Cold Weather Cocoon

Oh heeey there! How are you doing today?

My Tuesday started off nice and early with a workout at the gym. It was in the 30s when we awoke this morning and I was awfully thankful that Ryan turned our little space heater on before we went to bed last night.

Dragging myself out of bed at 5 a.m. when our house is cold is 10 times harder than getting out of bed when it’s temperate. I give you northerners a lot of credit for tackling cold-weather workouts. You guys are champs.

Vizslas don’t have an undercoat, so Sadie’s a big baby when it comes to cold weather, too.

worst thing i can imagine

She has yet to emerge from bed this morning and created a little cocoon out of the covers for herself.

I wonder if she’s employing the same tactic I used to use during the winter when I was growing up in Illinois? I’d pull my covers up over my head and use my breath to help keep my body toasty in my little bed fort. Warmth!

Where were we? Ah! Today’s workout!

I began my gym session with a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical before heading into the weight room to complete the first workout from Phase 3 of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp. This workout used pyramid sets to fatigue the muscles and focused on legs and shoulders.


Breakfast this morning was awfully similar to yesterday’s morning meal.

Overnight Oats with Coconut

More overnight oats!

Coconut Overnight Oats

Topped with unsweetened shredded coconut.

Of Possible Interest

Question of the Morning

  • Do you find it more difficult to motivate yourself to work out during the winter?
  • How do you motivate yourself to work out when it’s freezing outside?


  1. says

    Haha I love that picture of Sadie! I know exactly what you mean about it being hard to get up when its chilly – the worst thing is pulling back the covers and feeling like you’ve plunged into ice. Eeek! I definitely struggle to work out in the winter, I joined a 24 hour gym as my morning sessions dwindled to nothing. I only get there a few times a week but it has made a big difference!


  2. says

    Yeah, I have some motivation issues in the winter, but the best way I’ve been able to get over it is from the mantra, “Summer’s Coming, whether you’re ready or not”. Whoa! That seriously makes me want to exercise and feel confident! When its freezing, I’ll normally do an indoor workout. I write out what exercises need to be accomplished, and plop myself in front of YouTube to do them. I have certain movies and such that I’m only allowed to watch when I exercise, so it gets done!


  3. Kelsey Y. says

    I do find it a lot more difficult; mostly because of the daylight hours though! It seems so dark for most of the day, which leaves me feeling like I just want to relax! I usually try to stick to the treadmill and some workout DVDs, but this winter, I’ve found myself to be pretty bored with everything! I’m glad I will be starting CrossFit next week. It is much easier to stay motivated in the spring/summer/fall because of the “nice” weather in Duluth; most days you can just get up and go!


  4. says

    Oh yes! Soooo much harder because the bed is that much better! I don’t have any tricks to help me out; I just know it’s gotta get done. I will often opt for the treadmill instead of the chilly outdoors though, so at least that’s something.


  5. says

    Working out makes me toasty, so I feel like I’m more apt to workout just to get warm, but when the weather is below ten degrees, like it was last week, here in Iowa, I have a REALLY hard time getting to the gym. It was so COLD outside! When it’s above ten degrees, I know I won’t need a coat when I’m done, which helps.


  6. Kim says

    I have people at CrossFit that hold me accountable! If I don’t show up at 5:30AM, they ask questions. (Also, I know that if I don’t get my butt to the gym in the morning, it won’t happen at all!)


  7. says

    I give serious credit to those of you work out in winter first thing in the morning…getting out of bed is hard enough, and even more so when its fa-reeezing outside!


  8. says

    I try to hit the gym while Im already out ruinning errands or straight from work because If I go home and get comfy its super hard to get back out in the cold! I had overnight oats this morning too!


  9. Christine says

    So much harder in the winter! This morning it was 24 degrees out, my motivation to get up was last nights dinner, chicken pot pie! I needed to burn off the calories 🙂 I also think about all the others at the gym…if they can get there then I really have no excuse. I will admit though I’ve been slacking big time in my early morning workouts during the week, just too dang cold!


  10. says

    This post could not be more timely as it’s FREEZING here today. I think it’s like 17 degrees now maybe… It’s so hard for me to get motivated, especially if I attempt to run outside. Today was not one of those days, though! I motive myself by thinking about how great and accomplished I’ll feel when it’s over. It usually works 🙂


  11. says

    The winter makes it so much worse! I am in the north and we have been dealing with lots of cold weather and snow! One of my favorite things is running outside, but I am not a champ like so many others (you guys rock!) and I don’t do it if it’s cold! Maybe I am a baby, but it’s just not fun to me! I try to always switch up my workouts and have a plan for the gym in the winter. That way, I stay accountable for it! Also, I am doing BBB so I have that to look forward to everyday!


  12. says

    I might still put my head under the covers when I’m gold, yep I defiantly do! My doodle doesn’t like to come under the covers so he sits and paws at me tell I come out and love on him. I think he thinks its a game!


  13. says

    I work out mid-morning (usually) so for me it’s not getting the motivation to work out, it’s just about getting the motivation to leave my toasty, warm bed! Which yes, becomes incredibly difficult in the winter sometimes. :-p


  14. says

    I still do the warm breath thing under the covers! ha Yes, I find it much more difficult to work out in the winter. My favorite exercise is waking outside, so with temps below freezing and snow on the ground, that doesn’t happen (except to take Louie out). I do attend more class type workouts in the winter and I have invested in some really cute layers in my workout wear. Plus, I have been doing your circuit workouts at home where it’s nice and cozy!


  15. Emily says

    I’m a student which means that I have do to a ton of walking around campus, and it’s so hard when the temperature deeps below -7C (I think that’d be just under 20F). I find that when I get home at night I’m so exhausted from the cold that I just pass out. Not so great for productivity!
    At-home workouts are key for me. By the time I walk to the gym, all I want to do is curl up under my sheets.


  16. says

    I left for the gym this morning at 5:15, but honestly, 30 degrees felt pretty warm today considering last Friday when I went it was only 9 degrees! Talk about freezing! It is much easier to get out of bed though in mild to warn temperatures than cold!


  17. Katie says

    I live in wisconsin and its been below zero lately! But since getting to the gym is hard somedays I take my vizsla and snowshoe the trails by my house 🙂


  18. says

    I live in CT so it’s ALWAYS cold (exaggeration) but it is definitely easier for me to work out later in the day. I’m pretty lucky in that I get to head to the gym on my lunch break, so I usually go around 3! It’s a great pick-me-up in the afternoon slump!


  19. says

    I just try not to think about it…like ripping off a band-aid. Plus, I leave my alarm clock on the other side of my room right next to my workout clothes that I have laid out, so I have to get out of bed, I then throw on everything and go. I also have a down coat that is very warm, so it definitely helps!


  20. says

    Because it is cold here more than warm I think I am just used to it! But the one trick is that we go to the gym right after work, if we do something before or go home first chances are we will not venture back out. I do find that going to later (7-7:30) fitness classes does not happen in the winter near as much as in the summer because of both the dark & cold!


  21. Jennifer says

    So funny, I just said to my husband this morning that I did NOT want to get our of bed to go to the gym today because I was so warm and comfy. We moved to Tampa from NY 3 years ago, and that is definitely one thing I do not miss! I can deal with it a few days out of the year, but not an entire winter!


  22. says

    Oh my gosh! That picture of Sadie is just adorable! I literally laughed out loud 🙂 I live in Illinois and I find it extrememly hard to get out of bed for school! Who doesn’t want to stay in a warm cozy bed?!


  23. Meghan says

    YES! It’s much harder for me to get motivated when it’s cold BUT I do LOVE running outside when it’s cold; I know that sounds crazy, but there’s something very invigorating about it. Now if I can just figure out how to get myself out more…


  24. says

    It’s definitely more difficult to wake up in the morning when it’s freezing! Today the wind chill is -2 here, hence the reason I slept past my 6am alarm and didn’t get out of bed til 645. Oops. Good for you for getting up anyway! 🙂


  25. says

    I definitely find it more challenging to get up for early morning workouts during the winter months. It’s dark and cold and all I want to do is stay in my warm and comfy bed! It’s amazing how much more motivated I get during he summer months for early morning workouts when the sun comes up early.

    You inspired my overnight oats for my breakfast this morning. It was a tasty one, as always! 😉


  26. says

    I took off yesterday because I was under the weather so I’m starting Phase 3 today. It looks like a fun one! I finally tried overnight oats for the first time this morning. I gotta say-not sure what all the fuss is about! Perhaps I did something wrong?


  27. says

    My workouts definitely suffer in the winter, especially since I have to walk a half mile in the Chicago cold just to get to my gym! Plus I love to walk outdoors but that doesn’t happen in the winter, it’s just too cold!


  28. says

    Ahhhh getting out of bed when it’s cold is SO HARD! My apartment building controls the heat in our units and keeps up quite toasty, but growing up my parents always kept the heat turned down loooooooow. My room was on a corner and was the coldest room in the house — it rarely topped 64 in my room during the winter. Getting out of bed was never fun!


  29. says

    Growing up in Connecticut and being a swimmer has trained me to get up early in the am regardless of the temps. I always had to be at swim practice at 5:30am no matter how cold, so I just roll out of bed and bundle up, it wasnt easy and getting into a pool when it was cold! Now I look forward to the fact that i will be working up a sweat 10 minutes after entering the gym!


  30. says

    I’m the biggest wimp when it comes to the cold, which is really unfortunate because I live in Canada and have to deal with less-than-ideal temperatures way more often than I’d like to. I’ll admit that getting myself to move when it’s cold is really difficult because all of my muscles and joints feel stiff, but I jump around for a little while to get myself warmed up and try to keep in mind that I’ll get warmer once I get moving.


  31. Michele says

    I laughed out loud when you said you have a little space heater:) Here in West Virginia it about the coldest its ever been! (Since I’ve lived here, anyway) Nothing like scraping off the car at 5:30 to get to bootcamp class by 6!


  32. says

    It’s SO much harder to work out in the winter when it’s darker more and much colder. I’ve been doing treadmill runs mainly while it’s been so chilly in NYC. I also crave a big bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning much more than I do a workout!


  33. Brittany says

    Being from one of the snowiest place in the country, winter workouts can get hard. I try to get to the gym 4-5 days a week and for fun my husband and I will go skiing/snowboarding, take our niece and nephews sled riding, or just out for a walk with our dog, Lando. You have to learn to enjoy the snow and cold weather or else you won’t have much motivation 🙂


  34. says

    I definitely find it harder to make it to the gym when it’s cold outside. I found myself looking for a little chore to do this morning to procrastinate making the cold trek. I just bundle up and try to think how warm the gym will be.


  35. says

    Yes! It is so hard to get up when it is cold. I hate it. I have to workout in the evening because I can’t get out of bed. And I also admire northerners who can get through those harsh winters.
    It think it is great how you and Ryan motivate each other every morning.


  36. Nicole says

    It’s really hard when it’s freezing in NY, like it is currently, but sometimes it’s almost better waking up in a warm house throwing on a bunch of layers and feeling that cold hit your face in the morning. It’s a reaaaal wake up haha


  37. says

    It’s so hard to find motivation when it’s like 10 degrees, but I find if I make plans to meet up with a friend, it’s a bit easier. We’re been running outside for a half marathon in DC next month, so that helps with motivation! There’s been a few times lately that we’ve had to change our plan after it snowed, but we always have a backup workout to do indoors.


  38. says

    This is such a weird question… but where did you get Sadie’s little outfit? My parents dog is just as cold natured and wears “pajamas” ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Ha! This particular style that Sadie is sporting is one of her favorites and I can’t seem to find them anywhere! I got her one at Target during Christmas… but that is the only time I’ve seen them.

    And ps. good for you girl, it’s all I can do to workout after work… when it’s even warmer than in the morning! HATE COLD! Ready for summer to HURRY UP!


  39. Melanie says

    I actually like going into the gym when it’s cold out! When the summer hits in OH I want to be outside, and do physical activites in the sunshine! Since it’s been snowing here in Columbus, it has made it easier for me to drag my butt to the gym. What else is there to do? 🙂


  40. says

    It’s definitely so much harder to motivate myself to get to the gym in the winter, especially since I can usually only go in the pitch dark, or the frost of the morning. I don’t do outside workouts though. House to car, car to gym, that’s as much as I can stand.


  41. says

    I find it extremely hard to motivate myself in the winter time! I just make sure to wear as much of my workout clothes as possible to bed, that way I have no excuse to NOT get up. I’m already dressed to workout, so I better get up! And I make sure to set my coffee pot to be ready by the time I get up for a burst of caffeine pre-workout! 🙂


  42. says

    It’s funny because I was just talking to my mom about this yesterday! I just started working out again FORCEABLY because living in Western Kentucky it is SO hard to get motivated when it’s cold outside!

    That Sadie is just precious!


  43. says

    I’m a big baby to the cold. Its sooooo hard to get my self motivated in the winter… to put on all those extra layers and base layers Its like 27 now.. here in Iowa.. sometimes I go outside but I mostly just force my self to go to the GYM!


  44. says

    I grew up in upstate NY so DC isn’t as bad as it can possibly be. I have definitely seen worst! I 100% find it harder to get outside when it is cold out / I’m chilled so I crank the heat in my bedroom while I’m bundling up and try to forget it is below 30F outside. I manage to stay motivated right now because I have my training schedule on my wall and if I can’t cross off the run I know I’ll feel worse than just being cold for a mil while I warm up! Also I share on my blog my training schedule at the beginning of the week and mark off the runs I need to do so if I have to put “SKIP” instead of “DONE” I would feel like every one down! I have yet to skip a run in the last 4 1/2 weeks of training!


  45. Christina @ The Beautiful Balance says

    Sadie is too cute for words! I didn’t know you were from Illinois! I’m from Chicago and I definitely made bed forts when I was younger and used my breath to warm me up! Too funny 🙂


  46. says

    I have a lot more trouble getting up to workout in the winter! I live in Montana…so winter is super cold and lots of snow! I recently got an elliptical for my house so if it looks too miserable outside, I don’t even try! 🙂


  47. says

    It is soooo cold this winter in New York. I can handle running outside still for the most part but when it is beyond frigid, I either hit the gym for Spin class or the treadmill. Lately when I really want to run outside, I warm up inside on the treadmill and then go outside to finish my run.


  48. says

    I live in Wisconsin and the winter months last forever…or so it seems. Running outside is difficult with snow and freezing wind chills. I mostly run on the treadmill during the winter months. I find that it’s easier to stay motivated running at a fitness center surrounded by other people that are there for the same reason 🙂 Although I still hate to run on the treadmill.
    If I do run outside I will sometimes buy new warm running clothes so that I can test them out to see how warm they are. 🙂


  49. says

    Girl, I feel you on dragging yourself to the gym in the dead of winter. I crank up the heat in my studio so I can trick myself into thinking it’s not so bad outside, but that first blast of cold air kills me every time!!


  50. says

    I definitely find it harder to work out in the winter, especially since I typically work out in the evenings and it’s so DARK after 5pm! But I usually try and keep myself motivated by trying new things – new classes, new routines, and new programs. Keeps me interested even when the cold is trying to keep my curled up in bed!


  51. says

    Hi! I find it hard to stay motivated in the summer more than the winter! I am a new england girl and in the summer there is SO much to do. In the winter its cold and miserable and my schedule really frees up and I actually have time to run. I run outside with my dog when its mild enough and on the treadmills at the gym when its too cold. NO excuses! When I am really feeling un motivated I go out and buy some new running clothes. Nothing makes me want to run more than a cute new outfit to test out!


  52. Jessica says

    Working out is the best way to get through winter. To get me up in the morning to workout, I get up when my husband goes to work. His alarm will go off at 5am and then 15 minutes later, so I’ll be awake any ways. I am more likely to run at the gym in the winter as well, it feels good to be in a warm building.


  53. says

    Get up and put straight on your workout gear….we had our first snow fall here last night. I have sky light windows in my bedroom so all I could see was snow when I woke up! Luckily the over heated house made me want to get out of bed and get moving!


  54. says

    I was born and raised in Iowa, so moving to Texas was a huge climate change! I much prefer the heat. I have officially become such a cold weather wimp now, 40 degrees and I am bundled for the tundra! My motivation for cold days is usually to go faster so that I warm up more quickly. I must admit, it is harder to get out of our warm bed those mornings!


  55. says

    I just need to take a time-out and say that I did NOT know you grew up in Illinois. Where at?! I grew up there too, and now live an hour south of Orlando… so we have some similarities there 😀

    I forced myself to get outta bed this morning too and went for a run, but my hands and face froze and my knuckles got all cracked and bloody. That’s fun. Surprisingly, when I had to run for 3 weeks in Chicago this winter, I didn’t have any issues running– when I actually got out there. Getting me out of the house was tough, but realizing I have a half marathon coming up is what got me into the Chicago winds. I was always happy that I did it.


  56. says

    It takes me longer to warm up in the winter so I find it more difficult to work out.
    I love the cold weather to run in because I don’t have to have a heat stroke every time like in the summer (over exaggerating, but Alabama summer weather isnt fun)…but its not very fun to be freezing either…my motivation is always to “just get out the door and begin”…simple. I know that as soon as I begin anything I will keep going.
    Sadie makes my day!


  57. Alyssa says

    Maryland has been one of the more indecisive states this winter, temperature-wise. It drives me crazy because one morning I’m running in compression pants, yoga pants, thick socks, a thermal shirt, warm running jacket, gloves, and a hat and still parts of me are freezing but then other days I’m sweating in a long sleeve shirt and compression pants. In regards to motivation, I’m a swimmer by nature and history so I’m used to just jumping in and going – usually the rest takes care of myself. What helps me is being prepared – knowing the weather, having my running gear out and staring me in the face, and not even thinking but just getting up and going. I can’t wait for more temperate weather!
    – a.


  58. says

    Hi! I live in Buffalo in an old, drafty house. Needless to say when my alarm goes off it can be a little tough to surface from the cozy depths of my duvet. My new years resolution was to switch to a morning workout person, and what helped me more than anything was to put my alarm clock allll the way across my room to force me to get out of bed. If I didn’t do that, I don’t think I would have succeeded in my resolution!

    Love your blog, I look forward to my email updates every day (it sheds some light onto the final hour at my desk job) Thank you for being such an inspiration!


  59. Madeline says

    I love in Minnesota and it has been FREEZING! Last week, there were many days of -30 degree windchill. 🙁 definitely isn’t motivating to leave the house, let alone workout!


  60. says

    Sadie looks so cute. I love her little jacket. Dogs in clothes always make me smile 🙂 I got a little “top model” top for my in-laws puppy. She was really small (the runt of the litter) and I thought should could use a bit of warmth (and style).


  61. says

    Question! When you say 20-minute elliptical warm up, do you follow a specific level/crossramp or just take it easy for all 20?

    Your workouts and recipes are an inspiration to me! Thank you! 🙂


  62. says

    in my boston days, i got up at 430 or so to do my w/o….it just worked better with my life. i used a building gym which helped a TON. i also put out my gym stuff in tthe bathroom….i even tucked the prper sock into the shoe (where socks are labeled R and L). I reminded myself that it is MUCH easier to MAINTAIN the routine than it is to restart. Hitting “pause” and taking a break day sometimes is okay. I also love the lack of crowds in the PM;


  63. says

    My issues with working out in the winter stem mostly from the fact that the streets and sidewalks in Cleveland are covered in snow and ice almost all of the time. Because of this, I think long and hard about going for a run outside unless the temperatures have melted a good bit of the snow and ice on sidewalks. I have hopes of doing the Key West Half Marathon in 2014 but because of the weather here I’m not sure how I’d be able to train successfully for it. I don’t want to get hurt and spend the “prime” months of the racing season trying to come back from an injury suffered when I forced a run in the wintertime. I am blessed to have an indoor track on which to run, but it gets a bit monotonous at times, and the indoor running experience is pretty different from the outdoor running experience in my opinion.


  64. Elizabeth M. says

    Sometimes I think Sadie and my pup are twins. She does the SAME thing when it turns cold (and we live in Utah, it gets cold!) Today she went to day camp and we had to dig her out of our bed. She loves it where it’s warm and toasty! I am glad to hear she’s feeling like herself after the surgery! We had a dog who had similar lumps removed and lived to be a happy old dog 🙂


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