Our Wedding: What I Would’ve Done if Pinterest Existed

It’s no secret that I am in love with Pinterest. The website has led me to some wonderful recipes, festive food creations, craft projects and super simple organization ideas that I’ve already implemented numerous times.

Though I’m so happy Ryan and I were married last year, our wedding planning took place in the days before Pinterest. I feel like I missed out on a gold mine of ideas!

In the spirit of our upcoming anniversary, I figured I’d share some wedding photos from Pinterest in a montage we’ll call "Our Wedding: What I Would’ve Done if Pinterest Existed."

(Note #1: Pinterest started in March 2010, but I feel like it really exploded in 2011, so it technically did exist for a few months before our wedding, but I wasn’t aware of its glory. Note #2: I loved everything about our wedding and wouldn’t actually change a thing. These are just ideas I fell in love with and would’ve taken into consideration. Note #3: Do any of you pronounce “Pinterest” like “Pintrest?” I can’t be the only one!)


Perfectly peach wedding bouquet:

wedding flowers

Soft pink and white bouquet:

beautiful boquet


Cute and funny RSVP cards:



Pretty pearl wedding cake:

pearl wedding cake

More pearls:

wedding cake

Paisley cake:paisley cake


Unbelievably romantic dress:


Delicate dress:

delicate wedding dress


Badgley Mischka (Randee):
wedding shoes

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Long sleeved lace (if it wasn’t so stinkin’ short!):

rehearsal dinner dress


Love the “un-done” side bun:

beautiful wedding hair

Pulled back with volume:

long hair

Adorable Groom Pictures

adorable wedding picture

Cutest groom picture ever:

so sweet

In case you’re hoping for more details about the images, the sources of the pictures that had sources attributed to them on Pinterest are linked above each picture.

P.S. No normal lunch post today. I ate three bowls of cereal for lunch and figured these wedding pictures were about 10,000 times more beautiful.


  1. says

    I basically have my whole wedding planned out thanks to Pinterest. My boyfriend and I agreed that we both want a fall wedding so I went to town pinning everything and anything fall wedding related. A girl has to be ready when he pops the question, right? 😉


    • Keri says

      Oh yes, it definitely is.

      It is getting up there with Facebook stalkerness… “I saw that on so and so’s Facebook!” It is now, “Ohh I totally pinned/repinned that!” Or, “Oh yeah! I saw that on Pinterest!”

      Too funny!


  2. Keri says

    This is such a funny post, because literally LAST NIGHT a married friend of mine said this exact.same.thing. Well, that she would not have spent as much money that she would have done more D.I.Y. stuff.

    I also had a friend said, “I do not know why there is a need for Wedding Planners anymore with Pinterest around.”

    However, there is SUCH CUTE STUFF, that when I repin I sometimes, selfishly, think… “Oh no, I do not want any of my friends to see I repinned this now, because 1. they may steal it for their “One Day in the Future” wedding haha or 2. I do not want them to see this BEFORE I use it as a gift idea.

    I am clearly overally obsessed with Pinterest. This girl lacks creativity–it makes me feel like I can pretend that I am!


  3. Brenna says

    I got engaged in July, and a friend of mine told me to look at pinterest for ideas and inspiration. I pretty much only have wedding boards on my pinterest, but I figure who needs a wedding planner when you can practically do it yoursel on pinterest!? The thing I’ve found most helpful is looking at neat and unique wedding photos that I can give to our photographer so they have some ideas of the kinds of pictures we want. I’m addicted!!!


  4. says

    LOVE the Badgley Mischka shoes! I’ve started using Pinterest for wedding planning too… mind you, it’s a long way off because I’m currently very single!! But I love gathering up the ideas. That lace dress.. OMG, gorgeous!! 🙂


  5. Sammy Jo says

    That groom picture KILLS me. I always browse pinterest (and pronounce it the same way you do) for wedding stuff, but I’m not engaged!


  6. Marta says

    Omgosh it’s totally Pintrest! is there even another way to pronounce? You found some great shots. Pinterest has been a great way to catalogue things for my wedding – I pulled it up for my florist, my planner, my cake guy… It’s excellent!


  7. says

    I love looking at wedding photos. It’s going to be awhile for me, but it’s nice to look in the meantime! I feel like Pinterest is almost giving me unrealistic expectations for my future wedding because I doubt I’ll be able to afford all of the fantastic/beautiful/EXPENSIVE ideas I find on there. *sigh*


  8. Jen G. says

    I love Pinterest! And I swear everytime I’m on, someone else has repinned your pre-wedding picture. I think you’re doing your fair share to inspire other brides-to-be 😉


  9. Tracy says

    A lot of the links aren’t working for me (I can’t seem to find the actual picture for the fist pump groom and rsvp cards) but I just pinned them from here. So cute!


  10. Christina says

    I’m planning my wedding right now, and I’ve seriously said to myself about a million times – how did anyone ever plan a wedding before Pinterest? And Etsy!


  11. says

    I definitely say “Pintrest” too! BTW… I definitely just recognized one of YOUR wedding pictures floating around in the Pinterest Wedding & Events category w/ a bunch of people repinning. You’re a pinterest celeb!


  12. says

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures! I’m in the process of planning my wedding now and I’m not a member of pintrest. I actually don’t even really know how it looks. After seeing these pictures though, I think I’m going to need to join! I love all things wedding 🙂


  13. says

    I just got married 3 weeks ago, and couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this post! Between my sister and I, my whole wedding was planned with pinterest (which I say “pintrest”!) Not to mention, that my hair was ‘created’ from the exact hair pictures you posted!


  14. says

    My boyfriend and I aren’t even engaged yet (we’re waiting until we’re both done with grad school), but I already have our entire wedding planned through Pinterest (and yes, I pronounce it Pintrest, too. Just like interest). In fact, I have some of these exact photos pinned! (Including the two groom photos, the first of which makes me giggle and the second which makes me tear up every. single. time)!


  15. says

    I’ve been trying to avoid Pinterest at all costs.

    As much as I love looking at photos and getting new ideas, it sounds so addicitve!

    I love so many of those hair styles. Beautiful.


  16. Shareece says

    LOVE that last picture of the groom.. I think what makes those moments so special is because the men in our life are strong, protective.. our rocks and security. Seeing that raw emotion just warms our hearts and takes our love for them to a whole new level!


  17. says

    CUTE pictures. I WANT those pink Badgley shoes…..want want!!

    I don’t even know how to pronounce Pinterest or how to pin…..but it sure sounds like I need to get on that!

    I actually LOVED everything about my wedding and would not have changed a thing, or even considered it-I guess I am lucky?! 🙂


  18. says

    I love the idea of the Ad-Lib RSVP cards!!!! So funny! And of course that last picture of the groom is the sweetest/most adorable pic ever!!!

    I’ve been on Pinterest once and am scared to go back. I know I’ll become addicted and won’t be productive ever again 🙂


  19. says

    Um, so how are you supposed to pronounce it because I say it exactly like you do! And that groom picture is adorable…it reminds me of Nick Lachey when he saw Jessica Simpson. Why oh why didn’t those two make it?? sigh. I’ll let it go one day.


  20. says

    I SO wish Pinterest was around when i was wedding planning too! I got married last September so same time frame as you! There are so many ideas on there, and unique ones too. I also love it for photo ideas, I remember searching everywhere for clever/cute shots and it was not easy!


  21. dana a. says

    i love pinterest too! its so easy to get lost in time. also, your wedding picture is on pinterest! the one where you and ryan are holding hands between the doors…its so cute!


  22. Jessica Corbin says

    Oh yeah, “pintrest” it is!! I kept say, PINE-Interest haha! My boyfriend was like, “it should be pronounced “Pintrest” right”? I am like OMG, thank god for you haha!! Love the pictures, so beautiful. I just had an amazing thought that I cannot wait to see my boyfriends face when I walk (or dance) down the isle to him…wow. 🙂


  23. Emily says

    I’m not even engaged and I’ve started wedding planning on Pintrest.
    I showed my mother, she’s terrified for my future bank account to say the least. After showing my boyfriend, he’s considering getting a second job haha.
    I love it! Now I’ve just got to figure out the means to live out some of my pintrest dreams…


  24. Jessica S. says

    Are you sure we’re not following each other on Pinterest? I swear we have pinned ALL of the exact photos (minus the cakes) – LOL!

    I believe…because I’m a dork like that and google searched the “technical” way of pronouncing Pinterest and according to the site, it’s pronounced as “interest” but with a “P” in front of it. Yep…I’m a dork. 🙂


  25. says

    I haven’t really done much on Pinterest because I KNOW I’ll get addicted.

    I was married 3 years ago, and with all the new ideas I see coming up, I think I want to plan a vow renewal party. 🙂


  26. says

    I do pronounce like Pintrest. I ignore the first “e.”

    I’m not engaged but I have a “If I get married” board on there because there are so many cute ideas that I’d hate to lose them. Haha. My future husband should be scared.


  27. Katherine says

    I have that lace rehearsal dressed pinned too! Pinterest (pronounced Pin-trist by me 🙂 ) is making wedding planning so much more fun and visual. It is so nice to be able to find something I love and then share the board with my mom and maid of honor!


  28. Lisa says

    And I just re-pinned everything you put up on my Pinterest Wedding board. Getting married next summer and these are the exact colors I want! Thank you because I think I just found my perfect cake and bouquet!


  29. says

    It’s so funny you posted about this because I swear to you I just had this conversation with some of my girlfriends the other day. They were all very jealous and envious that I am still unwed so they could use pinterest to plan my wedding festivties! 🙂 Oh how I feel so lucky to be the last one wed! LOL


  30. Alicia says

    Cute post! When I read “pintrest”.. I thought to myself “Duh thats how its pronounced.” But now I’m not so sure… I just pronounce it like I pronounce “interest.” Hm… haha!


  31. Chelsea says

    I love Pintrest! (As i call it, too!) LOL! I love looking at the recipes, home decor, humor and fitness ones!! The fitness ones are great for motivation!!


  32. says

    Love this! I didn’t find out about Pinterest until after my wedding in August (or at least almost everything was “finalized” before I heard of it). I think it’s a blessing & a curse I didn’t know about it — a blessing because it would have just added more things to decide about!


  33. Lauren @ Vaguely Vegan says

    Love this post! I actually just started a Pinboard for my very-in-the-future wedding. We aren’t even engaged yet, so I’ll be making sure that board remains a secret! haha The wedding and events section is so addicting though!


  34. Liz says

    I am a cereal addict, too. My breakfast consisted of 2 bowls of cereal and I’m considering another bowl for lunch (yes, I’m having lunch at 4pm – I work 3rd shift 😉 ). Oh, and the groom doing the fist pump is adorable!


  35. Danielle says

    So funny, I have been on pinterest most of the day today and a LOT of the pictures you posted were just pinned to my boards! Great minds think alike!

    I also came across a couple pictures from your posts today–the picture of you and Ryan and the door (personal fave!) and the veggie skeleton (I think your Mom and sister made it a few weeks ago?)


  36. says

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are all beautiful and romantic.

    I just got married in May and I posted our own wedding pictures on Pinterest to help inspire other brides during her destination wedding planning.

    I didn’t get any inspiration from Pinterest during the wedding planning because I recently just joined but we did the “first look” pictures and also the trash the dress pictures too. Those were some of my favorite pictures from our wedding.


  37. says

    Yayyy thank you for posting this! I’m getting married next July and love some of these pics, esp the hair styles. I’ve been trying to explain the undone side bun to my mom and stylist but was never able to find pics of that back- you rock!!!


  38. Brianna says

    Ah I am in love love love with all those pictures you have. I think I have most of them pinned! haha Those are all so cute. I can only hope to get married soon so I can use all those ideas! There’s so many of them that are so amazing, i die every time 🙂


  39. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. This post is breathtaking Julie! I LOOVE those groom pictures – the first one is priceless and the second makes me want to tear up a bit, so so sweet!!

    The rehearsal dinner dress is gorgeous and those delicate dresses are amazing. Gosh, I could go on forever.

    Great taste, lady! 🙂


  40. says

    I think I must be the last person on the planet to figure out what the heck Pinterest is. What is it? I guess I need to find out.
    P.S. While the wedding pictures are definitely beautiful, photos of cereal can be just as delightful. Umm, hello Lucky Charms 🙂


  41. Christina says

    i’m obsessssed with pinterest. the first time i was talkin about it with my friends i said “pin-interest” and they all looked at me funny and started laughin & i realized i was sayin it wrong ever since then i now pronouce pinterest with no space in between hahaha.


  42. says

    I hope when my wedding day comes around (not that it’s anytime in the near future…i’m still hunting for the man!), Pinterest either still exists in all it’s glory or has been replaced by something even more magnificent. 🙂


  43. says

    I have a board on Pinterest (pronounced Pintrest, just like you) that I have named Wedding (II) Wishlist. I’m already planning my next wedding to my husband, I though I could use some of the ideas for our 10 year wedding anniversary 🙂


  44. says

    Oh my gosh Julie these make me want to plan another wedding. The dress, the hair, the shoes…I love everything! And seriously how cute are the RSVP cards. I so wish I was clever enough to think of that.


  45. Nancy @ Beyoutiful Fitstyle says

    Yes I said pintrest too! pin-ter-est… is just too awkward to say. um that rsvp card WILL be mine! ha. I’m seriuosly going to go search for it on pintrest now. luckily, I’ve yet to be married so i’m sure it’ll play a huge part in my planning when the day comes, possibly soon? seriuosly though, pinterest makes me want to get married, have babies, take family photos, do crafts all day long, and bake everything possible! in love.


  46. Allie says

    I use Pinterest for wedding ideas! And I pinned the same rehearsal dinner dress as you for the same idea 🙂 And, again like you, I do pronounce it Pin-trest. (It’s how I pronounce interest, so it only makes sense).


    • Danielle says

      modern trousseau daphne if u google this u can find them I did some research on it some are pre owned some are made by a different company hope this helps



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