all going to work out great 😉

    Oh, and I’ll be your friend!…just from Phoenix, AZ. Sorry!


  74. Amelia says

    Congrats, Ryan! So excited for you guys! You are so young – it’s the perfect time to make a move.

    I’m super excited to see where you shack up! It’s always fun to move into a new place…well, at least it’s exciting. The packing/unpacking thing is not so fun.


  75. Haley says


    My grandmother lived in Ocala for years–you weren’t kidding about it being horse country–I think those are some of my most vivid memories of Ocala….

    HOWEVER, live off of the main strip a little ways and it’s gorgeous….enjoy!


  76. Laurie says

    Congrats to Ryan!!! We stopped at Ocala once and spend the night there on our way to Orlando (we couldn’t check in our hotel until the next day). We really liked it, such a small town feel. I think you and Ryan will really like living there. Good luck finding a house!


  77. says

    Congratulations to Ryan on the job and to both of you on the big move! One of my very best friends is from Ocala, we met in college in Texas! She loved it there and even moved back for a little while after college before accepting a job in Colorado.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little over a month now and don’t think I’ve ever commented. I look forward to your posts each day and think you are wonderful!


  78. says

    Oh wow, congrats to Ryan on the new job, and congrats to both of you on the decision to move! You’re young, and sometimes it’s nice for that fresh start, ya know? 🙂

    FTR – I DID read the part before the announcement! haha — your lunch and fro-yo looks delish. And it’s always nice to catch up with someone from your past that you had good experience with. Sounds like you had a nice lunch date. Well, not date…but you know what I mean!


  79. Karina says

    Congrats to you guys, Julie!! Very exciting! Good luck with finding a place… let me just say that I recently moved into a house with a fenced-in yard for my dog (crazy, high energy like Sadie).. it will change your life!!! So much easier & Sadie will be super happy 🙂


  80. says

    Congratulations!! I read the whole post too haha we all like what you have to say too much to skip anything! It sounds like it will be absolutely lovely. Small towns are so much more relaxing than the big city! Think about all the fresh air and someone said before Sadie is going to have so much fun chasing all the “nature”!!! Yay change! Congratulations to you both! life seems to be falling into place 🙂


  81. Jenna...lifeinjenneral says

    Congrats Julie! Good luck with everything! i feel like I drive through Ocala often, I’ll let you know next time!


  82. says

    Congrats Julie! That’s so exciting, so many fun changes! Random question, but does Ryan currently work for LM? I may have seen him at a conference and forgot to ask! It was like one of those moments where you recognize someone and you dont know from where… and then afterwards I was reading your blog and was like “i bet that was him!” haha hope that doesn’t sound creepy, but there’s on in Orlando, so it’s totally possible! and i’ve been at GTL.


  83. says

    Congrats! I was having a similar convo with a friend about where we would like to live after marriage. Call us cheesy but we both agreed that place is negligible when you are with the person you love. That support alone will make the transition easier. All the best!


  84. Kelli says

    Congrats and best of luck I”m not sure if you ‘ll read this far down in the reply’s but we just moved from Pennyslvania to a town called Dunedin, FL My husband got a job in St Pete so we packed up the 2 kids and golden retriever and boy what a adjustment ! IT is exciting to have a fresh start somewhere new! Congrats again!


  85. Jade says

    Congrats on your new adventure! I grew up on one of those horse farms in Ocala. I moved to Orlando after high school to attend UCF. There is definitely a different pace to life in Ocala but, it’s not a bad difference. Ocala was a great place to grow up and I am absolutely positive Sadie is going to love it there!

    Good luck to you and Ryan on your big move!

    I read the entire post too! 🙂


  86. Stephanie says

    Congrats to Ryan on the new job and good luck with finding a place/moving! You guys will find a great place I’m sure 🙂


  87. says

    One of my favorite quotes that I think you can appreciate right now – “Never is life so exciting than at the beginning of a journey”

    Also, I bet Sadie is jumping with joy at all of her future new pee spots! 🙂


  88. says

    Congrats Julie! I think you guys will have a great time in your new place.. especially if you land this place of your dreams!

    Making a decision like this is hard.. but good things will come! You are so right about how great it is that you don’t have to worry about your work.. since you can take it anywhere!

    Congrats to Ryan!


  89. Amanda says

    congrats to you and ryan! my parents own an apartment in ocala, they have had the same tenant for about 20 years. unfortanately we live about 1000 miles from florida! i’m sure you, ryan, and sadie will adjust to your new surrondings in no time!


  90. Paula says

    Congrats to you and Ryan! After college my husband and I moved from Boston to Burlington VT for 2 years and while our friends all harassed us about moving up to the middle of nowhere, we had a great time! (I did miss good shopping though) Exploring a new place together is great and really solidifies the we’re a team feeling. Good luck and keep us posted!!


  91. says

    Congrats on both the job and the move! My cousin lives in Ocala, I’ve not visited but her condo is amazing looking. It is definitely nice for you (and less pressure I would assume) to be able to work from anywhere. One thing I dislike about my intended career path is that I feel like I’m destined to NYC or LA and I wish there were more options for me in terms of location.


  92. Leslie says

    Is it sad I skipped forward to see what your frozen treat looked like? I even read all the add-ins, YUM! Um also, CONGRATULATIONS! We moved in 2 weeks, I empathize, just know it can be done!


  93. Amanda @ The Beauty Notebooks says

    Congratulations to you both! Will there be room in this house for a vizsla friend for Sadie? 😉


  94. Keri :) says

    Sooo exciting!! I am going on Super Senior status at UF right now! Soo, I have many friends from Ocala and I’ve heard mixed emotions! I am excited to see how you find Ocala to be!

    GOOD LUCK! and Congrats to him!!

    Can you share what Ryan will be doing or who he will be working for?


  95. Liza says

    They don’t just have racehorses there, they also have hunter/jumper horses! LOL. I was a professional horseback rider (I mostly did the hunters, which means I jumped over things in a ring) and went to Ocala for the winters sometimes (Ocala and Palm Beach). I actually liked it in Ocala!! Hope you enjoy your new city 🙂


  96. says

    Wow, what a great and crazy change! I love changes and I think they’re so essential to a healthy life! God bless you both and…I guess I won’t be meeting you anytime soon because I’m far away in CALI haha 😛


  97. amy says

    Congrats and you won’t be too far from me. I’m in Jacksonville. I’d love to meet up for lunch sometime. The guys can always time bodypump together!!! lol


  98. Amy @ CountryStrong21 says

    Congratulations to Ryan on his new job and to you both on the upcoming move to a mouse-free place! How very exciting it all must be. I’m looking forward to reading all about it!

    I read the whole post 🙂


  99. Stacey says

    So exciting! Congrats guys!

    I live in Gainesville, which is about 45 north of ocala. I love new friends 🙂

    Good luck with the move!!



  100. says

    Excited for you, Julie!! I have friends in Ocala, and am SURE you’ll make plenty yourself in no time flat! Good luck with packing and the move itself!


  101. Liza says

    I see you have another Liza reader up there!! ^ Shout out to the other Liza! 🙂

    Julie, I am so excited for your new opportunity! I think you will like Ocala a lot. One of my ADPi sisters is house-hunting there right now, actually – her fiance got a job there and she is looking for one as an elem. school teacher. I’ll send you a FB message with her name (heck, you might already know her from UCF!) so you guys can meet! She has two little Yorkies that Sadie would go bananas for, I bet.

    Congrats again!!


  102. says

    CONGRATS!!! That’s so wonderful that Ryan got this new job and that it sounds like you can get a great place in the area! This sounds like a fantastic step forward for you both! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for the house!!


  103. Nicole says

    Congratulations to Ryan. I am so happy for the both of you. I am sure you will have friends in no time. Your a wonderful person. Best of luck and I will keep you in my prayers on a great home for the 3 of you!! Love Sadie too. 🙂


  104. says

    Congrats! Sounds like Ocala could be a really great fit for you guys 🙂 My husband’s in finance, too, and we’ve had to move twice for his jobs (once to Manhattan, once to Austin), so I feel you on the nerves. So glad you have so much flexibility with your job, though. Good luck putting everything together in time!


  105. Ida says

    I think a move to a small town can have some perks- cheaper cost of living, less traffic and more sense of community. I think you’ll do great in Ocala!


  106. says

    Congratulations! That’s really exciting news!

    I’m about 40 minutes from Ocala, and have been there quite a few times. You’re absolutely right about the proximity to great outdoorsy things, and don’t discount the springs, both near you and just north of Gainesville. Swimming, kayaking, it’s all great.

    Other than that, I don’t know much about Ocala itself (aside from what you mentioned about the horses), but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have too much trouble making friends. Good luck!


  107. Electra says

    Julie! Congratulations to you and Ryan! How exciting! Whether you stay in Ocala for a short time or for a very long time, it’s a very exciting step.

    Good luck in your house search, I’m sure you’ll find something great and mouse free =]

    Enjoy this time in your life – it’s so exciting!!


  108. Jenna Lee says


    So happy for you & your cute family!!!! And I have a feeling Sadie will like Ocala! I think she’ll be happy making some new furry friends and enjoying the more outdoorsy landscape 😀


  109. Lisa says

    I read the whole post! I was enticed by your salad photos first…

    Congrats to Ryan on the new gig and to both of you on the big move! I used to visit Ocala with my family when I was younger. We’d visit Silver Springs, which is cheesy in some parts but I remember it being a pretty nice nature park. The area is definitely good for hiking and outdoor activities!


  110. says

    Congrats to Ryan on the new job!! 🙂 And I’m familiar with Ocala b/c I went to UF in Gainesville. The cool thing is that you’ll be pretty close to Gainesville, and there’s a lot of stuff to do there… especially if you enjoy the atmosphere of a college town!!

    Believe me, I can relate to your hesitancy about the move. As I’ve mentioned in my blog, I moved from Sarasota, Florida to WAPAKONETA, Ohio. I mean, really. I’m actually going to post about Wapak tomorrow, because I just get such a kick out of where I’m currently living! 😉 But there’s always positive things about each new place. And I’m sure you’ll make friends quickly!

    Congrats again and best wishes on the move!


  111. Katie says

    Hey isn’t that where the Travolta family lives?? You’ll be running into John and Kelly! =)
    Congrats – what an adventure!! I hope you find the perfect home to rent!!


  112. says

    Firstly congratulations to Ryan for the new job! That’s all so exciting, I can’t wait to see photos of your future home town and I really hope you find the house you’re looking for! You’re such a lovely family, you deserve it 🙂


  113. char @ char on a mission says

    Congrats on the big changes! It’s scary, but exciting. I’d say mostly exciting though, especially if this works with Ryan’s career goals – that’s really important!

    If you have family in Sarasota, does this mean you are familiar with Anna Maria Island at all? I ask because my husband and I were married there. I love Florida – so honestly, I think that anywhere you move will be awesome because Florida is awesome!!!


  114. says

    I’m excited for you! When I moved to my town in Indiana (12 years ago), I threw a fit. Mainly because my parents made the decision for us, but also because I knew it had a lot of cornfields and nearly no restaurants or entertainment. Well, 12 years later, we have a movie theater, an Applebee’s, and even a super Wal-Mart (oh yes, we’re living large 😉 ). Towns and cities grow, and more importantly, you’ll make a home there. I had the opportunity to go to a great school district and meet my boyfriend here…I believe everything (and every move) happens for a reason!


  115. Gigi says

    Congrats Ms. Julie! I will be moving from a small town to a city soon, for college and am freaking out! I bought two more years by attending the branch campus becasue I’m a small town girl, but now I have to move on and am freaking out, so I envy you for getting to move to a small town! 🙂


  116. says

    Hi Julie!

    First of all, let me just say I love your blog! Another thing I must tell you is that I live in Ocala!! It’s definitely different from Orlando!

    I can definitely email you a bunch of “ocala advice” if you want! 🙂


  117. says

    Congratulations on your decision and new community! It sounds like an interesting city, and I’m sure that you and Ryan will quickly make it your home. A rental house with a pool? Sweet!

    RE: the comment ahead of mine, Let me know if you have any questions on horseback riding, I casually ride and next to hiking, my favorite way to explore a wilderness area is on horseback. It’s a challenging workout, and horses are incredible animals to learn from!


  118. Annie Baggs says

    Ahhhh! I live in Ocala! Well I will until August 15 when I move to Tally to go to college at FSU!

    We just got an awesome fro yo place that I LOVE! I always used to read your blog and wish we had one, and now we do 🙂

    let me know if you have any questions about Ocala, born and raised!


  119. says

    Yayy! Congrats to you and Ryan on the big move! 🙂 I actually read the whole thing… but I was speed readin’ until I got to the big news lol. And there’s adantages to “quick packing”, you won’t have to debate over what to keep, sell, or toss! You’ll just go with your gut reaction and probably get rid of a ton :).


  120. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    That is so exciting! Congrats to Ryan for the new job and to both of you for getting out of your apartment! Goodbye lil mice!


  121. says

    Omg Julie that is so awesome for you guys! Congrats to Ryan :). My grandpa actually lives in Ocala! It’s fun to visit there. They live on a small runway and everyone flies their own small planes. I will have to come visit and then I could meet you! My bf will be in Boca Raton starting in August so perhaps I will have to make some side trips when I visit him so I can see my grandpa and maybe you!


  122. says

    Congrats on the changes!!! I hope you and Ryan have a smooth transition. I know once my husband comes home there will be a lot of changes with our living situation.

    Here’s to being Mickey free! 🙂


  123. Essie says

    Congrats! A new adventure is always exciting… Although I selfishly wished that you weren’t moving since I always check out the restaurants that you recommend. My husband and I are new to Orlando and I found your blog very informative about fun places to go in the area! 🙂 I am sure you’ll discover all the fun and yummy places in Ocala in no time!


  124. Joanna says

    totally irrelevant, but did you notice that the pb on the spoon (to the right of the page) has an image of a mouse with a tail? maybe i’m seeing things haha but it’s a coincidence!


  125. says

    Congrats on your new move!! Lucky you with all the stores you have, when I had to make my big move last summer I came to a small town consisting of one major grocery store and a Scooter’s coffee house…although I am only 30 minutes away from the city so it is not all that bad.


  126. Angie Mae says

    Congrats!! This is so awesome… reading the whole post is a MUST on PBF!

    I’m in Mt. Dora but we’ve been planning to do a lot of the hiking trails in the Ocala National Forest. It’s not very far at all!


  127. Kaella says

    I read the whole thing, hee hee! Congratulations!! I moved from Vancouver (millions) to Lethbridge (90 thousand) and couldn’t be happier. I love the small town feel– great to raise a family and no traffic, lol! I first thought– oh no, what about the nearby lake and gym but I read your comment responses and it seems like it has walking trails. Can’t wait to hear more!!! Xx


  128. says

    Yay congratulations! Small towns are always a good change of pace. I grew up in one, went off to school, anddddd I’m back 🙂 I’m a small town girl what can I say! Hey, you’ll save money on gas AND there’s no doubt that you’ll make friends because EVERYONE knows EVERYONE in a small town!


  129. Alexis says

    Congrats! Everything always seems to work out for you guys and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble making friends. 🙂 You always have support here and I doubt anyone skips any part of your posts! Always fun! I know I don’t! Good luck in your new journey….and packing! Ugh. Those movers sound like a great idea!


  130. Heather says

    Congrats on Ryans new job & the move! I for sure thought you were pregnant. I even went back to the fashion page to check the recent pics for a baby bump : ) Congrats on everything again, I’m sure you’ll love your new town!


  131. Shannon says

    Congrats!! I can understand your nervousness about moving from a big city to a small town, but trust me, you can do it! I live in a town of about 6,500 people and love it.

    Even though we’re at least an hour from a mall or department store, one major bonus is that traffic is seriously non-existent. And when you need to get your big city fix you can make a day of it and hit up all your favorite stores, stock up on supplies, and eat out at your favorite restaurants.

    I’m sure it’ll take some adjusting, but I know you’ll make it work 🙂


  132. Danielle says

    I would love to move to a small town only if there is a Starbucks and at least one fast food place I like. Otherwise I may not make it. LOL

    The hubs and I are stuck, sorta. We both agreed that we’d rather be in a small home near family then in a big place away from family. But I do dream of that big place with a yard for my three doxies.

    Congrats to Ryan on the new job. Best of luck on the move. You appear to be a ‘roll with the punches’ kinda family. I’m sure you three will do awesome no matter where you go.


  133. says

    congrats on the move! we drive through there going to disney 2-3 times a year. 🙂 sounds like a great opportunity for Ryan, I hear ya about being fortunate to work from anywhere, we were very blessed in that as well when we moved in march. good luck finding a house!


  134. says

    Congratulations to both of you! Ocala is absolutely beautiful! My parents live in Trinity FL which is just over an hour south of Ocala and I try to visit at least a few times a year. Good luck in the move!


  135. says

    Congrats on moving! I can (sort of) relate. I may be a teenager so I don’t know all of the ins and outs of moving/selling and buying houses but we are moving in 30 days also into our newly renovated house after living in a teeny tiny apartment for 1 year. Thank goodness, it’ll be so nice to move out! Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll find a great place! 😀


  136. says

    Such an exciting post – first I was pumped about the NUTELLA frozen yoghurt – how have I not seen this/eaten my bodyweight in it? Then the even more exciting news about your move and Ryan’s job! Congrats, enjoy 🙂


  137. says

    I totally know what you mean about Ocala! But there are tons of fun outdoor-sy things to do which will be great! And you get a lot of bang for your buck there too 😉

    Change is always a good thing and I’m sure things will work out just fine!


  138. says

    how exciting for you guys! i am in a transitional new job/new home period in my life right now, too, and it is both nerve wracking and exciting! good luck on getting your dream house! 🙂


  139. Debbi says

    Ha ha, I now understand why you weren’t Iinterested in Longwood. Congrats and good luck in Ocals. I’ll miss seeing your Orlando related posts!


  140. Sarah says

    Funny story about Ocala…

    My family friend/third grandpa has lived there forever and we always loved going to visit and go sailing stuff. Since he’s a big boat guy, his wife threw his 70th birthday at the Ocala “Yatch Club”. So hearing the venue of the party, I got dressed up…like cocktail dress, heals, the whole bit. Come to find out, after driving down the dirt road, parking in gravel, and stumbling my way through the grass and sticks in heals, the “Yatch Club” is basically a barn, and everyone was wearing jeans and boots. Ya…fun party though!


  141. dana says

    I’m pretty sure there was a My Super Sweet Sixteen in Ocala…the night club owner’s daughter.

    Congrats on all the fun news! Oh and you’re wedding has been all the rage on pinterest!!


  142. Danielle Spellman @ Squirrel Snackin' says

    That’s awesome that everything is coming together for you and Ryan! I’m about to experience my first big move from Orange County in California to Fort Walton Beach, a small beach and military town in Florida. It’s funny that you mentioned that they have all the stores you like. 🙂 I made sure my area had a TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sephora etc lol But no Nordstrom Rack :/ Favorite stores are very important! Good luck to you guys and I look forward to reading all about your new city when you move there! Always looking for new road trips in FL!


  143. says

    Yeah! that’s so exiting!!! I’m happy for you both and I’m sure you’ll love the place. Living in a small town can have a lot of advantages, not too much noise, people, crowd, more space, you can meet new people, that’ll be fun! And maybe you can have a bigger apartment, or will it be a house? Anyway, congrats to Ryan for his new job, that’s great news.


  144. Elaine says

    Wow, congratulations! What exciting news! I think one of the most amazing parts about it is how impeccable God’s timing is…..the fact that you are now able to work from any location allowed Ryan to pursue a job opportunity that doesn’t also involve you having to find a new job, which I’m sure was a huge relief (especially in a small town)! And it’s also even more affirmation that you becoming a full time blogger is all part of God’s plan and you made the right choice. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your new journey!!!


  145. says

    I’ve been lurking for a while, pretty much reading every day. Now…congratulations!! Way to go Ryan! I’m sure y’all will find the perfect home (including the perfect kitchen!) for your family. You’ll have a good time this weekend and be ready to go at it next week.

    Thank you for what you’re doing, I appreciate your down to earth posts. You make it seem easy – I make smoothie bowls now. 😉

    I’m not even a dog person and I think Sadie is ADORABLE.


  146. says

    Julieeeeee! I’m so extremely happy for you and Ryan! I’m not gonna lie though- me and Orlando are seriously going to miss you like crazy!

    We NEED to get together before you leave! 😀 WOO HOO OCALA! (that was not sarcastic, btw hehe) I don’t have any doubts that you will find new friends supah fast! You’re just too awesome not too!


  147. Carly says

    Your blog is the first and last thing I read everyday! Congrats on the job and the move to come! My boyfriend and I are doing the same thing with looking for a house/apartment. SO much to look at! I’m actually a little over an hour away from you in Orange City, only about 30 min from Orlando though. Good Luck with the home search, move and trip to chicago! I’m very excited to see what you end up doing with your hair for the wedding, being a hair stylist I get excited about that sort of stuff 🙂 Congrats again!!


  148. Jami Youngmann says

    I live about 15 minutes South of Ocala! I come up to go shopping there all the time and I do all of Ocala Road Runners races! You are going to love it here!


  149. says

    OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! Ocala is SO gorgeous–one of my favorite places on earth with all those live oaks! AHHH, and there’s BEAUTIFUL horses EVERYWHERE! Whenever we drive through to see my aunt down in Naples, I always make sure we stop overnight just so I can get my yearly dose of that wonderful place… I would give anything to be you and move to the horse capital of the world!! YOU ARE SO LUCKYYYYYY!!!


  150. says

    That is awesome news! What a great new adventure for you guys. Ocala is so up and coming right now but still a sleepy little town. Good luck with your move. Congratulations to Ryan!


  151. Alison says

    I moved to a new city a couple years ago so my husband could go back to school. I know the feeling of not having friends near by… I made do by joining a couple of groups related to things I like (running and reading) but I am sure you will find a bunch… In no time you will have tone of new friends…. good luck with the move


  152. Jodi says

    OMG I live in Ocala!!! I hate to say it but it is boorrrinnnngggg for younger folks! I hope you like it more than I do.


  153. Shayla @ The Good Life says

    Wow!! Congrats to Ryan on the new job and you both on the move!! What a fun and exciting new adventure! I wish I lived in Ocala so we could be best buds and I could work for you in your blogging office and make smoothies all day….ahhh a girl can only dream 🙂

    Can’t wait to follow you both along in this journey, good luck!


  154. says

    So, i may be a few days late to read this… but i am a detailed oriented kind-of-gal and not only did I backtrack to get to this post, but I even read the whole thing! And squeeee I can’t express how excited I am for y’all and this new chapter in your lives!!!

    I love that you aren’t letting anything hold you guys back… i bet you’re going to love the small-town feel! I’ve driven thru Ocala many-a-time on my way from NC to my mom’s house in South FL. So if you haven’t made any friends come December time, I could make a pitstop and be your friend for a few hours and Sadie and Happy could play!

    So excited for you guys, Julie!


  155. says

    I’m really happy for you both 🙂 congratulations! It’s definately a big decision but it seems full of exciting prospects for you both. Good luck with the dream house, fingers crossed it all works out. I’m renting an a small ground floor appartment at the moment and I cant wait to rent a house next year as I really want a bigger kitchen, garden and most of all a puppy! YAY!


  156. Jamie says

    I’ve lived in Ocala all of my 27 years. It’s definitely interesting. The people watching is fab! Avoid Marion Oaks, and the end of the Shores area, unless you enjoy crime. Compass is probably going to be your only choice for a gym. There are a ton of natural springs around. There is a dog park by Jervey Gant, which is a park/sports complex area. Most of any decent nightlife/restaurants will be downtown. The Villages, a retirement community about 30 min south, is actually a fun place to go. They have a town square called Lake Sumter Landing that has a lot of good restaurants/bars. Ocala will be an experience, but I have seen Kelly Preston at Target. Good Luck!


  157. Katy @ RunKatyRun says

    Congrats on Ryan’s new job! It’s too bad that it’s in Ocala though and not Tampa-I moved here within the last year with my Fiance (also named Ryan) and I’m getting seriously desperate for new friends! lol =o)


  158. Mary says

    That’s so exciting! Although we live in TN, my family has a house in Tavares, FL, which is very near Ocala. We always drive through on our way there. It seems like a nice place to live!


  159. says

    Ah, that is so great Julie! I am sure you two will totally take Ocala by the .. peanut butter balls and will be very happy there! My boyfriend and I are actually making the big move from Boston to Fort Lauderdale in about 2 years and we are already scoping out different areas in So Florida! Moving is fun.. scary…but fun!


  160. AshleyC says

    congratulations! I know this is a late post, but I just got back from vacation and I’m catching up on my feeds. I feel ya on the moving and finding new friends thing. We’re moving to Gainesville, FL, from PA, because my husband was transferred, and I have no idea what we’re getting ourselves into! We’ve never been there before!


  161. Christy says

    Congrats on the move! I am about 45min E of Ocala in Ormond Beach. They have one of the best gymnastics place there called the Balcony. My daughter competed there and it was beautiful. Don’t know much else other than Silver Springs.

    But if you need a beach buddy let me know! 🙂


  162. says

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  163. says

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  164. Kaley says

    Hi Julie,
    I know this blog post was published in 2011 but my husband and I might be moving to Ocala from Michigan and I was wondering what area you lived in exactly…we’ve been searching online through Zillow.com trying to get a good deal on houses but trying to avoid the sketchier areas is proving to be a little tough. Zip code 34474 Ocala, Fl seems pretty sweet though. Any input would be much appreciated! (Love your blog btw!)



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