Television Decision

Good morning!

I hope your day is off to a good start! I’m hoping my day doesn’t take a massive dive for the worse when I head off to the dentist this morning. I have an appointment to get a filling repaired. An old filling fell out last week and I have a nice little hole in my tooth that needs to be patched up. Sounds like a rockin’ good time!


Today’s workout began with a two mile run on the treadmill.

After my quick run, it was off to the weight room for a Best Body Boot Camp workout! I flip flopped the final two circuit workouts for the week and did the upper body circuit workout. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do. (<— If you can name that movie, we should probably be best friends.)


I made myself a plate of scrambled eggs with shredded cheese and spinach for breakfast this morning.

Eggs with Spinach

On the side I had a rather questionable toasted whole wheat English muffin. I found it in the freezer this morning and I’m pretty sure it was on its last leg. I ended up making myself an egg sandwich with the English muffin and scrambled eggs and all was well. 

Television Decision

Last month Ryan and I started talking about canceling our cable. We actually went without television in our house for two years back when we first started living together.

Thornton Park Apartment Orlando

(That apartment is still my favorite place that we’ve lived! I loved all of the windows and the hardwood floors.)

We weren’t sure how we would handle it, but we both didn’t really miss it at all. We had NetFlix and found that when we would watch TV together, it felt like a planned event rather than just a default activity since we were watching DVDs of movies or TV shows that we were both interested in watching together. If there was a show on TV that we really wanted to keep up with, we’d watch it online a few days after it originally aired. Most days we just didn’t watch TV at all and I honestly didn’t miss it.

We got cable again when we moved into our second apartment (a decision that was motivated by Ryan’s desire to watch the World Cup) and have kept it ever since. When we started talking about canceling our cable last week, we realized we don’t really have many shows we watch regularly. New Girl and Modern Family are the only two shows we watch together weekly, though I also watch The Bachelor and Ryan loves sports.

Paying for cable doesn’t seem worth it when we only care about a few shows, but aside from that, we realized that we’ve started to use TV as a default form of “filler entertainment.” We’ll find ourselves sitting on the couch watching random shows we don’t really care much about at all at night. When we didn’t have TV, we read more, went on more walks with Sadie and were more productive around the house in the evening.

But on the nights when neither of us feel like doing anything, TV is a pretty sweet thing. I’ve already told Ryan I’m all in for canceling cable but he really likes watching sports and isn’t fully on board yet. We shall see!

Question of the Morning

  • Do you watch a lot of TV? How many minutes/hours of TV do you watch a day?
  • Have you ever considered going TV-free in your house? Would you want to?

Fun fact: According to the New York Daily News, Americans watch an average of 34 hours of television a week.


    • says

      i remember your post when you first decided to cancel cable! i was actually wondering whether or not you guys stuck with it when ryan and i were talking last week! glad to hear it was a good change for you. i’m on board!


  1. says

    We watch way too much TV during the fall and winter. It is sad. Especially with the PVR it makes watching all the shows too easy. I would love to cancel at least some of our channels, to save money and spend less time on the couch.


  2. says

    We have thought about canceling our cable a few times, but I cannot get myself to do it. I have several shows that I DVR so I can watch them while I am on the treadmill. I have read that Netflix is a cheaper alternative. Tough decision! I wish we lived somewhere with great walking areas. I live on a busy road :/


  3. says

    For the LONGEST time we only had basic cable in our house (about 20 channels) and honestly – I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all! The thing is, when you’re sitting in front of the tv, usually there are about 20 other things you could be doing! And plus, now that there are things like Netflix and Hulu, you really don’t need to pay the crazy cable bill!


  4. Amy says

    I currently just have the basic channels; no network tv and no DVR. Sometimes I miss it, but you’re right, I end up wasting time when I have a full DVR all the time- so I am glad I don’t. I watch as many shows as I can when they air, and online afterwards when I can’t catch them live.

    And duh, that quote is from Babe! 🙂


  5. says

    we have thought about that too – especially when we use it for filler/background noise. with our new baby, we are trying to cut down on that too. the only problem for us is that scott really enjoys watching the news in the morning and evening and you can’t get that online or netflix, so that is the hang up for us!


  6. Amanda says

    Get Apple TV!! My fiance and I haven’t had cable in a year this month because we have apple TV. It is so much cheaper to buy a gift card for iTunes every month rather than pay for cable!!


  7. Vanessa V says

    I would LOVE to get rid of cable. We have Apple TV so we can watch Netflix for movies and Hulu Plus to catch up on current shows. But we still have cable because the husband can’t handle the thought of not being able to watch every Celtics game. He doesn’t even watch them all… but he likes knowing it’s always an option… a $138.00/month option. haha!


  8. says

    That apartment is ADORABLE!! My boyfriend and I plan on moving in together soon, and I don’t really want to get cable for the exact reasons you outlined. I currently don’t have a tv in my room (definitely want to keep it that way) and find that I really only turn the tv on for noise and then two shows I regularly watch (Modern Family and Downton Abbey) I can watch on hulu+ and the pbs website…between hulu+, netflix, and being able to get redbox movies, I really don’t feel like it’s worth it to spend the money!


  9. says

    I’m all for no cable! I think it can help save a boatload of money and minimizes TV time. My husband and I don’t have cable, and I honestly don’t miss it one bit. We do have Netflix so we usually will watch a show from that occasionally, but like you said, it’s nice to not always have the TV on and plan other activities to do. I love the fact that we don’t have a cable bill each month too!


    • says

      Also, my husband is a huge sports guy too. I know especially during football season he wishes we had cable, but we will usually go to a friend’s house to watch the game or make it a fun event by going to a sports bar. Otherwise he’ll watch it or listen to the games on his laptop. It’s not ideal, but it’s worth the savings. Just a thought! 😉


  10. Hillary says

    You should look into getting a digital antenna! I got one while I was in college because it cost too much for cable for a poor student and the antenna is a one time cost. Depending on the coverage in your area you can get the basic 5 channels of ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and CW. Usually you can also find PBS. It’s nice to be able to watch some live tv if you want to watch shows when they air, and a $20 antenna can get it done!


  11. says

    I had no TV when I was living away for University and it didn’t bother me; once I have the internet I’m happy! I only put the TV on for background noise in the mornings really; the only time I properly watch TV is if I’m running on the treadmill in the gym!


  12. Laura says

    I didn’t have cable until my boyfriend moved in with me. You can watch all the shows you just mentioned online, which is what I always did, and we would go to a bar to watch certain sports events that Zac cared about. However, my boyfriend is from Oklahoma City, so during the NBA playoffs, we were pretty much at a bar every other night so I agreed to get cable. And I will say, it was nice during college football season, too. But I agree that other than for sports, it’s just really not necessary and it’s a huge expense!


  13. Katie says

    we totally have had this discussion in our home – I’m 100% for it, and husband would be too, if not for sports. It really could be a HUGE money saver. I’d rather have a nice meal out a few times a month than pay for cable!


  14. says

    I just moved into my own apartment and I chose to not get cable because of the high price tag. One week in and I really don’t miss it and I find myself being much more productive without it! That being said, I brought my car into Goodyear on Tuesday for some work and they had cable in their waiting room… New hangout spot?? (just kidding)


  15. says

    The move is Babe of course! Such a cute story. I have gone without cable at a few different points but I find that I miss being able to watch shows in “real” time….i.e. The Bachelor!


  16. Chelsea Shibe says

    Hi there! Quick question about the Bestbody Bootcamp. Do you recommend it? Why did you decide to do that one? I was looking into it and wanted to get your thoughts!

    Thanks 🙂


  17. Nicole says

    1. Babe, duh : )
    2. I haven’t had cable in years. My bf and I usually watch 1 show or movie a night on the ‘Flix and that works just fine.


  18. Andrea D. says

    Oh my goodness Babe! I also use that quote….probably more often than I should but it works for so many situations haha!. Cable is getting so expensive–the company we use is raising prices this year, it’s ridiculous. I definitely know what you mean about watching mindless TV; sometimes my boyfriend and I joke around and say “turn the TV on, I’m starting to think!” Getting rid of cable sounds like a good idea for you and Ryan! We have Netflix also and they have been updating it a lot recently. Good luck with your filling & have a wonderful day!


  19. says

    Great decision. We haven’t had cable in about a year and then when it was time to put our Christmas tree up, we decided to take our television down all together. We have it put away for big events (like golf tournaments) and the rabbit ears but since November, we haven’t set it up at all. My office desk in in the living room so we watch netflix movies from there and it works fine. Sad to say, we have never been tv people so my monitor is actually bigger than our television anyways.

    And you’re right we get so much more stuff done with it. Plus we eat all meals at the dining room table and are able to focus on each other. LOVE IT!


  20. says

    We are actually canceling our cable this weekend! We have been going back and forth about it for months, and we are finally ready to do it! The only shows we watch religiously, New Girl and Modern Family, are both on network tv. The only thing is that we usually DVR them, so looks like we will need to actually watch them live now, which is no big deal. I am really looking forward to doing other things with my time, and saving some extra cash that we can spend other places!


  21. says

    I love that movie (Babe) and use that saying regularly. On myself (when I want to eat more) and my kids (when they are getting on my nerves). 😉

    Sadly, I think my house would have a nervous breakdown if I cancelled the cable. We have 5 televisions (that’s one for each person & the dog) and sometimes 4 of the 5 are on at once. Yikes! I have set some rules for myself recently: I am not allowed to add any new shows to my watching list. That way, as things get cancelled, my list will get smaller. Also, no random tv watching, only things I have recorded on the DVR.

    Did any of those crock pot recipes I sent you on Facebook look good enough to try?


  22. says

    We just cancelled our cable at home (with my parents) and my mom is quite pleased about it. What we did, though, is a little different. My parents invested in a Roku streaming player for each of the rooms in the house, and we split the cost of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. They all offer streaming and have most of the up to date shows. Roku has an app for each one, and there’s also one for HBO as well. I just looked it up and there are sports options too!

    It’s kind of a nice way to still have access to the shows you want to watch, and there are a ton of free channels available through a Roku that are in app form, but it is a cheaper/easier way to go about it. We were spending so much for DVR/satellite that only one person used, so we got rid of it. 🙂


  23. Laura Cannon says

    We don’t have cable either and I recommend not having it when people ask if we miss it! Ours was a financial move- the packages where I live (and likely most places) run around $150 per month. We got bunny ears for our tv so we get fox, cbs, pbs and a few others for free. Between those select channels and the internet we make out well! We also have had netflix subscriptions on and off. In addition to saving money, I think it keeps us from watching tv just because it’s there.

    It is of course a choice that must be made by both of you- but if you cancel it and miss it, you can always get it back and probably at a better rate! 🙂


  24. says

    Chris, my fiance, have talked about getting rid of our cable because its just so darn expensive for nothing really… I think that when we buy a house in the next few months we will not be getting cable again! I really don’t watch too much TV and we have a DVR but record so many things that we can never get to!


  25. says

    We do spend a lot of our time watching Netflix more than anything else. And a lot of our shows are downloaded to watch on the computer, too. My dad got extended cable when my sis and I bought our parents a big TV for the TV room, and sadly, we don’t use the extended channels as much as I’d like (I LOVE BBC-America, but my dad’s a TV hog!)

    I would consider not having a TV if I were on my own. Get a Wii and a Netflix subscription of my own and call it a day!


  26. says

    It’s Babe!!

    And as soon as our contract runs out, we will probably be cancelling our Direct as well. My soccer loving husband will miss it WAY more than I do, but we watch re-runs of tv shows that we own the entire box series of on Blu-Ray and it just seems pointless to still pay $50/month for that form of “filler entertainment” as you said 🙂 I support you!


  27. janie says

    I love that you just quoted Babe! I use that quaote all the time, haha. We have been without cable for 3 years and have not missed it. We use netflix and hulu mostly for movies/shows we want to see.


  28. says

    We don’t have cable, but we get about 10 channels with a digital receiver. Ryne watches a lot of his sports that way. We also stream the online ESPN stuff through our computer to our TV. Netflix is amazing, too!


  29. Jennifer says

    My boyfriend and I have lived together for two years and we have never had cable. I have not had cable since sophmore year of college (4 years ago) and i have not missed it once! We watch shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, and other websites that offer free streaming tv. It’s definitely much better to plan our tv watching time than have it on in the background not even paying attention to it!


  30. says

    I have no idea how people can watch that much TV! Crazy!

    I have thought about canceling my cable a lot. I barely use it. My daughter watches about 20 minutes of cartoons in the morning and we might watch 30 minutes at night, but probably not. We go to bed crazy early so it’s just not something that we think about.


  31. Kelsey says

    We cancelled cable in our house and got rid of the tv! Whenever people come over they think that my boyfriend and I are crazy, but we only watch shows and movies online. We either use torrents or letmewatchthis and anything you could ever want is there!


  32. Karli V says

    We have the same situation at our house! I don’t mind if we don’t have cable but my fiance loves baseball and would really like to have it. As of right now we don’t have it because we decided to put the money towards gym memberships at a gym that is a little more expensive than the rest in town, but is one we really love. Whenever I add up how much money can be saved in a year, without cable, it definitely confirms my decision to not have it!


  33. Jenn says


    And, we have been cable-free for over 2 years. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime, then use Hulu for current shows. We also have a Leaf antenna (amazon) that picks up over the air channels. So, we can watch our shows in real time if we like. So we still get Modern Family and Biggest Loser and the Super Bowl, but for free (after the cost of the antenna).


  34. says

    Funny you should ask… February is the last month we’ll have cable. We are moving to our new (first!) house this month and the cable is not coming with us! When I lived alone I never had it and just watched movies on netflix or television shows on hulu and never once missed cable. I’m pretty sure my husband’s always had cable and so when I moved in with him we kept it. However, our cable bill seems to keep on creeping up and we decided there are better ways to use our time and money than on television. I think the one thing that will be missed is sports, but I’m sure we’ll figure out how to watch the games that are the most important.


  35. says

    Babe reference 😀

    And I actually cancelled my cable towards the end of the summer and never regretted my decision. I originally got it put in when I moved out on my own because I thought I would need the distraction to be less lonely, but I found that I hardly ever turned my TV on at all, and when I did, it was only to watch one or two shows. Definitely don’t miss it.


  36. Hannah J says

    My sister and her husband recently cute their cable. When I moved into the place I’m in now I decided not to get cable and for the most part I don’t miss it. On occasion, I still wish I had ESPN but I’m not about to pay for cable just for 1 channel! Any shows I like I just watch on hulu.


  37. Ericka says

    I would LOVE to cancel cable but my boyfriend would never go for it. Ever. He watches a ton of TV – sports, and then news for his job. So with the job excuse thrown in there, I can’t really push the issue. 🙂

    But I rarely watch TV during the week, and then on weekends only a few hours usually as background noise. I could easily let it go.


  38. Sara Kolpek says

    Look into the Roku. It’s like the Apple TV, but cheaper! I am going to be getting rid of TV within the next month and think I’m going to replace it with this. I have looked into reviews and talked to a lot of people about it, and have heard nothing but excellent reviews! Good luck with your decision!


  39. Caroline says

    My boyfriend and I don’t have a tv/cable either, but we do have a huluplus account (you can watch New Girl, The Bachelor, Housewives, Modern Family…all the good shows!) and it’s only 10 bucks a month! Also my cousin has HBO go and gave me her login info, so I can watch good shows from HBO on my computer and our other friends share their Netflix account with us (we share the Huluplus with them) so basically we watch less tv but what we want to watch for 10 bucks a month!! I never miss having a tv and don’t really see the point in getting one!! You should cancel your cable!


  40. Katrina says

    So totally not on the topic of this post but I had a dream last night that you and I were BFFs and we were talking about how thin our hair was. You had recently gotten a perm and were trying to talk me into it because you said how much it helped your hair have volume!! So crazy!


  41. Sarah says

    The movie is Babe 🙂 <— now we are friends!

    I got rid of TV in my apartment about 6 months ago when my cable/internet bill jumped from $50/month to $112. I kept the internet and I got a live streaming box. I do miss having TV because there are some things I can't catch on Hulu or Netflix (some Food Network shows, Big Bang Theory, and even just the morning news) but overall, I do still get to watch most shows I like and I like saving that much money.

    By the way, I am new to your blog. I found you by looking for new treadmill routines (I found your and carrotsncake that way) and I wanted to tell you, I really love your blog! I have used a lot of your treadmill routines, I'm going to try your training schedule for my half marathon in April, and I've made 3 of your recipes so far (this Tuesday I'm making the lentils in the crock pot). So thanks for everything I've gotten so far from here!


  42. says

    My husband and I use an antennae to get the major network channels and a few others…all for free! I think the antannae cost us $75, so we’ve more than paid for it in cable savings. It works for us since the only shows I regularly watch are shown on the major networks and he watches a lot of his sports stuff online. Let me know if you want more info.


  43. says

    I haven’t had a TV since I left for college (7.5 years ago) and I don’t miss it. The only thing I miss is being able to watch the Today Show in the morning! I watch everything I want to watch on Netflix and Hulu, and if you have a television set I think you can stream your netflix or Hulu through it if you get some kind of box (my brother does this).


  44. says

    Babe!! Love it. I couldn’t give up TV just because, like, Ryan, my husband and I couldn’t give up our sports. I definitely could cut down on the filler TV, but I can’t give up our football Sundays and, well, all of the New York Yankees. 😉


  45. Kate says

    Hey girl! I’m a new commenter but a long time reader – you’re such a positive inspiration. I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me find balance between being healthy and enjoying life. I wanted to tell you – have you ever thought about getting Apple TV? The box is 100$ and you just link it to your WiFi and apple/iTunes account and its ah-mazing. Netflix, Hulu, sports, iTunes, YouTube, etc etc. there’s no subscription anything that needs bought is just from your iTunes account! It’s amazing! Good luck at the dentist!!


    • Sara says

      I love my Apple TV too. I just pay a monthly fee for Hulu Plus and Netflix and I’m able to stay caught up on *almost* all of the shows I like. It’s so much cheaper than shelling out so much for cable and a ton of channels I don’t care about.


  46. says

    Love Babe, haven’t seen it in years! I might have to add that to the watch list this weekend. I don’t think I have ever had cable in my life! I didn’t grow up with it and now I just have a digital antenna (for basic channels that have sports) and a Roku, which has Hulu Plus and Netflix for all my viewing needs. The only reason I would really need cable is to watch the Food Network, but it’s such a time suck that it’s probably better I don’t, anyway!


  47. JLo says

    The love for TV started for me when I was 13. My parents bought me a TV for my birthday for my room. Big mistake. I need the TV to fall asleep now. My husband HATES it. I wish I knew a way to quit TV altogether. I work from home and have it on all day, usually just as background noise. We are huge sports fans and can’t imagine life without TV. However at $200 a month, it does seem a bit ridiculous. There should be a TV anonymous!!!


  48. says

    I don’t have cable in my apartment, but I still manage to watch all of my TV shows for free on Hulu! I also pay for Netflix, which allows me to watch movies and older TV shows. Sometimes I wish I could sit down and watch some TV at the end of a long day, but I know I’m much more productive without it.


  49. Anna says

    We have Netflix and that is all we need! Cable is so expensive and I honestly find myself doing more productive things when I don’t have “filler” semi-good television to watch. We end up watching shows or movies together, that we both watch. The only problem with Netflix…if you get hooked on a show watch out! You’ll end up watching 8 episodes in a row haha!


  50. says

    Babe!! Excellent movie! 🙂

    We canceled DirecTv service over a year ago. And it has been wonderful! My husband is a HUGE sport fanatic and was so worried about missing out on his favorite sports. But he has found that he can watch most things online or at least stay updated on the score. It’s been great for our family. And we’re saving a boat load of money, to boot! For those shows that are on network TV, we watch on Hulu if we can’t watch live.

    Another suggestion, if you do have a TV, keep it out of your main living area. You’re less inclined to turn it on if it’s not there. Our TV is in our basement family room, so it’s not staring us in the face 24/7. We catch up on a few shows a few nights per week, but that’s about it. GL!

    p.s. I just randomly discovered your blog a week or two ago and I love it!


  51. says

    BABE!!! best movie ever! When I moved in with my boyfriend we just had NetFlix which was great, anything we wanted to watch my boyfriend would just download on his computer. We got cable over the summer because he was working for NBC Olympics and needed to watch the Olypmics but I would be all for cancelling cable as well.


  52. says

    I am with you on the no cable thing. I rarely watch TV (Modern Family, New Girl and Castle are about it) and any shows I miss I can easily catch up on at my parents’ house on their DVR. It’s nice to have cable when I want it but it’s hard to justify paying for it when I hardly use it. I actually called to cancel my cable a few months ago but because I pay for a cable/internet package it would only have saved me around $15 per month in the end. I still debate it all the time though. I’ll be interested to hear what you guys decide!


  53. says

    Props to you for being on board! I don’t think I could go without my weekly bachelor nights and Andy definitely couldn’t live without his 53825 sports channels


  54. Chelsea Brant says

    The movie is Babe! such a good movie!

    We watch a lot of tv. sometimes i just get a little bored with it, i’d rather be out doing something! but the fiance works ALOT, so thats how he kind of dewinds from a day.

    I dont think we would mak it too long without tv. we’ve been debating about gettin rid of HBO and the movie channesl because we do have Netflix as well. It too is our default ‘filler entertainment’. The dogs like it too! haha


  55. says

    Babe 🙂 Dave and I always quote that around our house.

    I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the way I am now, but growing up, we never had cable. At the time, I was horrified as one of the only kids who didn’t have cable and hated having to tell my friends when they came over. But now I couldn’t be more thankful, I rarely watch TV unless it’s with Dave. Since we comment/joke the whole time, I feel its more a way to spend some time together, as opposed to just vegging out and staring at the screen.


  56. says

    34 hours a week is INSANE. I haven’t had cable for about a year now, and I barely even notice it. I do religiously watch a handful of shows each week (right now it’s Revenge, Shameless, Girls, Modern Family, and Nashville), and I either record/watch them at my boyfriend’s house (HBO and Showtime shows) or watch them online (ABC shows). I don’t watch much TV apart from that, and I have come to enjoy the peace and quiet. Strange for someone who used to have a TV in her bedroom that was basically on 24/7, if nothing else for background noise.

    Moral of the story: do it!


  57. Christy says

    Babe! Baaa-raa-muu (or however you spell it haha). Loved that movie!

    I never had a TV in my bedroom until I moved into my own apartment after college. Growing up, we only had 2 TV’s in the house – 1 in the family room and 1 in my parents room. But my mom kept the TV in the family room in a cabinet with doors, so we never really thought to turn it on. We would have to sit down and talk with her about which shows we wanted to watch that week. We were only allowed an hour or two of TV each week, so we had to prioritize. Plus we had to learn how to negotiate and talk to adults! Great lessons for kids! Today I do watch more TV but it’s mostly sports. I could definitely go without cable – but not internet.


  58. says

    LOVE this post! I actually don’t have a TV. Like you and Ryan, my husband and I agreed to not have a TV for the first year we lived together. Well, it’s quite past that year mark, but we have NO interest in getting a TV. We are both so busy and see it as such a waste of time and money. I love being TV-free and I don’t miss it at all. People think it’s so weird when they come over and look around only to find there is no hidden TV somewhere. When we want to watch movies, we just watch them on the computer. Not perfect, but not bad either.


  59. Val says

    I haven’t had TV since 2008…I have some debt I’m working on paying back, and I decided to choose either Cable or Internet. I found that with Internet and an online Netflix subscription and a free Hulu account I could watch everything I needed to – except the Olympics!! I live in a rural area so even with a converter box I still cannot receive local channels 🙁 I find that I have access to just about all I need, and can watch shows at my leisure rather than rushing home to catch a favorite show. But I don’t watch sports, so I can’t speak to that!


  60. says

    My husband and I are both in grad school, and we went cable-less (and car-less, and eating-out-less, etc.) for nearly three years to save money. Now, I graduate in a couple of months, plus we moved out of our studio, AND we got cable AND a cat, and we are so SO SO excited about it! We feel like we’re living in the lap of luxury with our giant one bedroom apartment and cable TV. Maybe some day it will wear off, but for right now, you can pry that cable out of my cold dead fingers!


  61. Lisa says

    Yes to all the Apple TV endorsements!! All the best shows, Netflix, huluplus, and I think you can even subscribe to to get baseball games. We pay for a few shows that aren’t on Hulu like Topchef, but $19.99 for 20 episodes (that I can watch whenever I want with no commercials) is still better than $120/month every month!


  62. Julie M says

    Babe!! I’ve used that quote a few times and I am usually met with blank stares. I’m with you on canceling tv. I follow very few shows, no need to get hooked on more. Occasionally I wish I had espn. They should offer an online subscription so you can watch sports games for cheap.


  63. Diana says

    My husband and I agreed to cancel cable once football season ended and now I’m still hesitant to pull the plug. It’s true…there are only a couple of shows we like to watch and those can watched online (we have a mac with a screen the size of a TV!). For me, it’s hard because I’ve never NOT had cable so it will be adjustment. I do agree that it will lead to more time reading, etc…which is great! We need to watch all the shows we have recorded on our DVR and then I will call to cancel.


  64. says

    The quote is from Babe, but it’s also referenced in an episode of Gilmore Girls when Lorelai teaches Emily how to annoy her mother in law.

    I don’t have cable. I have a Roku player for watching Netflix and catch New Girl on Hulu. The only downside is live sporting events. You pretty much have to know people who have cable and go watch it with them. Sometimes games are on


  65. says

    We went without cable (satellite, actually) when we first moved into our apartment, just because we didn’t set anything up for awhile. We did use a digital antennae for local channels though. I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to this lately! I completely agree about making the shows you do watch into ‘events.’ It was much more special to sit down together and watch something we were excited about from Netflix.


  66. Heather says

    We’ve been cable-free for four years now, and its the best decision we ever made. My hubby is a computer nerd who built a computer specifically for the living room TV. We’re able to pick up a few local channels (for New Girl and Sunday football), but between Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s really no shortage of entertainment options.


  67. says

    When we first moved into our new house we didn’t have cable or internet set up for the first couple of weeks. Now we have both and since I work from home half of the week, I find that having internet (where most of my work is done) at my fingertips all day long makes it hard to switch from “work” to “off time.” My husband told me last night that our internet was going up to $65/mo and I’m thinking that I’d like to go back to that quiet time we had when there was no internet in the house. I’m totally fine with going to work at the library or coffee shop and supporting a small business so I can use their WiFi rather than spending so much for internet at home. That way too, work “ends” when I head back home again. I’m really considering it.


  68. says

    I would be perfectly fine with cancelling, but my husband is way too obsessed with sports. During football season, we regularly have 3 flat screens set up and he pays for the NFL Ticket. Ridiculous!! 😉


  69. Kelly says

    We canceled our cable a year ago and just use a digital antena. Its free and we still get the basic channels. Its only hard when football season rolls around but then it gets us out of the house


  70. Stephanie says

    My husband and I have lived without cable for a while now. We’re in Canada, and the cable company we use also delivers our internet. So we cancelled tv and would keep our internet. After we cancelled, the company started calling us with promos: Add basic cable to your services with us and get the first six months free!

    So we take the free six months and then cancel tv again. Like clockwork 3-6 months later, we get another call offering for a free 6 month tv package. We’ve been through the cycle about 4 times now and we just keep taking the free tv services!


  71. says

    My husband’s love for Sports is the ONLY reason we still have satellite. I never watch the regular tv. I watch all my favorite shows on my laptop with headphones plugged in. I wish there was a way to get all of his Sports online or another platform, and then we would definitely get rid of the satellite once and for all!


  72. Jazz says

    My TV died last year and I waited about 7 months to buy a new one. I think the most extraordinary thing is how much time you suddenly spend in your other rooms! All of a sudden nothing is drawing you to just park in the living room anymore. I have a working TV now but I’m also considering cutting down to just Hulu plus and Netflix to be a bit more intentional with how I spend my time and what I watch. My biggest drawback: no more Bravo 🙁


  73. Lauren says

    Ughh, I debate this a lot! I think if I lived alone I would cancel it because its $100 a month for TV and internet! And we have Netflix, but through my boyfriend’s playstation so his parents are paying for that (shhh). He loves to watch sports on TV though so I’m not sure he’d be on board. It’s tough. I watch Revenge and sometimes the Kardashians. I do notice we do a lot of mindless TV watching though…like if he’s working late I will turn it on when I eat so it’s not total silence! 34 hours is wayyyyy too much, no wonder there’s an obesity problem in the US.


  74. says

    I’ve thought about this too actually, since I watch a lot on Netflix and my laptop anyways… It would save money, however with my cable company, it was (oddly enough) less expensive to do a bundle with internet AND cable compared to internet only.


  75. says

    We haven’t had cable ever since college and I don’t ever really feel the need for it. Instead we Netflix it up or stream through the xbox or ESPN online (for sports). It’s just too expensive for something that we would waste a lot of time doing. Not that we don’t still veg out in front of the TV for an hour or so every night. 🙂


  76. Megan says

    My boyfriend & I have been living together for about 3.5 years and when we first moved in we just couldn’t afford it, I thought it would be the end of the world but I haven’t missed it! I watch shows for free online, plus netflix, and – if you have an Xbox, Xbox live has an ESPN app on it so my boyfriend watches a lot of sports on there. They aren’t all on there but it’s certainly something!


  77. says

    Babe the Gallant Pig is one of my favorite childhood movies!! 🙂

    My fiance and I don’t have TV at all right now! We watch all of our shows through online services on his big PC monitor. We’re considering getting a flat screen that will be internet compatible so we can watch somewhere other than our office, but still use Hulu/Hbo Go/Netflix. The only issue I sometimes have with not paying for cable is that it can be a pain to find reliable feeds for political events (although they are more often being broadcast on YouTube), or, most recently, the Puppy Bowl 🙁


  78. says

    We use a ROKU + NetFlix at our house. The ROKU lets us get TV shows sooner than NetFlix, but it’s still TV watching on OUR time. It’s not a default to do when we’re bored, but something we can schedule. Plus, it’s much cheaper than satellite or cable. An 80$ one-time-fee for the ROKU, plus the monthly for a 1 DVD at a time NetFlix subscription. It’s well worth it!


  79. Linda says

    My husband and I dropped all except basic channels three years ago. We decided the money wasn’t worth it, and we haven’t missed it. We’ve also been toying with the idea of dropping even that as well since we can catch up online for the two shows that we do watch. Netflix helps a lot and we mostly use our TV for DVDs and video games anyway.


  80. says

    I went without cable when I lived with friends my first 2 years of college, and I honestly LOVED it. When I started I wasn’t sure I could live without it, but after a month I didn’t want to go back! Now that I’m home with my parents for the semester, I’ve been spending way too much time watching “filler” shows and have been pushing them to make the switch too. We’ve got a Roku which puts Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN on all of our tvs. Don’t need anything more than that!


  81. says

    The boyfriend and I went cable-free when we moved into our current apartment – and I’m perfectly fine with it. There’s a few shows that we’ll catch up with a few days later, but like your experience, we found that we were just engaging in a lot of ‘filler’ entertainment. Not necessary!


  82. Holli Bruce says

    We have been cable free for almost a year now and don’t miss it at all! We have netflix, hulu plus, amazon prime, and use rabbit ears to get the basic channels. This way we now have an extra $80/month to spend on something more fun!


  83. says

    I’m keeping my cable. My brain won’t turn off (it’s delightful like that) and I actually “need” the background noise so I don’t make myself nuts. Or nuttier. It’s up for debate, depending on who you ask 😉

    Honestly, though, if we had to give up cable TV we could. If there were any shows important enough (Survivor, in our house) we could always just by the season on iTunes. And as for my special brand of crazy, I have podcasts galore to keep myself occupied 🙂


  84. Megan Derkey says

    My husband and I just cancelled our cable, and are saving over $120/month because of it! I bought him a Google TV box for Christmas (about $99 on Amazon), and with that plus our Amazon Prime membership, we just watch TV series together like Downtown Abbey. I don’t miss it at all, and I have so much more free time to play with my puppy and clean our house!


  85. says

    I could honestly live without a TV too. I normally just have it on for background noise and never pay attention to the shows that are on. Every once in awhile it is nice to be able to sit down and watch some TV but that’s hardly ever for me!


  86. says

    I TOTALLY say, “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do” to myself sometimes. Love Babe 🙂

    And while we’ve gone without TV, we definitely like having it but only with a DVR. The only things the bf and I watch live are sports games and big news coverage (like election night). Otherwise, we have a set number of shows we DVR and watch while skipping through commercials. I’d strongly consider getting rid of the TV altogether if we started watching random shows, which we used to when we had more evening free time. I think it just eats away at your day and you don’t spend quality time together!


  87. Julie says

    I have moved in January. So, I still have no cable. I am living with a mifi for internet. I do miss being able to see news. But I have been turning a local radio station on for news and weather. And can also get that from online. I really do not miss it. I have been using dvd’s for now. I really like not having tv, but I do miss having the morning news. So, I am not sure I will keep the full cable when I do get it. It is almost freeing to live without it. And with netflix, which I am living without for now too, I miss that more that cable.


  88. says

    Since I am usually at work all day and then generally have stuff going on after work, I really appreciate the couple hours before bed where I can veg out and watch a reality show. It definitely takes time away from my reading, but I do manage to squeeze it in a few minutes before I fall asleep before bed. I live with a room mate who is my friend and it is kind of awkward to hole yourself up in your room instead of hanging out! I am sure when I live on my own I’ll have more time for quiet time and reading.


  89. says

    I watch WAY too much television mostly due to having surgery after surgery. It’s embarrassing how much television I watch. I wish I would sit down with a book more because I feel like television just “rots your brain” haha. I was throwing around the idea to take online education/mathematics courses because I just cannot stand sitting and watching television day after day. It’s just boring after a while.


  90. Katie says

    What a great idea!! I would love to not even own a TV, and just watch any show I might like on my laptop (anywhere I want, too!). But alas, my boyfriend won’t have it. He enjoys relaxing after work watching mindless TV before going to bed. Also, he needs to watch his soccer matches, too! 🙂


  91. Sophie says

    I have never watched tv on a regular basis, and honestly, that fact at the end of your post about the average person watching 34 hours a week shocks me! Without regular tv, I already feel like there are too many things going on in my day, and if I’m lucky can get down early enough at night to feel fully rested. If you do decide to cancel your cable, I don’t think you’ll regret it! Sure, there may be some nights when you wish you could flip through the channels, but I think overall you will be glad with the money you’ve saved and the more productive, or more social ways to spend your evenings. Even if you do plunk a movie in, or surf the web to find a show to stream, at least you are picking something consciously rather than checking what happens to be on, and settling…
    And it likely will cause you do spend your evenings doing other activities, such as going for walks and reading, as you said, which are often even better! Unplugged is the way to go! 😀
    Walks are great, because you can think and unload your brain at the end of the day, rather than getting stimulation from a show….which ends up making your brain even more hyperactive than it was before!
    Don’t get me wrong: I love winding down to a great, fun flick at the end of the night (and you definitely still can if you do decide to cancel), but I do think it is worth the savings and the more quality time to cancel your cable 🙂


  92. Lindsay says

    I didn’t have cable (other than basic $15 cable to get a clear picture) for YEARS, but my husband has EVERY channel imaginable and loves TV, so I don’t think we could ever go without…now that I have it, I definitely enjoy some HGTV myself on the weekends 🙂


  93. Tia says

    I wish I could convince my hubby to lose the cable, that just wouldn’t happen.

    I watch a few shows but nothing I couldn’t find online or wait on, or just stop watching I suppose. I admit I spend atleast an hour a night sitting in front of the TV but it’s usually when I’m online reading blogs, making meal/workout plans for the week, etc.


  94. says

    I don’t have cable either. It’s been about 1.5 months since I had it. I really don’t miss it at all. I only used it for the news in the morning and that wasn’t worth what I was paying. Now I just get all my news online. I like being able to come home and read a book instead of go brain dead (well, that’s how it feels… 🙂 ) staring at the TV.


  95. Jillian Mitchell says

    We are a TV family, its on even in no one is watching which is probably a bad habit, but it is what it is. We got rid of our satellite subscription about 5 or so years ago and we haven’t missed it. We have Netflix and our dvd collection. Although I must complain about the rate of new additions on Netflix being a bit on the low side. We sure don’t miss that bill and all the crap TV that we didn’t watch. Plus I don’t really have to worry about what my kids are watching now, Sponge Bob and Iron Man are harmless, but some of that stuff on cable that are cartoons just scare me to death thinking about kids watching them. We get out and do a lot more since turning off the cable. Go for it!


  96. Heather says

    We don’t have cable, and we haven’t for about 4 years now…We do however have an HD receiver (basically high tech bunny ears haha) We always go to a friend/family members house for big sports events ( super bowl/other games my husband watches) The receiver does get us local channels though so it is nice when we want to keep up with a show…. I think in the end we haven’t missed it and you can almost always find it on the internet or go somewhere and hang out to watch whatever you want!!


  97. Cristal Rhodes says

    My husband and I cut out cable about 5 months ago. For the same reasons, way too expensive and we didn’t have any shows that we watched on a regular basis. It was actually quite nice to be without it. However, we are now scheduled to get it hooked back up next week and after reading your post I’m really sad that we caved. Let me correct that and say, my husband caved – since March Madness is coming up! Maybe I’ll convince him again in the future. Good luck!


  98. sarahB says

    I lived without cable for 7 years, just had netflix and internet (even before streaming really became popular). My husband wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t live in the house before we met, and he finally admitted cable wasn’t worth it.

    That said, when we moved into a new house we needed internet (for work and sanity) and the deals to get cable were so cheap, esp when bundled with internet, we said we’d get it while we got the promo deal. Well the promo deal was going to run out and I heard that you can call to get them to renew the promo deal if you threaten to quit. Long story short, I called to cancel my service at a date in the future, then called a sales rep before that date and they gave me an even cheaper deal, 2 year contract, and 1 extra digital box than what we had. It helps that we have competitors in our area, but if you are ok with cancelling to begin with, it might be worth a shot. My husband agrees you can watch most stuff online now with the exception being sports, and I feel kinda guilty taking that away from him but for the small amount we pay extra for cable now, I don’t mind. Also we never had a DVR before now, and we watch must less tv with a DVR b/c we really only sit down ~1 night a week to watch shows together b/c we arn’t afraid of missing a show if we want to go for a walk or something. We also don’t get sucked into watching stuff we don’t really like b/c of that.

    That said, I’m a big fan of not having cable 🙂 I would be considering the same if I wasn’t paying so little for mine.

    Good luck!


  99. Michelle @ Lifewithacrazypup says

    We talk about cancelling cable as well. We have Netflix and use our friend’s hulu account, so we get plenty of TV watching in. I don’t think it’s worth it to keep paying for cable, but the man likes to watch hgtv while he’s getting ready for work. So weird. Not even the news…. HGTV. Boggles my mind.

    Random question — Do you use really small plates and bowls? I haven’t noticed this before. I originally thought you had a ton of eggs, but then I saw your plate compared to your fork.. it seemed really small. I’ve read articles that if you eat on smaller plates, you actually eat less. Do you do that on purpose or totally chance?


  100. Lily says

    I don’t have cable and it makes it a treat when I visit my parents who do! I do have the digital signal in my area though that comes in great for local stations. I find that my TV watching is always planned and I watch shows I really want to see rather that just whats on. I also find that I read more books, which I love! Life without cable isn’t all that bad :p But I could see if someone wanted access to more sports than it might be a different story!


  101. says

    It’s Babe! When I was coaching women’s golf I would tell my girls “That’ll do Golfer, that’ll do.” They loved it and it kept them entertained and a little more relaxed on te course!


  102. Megan says

    We recently got rid of cable for the spring/summer. We only get cable during college football season and then get rid of it immediately after. This time around we decided to buy a digital antenna for the TV. We get all of the standard tv channels for free! It’s been nice to watch our favorite shows but also keeps me from watching Real Housewives, which is for the best 🙂


  103. says

    I grew up without cable in my house because my parents thought it was ridiculous to spend so much money on something so stupid. Now they have it (figure, after I go to college) but at school my roommate and I don’t pay for cable. These days, you can find anything on TV so we don’t see the point in spending $70+ per month for something that you can get for free.


  104. Anita says

    Julie! I have a solution for you! I am living on my own in a little studio, and cable is just not a good option for me right now. I don’t watch much TV either. What I decided to do (thanks to my boyfriend for the idea 😉 is get Hulu plus and this baby:

    I get about 7 major channels on my TV for free! It gives you the option to watch things live if you want (like GMA, the Bachelor, sports), but you’re not paying a monthly fee. And I swear the quality is the same– I don’t even notice that I’m watching from a satellite. I just add the channels that it gets, which for me is FOX, ABC, NBC, CW, CBS etc., to my “favorites” and switch channels that way.

    Obviously, you get way fewer channels, but it’s nice to have a few if you just want to have some noise on, or if you’re dying to see who Sean sends home… 😉 Plus, it’s very discreet. It’s worth it, I promise!


  105. says

    When we moved into our house, we ditched cable. And I do not miss it. Most of the time. We have Netflix streaming, which helps with boredom, or we get movies from Redbox. We realized that we spent a lot of time watching HGTV and Food Network but once we were in a house, we needed to do the things we were watching and not zone out with them on the tv. The only thing that can be problematic is not having a DVR.


  106. Beth says

    I don’t watch much tv. Maybe 1-2 hours a day…MAX! There are definitiely days that I don’t watch any tv at all. Usually when I “watch” tv I’m really on my laptop working or taking care of e-mails and it’s only half being watched.

    In college my roommates and I cancelled our cable to save money but they never came out to disconnect the box, so we got free cable for over a year! It was great, but felt bad when we moved and actually had to pay again!

    I think the hardest thing for me to live without would be college football! Only so many games are on ABC/CBS and I would miss so much! In the end though, if it came down to a financial decision I could give it up. I’d rather have my computer than my TV.


  107. Kari says

    Hi! I think the no tv Idea is a great one. I hadnt had it for well over a year when my fiancé and I moved in together. They had a great deal when we moved in a few months ago so we just got local channels. I think we get a dozen or so. Fortunately he doesn’t care about sports (he’s British so thats not that weird) anyway our motivation to get it in part was the presidential debates which were coming up. We don’t watch it so much now. Unless it’s to see the news for a few minutes. We watch movies and his favorite go to Fraiser. Anyway, I feel like you, it’s really a filler that I don’t need and if Ryan wanted to watch a game you could always make a date of it and go to a bar or resturant or you could go to a friends house.


  108. says

    We gave up cable completely about 4 years ago and haven’t regretted it once. I’ll admit that my husband came home with a new television (christmas bonus gift to himself!) and we connected it to a digital antenna and got ourselves AppleTV. Between those 2 things, I can’t imagine we’ll ever go back to cable!



  109. JenniferB says

    Love babe and we say that all the time!

    So happy to read about the other “no TV freaks” out there. I read about this challenge in The Nest magazine years ago and a couple gave up TV for a month. I approached my hubby with the idea and he was receptive. Our relationship got better and we were doing so many more things around the house, reading, talking, and having dinner at our table (instead of the coffee table). We never looked back I would say that was maybe 5 years ago.

    Having TV now seems like such a strange thing. After we had our son (he will be 2 in March) we are convinced no TV is the way to go. We are always doing fun things in the backyard, reading, and doing silly things together. For example, the other night the little guy started hopping and my hubby and I joined in and we were all laughing. My husband turned to me and sarcastically said, “Honey, we should probably be watching TV like everyone else!” Ha, ha! Also, our son has an amazing vocabulary for his age and honestly I think part of it is that we do not have the TV to fall back on and let him just watch a show or two, instead we read a ton of books every night and times in between.

    Not going to lie we totally have a couple of shows we follow, but usually just watch on our IPhone/IPad or laptop (if it is something we both like). However, if we fall into the trap of being on our phones too much before bed, one of us usually checks in and says, “Hey, lets not be on our phones at all tonight.”

    Our son gets to watch the occasional football or baseball game or cooking show at the grandparents, but he gets board with TV easily and usually goes on to do something else.

    My husband an I both agree, canceling TV it is by far the best thing we have ever done for our relationship and also for our son. Saving money is just extra!


  110. Jasmine says

    We don’t own a tv, and I’ve lived without one for about 12 years. It was a decision we made in my family to cut out negativity and focus more on spiritual things/our relationship with God. We’ve learned over the years that we’re more productive and aware of how we spend our time, also how we live daily. There are also more studies surfacing showing the actual effects of constant media and television specifically. The constant motion is altering brain development/patterns and is a big contributor to what is now called the Dumbest Generation; that alone is reason enough to limit the amount of media we allow ourselves. By the way I’m only 24 and I realize this isn’t the mentality of my generation. Just wanted to leave my thoughts… I say go for it!


  111. Lizzie says

    BABE!!! The movie is ‘Babe.’ I find this to be absolutely hilarious, because I used to quote that line from the movie all the time. Not too sure why, either. It just seemed to strike a chord with me – maybe the inflection of his voice, the tender way in which he spoke it – who knows. But, much to the dismay of my sisters, there was a period of my life when I quoted it All The Time. Haha – glad you can relate 🙂


  112. says

    I’ve been thinking about the value of having cable lately too! I don’t really watch too much TV and the shows I do like, I watch on the DVR a few days after they air anyway. With Netflix and other services like it, I sometimes have a hard time justifying paying what we do to have cable. I agree that sports would be the only thing it’d be hard to miss, but I think it would be a good excuse to get out and socialize a bit more by going somewhere to watch the games that really matter to us. Good luck with your decision.


  113. Emily from IOWA says

    I have been considering the same as I’m rarely home to watch more than a few select shows- even then I don’t always get to watch them.I’ve been thinking about using Hulu or Netflix. I’d rather pay for something I justify.


  114. Rebekah says

    I couldn’t afford my gym membership & my cable…so I picked my gym membership. Best choice ever. I have Netflix and I’m able to watch the only two shows I watch regularly online.


  115. Laura says

    We have no cable – just a Tivo and Netflix! There are so many ways to watch TV now and cable is SO ridiculously expensive. My husband hates that he can’t watch all of his OKC Thunder games, but with all the money we save it is worth the sacrifice!


  116. Leslie says

    My husband and I have been having this debate too and HBO shows and his sports seem to be our biggest hold up. Now that Amazon sells season passes we are just hung up on sports and thankfully, almost all local games are broadcast on local TV. But I agree, it is a time suck and then your relationship suffers b/c you zone out in front of the TV instead of interacting with one another. I support your guys’ decision, plus it could save you some big bucks down the road!


  117. Anne says

    In have been having the exact same debate lately. I actually called to cancel my on demand yesterday only to find out I couldn’t, but I did get a $7 monthly discount… Every little bit helps right?


  118. says

    As an actress: KEEP YOUR TV. OH GOD KEEP IT.

    As a human, tell Ryan he can get a digital receiver for 20 bucks at target and keep his local sports channels. There are also some sports online.


  119. CoMo says

    We got rid of cable a number of months ago and haven’t missed it one bit! We like a few shows and my hubby loves sports and we have found MUCH CHEAPER ways to make do. We bought apple TV ($100 one time cost) and have Hulu Plus ($10/month) and have everything we need! I don’t miss that huge cable bill one bit!


  120. says

    My boyfriend and I don’t have TV in our house either. We fall into the same slump you mentioned as using it as default, mindless entertainment and it detracts from our connection. With that said, we have Hulu and Netflix accounts. I probably watch more than he does and I do miss TV in the background while I work from home, but I found I can still stay in tune with pop culture quite well without cable by catching up with shows in Hulu. Sports would be hard, not sure where you can watch those online, but I’m sure you can!


  121. Mandi says

    We recently cancelled our cable (to help pay off student loans, wahoo!), and it’s been fine so far. We actually went to a friend’s house the week of, and they just so happened to also have theirs cancelled. They told us of a $30 antenna they bought at Best Buy, and they get like 10 channels with it just fine. So other than the upfront $30, it’s basically free TV! We still watch American Idol and some of the shows on Fox, ION, etc. It works for now, but when football season rolls around again we may go back to cable. 😉


  122. Stacy says

    I don’t have cable and don’t miss it either. I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I’d suggest it’s a good reason to visit friends or hang out at a nice sports bar/pub!


  123. says

    We don’t have cable OR a TV. it rocks. We have awesome computers & a huge monitor–so we can watch netflix & dvds & stuff. And you can find most TV shows online now–so I love not paying for it!

    p.s. that line was from Babe 😉


  124. Jen N says

    Babe! 🙂

    I had basic cable for quite awhile – only $10 a month and gave me the major networks so I could watch my favorite shows. I love Netflix and you can watch stuff on Hulu Plus. I would love to get rid of cable now, but my bf loves watching sports so I’ll never be rid of it 🙁


  125. jenny says

    Babe! Love that movie and quote that same line all the time (ignore the crazy looks)!

    My husband loves sports as well & we actually have satellite so he can watch all the football games in the fall. I’m not sure I’d be a fan of getting rid of it altogether, because I love having the mindless tv to watch while I’m on the treadmill, otherwise I get pretty bored.


  126. says

    I would definitely consider canceling our satellite subscription… if we had internet. 😉 We live in the middle of a field where it’s hard to get tv or internet so we had to make a decision. I’d definitely make it with Netflix but I don’t think I could talk the boy into going without sports either!


  127. says

    My fiance and I are in the same dilemma right now. To cancel cable or not to cancel cable. Such a toughey! We do watch a lot of Netflix and Modern Family is also really the only show we care to watch regularly. Greg also loves watching Jeopardy every night, but we could still save a lot of money by dropping down to the very basic cable and still have access to Jeopardy for him 😉 We would also miss sports, but we could always go to a restaurant to watch a big game if we needed….I also consider when we have company stay with us. It would be nice to be able to flip the TV on for them at least….


  128. Kaelee says

    This is exactly what I have been thinking, too! I find that once the TV is on the evenings, I’m considerably less productive and then stressing out because I’m not getting everything finished. If I want to start it back up again during a particular sports season I could, or just use specific games to meet up with friends to watch the game at a bar. The benefits of going without it (not to mention, the money saved) seem to really outweigh keeping it. Btw, I really only watch Modern Family and New Girl, too!!


  129. says

    I never had cable growing up, and I still don’t get cable. I just have an antenna so I get the basic channels like NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, the CW, and some other ones – for free! If I want to watch anything else, I just watch it online. The sports thing might be harder to overcome, though.


  130. molly says

    Ahh! The tube. I have to agree, its a filler for me and my husband as well! Most nights we turn on whatevers on and then both be on our phones yuk! We love walks and would probably go on more if tv wasnt an option. One day our cable/internet was out and so we only had each other (so dramatic!) And we honestly had a great time together, just focusing on each other and talked a lot more! Hmm u may have sparked something in me here 🙂 ps my hubs will be upset u got this in my head! 😉


  131. says

    Love being cable less! We do Netflix, a half price student offer on amazon prime and a shared Hulu plus account. Make watching tv special relaxing time for me and my honey because we are intentionally picking shows we both like. Between no cable and shared Internet, we are saving 110 bucks a month. If there is something we really want to watch live, we’ll go to our local sports bar and sweet talk our way into watching what we wanted.


  132. Danielle says

    So I guess we should be best friends because I knew exactly what you were talking about! 😉 Anyways, my husband and I have been talking about cancelling our cable too. It’s almost a waste of money because we don’t watch tv that much mostly Netflix. Our cable was acting weird on Monday and I haven’t even called to get it fixed yet…so I guess that’s a good indicator. I’ve been running a lot too so when I sit in front of the tv for a while I feel so restless.


  133. says

    We just canceled ours and got the roku. Cube so we can hook netflix and hulu to our Tv. Best. Decision. Ever! We save 70/ mo and have more time to do fun adventurous and productive things. We also communicate so much better when there isn’t that the draw to mindlessly watch whatever is on hgtv.

    As far as sports.. Bryan loves sports but it has been a more social thing for him now- he meets his guy friends to watch the game at sports bars now instead. Its a win win!


  134. says

    I Tivo the national and local news and the handful of shows I watch. I have a Verizon TV/internet bundle so I have a lot of channels I don’t watch. I wish you could buy channels al le carte, I would buy 15 to 20.


  135. Christina Roth says

    We’ve been cable-free for almost 3 years now. When I first moved into an apartment by myself, in the middle of college, I had a great part-time job and my rent was cheap, so I opted for the HD, dual-DVR package…one of the top sellers. After the promo period was over, my bill was over $100 a month. Not a lot to some, but to a college kid it is! Lucky for me, my computer-saavy boyfriend found a way for us to have “cable” without having to pay for it. Now we download all of our favorite shows…in HD…and commercial free! It’s great! Plus, now when I happen to glance over at the TV at my parent’s house, I find it odd that people pay for it and put up with all those ads!


  136. says

    I definitely watch way too much TV. I think I’d consider getting rid of TV if I didn’t have a roommate. You can watch so many shows online now that it almost seems silly to pay so much for cable…but then again we only pay $30 a month so it doesn’t seem that bad! I would definitely be a lot more productive, I think, if there was no TV around to suck up all of my time!


  137. says

    My husband and I have always had a television, but We do not have cable. We actually watch netflix and huluplus on our Roku and Xbox and we LOVE IT!

    All of the shows we watch, including Modern Family and New Girl! Did you watch the New Girl this past Tuesday? Loved it!

    -Abby from To Dental School and Beyond


  138. says

    Out house is really similar. We have been mainly cable free for the 6 years we’ve lived together. The only times we’ve had cable were motivated by the boyfriend wanting to watch the Tour de France, but we always cancelled it quickly after. We have an antenna and that gives us more than enough things to watch if we want to. I agree that it makes it more of an “event” when you don’t have mindless stuff on all the time.


  139. says

    We watch WAY too much tv in our house. It’s exactly what you said-filler entertainment. We use it as background noise and as a random activity to take up time, but we really don’t have too many shows that we actually look forward to watching. We’ve talked about getting rid of cable and we are actually looking to move into another apartment closer to summer, so we may wait til then when our contract runs out.


  140. Kathy says

    Oh one of my favorite movies is Babe!! That was the one reason I became vegetarian. Couldn’t eat meat after seeing that!! Haven’t to this day!

    We also talked about cancelling our cable, but there are times when I do enjoy it, so its a hard decision. We work opposite shifts, so on quiet evenings, its nice to have something to watch when bored or when something special comes on. However, on a normal night, I have maybe one or two channels that I watch regularly. Otherwise I simply flip thru looking for something interesting. We could get basic cable which would save us quite a bit of money each month. But I would miss the Starz channels with the all day movies.


  141. says

    I’m the same way… I really don’t watch all that much TV, just a few specific shows. I would recommend Netflix and a Roku Streaming Media box ( They are fantastic! You can add free channels and paid subscriptions. They are definitely worth checking out. It’s nice because you can watch what you want, when you want. It still doesn’t solve the sports issue though.


  142. says

    LOVE that picture of your first apartment. It is so stinkin’ cute! 🙂

    I always think of myself as a TV junkie so I am not sure how I would do without it, but lately I have noticed that it is more of a background item as opposed to being my main focus. Maybe I could live without it and just watch my few “must-see” shows online. Now you’ve got me thinking… 😉


  143. Cathryn says

    Oh TV. I went from having deluxe every channel to basic. I thought I was going to miss all my HBO shows a lot, but I am surprisingly totally fine with it. I only watch Modern Family and Duck Dynasty religiously so it’s not too bad. I mainly use it as background noise to make it feel like there’s someone there when my fiance’ isn’t home. I have found that I read A LOT more now that I don’t have a crazy amount of channels. But my fiance’ is a sports fanatic and come football season the no TV thing would be an issue. He needs to watch his Clemson Tigers play and I need to watch the Gamecocks…kind of a problem in itself…


  144. says

    We’re more or less TV-less in my apartment. I have an antenna and a digital converter box, so I’m able to pick up probably 15 channels or so. There was a one-time $100 cost to buy the antenna and digital converter box, but other than that it’s completely free for me to watch TV. I’m a big sports fan so I definitely don’t like that I don’t get ESPN, but honestly it’s not the worst thing in the world. If I DESPERATELY need to watch a game, chances are I know someone who will either let me come over or I could go to a bar and watch the game there. Other than that, though, I watch so little TV that I can’t possibly justify the cost of cable. Pretty Little Liars is the only show I watch on cable, and I can get that for free through the Internet as well, soo…yeah. Life without cable really isn’t that bad!


  145. Carrie says

    I just cancelled our cable today for the exact same reasons! I don’t think I’ll be missing it. I should be filling my time with other more productive things.


  146. says

    Do it! It’s one of the first things I tell my clients to do when they are looking to cut a few dollars. Our cable is ridiculously expensive and if your husband wants to go watch sports, what a fun adventure to go to a local restaurant and make an event of it. I have friends who don’t have cable and follow their beloved teams all season long for the cost of a beer and a plate of fries split among friends every weekend. Still cheaper than cable.


  147. Jeannie says

    Oh Julie there are so many shows I need you to watch that will get you hooked on TV.

    Homeland, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Top Chef, The Killing…. Just to name a few.

    I know what your thinking ” But can’t I just download them and watch them later?”

    The answer is usually no!

    You have to wait till the whole season is out and by then you know spoilers.

    Oh Julie I love TV so much but I’m also not as productive or as slim as you! HA!

    But I’m a big proponent of television.

    In fact I want you to upgrade your cable package.


  148. Brittany says

    To have or not to have cable. It’s something we could all live without now that everyone has laptops, smartphones, and Netflix as well as host of other mediums that allow us to watch our favorite shows and movies without the headache of a huge cable bill monthly. Ryan and I are talking about the same thing. I know this isn’t a really good excuse, but during the cold winter months in the north I find being inside a bit more tolerable especially with a good show on in the background.


  149. says

    We watch our fair share since we do more TV than movies it seems. We have about 4-5 shows we regularly watch but we watch through Hulu plus and it works out just fine for us. No need for cable here and haven’t had it for years.


  150. says

    When I moved into my own apartment last fall cable seemed way to expensive, especially if I wasn’t going to be home that often to watch it. I recruited my boyfriend to help build a funky looking antenna for about 20 dollars and I’m able to get about 14 channels for free which fulfills my New Girl/Mindy Project/Downton Abby/Big Bang Theory needs 🙂


  151. Laurel says

    When I lived alone I didn’t have cable. Then I moved in with Kyle and he could not live without it, enen though he works 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Now I could definitely live without it, however, the husband to be LOVES to watch the soccer games….so I know it isn’t going anywhere 🙁


  152. valerie says

    I went 6 years without any sort of television at all. When people would come over to my house they would be so confused with what to do with themselves. I never missed it.
    When I got married, my mother in law gave us a television and now I watch it all the time, by default as you say. I was so much more productive pre tv. I really want to get rid of it again, but I really would miss the Bachelor. Lol!


  153. says

    That is such a pretty house! And oOoOO, I’m glad to know there’s other couples like that 😀 My husband and I don’t have cable, basic TV channels, or anything like that. We have a super old TV that we only use for movies IF we even make time to watch one. Sure, sometimes the living rooom doesn’t seem as “cozy” as other homes because there’s no background noise, but I feel like in the end it’s actually a good thing for us! At least for now, since that allows more time to do other things, especially communicating with each other–a lot. 🙂


  154. Heather says

    Hey Julie! I have a question. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while and realize you usually workout BEFORE breakfast. Do you eat at all before your workout or drink anything special to power you through? Thanks!


  155. says

    I have been married for 8 1/2 years and we haven’t had cable for probably 5 1/2 of those years. It isn’t worth it because we were also too busy to watch a favorite show at its time so then we were paying extra for DVR. Now, we have Hulu + and Netflix. We are able to watch most of our favorites. We also purchase full seasons of shows we know we love and collect. I don’t miss cable at all!


  156. says

    We went a few years without any cable at all and finally “splurged” lol, and got basic cable. That way we still can PVR our favorite shows (Revenge, Modern Family, The Bachelor) since they are all aired on local networks. Everything else we watch on DVD, download or stream. This way, we get through a lot more episodes of a show we are watching on DVD and we actually make progress on watching all the movies we want to watch. No wasted time just channel surfing! And no wasted time just watching lame reruns. Save the money, I say!!


  157. Danielle says

    I watch just about zero tv. I cannot stand when I meet people and they’re just like, “do you this [tv show #1]? Do you watch [tv show #2]?” like they have nothing else to talk about!! And really, the types of shows that are on tv right now are just plain sad.

    When I lived in a group house with 3 other girls, we had tv because they wanted it. I was always working late, volunteering, seeing friends, etc. so I just never had time for much tv. I’d have the tv on late at night for some hgtv reruns as I was getting ready for bed, but that’s it. So, when I moved in with my bf in September, we didn’t order tv because we’re both pretty much never home. I don’t regret it. Not having tv means I don’t have an excuse to come home and plop onto the couch until it’s time for bed. I’d rather be reading or doing something crafty if I’m at home. My pet peeve now is when we go to other peoples house and it’s just so obvious when they depend on tv as their sole form of entertainment. I just feel like when they look back on their life, there won’t be a lot to show for it… just “I watched a lot of tv. I know all about Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians.”

    I think you and Ryan should try it. I understand wanting to watch the big sporting events BUT this can make it more of a social event. You can always watch the events with friends at their houses or a bar/restaurant.

    Obviously, I’m pretty passionate about NOT having tv 🙂


  158. Laurie says

    My husband and I got rid of our cable over a year ago and it was one of the best decisions ever! At first it was tough because I couldn’t even DVR the shows I wanted to watch on network TV, but after missing Gossip Girl a few weeks in a row, I realized that life does go on! We both starting reading a lot more, plus it gave us more time to be active, and for our marathon Yahtzee sessions!

    It ended up being good practice because we moved to Germany this year and don’t watch the TV here at all, basically because we can’t understand it! We both agree that Netflix has been a lifesaver, though!


  159. says

    The movie is Babe 🙂

    I watch TV in the evenings, probably more than I should. But I’m usually exhausted and collapse on the couch, and my ex-boyfriend furnished my condo with a beautiful, large, flat-screen TV, so how can I not put it to good use? I could probably go TV free in my house, well cable-free, because Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth (the two shows I do watch) have been added to Netflix recently.


  160. says

    My boyfriend and I would gladly cancel our cable if it weren’t for sports. We both love football, he loves hockey, and baseball is on the list too. I think maybe we would cancel it in the spring/summer when I’d rather be outside anyway! I do watch a few shows (Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Tosh.0, Workaholics) but usually I’m just catching reruns (How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, the Kardashians – guilty pleasure!) and I think I could watch them through another media.


  161. says

    I would love to cancel cable but my husband would never go for it. I have heard of people who have streaming netflix and apple TV situations that allow them to watch most TV shows right after they air. They pay per show, but even if they do this 25 times per month, that’s still cheaper than a $100+ cable bill!

    The only thing I just can’t stand is those smug people who say “Oh, we don’t even own a TV” yet spend every evening crowded around a laptop screen. 😉


  162. says

    I don’t have cable (haven’t had it since college when it was free – and I’m 25 now), and I don’t miss it at all. I have Netflix (which is totally worth the money) and an antennae (haha). I wouldn’t be opposed to getting cable in the future, if they started charging reasonable prices, but until they let me get it for $10 a month or less I’m sticking with Netflix only. Oh and my gym has cable, so if there’s something I’m desperate to watch, I can watch it there.


  163. says

    I have had so much fun reading everyone’s comments on this, it seems like a topic lots of people are very passionate about! I guess I am somewhere in the middle on it all. My fiance and I do watch a lot of sports, which we would both miss. Otherwise, I don’t watch a whole lot, just my weekly dose of the Bachelor and Parenthood when they are in season. I go to bed early though and I know that Dan enjoys watching TV while I snooze next to him. Bottom line, even if I went a round-about way of getting there, is I think each person/couple/family should do what they enjoy! Like anything else, TV can be nice in moderation 🙂


  164. says

    We dropped cable a while ago. We got a roku box and have Netflix and Hulu plus through that. We also got a fancy antenna for about $100. Now our monthly bill is $14 (compared to $85ish) and I don’t miss a thing. I can watch the bachelor live on the antenna and Hulu acts like a dvr so we can catch all the shows we miss.

    The only downside is no espn during football season, but that’s what the bar is for 😉


  165. says

    BABE!!!! I love that movie, I haven’t seen it in forever.
    As for cable I wish I could survive without it but I don’t know if I could. Both my husband and I watch to many show… Which I suppose isn’t good 🙂


  166. says

    I watch too much TV!! My boyfriend watches a ton of sports too (and so do I if I’m being honest) We have two tv’s set up in our living room and frequently watch both at once (a sports game on one and a tv show on the other). Part of me wishes we could go TV free, but I think at this point, it’s too much a part of our lives. I read a lot too, but I’m sure there are things I could be doing other than watching TV!


    • Melissa says

      I thought my husband and I were the only ones to have two tv’s in our living room! Too funny. We bought a house last year and the living room only has the one tv, but the basement still has the two tv set-up. I usually put a workout video on one tv and a show on the other 🙂


  167. Jamie says

    Babe began my obssession with pigs and spurred my goal to own a pet pig one day…I still yell “Christmas is carnage” way too much when the holidays roll around.

    I don’t have cable because I live outside of the US and watch all my shows online anyway. I am a huge college football fan, and I’ve had no problem finding live streams to watch my games, and I know other fans who hook up their computers to their TVs and watch sports that way. Sometimes I miss having cable for the ability to come home and just veg out in front of the TV instead of having to decide what I want to watch and then find a link to it on the internet, but at the same time, I’m kind of glad I can’t just veg out in front of the TV.


  168. Heather says

    Went through the same discussion when I first cancelled my cable! I and my significant other both love watching basketball and football, but like you, don’t have too many shows otherwise that we keep up with (just Modern Family, which we catch online). We were lucky enough to be able to watch the big games at friends and relatives’ houses, so if Ryan has a good buddy maybe he could do that? We did that for about a year. Although I will say we caved in the fall and got cable again… just to catch those games.

    Or if there’s a way you can negotiate with the cable company to give you the lowest deal with at least ESPN maybe that would help? I’m all over the place, but good luck with the decision! 🙂


  169. says

    When my roommate and I were apartment hunting last year, we thought about doing away with TV to help save some money, but we wound up finding a place where cable was included in our rent, win win. I don’t actually watch that much TV so I don’t NEED cable (though it would take me a couple days to get over the loss of my beloved Food Network) but I constantly have it on for background noise, especially if I’m at home alone, I just can’t take it when things are dead quiet!


  170. Danielle says

    I so wish my husband would let me cancel the cable!!!!!!!!!!!! Life would be so much quieter:)

    I guess I need to watch Babe, because all I thought of was Charlotte’s Web!!! That’s my only pig movie I know….


  171. Irene says

    My husband and I were just talking about this. It saves a lot of money! There are a couple shows we watch that don’t get put on-line or are only up for a week or so, but it does seem silly to pay so much for just a few shows and the convenience. We’re planning to move this summer so we decided we won’t sign up for cable right away and see how much we miss it. I am afraid we’ll miss it though! We both work a ton and after long days we aren’t going for walks or reading high brow books at 10 pm.


  172. says

    I went TV free in law school, and didn’t find it too bad. I have been pay TV free since I moved to Australia, but they give you a few channels (probably 10) for free, so I don’t feel like I’m TV free. I even got to watch the Superbowl but without the commercials – what good is that?! Haha


  173. says

    My husband and I recently made the decision to cut the cord when it comes to cable for very similar reasons to the ones you mentioned. We recently moved and adopted a little doggie, so we’ve been so busy that we haven’t even noticed it yet. We’ll see if we notice it a bit more when things start to settle down. But, I’m really happy with our decision. We don’t want to spend our down time watching TV. We want to play with our new doggie and make some new friends in the new city we moved to. And, we want to spend quality time together. In fact, we even decided to exclude a television all together from our living room in our new home because we don’t want that to be the focal point of our home and our lives. 😀 I totally get the sports thing, though. That one’s a toughie. Good luck persuading the hubs. 😉 Hehe. I like a previous commentor’s suggestion of trying to negotiate something with your cable company to see if you can just get the sports channels. It’s worth a shot anyways. They always hate to lose customers.


  174. Molly says

    I love Babe!
    My husband and I don’t have a TV, but we watch a few shows (New Girl, the Mindy Project, Office, Parks and Rec) on Hulu and anything else that sparks our fancy we can usually find streaming on Netflix. As for sports, we can count on friends to have us over for big games (as long as we bring snacks!).


  175. Linda says

    We ditched cable a couple of years ago. We mostly use Netflix and Hulu to watch tv. We were paying a lot of something we didn’t use enough.


  176. says

    i have a tv but i did go w/o it for the month of january. it’s such a time waster for me. i’m not sure i’d ever give it up but i am trying to be more conscience about the amount of time i’m sitting in front of it…


  177. Pam says

    I just moved into a new apartment and am only using Hulu – I actually cancelled my Netflix subscription because I wasn’t using it. I am sooo happy with my decision not to get cable. The one show I can’t get on Hulu is available for $1.99/episode on Amazon after it has aired.


  178. says

    When I switched rooms in our house (living with roommates), I decided to not put a TV in my room. I found it really hard to sleep after watching a buttload of TV, but ended up just being on my phone until bedtime!
    We have TV in the living room, so that’s where I get most of my watching done. I only like a handful of shows that are on air right now, so I maybe spend 5 hrs/weeks in front of the TV. Not too bad!


  179. Karen says

    My husband and I cancelled cable two years ago, and have not gone back – we watch a few shows online and can stream things like the presidential debates and Superbowl! And during the Olympics, I visited a friend’s apartment to watch the Opening Ceremonies, which made TV time = social/bonding time too.


  180. says

    My husband and I went without cable for about 4 years and honestly didn’t miss it! You can watch your shows online now days anyways. I like to watch the Bachelor and a few others sometimes. When we moved to our new house, we got cable and I wish we didn’t have it again. I find myself doing the same thing–watching filler shows and being non-productive. Sports are harder to watch online, so I understand Ryan’s issue… my husband liked watching football all season for sure.


  181. says

    Babe, what a classic movie! 🙂 ha
    My boyfriend and I have been struggling with this same issue for quite some time! I don’t think it’s necessary I agree it only forces us to watch more tv than we would if we didn’t have cable, yet he continues with the “well maybe after the world series… maybe after the super bowl…” I don’t think I’m ever going to win this one! ha


  182. Merri says

    I didnt have cable for a year and during that time I also had no internet for a solid 5 months! It was AWESOME…but no thaving internet was difficult, I was REALLY happy to get thatback! I would love to cancel cable…like you said, too muhc “filler” time.


  183. says

    My room mate and I don’t have cable. We have Canadian Netflix – which isn’t nearly good as the American one, and watch other shoes online. When I go home I love watching me some TV though!


  184. Jenny says

    We have a TV that we connected to a Roku box so we get Netflix and Hulu Plus (for a whopping $15/mo). We still watch a fair amount of TV (maybe an hour or 2 a day) and the only time we missed cable at all was during the Olympics. The biggest downside to not having cable is not being able to watch sports, which we don’t watch much of anyway. Going on 2 years cable-free…


    • emma says

      We do the same thing! Roku is awesome, there are still great shows (portlandia, the mindy project, walking dead, etc) that you can access through netflix, and you can add local/network channels as well. it makes for a more mindful tv wathing experience, if that makes sense? i will agree, you’ll have to go out or to a friends for the superbowl/worldcup/any other live sporting event but that kind of makes it more fun anyways!


      • Laura says

        I also have a Roku! We have a combo of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon prime, so between these we don’t miss many shows. In order to watch the Bachelor and the news and things, I bought a digital TV antenna off Amazon for $12 and can watch all network stations for free! HIGHLY recommend canceling it as well, it saves a ton of money and I agree, I waste a lot less time these days now.


  185. says

    My hubby and I have been married for almost 4 years, and we’ve never had cable. We’ve only had Netflix and Hulu+, so that means that we pay about $16 a month for entertainment as opposed to $100+ for cable. Anyhoo, we love it and find that we watch a LOT less TV and movies without cable. Works for us 🙂 Also, we’ll go TV-less every now and then, and it’s always nice. We play games, read, and go do fun things together. It’s nice to mix it up a bit 🙂


  186. says

    We just canceled our cable subscription this month. Instead, we got Hulu Plus to compliment our Netflix account. I really love it, and feel like I get everything I need (which is Biggest Loser and The Carrie Diaries at the moment!). I agree–it cuts back on the mindless TV watching and makes it feel more like an Event when we sit down to watch BL.


  187. says

    We’ve thought about it too in our condo but with the NHL back there is no way my boyfriend would agree to that now. So for now, cable it is. Can’t lie I do love watching tv, I would definitely miss it


  188. says

    Isaac and I have been married for 18 years and we have never had cable and I don’t believe we will ever get it. Like you, we don’t want to just sit down and watch random shows that we care nothing about either. We watch movies when we want to see something good or find a series we have heard good things about on Netflix or Amazon. We have 2 teenage boys, also and we are so happy that they have never had access to just random garbage because it is “on the tv.”


  189. says

    My husband and I recently just cancelled our cable and it has been so amazing. We were very very hesitant to do it but like you mentioned we have found ourselves going on more walks and doing more active thing as a couple..anyways I think it’s awesome you guys are even considering it, you should do it it’s the cool thing to do 🙂


  190. Diana Mangam says

    My boyfriend and I just did the same thing! We replaced cable with a Roku. It is a super tiny device that hooks up to your tv to easily access app like Netflix and Hula. We do all of our watching through there. Way more convenient then hooking up your laptop every time you want to watch a movie!


  191. says

    No cable. We just have the bare minimum of channels. And it’s totally fine. I watch all my shows I love on my laptop or iPad a day later when I find time to sit. It’s actually kinda better. And it keeps you off the TV and you get to spend more time with family because you have no TV watching holding you back.


  192. Stephanie says

    We cancelled our cable almost 3 years ago, and we hardly miss it. We have a HD antenna so we get the local channels and pay $7/month for nerflicks streaming, it works great, like you said we watch so few shows, and what we watched were on local channels anyways. We used to be able to watch sports through a 1 year ESPN subscription for Xbox, but ESPN figured it out and quit showing your local market games.
    It does make sports watching hard, but the few games we are serious about, we go out to a bar or restaurant to watch it and make a date out of it. It’s costs us less to watch it out than our cable bill, so we figure we still come out ahead.


  193. Sally says

    I’ve been without cable for almost two years. When I had it I only had basic cable, so not a lot of channels, but I got mad at my cable company because they took one of the only channels I watched regularly (HGTV) and bumped it up to the next package. I was going to have to pay more for my cable to get one channel, and that did not make me happy. As it is, I’m a shift worker, and couldn’t always watch my shows when they first aired and would have to catch them online. That’s when I decided it made more sense to cancel, and just continue watching things online. It’s convenient, easy and cheap:) I just plug my laptop into my TV and watch straight on the TV.


  194. says

    How funny! We just made the (long debated) decision to get rid of cable today too! Comcast is just too darn expensive, and we have both Netflix and Apple TV. Looking forward to doing some other things (reading, talking, blogging, working out) instead of plopping down in front of the TV.


  195. J says

    Have you ever heard of the Roku? My husband and I quit cable and got the Roku which allows us to stream shows like a day later. We get to watch New Girl and Modern Family still. It’s great. Paying for the Hulu on there to watch the shows costs us about $7 a month, which is much better than cable!


  196. Marion says

    If I’m lucky I get 1/2 an hour and like Ryan and you we have discussed sans cable. Something stops us though and yet we use to live in a remote Northern community where we had 3 channels with a rabbit antenna and like Ryan and you we had the best time in those days. I will admit I use he TV as background when I am working out in the home gym and I watch news to stay on top of things for my profession about current events. It’s also a source for my husband and I to watch the Golf channel religiously so it would be a tough bandaid to pull off especially in the cold Canadian winter months. Summer I could do it no problemo! Too busy with outdoor activities to care about TV! Hey if you do go cold turkey you can always get hooked back up as my Dad does every time he returns to Florida for his winter fun!


  197. says

    My husband and I debated canceling our cable recently, but I have a weakness for shows on TLC so I don’t know if I ever could. And, my husband likes Discovery and food/cooking shows. I guess we’re keeping our cable!


  198. says

    We moved to a new area this past fall where the cable deals are basic or quite expensive. Since we didn’t want to pay the $ for the “quite expensive” we had the basic package (a whole 30 channels or so), but to me, it’s not “real cable” since we don’t have HGTV, History, Food Network, Travel, E!, etc….
    I was majorly disappointed and still miss it, but to make up for it, I watch Hulu, Netflix, or, like you said, wait a couple of days and watch the show online later.
    It’s manageable for us, but then again, we don’t really watch sports (sorry, Ryan!) Good luck with your decision!


  199. AJ says

    I am currently having this debate (with myself). I travel all the time so I DVR everything, which is an additional monthly charge. I can watch a lot of shows online, and I’ve considered Netflix as well. Missing sports would suck, but if I really really wanted to watch something, I could go to a bar or watch it at someone else’s place. I’m leaning more towards canceling…dave time and my precious money!



  200. Jessica says

    I’m clearly in the minority here, but I’d never get rid of my cable! I live alone, so the TV provides background noise in a quiet apartment, plus I’m invested in a handful of shows that I just don’t want to miss!


  201. says

    Totally random! I got my first filling last Friday, and whenever I chew on something it hits a nerve. Almost like a certain part is sensitive. About to call the dentist, but some people online say the feeling will go away! Will probably call tomorrow because its scaring me!


  202. says

    We have Apple TV and a rockin’ rabbit ears antenna. We get to watch everything on Hulu and Netflix plus anything on regular tv channels. Totally worth it. My sister got Roku instead of Apple TV. Either way we only pay for our Netflix and Hulu accounts and a one time fee for the box.


  203. Jessica Long says

    we just canceled cable (within the past week) and got netflix. my son doesn’t even miss it – he’s 11. we are outside more. we clean the house without dragging our feet about it and we pay more attention to each other. and this is just from a week! super glad we made the move to cancel.


  204. Shannon says

    I tend to watch a small amount of tv myself–about 2 hours a day after work when I’m just ‘vegging out.’ Most of the time I’m online or doing planning for work, so it’s usually background noise. I feel like once a week there’s usually a show on that I try to catch (& then there’s my daily E! News too!). I only pay $17 a month for my cable though, which seems like a nice compromise–I get my E Network & the major networks, but don’t get sucked into everything else. It only causes us the occasional problem when my bf wants to watch college basketball & I don’t get ESPN, but luckily we can crowd around my laptop when we need to. He gets cable at his place & every once in awhile we’ll get sucked into something on the weekends (more so me than him–I am a sucker for reality shows!). I feel like it’d be great to go cable free (I don’t know if I could ever go tv free!), I could really see us having more time to read or do something other than watch the screen! Plus, it’d save a lot of money!


  205. Erika says

    I am and have always been a TV fanatic ( I blame my parents). I pay a ridiculous amount for cable (but split it with 2 roommates) with an obscene amount of channels but it makes me happy. I can’t live without True Blood and Homeland! I’m not a netflix or hulu fan. I would rather watch stuff live or on demand.


  206. says

    haha I haven’t heard a BABE reference in forever…I was obsessed with wilbur, I even did a school project where I created the whole cast in clay–ha I guess you could say it was my favorite movie!! You just brought back childhood (made me smile) — as for the TV — I could live without the TV, I don’t think I even turned on a TV in college, but to watch movies…however, my hubbs is in love with Sports & HBO so I don’t think he could cut his ties, but I sure wouldn’t mind :] hope the dentist wasn’t too bad, I strongly fear the dentist & all those shiny tools! Love your posts & realness. xo. Ky


  207. Kristi says

    That quote is from Babe! 🙂 My husband and I haven’t ever had cable since we’ve been together. We just watch the basic stations and Netflix. I really haven’t missed it. It’s just too expensive to justify for us. Oh and I love watching The Bachelor, we should totally be friends. 😉


  208. says

    We decided to go cable free 2 years ago and have never looked back. With services like Netflix and Hulu plus, I still keep updated on shows like ‘New Girl’ (love that show soooo much), and my hubby finds most of the sport he wants to watch from live streaming.
    Also quite afew channels (like CBS) are actually free to air – we brought an antenna, and we can still watch them 🙂


  209. says

    I’m more a dvd kind of girl. I don’t watch any tv barely. I don’t have time, and I’m more computer obsessed. Goodluck at the dentist, something must be in the air because my whole family has been this past week. Not me though…stuck that.


  210. Lia says

    My husband uses that Babe quote all the time! It always makes me smile. That is one of our favorite movies. I love talking animals!!! Probably one of the reasons I like your blog so much – the voice bubble Sadie pictures are my favorite. My husband and I do have cable but I honestly don’t use it at all. I only watch a few shows (bachelor, parenthood, Nashville) and I always catch them online anyways. The only show my husband and I watch together is Downton Abbey (online). My husband’s sports addiction is the main reason we will always have cable. He LOVES watching all sports (especially football) and I don’t foresee that ever changing. I guess if it is that important to him I can deal with paying for cable. I mean, if someone cut off my wireless internet I would NOT be a happy camper (and I’m not even a professional blogger).


  211. says

    I was living without a TV for 4 years and it was great. All the shows that I want to see are available online, and I love podcasts for the news. Now we own a TV but we use it only as a big screen for movies and shows. My boyfriend is paying 10 euros a month for the baketball channel, and that are all of our TV costs


  212. beth arndt says

    funny you should mention this…i just had a talk with my husband last night about how we need to seriously cut back on tv hours….i put it on just for noise and when i’m tired and he watches tons of shows on the internet (it’s a smart tv). but we don’t spend enough quality time together and he definitely isn’t active enough. our cable is free through a glitch due to having cable internet so there’s no turning it off….


  213. says

    I haven’t had cable for about a year and a half now, and I do not miss it whatsoever! I actually don’t see myself getting it again. I highly recommend that if you feel like you’re mindlessly watching it, you get rid of it (if you’re inclined to do so, that is). 🙂 Reading, going on walks, watching inspirational YouTube videos (like TED talks)… so many better things to do than watch an endless barrage of commercials and shows that don’t always promote the kindest messages!


  214. says

    When I first started living on my own, I had roommates who insisted on cable. I soon realized it just an added expense so now that I live on my own, I don’t have it and I don’t miss it at all! I got a blu ray player for Christmas and I can stream Netflix through it and all the other shows I watch I can stream through their online apps. I know it usually comes down to sports because you can’t watch most games on regular TV but I would have to say it’s easy to live without.


  215. says

    We got rid of cable over a year ago and it really is so freeing. We have Netflix for $7.99 and between that, a friend’s HBOGO account that he lets us use and for my beloved Downton Abbey, we’re set. I also have a husband who couldn’t care less about sports and doesn’t watch any televised ones so that helps. But you’re right in that every time you do sit down to watch something it feels more planned and eventful. I don’t even miss background noise while I’m cooking or anything b/c I just use Pandora for that now. So much stuff is available online that the $100+ cable bill is just not worth it. Plus, I hate cable companies. They try to screw you left and right and telling them “peace out” was one of the more satisfying moments in my life 😉


  216. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I don’t have cable, and for the most part, I really don’t mind at all. I watch shows on Hulu and movies on Netflix. I was even able to watch the presidential debates on YouTube. And I watch HBO shows on HBO Go using my parents’ account. The only thing I’ve missed is the red carpet at awards shows and the awards shows themselves. And it’s sometimes nice to flip on the news instead of hunting it down online. But I really don’t think cable is worth the expense!


  217. says

    My husband and I have been talking about nixing our cable too…We both agreed that soon it won’t even be a thing. We’re guessing that in the relatively near future, we’ll either get to just pay by channel we want to subscribe through or everything will be put online (tvs will just be all internet)…


  218. Kristin says

    awww Babe!!!! I used to have pigs for the 4-H fair and always thought that movie was so sad! 🙁 I feel the same way about TV … excited to see what you do!


  219. says

    My husband and I have been tv free for our whole marriage (with the exception of a few short months when we lived in an apartment that they hadn’t cancelled the last tenant’s cable yet) so that is 6.5 years of just Netflix, and internet streaming. I have to say that it is a little bit frustrating to wait to watch things (like the Bachelor) when everyone else has seen it already. However, my husband who is also a sports FANATIC has been able to always find just about any game/match online streaming without much trouble. Either that or he will plan a boys nite to watch “the game” with friends. That said, cable is around $80-$100 a month where we live so he does not mind that savings! I hope that you feel great about whatever decision you make on the great TV debate 🙂


  220. Jennifer P. says

    I recently moved, and like you, I only have a few shows that I really wanted to watch. Cable is just too expensive these days, so I opted for a Roku box (got the idea from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point). I got a Hulu Plus subscription (for $7.99/month) for all the current shows and a year of Amazon Prime (because they still think I’m a student and it was only $39.99). I haven’t missed a single one of my shows and feel so much better about not watching too much TV! The significant difference in price isn’t too shabby either. I highly recommend it!


  221. Lola says

    Haha, I cannot express how much I wish we didn’t have cable. In college, I personally thought cable was a waste of money and didn’t want it. I was so productive. The only time I watched tv was when I would go over to my boyfriend’s (awkward to say now since we are married) place for the night.

    Now, we watch certain shows every night when we get home from work.. I told him yesterday I feel like we are wasting our life away just watching tv. I don’t think he can part with it anyntime soon though..


  222. says

    Get Netflix. Plenty of TV shows there and no commercials. I would go without TV. I only really watch it idly and to fall asleep at night. There aren’t any shows I must see. I could learn to fall asleep without it. There are so many other ways to watch shows these days – online, Netflix, the library (our libraries in Vegas have a massive selection of DVDs).


  223. Sibyl says

    Hi Julie, I dont know how i got here, but I have been reading your blog for less than a year now. I don’t live in a warm city like yours, I also run, am married with one cat but I would love to have a dog too and I seldom have breakfast. Your breakfast have been a source of inspiration for me, I love your scrambled eggs with differents toppings. So yesterday I’ve decided to start having some breakfast in the morning and pitty I cannot send you a pic, but I had scrambled eggs with spinach and were yummy yummy! Thank you very much for your posts and your funny and nice stories. Take care, greetings from Switzerland.


  224. Scarlett says

    My husband and I have been discussing getting rid of cable, and I think we have just about reached our decision. We are generally pretty active and enjoy spending lots of time outside most of the year. We also have a 13 year old who gets pretty frustrated with the parental controls we set on the television and internet. It seems like the amount of programming with reasonable content has seriously declined since we were teenagers. Cable television seems like a waste of money. Especially since you can watch just about anything online.


  225. says

    We don’t have a TV in our new house (we bought it almost a year ago) and I could not be happier. I read twice as much and feel just better not knowing/watching TV…..

    At first, I did wonder what was going on with my favorite shows but, a year later, I don’t even remember what I used to watch

    I do miss out on a lot of “pop culture” references but I have no desire to have a TV again!


  226. Kaitlan says

    Guys need their cable. I looove your blog, but I personally think that it would not be fair to cancel cable to be more productive around the house. I think men and women use TV in different ways. When I’m lazy I watch whatever is on TV, but my boyfriend merely used the television to watch his sports! I see the TV as a way for my boyfriend to relax and unwind from his day, not to mention watch sports (his passion).



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