Turkey Trot Costumes

Today I made a fancy lunch!

Okay, so it wasn’t really fancy at all, but it was more time consuming than my typical three-minutes-from-fridge-to-plate lunches.

I made soup!

cabbage lentil soup 007-1

Chelsey’s soup!

cabbage lentil soup 001

When I saw Chelsey post her recipe for cabbage lentil soup on her blog yesterday, it immediately caught my eye because I randomly bought a head of cabbage at the grocery store earlier this week.

I bought the cabbage on a whim, not knowing what I would do with it so when I saw Chelsey’s recipe, it was like she was speaking to me through the internet and I knew I had to make it.

I followed her recipe for the most part, only changing a few minor things and it turned out great.

I ate two bowls of the soup along with a side of tortilla chips for some crunch!

cabbage lentil soup 003

Gotta love a veggie-packed lunch!

Turkey Trot Costumes

Yesterday I put a call out for any pictures you guys might have from past Turkey Trots where you dressed up and looked nice and festive.

I received a few pictures that made me laugh and searched the internet for some additional costume inspiration photos for those of you hoping to dress up for an early morning Thanksgiving Day run next Thursday.

turkey trot runners


I think this may be the easiest costume to recreate…

turkey trot run


turkey trot costume


Does this guy remind anyone else of Eddie from Christmas Vacation?

turkey trot costume2

You could always buy a turkey friend and skip the whole dressing up thang…


(Picture from Claire)

Just in case your dog wants to run…

dog pilgrim

(Source – Picture submitted by Claire)

The winning costume that I would love to wear…

turkey costume


Turkey headwear…

turkey hat


turkey beanie

(Picture from Jackie whose friend is making these beanies for their run! And yes, I asked if they were selling them on the internet anywhere. Sadly they are not.)

Questions of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever dressed up to run in a race? Would you?
  • What’s the coolest race-day costume you’ve ever seen?


  1. says

    We dressed up for the Warrior Dash and for the Shamrock Shuffle… this year’s Santa Shuffle will be in full Santa regala, and now I’m tempted to get a turkey costume. Your winning costume is at iParty for around $40. Great post!


  2. says

    Bahaha!! My family does a turkey trot every year. Not an official one…just my cousins, aunts, and uncles and I running through the woods being silly. But we’ve never dressed up!! This year may be the year.

    However, I AM participating in an all-santa race the first weekend in December. It’s a 5K in which every participant dresses as Santa! SO excited!!


  3. says

    Thank you for this!! I am at a complete loss trying to figure out a turkey trot costume! I have dressed up for races before, but it was the Disney Princess Half Marathon and I was Belle … that was fun! Are there any Thanksgiving princesses I could dress up as??


  4. says

    For the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on the 4th of July we all deck ourselves in red,white, and blue every year. Also, every year around Christmas there is an Atlanta Santa speedo run to benefit charity! brrr!


  5. Sarah W. says

    the winning costume that you want to wear is what my sis in law’s boyfriend wore last yr. he wore the turkey costume and then she wore an apron with a chef’s hat, red scarf, and had a plastic butcher knife and BASTER with her


  6. says

    OMG that turkey beanie is hilarious!! To be honest I’ve never participated in a race where runners wear anything other than regular running gear, but maybe it’s something I should look into because it sounds like great entertainment!


  7. says

    Cabbage is my fave soup ingredient…veggie/bean soups just aren’t the same without it!

    I’ll be turkey trotting but have a feeling I wont be wearing any cool gear…just too busy right now to plan all of that out!


  8. says

    My mom and I walk in the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure and last year we made pink tutus that we wore with tall pink argyle socks and cute hats that were made for us by one of the ladies’ mom. It’s a lot of fun to get in the spirit, I think.


  9. Vanessa says

    I’m making her soup tonight!! I went to get the ingredients earlier today, and the strangest thing happened. When I picked up the bag of Organic Celery…there was a LIVE FROG inside! It was incredible! Well..I almost screamed before carrying the bag to the nearest associate explaining the situation! Needless to say, I am still making the soup–with a DIFFERENT bag of celery!!


  10. says

    I love the hats!

    And I 100% thought the same thing about that guy reminding me of Eddie from Christmas Vacation.

    I was it to be next week just so I can watch that movie.


  11. says

    I saw you tweeted chelsey about the soup! I’m also dying to make it, I’m glad you liked it! I actually haven’t ever dressed up for a race, I have a turkey trot 5K next thursday, but I don’t plan on dressing up, I didn’t realize people did! I will be on the lookout for fun outfits though!


  12. Julie says

    That guy really does look like Eddie! Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite holiday movies, and now that is my favorite of all the turkey costumes 😉


  13. says

    In the Turkey Trot I ran last year, there was a guy in a table costume. Like, full spread Thanksgiving dinner on a table he carried on his shoulders, with candles and plates and tablecloth to boot. Possibly one of the more unconventional Thanksgiving race costumes?


  14. Tracy @ Tracy's Treats says

    Hahah, those turkey hats are so funny looking! I’ve actually seen someone wearing the second-to-last-one!


  15. Patty T says

    I know it may be too late to order a hat but I did find a hat really similar to the knit one you have pictured on etsy.com, here is the link:


    Here is another cute turkey knit hat, if you are interested:


    If you go to etsy.com and search for turkey knit hat you will get a lot of results. Thought you would like to know.


  16. says

    We dress up for the warrior dash! Last year we were cavemen/women and looked absolutely ridiculous…especially when a male friend lost his caveman wig while going under the barbed wire in the mud pit! It totally got stuck to a pokey part and lay there like a dead animal. SICK!


  17. Marcee ~ ILLINOIS says

    You cannot go wrong with a “turkey-suit” …. any ole way is absolutely f-u-n!! A great way to make anyone chuckle. (For the entire week!)

    Hmmm …. now, about that (bat-family) mole. Yeah. They are also in our neighborhoods. We’ve been living here 20 years. First time this has happened. Earlier this month our lawn looked like it was attacked by a UFO! It was so weird. Complete mayhem when you do not know what to do next.

    Sadly, it had to be caught …. bagged.

    Sorry to put a downer (oops) on turkey costumes.

    P.S. Julie …. FYI …. moles are (also) blind.


  18. says

    I did a 10km walk a few weeks ago and there was a massive group of people dressed as Storm Troopers and every other Star Wars character you can imagine (including some of the creatures). Apparently they do it every year and go to so much effort.

    I don’t mind not having Thanksgiving in Australia – I find Christmas exhausting enough – but a Turkey Trot looks like so much fun!


  19. Emily says

    I love the full on turkey costumes!

    I’m actually doing the Turkey Trot near me too Thanksgiving morning after my uncle convinced me, however I’m not that great at running outside and usually work out indoors about 3 -4 times a week.
    Any Advice?!?!


  20. dianne says

    oh my gosh- i was just going to be proud of myself if i run my first turkey trot ever! however, wearing a costume for a halloween 5k was so much fun… thanks for sharing!


  21. says

    Haha, that pic of “Eddie from Christmas vacation” literally made me laugh out loud! He does! Too funny.
    I’m running in a Turkey Trot next week and decided against a costume just because this is my first race EVER and I wanted to focus on my running. Hope that’s not too party-pooper-ish. Maybe next year!


  22. Linda Kiser says

    Great ideas for a costume. I ordered a t-shirt that says, “Don’t you wish your turkey was hot like me. It is so cute. I just need to decide which turkey trot. I want to thank you. You are awesome at detailing your workouts. That helps me a lot. I am very new to all of this. I had hoped to get in to a regular workout routine this past year. Unfortunately, about a year ago my MIL was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My time was better spent with her. She passed away last week. It has been difficult. I will be looking into your workout to see if I can jump start mine. She posted one of an incline workout on the treadmill. Any idea where I could find that?



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