Dating Anniversary

First things first: The Fashion page has been updated! I tried to address all of your fashion-related questions from my New York trip, including nail polish colors and some of my friends’ accessories. Possibly the longest Fashion page post ever!

Dating Anniversary

Last night I took the night off from blogging to be a lazy bum and soak up quality time with Ryan. I missed that guy!

downtown 020

Today is actually a special day in our relationship… It’s our dating anniversary!

We went on our first date on February 1, 2004, so today marks eight years together.

thanksgiving 2011 101

Past anniversary posts:

Even though we’re married now, we cannot seem to let go of our dating anniversary. Unfortunately this will be the first year we will not be returning to the scene of our first date. Since we’re no longer living in Orlando, driving 1.5 hours just to eat dinner at The Cheesecake Factory didn’t seem logical to either of us because, let’s face it, The Cheesecake Factory isn’t that good.

I actually got food poisoning after eating there on one of our anniversaries and spent the night puking. Never again will I order the miso salmon!

We’ll probably just do a nice dinner at home since I’m over eating out at the moment after this weekend’s NYC trip, but I do have some lovey-dovey ideas up my sleeve.

women's half marathon st. pete 050

women's half marathon st. pete 045


Today’s workout was tough! It wasn’t hard because I did anything out of the ordinary or particularly difficult, but my body seems to lose strength even after few days away from the gym… or, you know, a few days of eating and drinking whatever my heart desired. I was feeling quite lethargic!

I began with 20 minutes on the elliptical before completing the following upper body workout:

amr workout

Burn baby, burn!


This morning I took a little extra time in the kitchen to make a yummy breakfast.

I brought 1 1/2 cups 2 percent milk to a low boil on the stovetop before adding 1/4 cup of steel cut oats and letting them simmer for about 20 minutes.

I then added about 1.5 tablespoons of peanut butter and a dash of pumpkin pie spice to the mix before topping the oats with fresh raspberries and chopped mixed nuts.

steel cut oats

Served with a cup of Godiva caramel pecan bark coffee and more mixed nuts.

oatmeal and coffee

mixed nuts

It was quite the nutty breakfast!

Book Club Link Up

Later today we’ll be discussing The Night Circus, the book selected for January’s book club! So far I have links to book review blog posts from the following people to include in this afternoon’s post: Cheryl, Leah, Julie and Caitlin. If I am missing your post, please email me ASAP so I may include it in the roundup!

Question of the Morning

  • If you’re married, do you still celebrate your dating anniversary? If you’re not married, do you think you would celebrate both your wedding anniversary and dating anniversary?

We celebrate both because, as Ryan says, “I’m not losing eight years just because we got married!”


  1. says

    I definitely think you should celebrate your dating anniversary! Ryan is right, you will always have been together longer than you’ve been married. My fiance and I plan on celebrating our dating anniversary after we are married. I’m not giving up almost 6 and a half years 🙂


  2. says

    Haha my husband and I definitely celebrate our wedding anniversary and dating anniversary! They’re conveniently several months apart, so we always have something to look forward to. 2012 in May will be 2 years of marriage and September will be 6 years of dating! Occasionally we celebrate half anniversaries too with a cute card or a night off of studying!

    I’m with Ryan. I don’t want to lose 6 years just because I’m married!


  3. Lori Gold says

    Even though we are married (since June), we had our 10 year dating anniversary on January 19! I was more excited about it then my hubby, and some friends were into it and others said it doesn’t count! I wrote on his wall on facebook “10 years” with hearts and he called me to make sure we were not celebrating haha! Later that day at work I received a beautiful orchid, assuming it was from him, turned out to be from a client!


  4. Nicole says

    I think having two anniversaries is such a cute idea! Though I’m not married yet, I definitely think that is a great thing to incorporate every year 🙂 it let’s you remember all the good times from the past and to look forward to all the new ones in the future. Have a wonderful dating anniversary day! P.S. your breakfast looks amazing, as always!


  5. says

    Ryan is adorable with his comment about losing eight years. We don’t commemorate our dating anniversary anymore but we’re also approaching 17 year dating anniversary this May. What? 17 years? Holy cow.



  6. says

    happy dating anniversary! you guys are too cute. my husband and i don’t celebrate our dating anniversary… no particular reason, it’s just not something we ever have thought about doing after we got married. i suppose also because it would be right around christmas which is already crazy enough that time of year. but hey, i’m all about more celebrating, so maybe i should convince him we should start celebrating our dating anniversary too?? 😉


  7. says

    don’t let go of that dating anniversary! my parent’s first date was a Phillies game in August (a bajillion years ago)… however, they still celebrate it. my dad usually brings my mom home some pretty flowers, etc.

    and that is why I have to forever be a phillies phan. 😉

    happy anniversary, cutiepies.


  8. says

    Aww, happy dativersary! That’s cute, and I definitely think you should hold on to it.

    Even though the coach and I briefly broke up to figure some things out, we still count the entire time together as how long we’ve been dating. Ironically, the day we started dating (again) was the same as it was the first time around – in a different month – so we only have to fuss with one number 😉


  9. says

    aw I love that you still celebrate your dating anniversary even though you are married! My parents claim “they don’t remember” when they got married to they never celebrate an anniversary. I will be celebrating all anniversary’s possible, I love an excuse to celebrate!


  10. says

    That is so cute that you guys used to return to the scene of your first date every year! Happy dating anniversary – and ps. that first photo of the 2 of you is awesome. I think it should go in one of those many frames around your house! 😉


  11. Jennifer says

    The hubster and I do hold reverance to our dating anniversary (Jan 3), but sometimes we don’t do anything special. Most of the time we look at the calendar and say “Ohhh, it’s Jan 3rd” and look at each other and smile. Other times, we might do something.

    For us, January 3rd, marks 17 years together and this year we have our upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.


  12. says

    Happy Dating Anniversary to you and Ryan! You two are so adorable. 🙂

    I think Matty and I will definitely still celebrate our dating anniversary when we get married. It’s June 11, which just so happens to be a day of incredible weather every year. We love to go to Amherst or Boston for the day and just soak up the day. Hopefully I’m not jinxing the weather now!


  13. mel says

    My hubby and I have been married for 2.5 yrs but dated for 7 before that. We celebrate our anniversary with a weekend away, but we keep the dating anniversary low key. Usually dinner out or just haning out and doing something fun. We are lame and just love being together.,,,aka homebodies. haha


  14. says

    Happy dating anniversary! I’m getting married this December and our dating anniversary is in October. I’m sure we’ll continue to celebrate both although our dating anniversary will probably more low-key once we’re married. Plus my birthday is in October and his birthday is in November, so the fall and winter is full of holidays and things to celebrate!


  15. says

    Happy dating anniversary! Ours is coming up on the 23rd, but we aren’t married yet… we’ll be celebrating 2 years, which feels like forever, I can’t even imagine 8!!!

    The only time we went to the Cheesecake Factory, we were going out for a special dinner… but our table was like 2 feet away from another table with 4 people at it. We were so awkwardly close to them that it felt like we were having dinner with them. Not a fan!


  16. says

    We don’t really “celebrate” our dating anniversary but usually get each other cards or just make mention of it on the day. For some reason my husband says that date is easier to remember than our actually anniversary! Maybe it’s b/c he had 7 extra years to memorize it.


  17. says

    My husband and I celebrate our dating anniversary too! We started dating Sept 13, 2004 and were married Oct 8, 2011! We celebrate our engagement too, which was my birthday! Easy to remember 😉 we are always looking for an excuse to celebrate and are big on V day, even sweetest day too!


  18. says

    Our dating anniversary is this month too! February 20th! We have been married for 5 years, but we still remember our dating anniversary. We don’t really do anything for it, plus it’s so close to Valentines Day, but we always tell each other Happy February 20th!


  19. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says

    Our dating anniversary is on my birthday and is also the day we get engaged, so I’m pretty sure if my hubby forgot it head’s would roll 😉


  20. says

    Love that red dress/outfit!
    And congrats! I always joke with Torrance that when we get married it will have to be ON our dating anniversary since we have been celebrating it forever and its stuck in our head! (We have been dating for almost 9 years)!


  21. says

    Y’all are cute! My fiance and I don’t necessarily celebrate our dating anniversary anymore, but we always reflect and talk about it. Our wedding and dating anniversaries will be 5 days apart and all around the 4th of July, so I think regardless of how we celebrate, both things will just be rolled into one. 🙂


  22. KateEllyn says

    I think its great to celebrate both your dating and wedding anniversaries. Even if the dating anniversary becomes a smaller celebration, it is still something exciting and significant. If you didn’t begin dating, you would never be married! It’s a small celebration to remind yourself of how much you love each other.

    Also, I love your hot pink shin sleeves. I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before, but where did you find them? I’ve been on the hunt for cute ones, but can’t seem to find anything decently priced.


  23. Lisa says

    Our dating and (upcoming) wedding anniversaries will be about two weeks apart…so I don’t know how/if we’ll celebrate both. Right now though, my fiance still acknowledges it monthly on the 18th (“happy 16 month anniversary!”) He usually remembers before I do! We’re going to see Wicked and stay in Portland for our 18 month anniversary in March! He’s the best!


  24. Emily says

    We celebrate our dating anniversary every year at the Brickyard 400 (NASCAR race in Indianapolis)… because that is where we met! It’s quite the party… and pretty redneck… but I promise we have all of our teeth 😀


  25. says

    Happy Dating Anniversary Fagans!!

    I got food poisoning at The Cheesecake Factory too! Except I’m a big baby and won’t step foot in one ever again, because like you said … it’s not THAT good 🙂


  26. says

    Not married yet, but I think I would only celebrate one anniversary (wedding)… However, the month I’d like to get married is near the same date we started dating, so who knows, could squeeze both in! 🙂


  27. says

    I’m getting married in September and my fiance already suggested that this would be our last time celebrating our dating anniversary. Wah :*( Congrats on 8 years, that is so exciting! 🙂


  28. says

    We definitely celebrate both! Our wedding anniversary is July 11 (and will be 4 years this summer), but our dating anniversary is August 8 (and will be 12!!! years this summer!). We hate to lose those years too just because we got married! Have a great night!


  29. says

    I think my bf and I would def celebrate our dating anniversary.. it’ ssuch a special day! And heck, I’ll celebrate anything if it means wearing a cute dress. PS. LOVE that red dress and boots- I’m assuming it’s on one of the fashion pages? I need an amazing outfit to wear to see the boyfriend after he gets back from his deployment next week. 🙂


  30. says im not the only one, i just got food poisoning from cheesecake factory over the weekend!

    when we get married, im sure we will celebrate our dating anniversary too. my parents still celebrate their dating anniversary after 28 years of marriage 🙂 (31 years dating anniversary)


      • says

        oh gosh! i ordered the crabcake sandwich and we took cheesecake slices home for dessert, i wasnt sure which one it was since i didnt get sick till later on that night…but now im thinking maybe it was the crabcake since you got sick from the fish there too. what did you eat the second time?

        p.s. ive sworn off that place forever i think, lol!


  31. says

    I got married last summer, so we haven’t had our first anniversary yet. 🙂 We have celebrated our dating anniversary every year though- However, our dating anniversary is 6 days before our wedding date, so it got overshadowed last year. I think we verbally acknowledged it. 🙂
    We’re going to Colorado for a week to celebrate your 1 year this July. (We always take a trip there in the summer, and will just make sure it overlaps with July 17th this year) I can’t wait!


  32. says

    That is something I’ve always wondered about!! I’m glad other people celebrate their dating anniversary because I feel like honestly that is just as important as your marriage anniversary! Why would you forget about the years of your relationship that brought you to the point of marriage? I’m not married, but hope to celebrate my dating anniversary as well as marriage. 🙂 Happy Anniversary!


  33. Jamily says

    My husband and I always celebrate our dating anniversary in a special way. Plus, it’s fun to talk about how nervous we use to be around each other :).


  34. Meg @RunRideLove says

    My bf and my dating anniversary is Dec 29th, right in between Christmas and New Years, so it tends to get a little lost in the fray a little bit. Also, our families tend to disagree with our anniversary date (we go by our exclusivity as our dating anniversary, but we had dated casually for 5 months before that). So I feel like ours might sadly be forgotten if we have another anniversary to celebrate in the future!


  35. says

    Happy Dating-iversary 🙂
    My Mr & I don’t celebrate our dating anniversary, but I think it’s great that you do! We just got married last October 1st, and since then we’ve been doing a special dinner on the 1st of every month to celebrate our “Month-iversary” — tonight is our 4 Month-iversary 🙂


  36. Jessica says

    I love that you celebrate your dating anniversary! Dating is an important time, in addition to the engagement and wedding. My boyfriend suggested we celebrate our “loveversary” – the first time he said I love you. Such a romantic!


  37. Harriet says

    We definitely celebrate our dating anniversary (we just celebrated eight years on Jan 23rd!). I personally care more about our dating anniversary than our wedding anniversary, because we had been together 6.5 years by the time we got married… I don’t think those years should be ignored just because it wasn’t “official.”
    Congrats to you and Ryan! 🙂


  38. says

    happy date-aversary! Paul and I have been married for 11 years this April. We don’t celebrate our dating anniversary lol….we met, started dating, fell in love, got engaged and married all in less than a year. So we never had our first dating anniversary…we were already married lol!

    I suppose if we were together for MANY years like you guys it would make more sense as we would have more of them. How awesome!


  39. says

    We aren’t married but we are heading towards our 5th year of dating anniversary and we celebrate every year with a really nice dinner. Last year I was sick so we ate take-in but this year I think we will have to make up for that!


  40. says

    ahhhh I love hearing about dating anniversaries!! It’s so cute that you guys met at the gym, and still to this day you’re always at the gym together~:D

    And yes, I’m sure my fiance and I will celebrate it too! We’ve always been like that, and he’s even more conscientious about keeping those kinds of memories and dates than I am sometimes. So I know I’ll never have to nag about that hehhee
    And you look gorgeous in that bright red?orange? dress! Uh-oh…am I colorblind now?


  41. says

    I think its awesome you celebrate your dating anniversary!! I think my husband and I definitely WOULD but neither of us can remember our first actual “date” So it looks like our wedding anniversary is all we got 🙂


  42. arc says

    My husband and I do something special on our dating anniversary, too. We just celebrated 8 years in January. We were together for 7 years before getting married, so the dating anniversary still seems important to us. 🙂


  43. Vanessa N says

    We would totally celebrate our dating anniversary… if either of us knew it. I know it was Jan. 2005 when we went from being friends (which we had been since 2001 maybe?) to more than that… but the lines are blurry as to when “friends hooking up” turned into “boyfriend/girlfriend officially”. Plus when we were just friends fooling around, we both fooled around with other people (haha!) so I don’t think those weeks can count! So, we’ll be married one year in June and we’ll finally be able to start celebrating anniversaries after 7 1/2 years together! yaaay!


  44. Katelyn says

    I’m not married yet, engaged, but I would celebrate both. Currently Andrew and I celebrate the day we met and the day I asked him “so are we boyfrien and girlfriend or what?” haha. Having a significant other is so fun!


  45. Emily says

    Happy dating anniversary !! Can u tell me where u got or what brand the dress is in the first pic?! I am just assuming it’s a dress 🙂 thanks!


  46. says

    We don’t celebrate our dating annivesary. My Husband said one anniversary is enough – I tend to agree. We don’t really do anything for our wedding anniversary, we just aren’t celebratory people I guess.


  47. says

    So funny because me and my hubby’s dating anniversary is Feb 4th! We’ll have been together for 6 years! EEK!

    Question – how do you get your workouts as a photo like that on your blog? Do you create it in a table and screen shot it?


  48. says

    My hubby (Ryan too!) and I celebrate whenever we get the chance! Our dating anniversary, or wedding anniversary, or our “Let’s celebrate because we still like each other” anniversary 🙂 I say …. celebrate whenever you can … life is too short not to be grateful for all the lil moments 🙂 Happy February Julie 🙂


  49. says

    me & my hubby still celebrate our dating anniversary too! We’ll be married for 3 years this summer and just had our 9 year dating anniversary in october! i thought we were the only ones that did that! and we actually make sure to tell each other happy anniversary each 19th of the month which is our dating anniversary not our wedding …. haha sounds so silly!


  50. Jodi @ I Run for Food and Wine says

    I actually don’t have any type of anniversary with my bf. We kinda said “guess we’re dating” when we were 15 and never really had a specific date…hahaha. But if we go out on dates or celebrate something, it involves a bottle of wine and steak! I would def celebrate my wedding anniversary.


  51. says

    Congrats! It’s so cute that you celebrate both still! We got married eleven days before our five year dating anniversary, so I’m not sure if we’ll still celebrate or if we’ll just acknowledge it. For our first date we did a hike and pizza, so I certainly wouldn’t mind repeating that day!


  52. Holly says

    Happy dating anniversary!
    My husband & I had our very 1st date @ the Cheesecake Factory in Orlando too! Ours was Nov 3rd 2003. Our drive would be a tad longer than 1.5 hrs to come celebrate… more like 12hrs 🙂 We now live in Nashville, TN.


  53. says

    Fabian and I don’t celebrate our dating anniversary anymore. It was the most annoying date ever. January 9. Right when you’re poor as dirt after the holidays and the new year. We even got to the point that we stopped really celebrating because it was just too much of an expenditure. So we intentionally got married away from all holidays and birthdays. The new anniversary (wedding) – March 2 was born! 🙂


  54. Angela @ Health, Happiness & Harmony says

    We aren’t married yet, but I think we definitely will celebrate our dating anniversary!
    PS How do you perform an assisted pull-up? Thanks!


  55. says

    My guy and i have only been dating seriously for a few months (and I’m not quite sure we ever established an official anniversary date) but I have always celebrated the “day we met” or our “friend-iversary” – which is now at 7 years!


  56. says

    Happy dating anniversary 🙂

    My husband and I can’t seem to get rid of our dating anniversary either. I think it would feel weird not to celebrate it. Especially because this year it will be 10 years. Plus it’s New Year’s Eve, so we’re already celebrating anyway.


  57. Cait says

    Yay Julie! Happy anniversary 🙂 Although we’ve been together 4 years and approaching the big wedding date, I love celebrating our anniv and we both said we’d plan to continue celebrating it as well once we’re married. I think it’s important 🙂


  58. says

    Want to hear something psychotic? My boyfriend and I “celebrate” the anniversary of the day we met, as well as legit celebrate two different anniversaries: one for our first date, and one for the day we actually made our relationship “official.” I told him that we should just get engaged and/or married on one of those days so that we’re not celebrating five anniversaries down the road ; )


  59. Geneva says

    Today is also my dating anniversary, unfortunately we are unable to celebrate this one together since we are currently in a long distance relationship 🙁 However, we will be spending an extened weekend together right before valentine’s day so double the celebrating 🙂 I’m not married but I would also continue to celebrate a dating anniversary, because I think it’s just as important. I meean without dating there wouldn’t have been a marriage.


  60. Rachel says

    TODAY is my dating anniversary too…7 years! Woo hoo! Not married, but I think I will want to celebrate both! After 7 years of can you just let all those dating years go??! Plus any excuse to spend some quality time together 😉
    Happy Dating Anniversary!


  61. says

    We love celebrating our dating anniversary! It is exactly one week before Christmas, and we usually swap one present on that day. This year is our TEN year dating anniversary (holy moly), so I want to plan something extra special. 🙂


  62. says

    Happy (Dating) Anniversary! Y’all are such a cute couple!!
    P.S. How do you do your hair that way (the picture of you in the blue dress)? I’ve never been able to figure it out and its beautiful!


  63. says

    Keith and I got engaged on our dating anniversary so we always remember that day! I wish we had gotten married on that day too but neither of us were willing to wait a year to tie the knot…9 months later we have our wedding anniversary!


  64. says

    My husband and I still do our dativersary too! I feel like it’s an extra day to celebrate, plus after being together for 7 years before we got married, I don’t just want to start the year counting over! We celebrated our 8 years last month 🙂 Happy dativersary!


  65. says

    My husband and I went on our first date 21 years ago, January 11. I was a senior in high school and he was a junior. While we dont go out on that day, we always mention it. We will be married 17 years June 4! Happy dating anniversary to the 2 of u!! 🙂


  66. says

    happy dating anniversary!!!
    today is my dog’s birthday!
    it’s a great day all around! 🙂
    this is my first year as a married lady, and you better believe i’m still gonna celebrate our dating anniversary!


  67. Holly says

    The last time I ate at Cheesecake Factory (probably 5 yrs ago), I got salad with salmon on it. The salmon wasn’t cooked at ALL. It was like jelly in the middle. BLAH! Never again!!!


  68. Carla in Sydney says

    I was married in September in Vegas on my birthday. We first started dating in July 2005. We will actually never really celebrate our wedding anniversary because I don’t want my birthday overshadowed for the rest of my life and to me the day we first started dating is actually more important. Like Ryan….I also don’t want to lose 6 years! Happy Anniversary!!

    I would drive to the end of the earth for The Cheesecake Factory…..we even went there straight after we got married….in our wedding outfits! My love for it is probably because we don’t have it here… always want what you can’t have! Now I am dreaming about their banana cream pie cheesecake and I have no way of getting it….. 🙁


  69. Kristi says

    Hi! First time commenting here. May seem like a silly question, but your coffee always looks SO good from your pics. I’m awful at making coffee at home. How much water and how much coffee do you use and what’s your fav type??? Thanks!!! Love the blog! 🙂


  70. says

    Although it was strictly coincidental, my boyfriend and I went out on a very informal first date the day after his birthday. Even though we don’t make a huge deal out of our anniversary, there’s still always that little flicker of excitement around that time of year. 🙂


  71. Valerie says

    My hubby and I originally wanted our wedding to be on our first year dating anniversary. The days is special for us of since both of his grandfathers passed on that day and it’s my grandfather’s birthday. However it would have given us only three months to plan the wedding so we nixed the idea. However, I know our dating anniversary will be forever be super special and celebrated!


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