Our Wedding: What I Would’ve Done if Pinterest Existed

It’s no secret that I am in love with Pinterest. The website has led me to some wonderful recipes, festive food creations, craft projects and super simple organization ideas that I’ve already implemented numerous times.

Though I’m so happy Ryan and I were married last year, our wedding planning took place in the days before Pinterest. I feel like I missed out on a gold mine of ideas!

In the spirit of our upcoming anniversary, I figured I’d share some wedding photos from Pinterest in a montage we’ll call "Our Wedding: What I Would’ve Done if Pinterest Existed."

(Note #1: Pinterest started in March 2010, but I feel like it really exploded in 2011, so it technically did exist for a few months before our wedding, but I wasn’t aware of its glory. Note #2: I loved everything about our wedding and wouldn’t actually change a thing. These are just ideas I fell in love with and would’ve taken into consideration. Note #3: Do any of you pronounce “Pinterest” like “Pintrest?” I can’t be the only one!)


Perfectly peach wedding bouquet:

wedding flowers

Soft pink and white bouquet:

beautiful boquet


Cute and funny RSVP cards:



Pretty pearl wedding cake:

pearl wedding cake

More pearls:

wedding cake

Paisley cake:paisley cake


Unbelievably romantic dress:


Delicate dress:

delicate wedding dress


Badgley Mischka (Randee):
wedding shoes

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Long sleeved lace (if it wasn’t so stinkin’ short!):

rehearsal dinner dress


Love the “un-done” side bun:

beautiful wedding hair

Pulled back with volume:

long hair

Adorable Groom Pictures

adorable wedding picture

Cutest groom picture ever:

so sweet

In case you’re hoping for more details about the images, the sources of the pictures that had sources attributed to them on Pinterest are linked above each picture.

P.S. No normal lunch post today. I ate three bowls of cereal for lunch and figured these wedding pictures were about 10,000 times more beautiful.


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