Race for the Cure 2011

We’re not even halfway through Saturday and our time in St. Pete has been a blast!

Last night we celebrated Ryan’s birthday. He is turning 28 on Wednesday, so my family took advantage of our visit this weekend and surprised him with a special dinner (crab cakes!), homemade marble cake and presents.

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I told my mom she did a great job of finding masculine birthday wrapping paper. I’ve been known to give Ryan birthday presents in pink,floral wrapping paper… or Christmas paper. Hey, gifts are gifts, right!?

The cake was the best part of the meal and I went back for seconds of cake and ice cream. Perfect fuel for the night before a big race!

Race for the Cure 10K St. Petersburg

A 6 a.m. wake up call had everyone awake and bustling around before the sun came up. Ryan, my sister and I registered to run the Race for the Cure 10K in St. Pete in honor of my mom and her battle with breast cancer.

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My mom wore a special bright pink survivor shirt to the race and participated in the survivor walk with around 100 other breast cancer survivors.

The weather was surprisingly cool and absolutely perfect for a race. It was the coolest morning of the season so far and that definitely helped light a fire in the runners.

The atmosphere of the race was so energetic, but also very emotional with many people running in memory of loved ones who passed away from breast cancer and others running for those who are currently fighting the disease or been through the intense treatment.

This race was a big deal to my family because it fell on the exact day that my mom had a double mastectomy three years ago. I remember running in the Race for the Cure three years ago when she was first diagnosed and being so incredibly inspired by all of the survivors at the race. They gave me hope that my mom could and would come out on top even though her cancer was in an aggressive stage.

Today’s race was also a big deal for my sister because she set a personal goal to train for the race and run the entire 10K without stopping – her longest distance to date!

race for the cure 20 019

Leslie was quite nervous for the race but finished incredibly strong and right around 66 minutes. That is a seriously AMAZING time! I am so incredibly proud of her.

I really enjoyed the race course except for one terribly long straightaway that was an out-and-back… basically one mile out and one mile back. It seemed to go on forever, but it also gave me a chance to look for Leslie and Ryan and see them running along as well! (Ryan ran the first three miles with me before taking off and running like a mad man for the final 3.2 miles.)

I was actually quite surprised with my race time when I ran through the finish line!

race for the cure 20 023

Sub-nine minute miles, baby! My personal goal was simply to finish the 6.2 miles in under 60 minutes, so I was very pleased with my time.

race for the cure 20 020

race for the cure 20 017

After the race we took some time to walk around and take advantage of the free food (salted bagels = yum!) and giveaways.

We got in the car to head back home but waited for quite a while to get out of our parking garage since there were still a ton of people walking and others trying to leave as well.

race for the cure 20 024

Once we finally got on the road, we made a pit stop for pumpkin spice Frappuccinos before making our way home.

race for the cure 20 026

They tasted even more “pumpkiny” than I remember from last year, which is a very good thing!

Time to shower. We have a birthday BBQ to attend in a little bit.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


  1. Blair says

    Congrats another yet another super-successful race Julie! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend. PS: Out of curiosity, what was Ryan’s time?


  2. Jaclyn @ Realhealthwife says

    Great race recap and congrats on your time! But even more importantly, I’m so happy your mom is a survivor, I LOVED her shirt!!! What an inspiration 🙂


  3. Rachelle says

    Congrats to you and your sister on your time! Good job! I love running the Race for the Cure in honor of my Grandmother, so inspiring! The crab cakes look really good! yum!


  4. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    Woohoo!!! Congrats to all 3 of you on finishing! Race for the Cure series are incredible. I participated in one last year and was overwhelmed and inspired by all the participants running for such a great cause.


  5. says

    Congrats on your race! I ran a race this morning too! It was an 8K..which, according to my sister’s Garmin, ended up being about 4.8 miles. I finished in 48 minutes, and I was happy with the time, considering I don’t usually run long distances!


  6. says

    Congrats to you all on the race, and your mom for beating breast cancer!
    I’m doing a 5k run for the cure tomorrow in Ottawa (apparently we could have snow-rain showers – eek!

    Today I read a couple articles in my local paper about the Pink Ribbon campaign and the overuse of the ribbon and the commodification of the campaign to end breast cancer. I would love to know what you and your family think about it. I have my own personal opinions but having not been personally affected by breast cancer, I would appreciate the perspective of someone who has.




  7. Rachel says

    So happy for your mom, family, and other survivors. Praying for the others fighting it. Enjoy the rest of your family weekend and Happy Birthday to Ryan!


  8. Vicky says

    So inspirational… I hope to one day run/walk in this race. And the weather was perfect this morning…well still is too! Finally getting some cooler weather here in Florida!!


  9. says

    Happy belated birthday Ryan!

    Congratulations on a great race! Sub-nine minute miles? That’s insanely fast! Great job!!

    I’m so glad the weather was nice and that you enjoyed yourself..the most important part!!

    And pumpkin frappuccinos afterwards? Perfect!

    PS did you know that dairy queen now has PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARDS? Yummmmmo.


  10. says

    Congrats on such a great race! You and Ryan really know how to start a weekend off right — supporting a cause and doing something you love. Time to refuel with some… Halloween candy!? That’s on my agenda for my post-run treat 🙂


  11. says

    Oh wow what a great time you guys are having, indeed! 🙂 Greg job on that race, and thanks for sharing about your mom! Amazing that she’s so strong.
    Ps: if the pumpkin coffees are more pumpkiny then I’m so much more excited to try them this fall!


  12. says

    I cracked up at the wrapping paper comment! My mom would always wrap our family’s birthday presents in Christmas paper and I never found it weird to do the same for my little friends’ birthdays…

    Until at one 8th birthday party I went to with a big Frosty-the-Snowman wrapped present, and she gave me the stinkeye!

    Hey, a present is a present!


  13. Erin says

    Give your mom a hug! I am a survivor as well, diagnosed 10/08 at the age of 34. That race sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe next year! I usually attend the American Cancer Society’s 5K walk in Tampa which I highly recommend.


    • says

      that’s the same year my mom was diagnosed. big hugs your way from my family as well. i was so surprised to see so many young survivors in their 30s at the walk. no one is immune and it’s so important to be cautious and aware.


  14. Nathan Miller says

    Very hip and congrats to you kids for finishing so strong! My better half and myself run the “Race for the Cure” here in downtown Indianapolis every spring and enjoy it at as well!
    PS on the wrapping paper, some of my relatives, just for kicks forget wrapping paper and just use newspaper as wrapping paper and just say, hey, its whats inside that matters!


  15. says

    How awesome – great job on the 10k! My sister, stepmom, and I participate in the Race for the Cure ever year in honor of my stepmom. She survived breast cancer several years ago, and has been cancer free ever since. The Race for the Cure in AZ is in a couple weeks, and I’m not able to make it down there this year which I’m really bummed about. I love seeing all the support and emotions going on – such an awesome race.


  16. Hilary says

    Julie I was the random girl who yelled
    I love your blog today! I saw you a bunch of times and I wanted to
    Come talk to you but I didn’t want to
    Interrupt your time with your family or seem like A Creep ahah. It was so cool
    To see you in person since I read every day and I feel like I kind of know you! Te weather was perfect this morning and today was the longest race I have ever run too. Only thing that would have
    Made it better is if that little celeb Sadie was there! Hope you have a great weekend with your family!


    • says

      hilary! i am so glad you screamed hello! 🙂 you made me (and my mom!) smile! you were doing so great in the race and congrats on achieving your personal distance record. that’s awesome! i think you were running fairly close to my sister. i wish we could’ve found each other and talked a bit once you were finished. maybe next year’s race for the cure!? 🙂


  17. says

    Congrats on your race! And congrats to your sister for her first 10k!
    I’m doing my first 10k this month and am sure that I’ll have to take walk breaks, but I’m okay with that!
    How wonderful that you guys were able to do the walk/run as a family. It makes me feel so lucky that I have such a close family, as do you.


  18. says

    Wonderful job to all of you guys! 🙂 I was supposed to be participating in a Susan Komen 5k today but I have been struggling with some serious hip pain so I decided to listen to my body and skip it. At least I know the money I paid to race is going to a wonderful cause!!


  19. Dawn @ Blonde on a Mission says

    I can’t believe I never thought of a pumpkin spice frap!! That sounds awesome.
    And congrats on your great running time! What an incredible cause to run for. Your mom is inspirational 🙂


  20. says

    Sounds like such a great weekend so far. Congrats on the race! That is so heart warming to hear that your mom walked it and that you guys ran for her. Such a great cause! Glad she is better 🙂


  21. says

    First of all, that cake looks amazing! I want a piece ;). And second- awesome job on the race!! I think it is so awesome that you all participated in the event…and that your mom is cancer free! Hopefully my grandma will be breast cancer free someday too!


  22. says

    Congrats to your mom, you and your sister! Race for the Cure was my first 10K ever last year and I ran it again last weekend here in Chicago and their 5K in Kansas City this August! It’s one of my favorite races and I hope to run it every year, every one has such a great spirit!


  23. says

    Congrats on your race!! I also ran today for cancer awareness, they had a 5k in the area. I was so pumped with my time of 24:36, my goal was to make it under 26 minutes. I am envious of the cake you guys had for Ryan, looks so yummy!! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


  24. says

    A whole family of runners! Way to go everyone haha 🙂 They had a race for the cure here in Houston as well today I don’t know why I didn’t sign up for it lol. I’m just silly. I definitely wish I had/should have.


  25. Katie says

    I’m so happy that your mom beat cancer! My dad just beat prostate cancer (an aggressive stage as well) and is currently going through hormone treatment and radiation to ensure that it indeed is gone and out of our lives. 🙂 When cancer really hits home, it can make you re-evaluate what’s important to you in life. 🙂 xoxo


  26. says

    My family and I did Race for the Cure in Kansas City this summer and it was just as amazing! It was my husband’s first race, and my mom who is also a survivor (go survivor moms!) walked the entire 5k with my sister and her husband! It was an amazing event…very inspiring and touching!
    And you and your sister did awesome!!!


  27. char @ char on a mission says

    Great job with the run and what a great cause to be running for!!! And AWESOME work for your mom getting in on it too…true survivor!


  28. says

    What a great race recap!! Your mom is such a fighter and you all look so happy to running for her. 🙂

    And congrats on some awesome times!! 66 minutes is great for a first time 10k!


  29. eliza@zestyappetite says

    Your family is so cute! I would be very interested in running the race for the cure at a location near me. Congrats to your sister too, I’ve only done 6 miles and it is really challenging! Yummmy crabcakes remind me of my beloved maryland


  30. Rose says

    Congrats to you guys for completing the race! 🙂

    By the way, my eldest sister is turning 28 on Wednesday too! What a coincidence 😛


  31. says

    That’s such a great way to start the weekend! Congrats on a seriously amazing race time. I hope I can run sub-9 min miles someday. Right now I’m working on hitting a sub-10 pace. Any tricks on how to increase your speed?


    • says

      i would say to try to pick up the pace of your runs a bit at the last minute of every mile that you run… and to keep running and training! my speed increases VERY slowly after lots of running. great weather (as in not 90 degrees!) really helps a TON!


  32. says

    Congrats to all 4 you, an achievement for each of you! I must say- I’ve heard of pasta being a perfect meal to eat the night before a race but I think I prefer your way! Marble cake= the next fuel of champions?


  33. says

    It must have been such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many survivors! I know I could not even handle my emotions when I did the 3-Day. Tippin’ my hat to all four of you! Great job! (Yes, I said tippin’ my hat. Not sure who I am..)


  34. says

    Looks like your 1/2 marathon training is paying off! I love the Race for the Cure events, seeing all of the survivors is so moving. It really takes running to a much deeper place.


  35. beth says

    congrats to both you and leslie! for her first 10k, that’s a fabulous time! and you did so great as well! i’m jealous! i’m still trying to do a 10k under 60 minute….60 minutes and 50-something seconds is my pr right now. then again….i hope next time i train for a marathon i can finish it in under 5 hours….. 5 hours and 4 minutes is my best. i’m just a not a fast runner and i don’t train for pace really. i just go run.


  36. says

    Aw, love this! I accidentally fell in love with running because I set a goal to run the Komen 5K in honor of my Mom’s 10th year anniversary as a survivor. I did and I’ve been running ever since.

    It is always a very emotional race for me. So happy that you get to celebrate this with your Mom. And way to go to your sister on her PDR!


  37. says

    Love everything about this post, Julie. It’s so wonderful that you guys celebrate your mother’s victory over cancer with something like this.

    And kudos to Leslie! I can’t wait to read her guest post! 🙂


  38. Jenna says

    Congratulations on such a great run and happy birthday ryan! Those crab cakes look amazing!

    This post totally brought me to tears. My husband ran this race in our town a month ago in honor of my mom. Shes a three time cancer survivor, two of which were breast cancer. She didn’t decide to sign up but instead went to watch him. He was awesome…. 9th runner overall. The whole event was emotional for me, considering how its affected our family twice. It was awesome to see the turn out. My two sisters and I have decided to all go donate hair together (october 15th!!) in honor of our mom. I’m so nervous and excited. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll cry ha.


  39. Linda Kiser says

    I am a 8 year survivor. My family and I ran in the Charlotte, NC Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure today. It is so awesome. I love when we let all the balloons go. Did you know that since Susan G. Komen started in 1982 that the survival rate went from 67% to 98%! I love this organization.


  40. Sian says

    Ah well done all! My mum did Race for Life in the UK which is similar run/walk for cancer as my nan had cervical cancer in her 70’s (shes still going & nearly 90!). I have really awful fitness at the moment, I’ve had some health issues and havent been working out much but I really want to get to a good fitness level. I have never actually tried running (I usually do aerobics or some danced based workout) but I really want to try :o) – maybe one day I’ll even do a 10k!


  41. says

    Congratulations on your 10k!!!
    And happy bday to Ryan, the party must have been really nice! Just a question, do you recommend any crab cake recipe? I’d love to try, I’ve never tasted it before and it looks pretty good!


  42. says

    Awesome job on the 10k! I actually teared up a little reading your recap because 3 years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she survived but it was a tough time (as I’m sure you know) on my whole family.

    I would love to do a Race for the Cure at some point with my family. Congrats again on the race!


  43. Marijke says

    Congratulations on smashing your goal Julie! It’s so nice that you participated in the event with Ryan, your sister and your mum! We have similar events in the UK but they’re called “Race for Life” and they are almost always strictly for women- no men allowed! It’s a strange set-up!


  44. says

    I never used to get emotional about the race for the cure because I was never affected by breast cancer. Then my stepfather died of it. (Yes, men can get it, too!) I know the next time I run one of these races I’m going to be a wreck (because I got emotional just reading this). I’m so glad your mother is a survivor and thanks for supporting a cause that is near to both of our hearts.


    • says

      i saw a man at the race yesterday that was a survivor and he served as such a great reminder that men, too, are affected. i’m so sorry about the loss of your stepfather and i’m sure that your experience at the next race for the cure that you participate in will be both moving and emotional… and full of love.


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