Using Frozen Spinach in a Smoothie

My bags are packed!

smoothie spinach 003-1

Don’t let Sadie fool you. She was much more of a hindrance to my packing than a help. She can always seem to tell when I’m packing up to leave because she gets extra needy, and that’s saying a lot for the world’s neediest dog.

Even with her constant wiggling under my arms, I managed to pack up my suitcase without much trouble.

smoothie spinach 004

Carry on bag, baby. No bag check fees for this girl!

Once I was all packed up, I wanted to get on the road. I had a two-hour drive ahead of me because my flight leaves out of Tampa and didn’t want to take any chances with traffic or potential accidents along the way.

I made myself lunch on the go in the form of a smoothie.

smoothie spinach 012-1smoothie spinach 008

Since I’m sure my eating will be all over the place this weekend, I wanted to sneak in some extra nutrition in the form of spinach into my smoothie. Unfortunately I was out of fresh spinach, but I had a pack of frozen spinach on hand and figured I would give it a try.

smoothie spinach 005

I wasn’t sure how the frozen spinach would do in the smoothie, but I got some reassurance via Twitter about using frozen spinach in smoothies earlier in the week, so I figured it was worth a go.

I used half the pack of frozen spinach and couldn’t taste it one bit. Success!

smoothie spinach 009-1

Into the blender went:

  • 1 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 pack frozen spinach
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

smoothie spinach 007-1

I slurped it down in the car.

smoothie spinach 011-1

After a two-hour drive, I arrived at my parents’ house in St. Pete. (My car will be staying with them this weekend to save on airport parking fees.)

Naturally I dug into their food within minutes.

smoothie spinach 016-1

Two clementines…

smoothie spinach 015-1

A few spoonfuls of almond butter….

smoothie spinach 017

And some trail mix. I usually pick around the raisins and just eat the nuts, but today I was an equal opportunity eater. Raisins are making a comeback for me!

Time to make myself a sandwich and grab some snacks for an airport dinner.

See ya from New York City! Smile


  1. says

    Can’t wait for New York adventures!! When you used the spinach, did you thaw it out first or put it in still frozen? I always thought it would make my smoothies too watery. You got a lot of extra nutrition using the half box of spinach too, it’s probably equal to the same amount of at least a bag of fresh spinach!


  2. says

    Glad the frozen spinach worked out! I always use it in addition to a bit of fresh spinach because 1) it’s already washed, and 2) it’s frozen, so you don’t have to add as much ice, which means the flavour isn’t diluted as much. Win win!! Have an amazing time in NY!


  3. Amanda says

    OMG! i didn’t know maranatha made no stir almond butter!! (i have seen PB) i seriously *just* commented to my husband while stirring our (costco sized, HUGE) jar of maranatha AB that i hate when i don’t get to buy no-stir. of course, costco doesn’t carry no stir (nor do they carry regularly sized jars) 🙂 i guess you make up the difference in price with the added labor of stirring!

    safe travels 🙂


  4. says

    I hope NYC is tons of fun! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures 🙂
    I tried using frozen spinach in a smoothie once, but it didn’t turn out well at all. The spinach stayed chunky and I could definitely taste it :/ Maybe my Magic Bullet isn’t strong enough… You have given me inspiration though, I’ll give another go this week.


  5. Courtney says

    I have been putting spinach in my smoothies, until my sister told me that raw spinach has absolutely NO nutritional. She said it needs to be cooked?! Have you ever heard this? I’m going to look into it deeper. If its true, I’ll be using kale in smoothies instead.


  6. laurel says

    um. I think our nails are painted the same color…and I think your dad won’t like that color 😉 Nice girls wear clear nail polish 😉 Safe travels! xox


  7. says

    I use frozen spinach all the time. 🙂 In fact, I rarely use fresh spinach, because I like the extra thickness that the frozen spinach gives a smoothie.
    Your carry-on bag is really cute. I desperately need a good one for all of the times we fly to Boston for weekend trips! Mine is just too and doesn’t allow for much packing.
    Have fun in NY!


  8. says

    Have fun!! I loved your last post about wearing tights. Being a Florida girl who had to move to Ohio, I was faced with the same dilemma. I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, and since it’s going to be in the 30’s and snowing, I’m going to have to wear tights … but I’m just not a fan!


  9. says

    It’s good to know that frozen spinach won’t mess the taste up! I made your chocolate smoothie today for lunch! 🙂 I ended up using carob powder instead of cocoa and it was super smooth. I also added spinach too 🙂
    Have a safe and fun trip to NY!


  10. says

    Have a safe trip, I haven’t been able to be at the computer a lot so I’m not sure why you’re headed to NYC but enjoy it! Miss Sadie is hilarious. My doggy, India would do that too!


  11. says

    I only ever use frozen spinach in my smoothies! Plus it means when it’s on sale I can get an extra bag and keep it ready in the freezer, it won’t go bad!


  12. Jennifer says

    Oh lord, I cringed when I saw your shoes laying there all exposed and ready to get shoe germs all over your clothes! My husband laughs cause I am a freak about shoes being in a bag when you pack them so they cannot touch anything else and spread the funk of everything you walked on :-/. So on that note have a fantastic trip. NYC is my favorite weekend trip!


  13. says

    I tried frozen spinach in a smoothie once and didn’t like it! But, if I remember correctly, I used in a very simple banana, spinach, almond milk smoothie so perhaps there just wasn’t enough flavor in there to mask the taste. Chocolate would PROBABLY help!!


  14. Cheryl says

    Hi! I very recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it! There are a zillion protein powders out there and I have no clue how to choose one that tastes good. Do you use a specific brand? Any advice? Looking for chocolate and also vanilla. Thanks!


  15. says

    My husband and I actually prefer frozen spinach in our smoothies a) because it’s much much cheaper and b) because it makes the whole smoothie more voluminous and thick — there’s no need for ice!


      • says

        It’s cheaper to purchase frozen spinach at a grocery store, rather than buying the fresh and freezing it yourself. But there has been a couple of times when my spinach has started looking not-so-fresh and then I freeze it. Just make sure it’s clean and throw it in a freezer bag that is sealed tight.


  16. Brenda says

    Do you have any tips for making a smoothie overnight for breakfast? I love the idea of smoothies, but I’m TERRIBLE in the mornings, so the easier the better. I usually do a grab-and-go yogurt or oatmeal and eat it at work.


    • Dani says

      I put all the ingredients in my blender (liquid on the base, then my fruits, leafy greens on top) the night before and put it the refrigerator. Then in the morning I literally only have to take out the blender, plop it on the base and blend! Easy and quick!


  17. Marie G. says

    How do you fit all your stuff in a carry-on? I can never seem to do that. You should blog on packing light! I’d love to know your secret and tips!


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