Highlight of the Day

I polished off the last of the crock pot garam masala chicken and chickpeas for lunch today.

Garam Masala Chicken Chickpeas

Let me reiterate how much the dollop of plain Greek yogurt (or sour cream) adds to this dish!

garam masala chicken crockpot

I also had a cup of yogurt on the side for a little sweetness.

stonyfield yogurt

Highlight of the Day

Like billions of other dogs out there, Sadie’s excitement level goes through the roof whenever someone she loves walks through the door.


When she hears the doorbell or the garage door open, she runs around in circles and grabs a toy from her toy basket to bring to her new visitor. The joy she feels absolutely radiates from her wiggly little body.

Yesterday evening I told Ryan that it’s pretty clear to me that the moment he arrives home from work is the highlight of her day. She knows that once Ryan is home, we’ll likely do something outside with her and that makes her one happy little camper. Her exuberant joy never fails to make me smile.

When I started to think about the highlight of my day, the moment that first popped into my mind was the moment Ryan and I crawl into bed at night. I love slipping into bed after I’ve brushed my teeth, knowing that the day is officially over and we’re ready to just chill out and relax.

Now I ask you…

Question of the Afternoon

  • What is the highlight of your day?
  • Is there one particular moment you find yourself looking forward to on a daily basis?

In addition to the moment I crawl into bed at night, I also love breakfast time on the weekends.


  1. Jana says

    I know this if off topic, but your picture showed up on my fb newsfeed after a couple of my friends ‘liked’ the Old Navy page…you’re pic and your blog was on advertisement (cute pic by the way). I found myself saying to my friend “I know her!” Technically, since I read your blog everyday, I wasn’t really lying :)


  2. says

    My highlight of the day is watching the Cosby show with my family in the evening. It’s the only time we all sit down and do something together. I always look forward to it!


  3. Alison says

    I have to agree with a lot of commenters. The highlight of my day is the morning when I get to pray, eat breakfast, watch the news and read some blogs. Love it and so thankful to have the time to do that! :)


  4. says

    I’d have to say that the time I look forward to most is the early morning. After years of being a night owl, I somehow made the transition into an early bird, and I love waking up early, making my favorite tea, having breakfast, and spending some time on the computer before having to start my day. There’s nothing I hate more than being rushed in the morning – I need some quiet time before the craziness of the day starts!


  5. says

    Isn’t the love of a dog absolutely amazing?? They love you unconditionally and they are always happy to see you, no matter what. That is a pretty awesome feeling, especially if/when you have been away for awhile. I cannot wait to go home soon and see my dogs. I am hoping that it will be the highlight of their day!

    Currently, the highlight of my day is getting home from work/working out and being able to cook a delicious and nutritious meal. I also love being able to relax on the couch while watching TV and blogging. It makes for the perfect night :).


  6. says

    My favorite part of the day is when my little guy wakes up and wants to cuddle and watch Sesame Street with me. He’s such a wiggle worm and usually going nonstop so I appreciate even 20 cuddly minutes these days!


  7. Sara says

    My favorite time is the couple hours I have before bed to relax! I hate bed time because it means in a few hours my alarm will go off and I will have to get ready for work.


  8. says

    During the work week it is when I walk out of the home of my last client of the day. I love working with my clients but it is now officially ME time. On the weekends, it is breakfast time and the relaxation that occurs after which is a close tie to the moment after my long run and the energy I get from it.


  9. says

    Hi Julie! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, since my sister (an avid blog reader) shared it with me letting me know you were a KD at UCF…me too! I just wanted to comment and say hello.

    Happy and excited dogs are one of the cutest things ever, my dog used to crinkle up her nose and smile when we got home and it made my day! My favorite time of the day is when dinner is over, my lunch is packed, outfit is picked out, and all I have to do is read/watch tv/pin :)


  10. says

    I love when we get home from work and Shrek (my dog) is so excited, jumping up and down, ready to see me. I also love Saturdays because Shrek is usually “locked” out of the bedroom while I sleep in (thanks to my awesome husband!) and as soon as I open that door, he is flying up the stairs ready to cuddle with me for the entire day. I also love Saturday breakfasts!


  11. says

    I love the very end of the night when I’ve closed my computer, dried my hair and brushed my teeth and I know that everything is done until tomorrow. I also love pancake mornings on the weekend! Clean sheets are the only thing to make it better!


  12. says

    My favorite part of the day is also when I come through the door. My pup is so excited to see me (doesn’t matter if it’s been eight minutes or eight hours). I love it!

    I made Lamb Roganjosh for dinner tonight. So good. It’s what I always get at Indian restaurants. I made it on the stove simmered on low for three hours but I imagine it would be just as good and easier in a slow cooker.


  13. Katie says

    My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and having my 2 dogs greet me as if they haven’t seen me for weeks. There is no replacement for the unconditional love dogs give us. I love it. I look forward to it every day. On my days off I love the time I spend snuggling with them in bed in the morning.


  14. says

    Love the post today. I can totally relate! we have 3 precious doggies and when their daddy gets home from work, it is pure happiness and joy and makes me smile no matter what mood I am in.
    With that said, the highlight of my day is on my way home from the gym in the evenings. I feel so relaxed and so chill, proud of myself for doing my workout and content I burned off what I took in during the day.. Plus I am so pumped to get home and relax with our dogs and my husband..My happiness! :)


  15. says

    My highlight is definitely walking the dog when I get home from work. Taking him for a stroll is such a relaxing and fun thing to do (for me and him!) after work and sitting in traffic on the way home. Gotta go stretch the legs!


  16. says

    The highlight of my day would be getting home from work. I’m not in love with my job and am thinking about trying to work from home instead in the next couple of years.


  17. Lisa says

    The highlight of my day is the morning nap my 30 pound 5 month old puppy, Tortuga, takes on my lap. She’s like clockwork and snoozes from 7:30-8:45am! She’s done this since the day we brought her home and I don’t know what I’ll do when she gets too big (in about a week!)


  18. says

    I love coming home after work to my sweet black lab, Layla, who has clearly been snoozing all afternoon. She is either wants to snuggle some more or is super excited to play outside. Both are great midday pick me ups. Evening couch time with my husband and Layla is a highlight too; even if I don’t like what we’re watching I enjoy the time together.


  19. says

    During the work week, I get pretty excited about lunch time! I don’t really eat much in the morning (except for some fruit with my coffee or tea), and by noon I’m ready for a break and some socializing with my coworkers! My favorite part of the week is Friday, when I walk out the door leaving work. There’s just so much potential in that moment and I love knowing that I have the whole weekend ahead of me!


  20. Tamara says

    For me, it’s waking up next to my boyfriend. Since we don’t live together, I love waking up and seeing him next to me. And then I kick him out of bed so he can make me coffee 😀 (highlight 2)


  21. says

    Reading these comments, it’a kind of amazing how many people treasure their solitude in the morning. I’m exactly the same way. I love having a few moments to myself to read and think (and read blogs) over a cup of coffee, alone, before the day gets going. Seems like I lot of other people need that as well.


  22. Magen Allen says

    Hands down, my favorite part of the day is when my 10 month old daughter Bradlei wakes up in the morning! Sometimes my husband and I will race to her bedroom when we hear her on the moniter, because she always standing up in bed, looking at the door and giggling because she is so excited to see who is coming to get her! Perfect start to my day (doesn’t hurt that she she sleeps a good 12-13 hours at night) :)


  23. Laura says

    I love the mornings, also. I usually wake up earlier than my boyfriend and take our dog on a walk, which is one of my favorite times because it’s so peaceful and quiet in our neighborhood, which is usually bustling. Then I get back in bed for a couple minutes and I can really appreciate how cozy and comfortable I feel. Normally at night I just pass out the minute my head touches the pillow!


  24. Lauren B. says

    My favorite moment of the day is when I go into my baby’s room, peek in his crib, and he gives me a big gummy grin. Heart melts! Then we get back into bed with Daddy and have time together before he heads to work. I wish I could have those moments forever.


  25. says

    First of all, I am absolutely going to HAVE to try this recipe!! It looks so delicious!! I have to admit, the favorite part of my day is also crawling into bed. My husband and I have started a tradition of reading for 15-20 minutes before bed, and it’s so nice just to relax from the busy day. My second favorite would be those moments on Saturday/Sunday morning when you wake up and realize that you can sleep for 10 more minutes without being late to anything!


  26. says

    I’m sooo happy to sit and eat dinner. It means that I’ve been through work, the gym, making dinner, and now I can just enjoy time with my roommates. Fave!


  27. Katherine says

    Hi Julie!
    Quick question about this amazing chicken dish, can I make it in a regular le creuset pot? If so, how and for how long? I want a slow cooker so badly but my husband is convinced that it is a fire hazard…I only work part time ( we have a 2 year old daughter) so on a rainy or snowy day when I am home, it is possible for me to just let this dish sit in the oven for hours.

    The favorite part of my day is putting the little one to bed, she is always so sweet and cuddly at this time, and having a nice dinner with my husband. And an extra bonus is if we decide to open one of our special bottles of wine ( like last night). I made some steak filets with roasted root vegetables and kale, so we opened a Barolo…it was heaven!!!


  28. Morgan L says

    I have two moments that make a BIG impact on my day: 1) when i walk into my baby’s room in the morning and he gives me a huge smile and 2) when I walk in the door after work (or walk in the door at my in-laws on days my MIL watches the little guy) and my dog is running circles because she’s so excited and my baby gives me another huge smile!


  29. Kimberly says

    Definitely coming home from work and seeing my doggies in the window watching for me & as soon as I turn in the driveway they take off to the door. They are so excited and no matter how bad a day I have had at work they make me smile!


  30. Lia says

    My favorite part of my day is the mornings that my husband and I get to hang out in bed together. Sometimes it is after I get home from work (I work 7p-7a as a nurse) and I crawl into bed and other times it is the on the weekends. Our goldendoodle puppy jumps up into the bed with us and we have family cuddle sessions. My hubby and I lay there and talk about how amazingly snuggly, cute, precious etc. our dog is for like an hour and she pulls out all of her cutest snuggling moves so we will pet her non stop. Eventually she bores of that and starts collecting all of her tennis balls from around the house and drops them on our faces (she thinks this is a good tactic for making us play fetch with her). Gosh, we sure do love that doodle!

    p.s. I do realize how weird and obsessive this sounds…she is our child though!


  31. says

    I look forward to the moment I sit down to eat my breakfast. My boyfriend is usually either in the shower or out the door by this time and it’s truly my “me” time. I usually watch an episode of my favorite shows on Netflix or something.


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