Winter Circuit Workout

Yesterday ended up being a rest day, so today I was really in the mood to sweat. I decided to complete a circuit workout since circuit workouts are my favorite. Hooray for fast-paced workouts!

I took some time to jot down an outline of a new workout before I drove to the gym around lunchtime. The workout ended up being pretty awesome and my face was dripping sweat by the end. I felt my booty burning thanks to the jumping lunges and wide-stance squats. Yowzaa.

Winter Circuit Workout

I realize it’s still technically fall, but the fun winter graphics on PicMonkey were calling to me this afternoon, so I dubbed this circuit the “Winter Circuit Workout” so I could snowflake the heck out of the workout image. Yes!


When I arrived home from the gym, I threw together a quick lunch.

chicken with cranberry sauce

I topped a mix of broccoli slaw and slivered almonds with shredded chicken and a bunch of cranberry sauce.

cranberry sauce salad

I made a fresh batch of cranberry sauce last night because I apparently didn’t get my fill over Thanksgiving. I love this stuff!

I also ate a banana on the side.

Questions of the Month: November

Each month (when I don’t forget – oops!) I try to take popular three reader questions and address them on the blog. Let’s dive right in!

  • What kind of red lipstick do you use? Like you, I feel kind of nervous about using red lipstick for the first time, but I really like the look of the lipstick you’ve been wearing and feel like we have a similar skin tone, so it might work on me. Can you tell me what kind it is?

I am definitely a red lipstick novice, but along with red lipstick, I highly recommend using a red lip liner. A bunch of blog readers recommended this tip to me, and I echo it! It helps keep the lipstick in place and prevents bleeding. I’ve been using Revlon ColorStay lip liner in Red. As for the red lipstick itself, I love L’Oreal Infallible Ravishing Red. (Beyoncé knows what to endorse, baby!)

I’m wearing the Revlon lip liner and L’Oreal Infallible lipstick in the photo below.

leah and ricky's wedding 004-001

My friend Leah also gave our group of girlfriends YSL Le Rouge lipstick on her wedding day which I love, but it’s very expensive, so I save it for special occasions. It seems to look good on everyone though!

I am wearing the YSL lipstick in the photo below.

kimberly's center ocala 008

The YSL lipstick is slightly less intense, in my opinion.

  • Do you take any vitamins or supplements?

I’m pretty basic when it comes to my vitamins.


I typically take the following vitamins:

Can you tell that I like gummy vitamins? I am pretty bad about remembering swallow pills, but when vitamins taste like candy, I’m all in.

I absolutely love my calcium chews. They taste like Starbursts!

calcium chews

GNC sent me them to review a while back and I’ve been hooked ever since and continue to buy them. I also love Adora chocolate calcium discs, but cannot find them near me in Ocala, so I’ve converted to the calcium chews.

  • I am looking for blogs to read that are outside of food and fitness genre. Do you have any recommendations?

I absolutely adore my friend Jen’s blog about mental health: The Pursuit of Sassiness. I find psychology and mental health captivating and Jen writes in a way that makes mental health accessible to everyone. She makes you think about your life and those around you. She discusses struggles we all face, why we face them and how we might be able to overcome them. It’s one of my favorite blogs!

Question of the Afternoon

  • Do you read any blogs outside of the food and fitness genre? Please share your favorites!


    • says

      Would love it if you checked out my travel blog…The {Happy} Travel Bug. Please let me know what you think of it compared to other travel blogs you read. I just started it this year. So I’m a newbie!


  1. says

    I take Iron supplements whenever I’m feeling really tired. My iron has always been really low and no matter how I change my diet we(meaning me and my doctor) just can’t seem to keep it up. So I picked up easyIron from Whole Foods and also started drinking a morning shake using Vega Nutritional Shake. This also has some added iron and other supplements.

    I love reading other blogs outside of my genre(home renovating/diy) yours being one of them which includes the fitness/recipe/lifestyle blog..I like the variety rather then just focused on fitness only.

    You may like and if you are not already following them both 🙂


  2. Lynn says

    How do the Omega 3 chews taste? I need to start including more omegas in my diet especially because I don’t eat much fish, but I am always nervous.


  3. Katie says

    I love, Kate from The Small Things blog, she mostly blogs about fashion, hair, and make up. She has AWESOME tutorial videos, product reviews and breakdowns of her outfits.


  4. says

    I love reading health and fitness blogs, but my other guilty pleasure is reading fashion blogs. My ultimate favorite is J’s Everyday Fashion. Her fashion is always on point, approachable, appropriate for everyday, and affordable!


  5. says

    Oh, love the circuit workout! Circuits are the best. Makes time fly. I’m totally craving cranberry sauce now. I had none for Thanksgiving, I think I need to fix that asap and just make some.


  6. Anne Marie Woodgate says

    I love Annies Eats, and also brown eyed baker everything they make looks so delicious and I’ve tried a fair amount of their recipes and they are so good!


  7. says

    I have some leftover fresh cranberries I need to use. Is that what you use in your cranberry sauce? Do you have a special recipe?

    I laughed when I saw the Lil Critters because that is what I give my kids! 😉 I could really use some extra calcium in my diet. Can I get those Nutrition Now chews at other places as well? Don’t know where a GNC is.

    I read mostly travel blogs, since that is what I write. I found your blog in the Angelos and can’t stop reading it. You make me laugh! And I have two teenagers, so getting a good laugh everyday is a must!


  8. says

    I also read J’s Everyday Fashion because she keeps it “doable” (for those of us that are fashion-challenged) and relatively affordable. She also takes time to show HOW to pull together outfits, which (I’m hoping) helps me to do more on my own.


  9. says

    Love the looks of that circuit workout! Especially the fun snowflakes and winter colors, can’t blame you for wanting to play around with it!

    Thanks for recommending such a unique blog! Sounds really interesting. One of my favorite non-food and fitness blogs is Thought Catalog. Great one!


  10. says

    My favorite blog EVER is actually not even health/fitness related! It’s called Young House Love ( and it’s a DIY blog. I can’t get enough of it! I also have recently started reading Nice Girl Notes ( and I love the author’s humor. Both are very good!


  11. Laura Katherine Clark says

    I really enjoy the Atlantic-Pacific Blog
    the college prepster(a friend of mine and she works for Levo League, an awesome organization in NYC)
    Thoughts from fabs (This is a spiritual blog by a woman in TX who loves the Lord and wants to share what He is doing in her life, she is REAL and a beautiful writer) Similar to ^^^, talks about life, her spiritual journey. She also runs a site (another site I really enjoy)

    Sorry for the exhaustive list 🙂 Enjoy!


  12. says

    I love MotleyMama! She’s super funny. It’s probably more towards a mommy blog, but she just puts a hilarious spin on things, and yet is deep and makes you think at the same time!


  13. says

    I LOVE chewy vitamins but I hate their price and how quickly it seems like I go through them. I found that splitting my vitamins into a daily container (think old-people containers) helps a lot. Since I have to take medicine daily for my asthma, it’s extra important I remember to take them…


  14. Chelsea says

    OMG Julie! This is totally unrelated to this post, but I was on Pinterest today scrolling though the “Everything” category and a thing with a bunch of wedding pictures came up, so of course I clicked on it! I kind of scanned through the pictures until I was like hey wait a second, I KNOW them! Turns out it was you and Ryan in the picture where you were both on either side of a door. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know!


  15. says

    A lot of my blog features fitness and food, but also delves into the mind and mental stuff- because I blog about my life and what I go through. ahhahaha! I can’t believe you take gummy vitamins 😛 A kid at heart!


  16. says

    A friend recommended a beautiful new blog to me yesterday… It’s called and it’s written by a girl whose boyfriend is serving in the military in Afghanistan. It is witty and yet very emotional and the girl is really doing her bit to show her support for the troops. A really good read if you want something a bit different.


  17. says

    Okay I thought I was the only one that needed to make more cranberry sauce! I love it and always forget to make it throughout the year 🙂 And now I mix it in my oatmeal thanks to all of the foodie blogs I read.


  18. Liz L. says

    I don’t know if it’s technically considered a “blog” ….but I love for a good laugh! Makes you look at catalog pictures in a whole new light!


  19. Lori says

    Hi Julie…your blog is great. Love your style, by adding photos it’s nice to see what your writing about come to life.
    Seeing your lunch with the cranberry sauce made me crave it….would you mind sharing your recipe it looks so good.
    Again love your blog, your a breath of fresh air!!


  20. Bonnie Lawrence says

    You should join us at
    Listing 5 things you are thankful for everyday
    To help adopt an attitude of gratitude 🙂


  21. says

    Love this post! I’m going to try this circuit workout in t-minus 15 minutes when I get my butt off the couch and get to the gym hahah. Anyway, the workout looks great and the snowflakes make it slightly more enticing 😉 As for other blogs, I really like ‘Thought Catalog’ (, The Unprecedented (, VMac & Cheese ( and many, many more! I’m always amazed by how many beautiful blogs there are out there! Happy reading and happy holidays 🙂


  22. says

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts. As someone who loves to work-out and be healthy, I have to say I typically dislike (hate?) circuit training. I know its a total mindset thing but I can’t get around it! I tried your “heat things up – winter circuit workout” and I absolutely LOVED it! I ended with so much energy and positivity to keep going with my day! Maybe I’ve turned a corner…Thanks again!


  23. Jordyn says

    Just tried this circuit workout! I was picking up around the house and got into a “need to workout” mindset, so I figured I’d give it a try. It was definitely a great workout! I feel like I got a good amount of cardio in with my muscles feeling comfortably tired! Thanks for the circuit!


  24. Sam says

    My mom would be the lucky gal who recieves the package if I won! Since moving away and living in LA- she’s kept me grounded and I miss her! She deserves this sweet, salty, and AMAZING gift!


  25. beth says

    I was thinking of adding more vitamins along with my multi vitamin. I want to take biotin because I am trying to grow my hair long again! Did you notice a difference from taking the supplement?


  26. Natalie says

    Julie, I did your Winter Circuit Workout yesterday (love it!) but substituted my own move for the alt. plank+row- alt. R/L arm, because I couldn’t figure out what type of exercise it was! Does it include weights? I would love a little “how-to”! Thanks, and Happy Sunday! 🙂


  27. Catherine Culligan says

    I tried out this workout last night … and my buns are seriously feeling it today 🙂 Thanks for sharing!! I’ll be adding this workout to regular workout schedule.


  28. Jennifer says

    I did this circuit workout today and it did disappoint. I’ve never done plank jacks before and my arms felt like jello. Thanks for posting such great workouts. This was the first year I made my own cranberry sauce. It is so good. I’m going to have to try it with the broccoli slaw and turkey next time. 🙂



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