Sadie’s Results

Yesterday morning, after Ryan and I awoke, we drove to the gym for a workout. About halfway through my workout, I went to move my stuff to the weight room and glanced at my phone.

I saw that I missed a call from our vet and immediately signaled to Ryan and walked outside to return the call.

Our vet told us that the results from Sadie’s lump biopsy came back and that Sadie did, in fact, have cancer. Her biopsy results revealed that she had grade one fibrosarcoma. Our vet then told us the good news, which was that when they examined the cells surrounding the lump they removed under the microscope, the cells appeared to be cancer free.

I asked if this meant that they completely removed the cancer from her body and he said that it is possible that they did, but he cannot say for certain. He encouraged us to monitor her, as cancerous lumps like this do resurface, and told us to bring her in if anything else pops up. You better believe this paranoid puppy mama will monitor the heck out of her little body!

So that’s the latest update! I think Sadie has a lot of happy, healthy days ahead of her. If her current energy level is any indication, I think we’re in good shape.


Thank you again for your kind words and thoughts last week!


When we arrived home from the gym, we leashed Sadie up and walked to the nearby tennis courts to hit some balls back and forth for 30 minutes or so.

At first Sadie’s excitement level was off the charts with so many tennis balls to chase around.



But then she saw something even more intriguing…



For some reason Sadie decided to camp out on my side of the court and hunt shadows while Ryan and I leisurely hit balls back and forth and goofed around. We weren’t playing a real game or anything and that’s a very good thing because I can tell you right now that Sadie wouldn’t be much of a teammate. Let’s just say I won’t be calling her if I ever want to play doubles in the future unless I plan to play doubles with shadows instead of real tennis balls.



Once we were done playing around outside, we headed back home for lunch.

I made a yummy pseudo-soup. I call it a pseudo-soup because I didn’t intend for it to be a soup, but Ryan and I liked the base of the dish so much that we ended up eating it with a spoon like soup!


I poured a can of light coconut milk in a pot and seasoned it with ginger, garam masala and garlic salt before adding broccoli and cauliflower. I let the veggies cook in the coconut milk for about 15 minutes before adding some shrimp and digging in.


It was such a simple dish and it got rave reviews in our house.



I’m off to change for church right now, but I’ll be back in a bit! Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Sunday!


  1. says

    Oh god well glad to hear it’s out anyway! I’d say you were in such a panic when you saw this missed call! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday – just got a call to say not needed in work to cover so relaxing is on the cards for sure!


  2. Vanessa N says

    So sorry to hear about Sadie’s results, but you’re a good puppy mama for catching it early and getting it taken care of ASAP! Get well soon, Sadie! I’m sure she’ll have a quick recovery!


  3. says

    Keeping Sadie (and you and Ryan) in my thoughts!!!! Also, I tweeted you yesterday about this, but I’ve been thinking about Sadie’s birthday challenge! Has she done it yet this year?! 🙂


  4. says

    oh SADIE!!! Well I’m glad your vet said the cells around the lump weren’t cancerous, hopefully this is just something you’ll monitor and won’t become worse. The world needs that adorable face! And who would hunt all the shadows?


  5. Kristine says

    So glad to hear Sadie is okay!! With her excitement in mind, I was recently saw a hilarious vizsla that reminded me of Sadie! I was kayaking and saw a couple throwing a frisbee to their dog that was swimming behind their kayaks. The dog had a little life vest on and it had so much energy catching the frisbee. I kept thinking oh my gosh that dog must be sooo tired! Until I got closer and realized it was a vizsla, I immediately thought of you and Sadie!


  6. says

    Oh Julie! I’m sorry to hear about Sadie! I hope they got it all and no more bumps in the future! Good thing you and Ryan spotted the bump when you did! Sadie looks like she’s still loving life, which is great news! Enjoy your Sunday!


  7. Lisa says

    As someone who has recently gone through a hard cancer battle with my pup there are many things you can do that will help ward off the cancer. We lost our boy, but I believe the diet I gave him extended his life. (when his was discovered it was stage 4 and it was the most aggressive cancer they can get)
    Sadie’s results as hard as it can be is very positive. Do a little research online, there are many natural foods you can add to Sadie’s diet to help fight cancer. Tumeric, spinach etc.


  8. says

    I might have to try that soup! We got some coconut milk recently and are trying to find out all the different ways we can cook with it. The only thing we don’t have is garam masala…

    Glad Sadie is doing better. Good for you for being observant and taking care of your puppy!


  9. Sarah says

    So glad to hear Sadie I doing well now. You’re a vigilant puppy Mama so I’m sure Sadie is going to have a long & happy life. And Happy National Carrot Cake Day to you as well!


  10. says

    I just had to fight off some tears reading about Sadie’s results. I’ve gone through multiple cancer experiences with my dogs and it’s never easy, but it’s great that you guys caught it this early. I have a very good feeling miss Sadie will be just find and go on to live a long happy life!


  11. bryanna says

    Wow! As a fellow dog owner and lover, I can imagine how paranoid you’ll be! So glad your cutie is in the clear for now, and that you guys caught it on time. That’s quite a scare!
    You really seem to like that garam masala, I’ll have to try some 🙂


  12. says

    I’m sorry to hear that the lump was cancerous – I’m sure that was not a fun phone call to have. I hope that they did get everything and that Sadie is on the road to recovery (or practically recovered, it seems!). She’s lucky to have such attentive parents!


  13. says

    Oh my, Sadie! That little pup is one strong litle cookie! Its a really great thing that you had taken her to the vet earlier instead of waiting it out. I’m sure she’ll be perfectly okay! I actually make something “SOMEWHAT” similar to your dinner last night. (Meaning, it was veggies laying on top of soup) and am definitely a fan of veggie/soup bowls now. Have a good time at church!


  14. says

    I’m so happy for you guys! *tearing up* I remember what it was like finding out the results of our girls mammary tumor. It sounds like the vet is positive so you guys should be as well and I know you’ll look her over like any good doggie mama! Please give her a smooch from us! 🙂


  15. says

    So happy to hear that Sadie is ok!! It must be such a relief. Our dog is only four but I still worry about him all the time since he’s our baby. Any hint of something wrong and I suggest we take him to the vet!


  16. Jenna says

    So glad to hear they think they got all of the cancer. I hope she stays lump/bump free and has many, many years of chasing shadows 🙂


  17. Carm says

    I’m sorry to hear that it was cancerous, but am glad and hopeful that they removed all of it! Thinking of you guys as you keep watch over your puppy baby!


  18. melissa says

    Oh precious Sadie! I’m so glad she is ok. Good for you and Ryan for being so vigilante. I’ve been praying for her this week. Dogs are precious angels.


  19. Sharan says

    I’m so sorry to hear that it was indeed cancerous, but thank goodness you caught it early. Here’s to a long and cancer-free life for Sadie! 🙂


  20. Nikki says

    I am so happy it seems the cancer cells were contained to the lump!!! Praying that is all and it never happens again! Hana’s lump was examined on Friday and it was just fatty cyst/hair folicle thing! But you can be sure I will be keeping an eye on it and for any other bumps! Hugs and kisses to Sadie! Falling in love with that dog through your stories!

    Before I meet my husband, his dog Axel a German Shepherd had cancer. It develope when he was around 7 yrs old. The vet advised my husband to put him to sleep but my husband just couldn’t do it! He and Axel had this bond where he knew Axel would be ok if he did everything he could to get rid of the cancer. So Axel went through surgery and chemo. The cancer was killed and never cam back. Axel lived to be 13 yrs old!!! I meet him when he was around 9 yrs old. Loved that dog and miss him everyday! So glad my husband did everything he could for him!


  21. Tracy Dalrymple says

    Check out a holistic vet. I had a cat with aggressive breast cancer that was given six months to a year to live, with or without treatment. She lived two years with a very good quality of life by using a holistic vet. Lots of prayers for Sadie.


  22. Chelsea says

    Sorry to hear the news about Sadie, but on the bright side at least she is short haired and you were able to notice it right away! Look into CAS Options. It’s an immune boosting supplement for dogs, many have used for cancer. Our pup was on it for a bit due to having parvo so the vet thought his immune system could use some help. Just thought I would offer since I knows any time my dog has had an issue I obsessively research what we can do to help prevent or solve the problem. I’m sure miss Sadie will be just fine!


  23. says

    Definitely keeping you guys and Sadie in my prayers!! I’m sure she’s going to be perfectly fine, but it always helps to hear it repeatedly. These little boogers are our best friends and like our children!


  24. says

    I’m glad to hear the vet believes Sadie is cancer free. I’d be a nervooouuuusss Mommy right now if it were me. Pretty much body check… Hourly. Haha! Yay for good news 🙂


  25. Emma says

    So sorry to hear the news about Sadie. I know how scary that can be, although it sounds like there is good news in that her other cells were cancer-free. So glad you caught it early, I know how stressful it can be to constantly check for new lumps, but it’s better to be vigilant and one step ahead. Just know we are all here for you and Sadie and are willing her good health and happiness every day. F*** cancer.


  26. Brittany says

    Glad to hear Sadie is doing well. Cancer in dogs in scary, but at least you now know what you are up against and can take the right course of action to ensure she lives a long and healthy life. Sending you lots of prayers and good vibes!


  27. says

    What bittersweet news. I am sad to hear that Sadie did, in fact, have a cancerous lump, but it sounds like there is a positive outlook for her and that with great attention and care you will most certainly keep her healthy. I pray that she only has many, many healthy years ahead of her :).


  28. says

    That’s really great news about Sadie! I can imagine it would make you a little anxious now, but I think that as long as you guys are on top of it (like you have been) and take her in if you do ever notice anything, then she definitely has lots of happy and healthy years left in her 🙂


  29. says

    Oh gosh I love coconut milk and shrimp together! I make something awfully close to this and I like to cook up some quinoa or rice as well and top it with the “soup”. Im also so glad to see those lumps weren’t cancer!


  30. says

    So glad to hear the good news! My dog had cancer – the inoperable kind – and lived 2.5 years after the diagnosis! Enjoy every minute with her. Keeping you all in my thoughts.


  31. Andrea says

    It’s my first time posting I’ve loved your blog for a while now.

    I’m glad you were vigilant and caught Sadie’s tumor early. I don’t want to scare you but I wouldn’t rely on Sadie’s attitude and energy levels. Dogs are pack animals and don’t like to show they’re sick until it’s too late. But there’s no way they can hide bumps so make sure you keep checking her!


  32. AmandA says

    Glad you guys are such great dog parents and took her in right away. It’s great that little bumps like at are easy to see on vizslas! Our pups are covered in shaggy fur so we need to feel around a lot more 🙂 Happy to hear it seems to have been caught. Have a great Sunday!


  33. says

    I’m so glad you got Sadie into the vet when you did! You’re such a good doggy-mama! I hope everything continues to work out and she has many, many wonderful years ahead of her. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!


  34. Elisabeth says

    So glad for Sadie’s good news! Cancer is scary, but you caught it early & it was fortunately only Grade 1. I bet she has plenty of happy days ahead 🙂


  35. Lin says

    Sorry to hear about Sadies diagnosis, but thankfully it sounds like you caught the cancer early.

    Do you have a laser toy for Sadie? If not, she needs one. If she hunts shadows she will love chasing a laser. I always thought they were more for cats but my dog absolutely loves it.


  36. Bec says

    Glad to hear Sadie is ok! I’ve been doing a lot of research on doggie nutrition for my own pups and have come across diets called “cancer-starving diets” that may help prevent cancer in your pooch (generally high protein diets). You may want to look into it to keep her healthy. Anyways, I’m a longtime lurker and don’t usually comment, but I love your blog and wish you (and Sadie!) the best!


  37. says

    I am glad Sadie is doing okay! My roommate and I were talking about dogs and I said “Did you see that Sadie from PBFingers had to go to the vet?” and she said yes and that she hoped everything was okay and we kind of laughed how it was totally normal to pretend we are a part of someone’s life we don’t know! I guess its the same for all bloggers though! I have tons of “friends” that I have never met now! BTW that accidental soup looks awesome. I am in the process of putting together my grocery list and I added in shrimp and coconut milk!


  38. Becky Young says

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, I’ve been sort of a lurker, reading your blog every once in a while. As a fellow puppy mama, I understand how sad and scary all of this must be for you, and just wanted to wish Sadie many happy years of playing frisbee!!! Keeping her and you guys in my thoughts.


  39. Kimberly says

    So glad you caught it early and Sadie is doing so well. She has been in my thoughts & prayers since she had her surgery. Sending lots of ‘hugs’ to Sadie.


  40. Heather says

    I have been praying for sweet Sadie! Today we celebrate one year with our little buddy, Jake, a 6-year old golden retriever. I check little lumps on him like crazy…so I know this has been a scary time for you. Hopefully this was a one-time problem, and your running buddy will be next to you for a very, very long time!


  41. says

    Oh gosh, from one puppy mama to another my thoughts and prayers are with you and Sadie! I’m glad the good news revealed that it hasn’t spread, ill pray she remains cancer free 🙂 I know how hard it is having a dog with health issues, but she sure is lucky to have such a caring and attentive mom!


  42. Stefanie Parker says

    I am glad Sadie is okay! She seems very upbeat and excited like a healthy puppy, so i think she will be just fine! 🙂


  43. says

    Oh no Julie! I am so sorry to hear about Sadie. But I am so glad you are an attentive mama and noticed it right away! And your attitude is awesome. You got it early, removed it, and are moving on. Keep on rockin Sadie Fagan!!


  44. Kerry says

    I am so glad to hear that it is good news, well as good as you can get for what it is.
    I work in Northern Canada all summer and while I was there this past year I got a call from my BF that our dog (Emma) had a lump on her rib-cage area. He brought her to our vet and as soon as she looked at it she knew it was cancer, but did not know what kind or stage. The following week Emma went in for surgery and had the lump removed.
    A few days later we got both good news and potentially bad. It was a stage 1 mast-cellular tumor, meaning it was cancer, but it was an early stage and that type of cancer tends to remain within the tumor. This was good news that we got it early yay! The potentially bad news, the vet office we go to trains vet techs and one of the vet techs put the tumor in the wrong container so they couldn’t test the cell walls to make sure they were clean – or cancer free. I talked to my vet and she ensured me it did not warrant another surgery to just keep an eye on the area because as you said it can come back. We’re 6 months later. She is as spunky as ever and so far I have not seen any signs of it coming back (knock on wood). Just like you I am a very diligent fur mom on this issue haha.
    Anyway, thought I’d give you a happy little story similar to yours that so far has been park filled, treat filled, belly love filled and cancer free for 6 months 🙂


  45. says

    So glad to hear that everything seems to be okay for now and that Sadie has such a good, attentive mommy to look out for her. 😀 My husband and I just adopted a little doggie of our own, and I’m already the exact same way. She’s getting spoiled rotten.

    P.S. Hehe. I love that Sadie was more into the shadows than the tennis balls. Priorities. 😉


  46. says

    After following all of your updates about Sadie, I encouraged my mom to look into having our dog’s warts more closely examined because we had just assumed they were due to her old age. Well turns out one of them is a tumor – not life threatening – but it will need to be removed. Thank you for sharing what Sadie is going through!! Abby is 15 but I know she still has a few good years in her and will definitely now that we are not taking any chances.



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