No ‘Pod, No Problem

When we awoke around 6:45 a.m., Ryan rolled over in bed and grabbed his phone to check the weather.

“Fifty five degrees!” he said.

Woo! Finally some cool running weather!

Ryan, Sadie and I headed out to tackle the 11-mile run on our half marathon training plan a little after 7 a.m.

11 mile run 007

When I went to select a workout playlist for our run, about three words of a Bob Seger song came out before my iPod went dead. 

I am the kind of runner who relies greatly on music to keep me motivated and my feet trucking along. I didn’t want to wait for my iPod to charge, so I threw it in our mailbox and we took off.

Oddly enough, from a mental standpoint, this was the best I’ve felt on a long run. I’m sure the cooler temperatures had a lot to do with that, but I also enjoyed the rhythm of our breathing and footsteps and chatted a lot with Ryan.

That boy helps put everything into perspective like no one else can and I am so glad he’s training for this race with me.

During our run, I ate Gu Chomps at miles 4.5 and 7.5 and they gave me the extra boost I needed to power through the remainder of our run.

gu chomps

Though our average pace per mile was slower that our other long runs, when we finished, I felt like I could’ve kept going and completed a full half marathon without hesitation this week. It was a great feeling!


For some reason I wasn’t hungry at all after our run this morning. My appetite was off yesterday as well and I’m still waiting for it to come back with a bang.

Since I obviously knew I needed to eat something, I ate a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter while making myself an egg sandwich.

11 mile run 013

I used dippy eggs in the sandwich, which was a good idea… in theory.

It was quite messy to eat!

11 mile run 015

But yolk-soaked bites make the mess totally worth it.

11 mile run 018

Plus, Sadie loves licking the plate after I eat dippy eggs about 5,000 times more than when I just eat scrambled or fried eggs. More delicious licks!

11 mile run 016

And now I must go find something to wear for today’s baby shower!

Hope you guys have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Smile 

P.S. Ryan has a question for you runners out there. Have any of you tried running in those toe socks (not shoes)?

toe socks running

He’s very interested in them but doesn’t want to buy a pair without hearing about someone’s first-hand experience. Thanks in advance for your input!


  1. Lexie @ This Aussie Eats says

    It was a cool 42F here in CO for my run this morning, but I felt the best I have in a long time (tingling fingers and all). I was doing a shorter distance but working on my speed and felt like I could keep going too! I was kinda disappointed when I reached the corner of my street and realized I was already home!


  2. says

    I’m glad your run went well without music! It can be such a mind game but sometimes when I shut my iPod off it really helps me…especially during a race! I don’t have toe sock advice but have heard great things from friends who have problems with blisters in between their toes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. says

    Hahah Julie we’re on the same week of our training schedule! 😉 We did 11 miles, too … but it was so chilly out up here in Ohio, that we decided to do it on the treadmill!! 11 miles on a treadmill was a bit much, but I survived! 😉

    Congrats on your run! Have a great weekend!


  4. says

    Sounds like a great run!

    I have the injini toe socks and love them, but then I like toe socks in general, and use Vibrams for shorter runs. My feet get blisters if I think too hard about them and the toe socks really helps, so I use them in normal shoes too. They will be out for 20 miles tomorrow.

    I think I have the standard version and they work fine for me here (London, UK), however I think they might be a little too thick for Florida. They certainly would have been a no go in Maltese summer. If they have a lightweight version that might be a good idea.


  5. says

    I really like having my iPod for runs so when I find it’s dead when I try to turn it on I cry a little. Okay, so maybe I don’t cry but it’s a bummer! I do end up liking the quiet time though and I feel like I have a clear mind after my run. So maybe it’s a good thing not to have music for every run. Good luck with the rest of your half training! 🙂


  6. says

    Wow, great job on the run to all 3 of you this morning! I haven’t tried those socks yet, but I used to have regular toe socks (as in not the kind you run in, just regular socks when toe socks were ‘cool’ – and looking back, I’m not sure why they ever were!) They certainly took a lot of getting used to at first. Once he gets his shoes on, I imagine they’d probably feel the same as regular socks. Is there supposed to be some benefit to running in them AND shoes? I know Vibrams are based on the science behind minimalist running, but I’m not sure these wouldn’t make a huge difference if you had shoes on as well.


  7. Liz says

    I have those toe socks and i don’t do long runs in anything else. I get blisters from my toes rubbing against each other (weird i know) and those totally prevent that.


  8. says

    That dippy egg bagel sandwich looks so yummy! Too bad I already ate breakfast, otherwise I would’ve definitely duplicated your meal. Maybe for lunch? 😉

    Strong work on your run! Sometimes it’s nice to go without music. I just like to take everything in and enjoy it.


  9. Rachel says

    i LOVE the injini socks! that’s all i wear with my running shoes. i do the avon walks and they have prevented me from getting blisters. i do still end up getting blisters on my baby toes but it’s not because of the socks, it’s because of the way my toes naturally overlay.

    i personally prefer the micro ones. it does take a little while to get used to them but now i don’t even notice them. a lot of stores are starting to carry them so you shouldn’t have to order them online. totally worth the $12!!


  10. Laura@ Backstage Balance says

    Congrats on the run! I love I when long runs go well and feel comfortable. And this is silly but I love mid-run fueling… It’s fun to bring ‘snacks’ and the honey stinger chews I like taste like candy!
    My boyfriend has a pair of those socks, so do his Dad and brother in law. They like them for distance running, but make sure that Ryan has enough time to break them in before the half.


  11. Anna S. says

    I really dislike running without an ipod. I’ve started running with my iPhone, which I am much better about charging. Plus, since I run alone it is a safety thing. Awesome run though!

    I have a friend who has those socks, and he really liked them. I’ve never tried them though.


  12. says

    So far I’ve had pretty good luck with my injinji socks. I bought them in the summer because I was suddenly getting blisters during 3+ mile runs. I haven’t had any blisters since. They’re surprisingly light and don’t feel restrictive at all. I’m actually considering purchasing a pair for winter. Hope Ryan likes them if he gives them a shot!


  13. Lauren says

    I need an ipod for long runs! I ran a half last spring, and right before the gun went off, the director said absolutely NO ipods and threatened to remove us from the course if he saw us with them. It was such a shock to hear right before running because I relied on it for every long run before. The only time I don’t run with an ipod is on trails because it’s so peaceful in woods trails.


  14. Brittany says

    Nice run this morning, Julie (and Ryan)! Way to go with the flow about your iPod, too. I usually run without music because then on the days I really need the boost, the effect of the music is much greater. Maybe that’s weird, but I think it works!


  15. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says

    Ahhhh when I go for a run I NEED an iPod. It pumps me up and keeps me motivated to keep going. I think it’s awesome that you kept trucking along without musical motivation 😉


  16. Mallory @ It's Only Life, After All says

    the thought of running in toe socks makes my feet hurt. never tried them and dont think i will! nice job on the run, julie! 😀


  17. Ann says

    I have used Injinji socks for two years now, and they basically cured my blister problem! They stay in place better than other socks too. Definitely try them.


  18. Angie says

    I got them as a gift and actually liked them. It took some time for me to get to used to having them on. I’ve never gotten blisters, more dead toenails, but I guess it’s good to prevent them!


  19. Rosa - Fitness, Food, Fulfilled says

    That sandwich looks so good. I love using the yolk as a dipping sauce. It’s like it has its own au jous.

    I’ve seen those socks, but I thought people used them instead of regular ones to keep their toes from blistering. I didn’t know you could run in just the socks.


  20. says

    Cely actually just wrote about those socks on Running off the Reese’s… & I believe she said she wore them for her marathon training & did not get any blisters. Also, while I’m commenting I wanted to tell you that thanks to you, I’ve been eating egg/jam/cheese sandwiches all week & they are my new favorite thing.


  21. says

    I swear dogs have a thing for eggs. The second one hits the pan when I’m cooking them, Ginger comes trotting into the kitchen and doesn’t leave until clean up time. I’m pretty sure the only thing going through her head is “Eggs, eggs, eggs, must get some eggs!”


  22. says

    I want to try out toe socks! I’ve been getting blisters between my toes…so you’ll need to summarize all your comment responses so I get a little insight too if these work or not. I hope so because my little toes are so blistered!


  23. says

    I had a dippy egg bagelwich this morning too!! I am the same way with running, but it is nice that you have Ryan with you when that happens!!!
    Ahh toe socks for running?! they look so intriguing!! And remind me of the awkward ones I wore in middle school hahaha


  24. says

    Well done on the run…not only for completing 11 miles but for also doing so without music! I also rely heavily on music as motivation during my runs, I think seeing my ipod battery die at the start of my run would have made me cry!


  25. Kristen says

    It’s funny, I’ve always been the same way about music while running- I used to think it was a mental thing. Like, if I couldn’t hear myself huffing and puffing, I wouldn’t know I was tired. Then I participated in a race where ipods weren’t allowed and I did MUCH better than I ever had before.

    I think when I hear the beat of a song, I try to keep up with that tempo, even if it’s too fast for me- so I get tired more quickly. Without the music, I just rely on my own body to keep me at a good pace.

    Great job on the run! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  26. says

    I’ve never used them but I have two friends that bought them for the same reason and said they really help with the blisters…until you get over 30 miles. For the non-crazy among us who run less than 30 mile runs, they should be good 😉


  27. says

    Cool weather seriously makes a HUGE different!! You are a beast for finishing that run without music. I would probably die. Haha! Dippy eggs make egg sandwiches much better. Have fun at the shower!


  28. Kami says

    I have several pairs of toe socks (injinji) and wear them on all my runs. For some reason this past summer I had problems with blisters between my toes, and I don’t have that problem anymore. So I’d recommend toe socks if blisters are a problem, but I don’t think they really make much of a difference otherwise.


  29. says

    I always love dippy eggs too but they definitely are really messy to eat. My sister’s dog LOVES licking my dippy egg plate too though, haha.

    I’ve never tried those socks but I’m definitely curious to see what others day!


  30. says

    Congrats on the run! I’ve only run without music a couple of times, and it is so very mental for me.. I normally rely heavily on music as well, because even though I love to run, I still need something to keep the time ticking/distract me.


  31. jennifer says

    I have wanted to try chomps on my long runs for awhile now. Do you need to drink some water after eating them? Just wondering because I can’t really handle eating and drinking near the same time while running.


  32. Jessica Corbin says

    I wear those socks a lot of the time when I run and love them. I usually get blisters on a couple toes on my left foot for some reason, but since wearing these, it prevents that completely. My toes are close together than they should be so I have been trying to find something that works and these socks do it!!!! Its a little weird feeling at first, but you get used to it and so worth it.


  33. Haley @ Fit, Young, and Fabulous says

    That dippy egg sandwich looks FABULOUS! Messy or not, MMmmmm!! I am LOVING the cooler weather as well!! Fall is finally here! (:


  34. says

    That’s so nice that you guys are able to run together! How fun. None of my animals are that active. I wish they were, though!
    I always find it weird when I end up not being hungry after my workouts. But, that usually changes after I’ve started eating!


  35. veronica says

    I totally suggest buying injinji socks… they are great for blisters and you can use them in summer or winter… I love them when I run . I’m a triathlete and hate not be able to use them because of timing…


  36. says

    I have a pair of them. I think it depends on your foot width and the shoe. I just ran a full in normal socks (not toe socks) and didnt end up with any blisters.

    I sometimes feel like my toes are cramped with the toe socks on…so make sure the toe box on the shoe is wide enough. I would imagine that if blisters are a problem, they will help.

    Be prepared to play with them before race day-they take a little getting use to!


  37. allisons! says

    Ryan should try swiftwick socks. I wear them during all my runs and I have not gotten a single blister since I started wearing them.


  38. says

    I love Injinji socks, but WITH shoes. I wear them with my Vff’s. I dont think they would last without shoes. They are knd of flimsy, and at their price point, I personally wouldnt do it. If he wants the barefoot experience, why not try water shoes or regular socks, no shoes? Just my 2cents.


  39. Leslie says

    My friend Morgan’s fiance runs in those toe shoes and loves it. I don’t know about the socks, but I have heard that those shoes are actually better for you than regular shoes, if you’re not going a long distance. I don’t know how true that is though :).


  40. says

    Injinji’s are my husband’s ONLY running sock.

    I used to wear ONLY them and then discovered Wright socks which are dual layered. I prefer Wright’s over Injinji but prefer Injinji over everything else

    I have NEVER gotten a blister wearing either of these two sock brands.

    I wear them with my regular running shoes – not my VFF


  41. Katy says


    I’ve read before that you don’t eat during a workout because it causes you to cramp. What about during your half marathon training for runs that lasted longer than an hour? I, like you, am a earlier morning exerciser and always eat when I return from my workout. Usually it is no problem. However, last week I had a training run of 6 miles, and ran for an hour and 8 minutes. Once I hit the hour mark, my energy levels felt depleted. However, I also tend to cramp if I eat before I work out. What do you suggest?




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