High Road Craft Ice Cream

This week Ryan’s boss is in town from England and last night I finally had the chance to meet her over dinner.

artisinal dish ocala

Since she has been enjoying rather indulgent meals out every night since her arrival and was in the mood for something not quite so heavy, Ryan suggested heading to the Artisinal Dish, our favorite spot for fresh, local fare in Ocala. The Artisinal Dish is part gourmet grocer, part restaurant and Ryan and I love it!

Artisinal Dish

I met up with Ryan and two of his coworkers at the restaurant a little before 7 p.m. and immediately selected a drink from the beverage case. They have tons and tons of different flavored sparkling waters and as a sparkling water fanatic, I was excited to see Ayala’s sparkling herbal water available.

ayala's sparkling water

I selected the lavender mint sparkling herbal water and loved every sip! I wish this stuff was easier to find and more readily available at the grocery store because it is fabulous.

Once we placed our orders, we hung out and chatted for a while until our food was delivered to our table. Ryan and I decided to share a pizza.


I also got the grilled scallops salad for some greens and ordered a side of the beets.

grilled scallops salad and beets

Ryan ordered a side of the curried sweet potato salad (the one that inspired my at-home attempt of the recipe) and I had a few bites of that as well!


It was just as good as I remembered. Yum! 

Before we left, I browsed around the freezer section and stumbled upon the most fantastic-sounding ice cream: High Road brown butter praline craft ice cream.


Of course I had to try it!

As I was looking for High Road’s website, I stumbled upon a review of the ice cream on The Ice Cream Informant’s blog and agree with every word. And yes, there is a blog dedicated to reviewing ice cream. After I found this fantastic blog, I naturally searched it for a review of the elusive Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk to see whether or not we share similar tastes. After reading their review of my beloved ice cream, I saw that they gave it an “A,” so I now know their opinion can be fully trusted. (Hear that Ben & Jerry’s? People love Oatmeal Cookie Chunk! Please don’t take it to the flavor graveyard!)

It was a fun night!

Questions of the Morning

  • What is your all-time favorite ice cream flavor?
  • If you were going to start a blog that reviewed one kind of food or drink, what would you review? 


  1. Jamie says

    Julie I’m with you – I LOVE oatmeal cookie chunk from Ben & jerrys!!! I check the case in publix everytime I pass in the hopes that it’s there – never is! Boo’


  2. Jamie @ sometimes healthy living says

    Mmmm that ice cream sounds delish! My favorite ice cream flavor is breyers loaded waffle cone. If I was doing a food review blog it would definitely be for cupcakes!


  3. Stephanie Y. says

    One of my biggest pregnancy cravings has been pizza and the picture of the yummy pizza you posted is making me want it more!


  4. says

    I would have to review frozen yogurt! I seriously could eat it all day every day and I would just go around to all the different yogurt places and sample everything – YUM!!! Love that little place – I wish we had places like that where we live! Looks like you had a great evening!


  5. Cathryn says

    Ugh oatmeal cookie crunch is my all time favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor! I can’t find it anywhere and it’s frustrating! I have had to replace it with Blue Bell banana pudding ice cream (WHICH IS AMAZING).


  6. says

    I love places like that!!! It looks like a lot of fun!

    Question for you. How do you go about taking pictures, especially in public places, all the time without feeling awkward or having to explain, “this is for my blog.” I recently started my blog and want to take pictures to document, but feel weird doing it. Any tips?


  7. Traci says

    I’m so torn about a favorite ice cream flavor – you can’t really go wrong! I’ve been a long-time lover of classics like mint chocolate chip and cookie dough, but a good birthday cake or chocolate peanut butter is hard to pass up. I guess I’m equal opportunity. 😉

    If I had to review one food…. It’d probably be sushi!


  8. Jill says

    I find it hard to talk about ice cream….bad habits that I’m kinda not proud of …
    like how on earth do you stop after a serving or two? A tiny pint of anything will be gone in no time flat for me (jeesh, I’d eat eat a full 2 L tub!).
    I really want to try the coconut milk or almond dream ice creams (the pints) but know I’ll eat the entire pint in one sitting (simply because I WANT to) and since issues prevent me from exercising, I feel its not “right” (yes, I have a muddled mind and heart 🙂


  9. says

    Looks like such a neat restaurant/store to visit! My favorite all-time ice cream – hmm, that is a challenging question to answer, but I suppose I would say Vanilla Fudge, because it combines the classic vanilla taste I love, with a hint of chocolate sweetness!


  10. Kelsey Yoki says

    I love ANY fruity sorbet, which helps me avoid dairy because of my lactose sensitivity. But if I am truly craving ice cream, it is usually mint chocolate chip!
    I would have to review…sweet potato recipes! I swear it is the only food I don’t get sick of!


  11. says

    That`s tough to choose, I like ice cream but not love it. I like soft serve better so my favorite is actually the vanilla and chocolate twist from Costco.
    Nut butters!


  12. Paula says

    So funny….I found myself craving Oatmeal Cookie Chunk just the other day…went to 3 different grocery stores with no luck! Now it all makes sense…had no clue they discontinued that flavor!


  13. says

    My favorite ice cream is definitely coffee! I’ve been loving coconut too on days when my sweet tooth isn’t raging as much, which is rare. If I could review any food I think I’d have to go with granola because I never get sick of it and can eat it with so many things. I am VERY particular about the cluster sizes in granola, level of sweetness, nut and dried fruit choices…I could go on 🙂


  14. says

    Everything looks so good! It is hard to pick one ice cream flavor as my favorite, but I adore cookie dough, butter pecan, and Oreo! A local Ohio ice cream shop, Graeter’s, has incredible ice cream and I love every flavor lol! Their strawberry chocolate chip, plain ol’ vanilla with chocolate chip, and seasonal pumpkin are all amazing as well! 🙂


  15. casie says

    Being a bit of a lemonade connoisseur, I would review lemonades. I have actually tried a number of different kinds. Two of my favorites have been a huckleberry lemonade, and watermelon basil lemonade. If you all haven’t explored outside of the traditional lemonade box, I definitely recommend it.


  16. says

    You can actually still find the Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream in Puerto Rico! I was so sad when I moved to Florida and couldn’t find it anywhere!


  17. says

    Your shorts are adorable!! Where did you get them?
    And my all time favorite ice cream flavor has to be…vanilla with chocolate syrup. Boring I know.
    If I had a food blog and only could review one food I would choose pancakes! I love some good pancakes!


  18. says

    I LOVE the Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!!! I mean, I don’t understand how they keep some so so flavors around and not that one. Though honestly, it is probably a good thing for my waist and thighs because this girl can demolish a pint of that in no time!!


  19. Katie says

    Favorite ice cream – Jeni’s Goat Cheese and Fig, or Sweet Potato Marshmallow

    Blog reviewing one kind of food or drink – Wine!!! 🙂


  20. says

    I still go for the good ol’ mint chocolate chip.

    I would review cheesecake. How awesome of a job would that be? Who cares about health when there’s cheesecake around! (This is why I don’t keep cheesecake around or I would eat it all, no joke)


  21. Christie says

    My all-time favorite ice cream is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! Love those little chunks of dough, yum yum!

    If I was to write a blog based solely on reviewing a certain type of food, I’d probably do it on cupcakes; I love baking and experiment with my own cupcakes, so maybe traveling around to different bakeries and cupcakeries and trying the cupcakes they’re most known for would be fun and interesting!


  22. says

    Wait… they are getting rid of Oatmeal Cookie Chunk?! I haven’t been to Ben and Jerry’s in a long time because there just isn’t one close to me so I am kind of in the dark but that used to be my favorite flavor!!


  23. says

    All that food looks so yummy! I had no idea they had an Oatmeal Cookie Chunk flavor! That sounds uber good! My favorite flavor will always be Mint Chocolate Chip, even if I can’t decide between it and a different flavor, Mint Choco Chip always wins!! I would defiantly review Ice Cream, oh wait, I already do that 😉


  24. says

    My all-time favorite ice cream flavor is Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food! But because that’s only a “sometimes” type of ice cream, I more frequently indulge in cookie’s and cream, a close runner up.

    If I had to review only one type of food, it would be pizza. Gourmet pizza, artisan pizza, pizza from hole-in-the-wall joints, frozen pizza, I LOVE ALL OF IT!


  25. says

    Great questions! If I had to review one food only on my blog, I’d say pizza!
    My alltime fav ice cream flavor is called Doughlicious- they have it at a local ice cream store near my parent’s house and it’s vanilla with all different types of cookie dough thrown in- amazing!


  26. Jill says

    Julie: Big question: what is the easiest and safest way to prepare chicken breasts? I want to do them in the oven (seems safest, easiest), but my roommate is a bit snuffy about turning on oven in heat…so
    1) best way to prepare thick chicken breasts in oven (time, temperature, covered in baking dish or no?
    2) best way to sauté? How much oil, how to ensure cooked all way through, etc etc

    Or can they be boiled ? Thanks…


  27. Liz says

    Is Oatmeal Cookie Chuck really that unpopular? What is wrong with people?!?!? That is my second most favorite B+J flavor (my first is Cinnamon Buns)! I would be so sad if they discontinued it!!


  28. says

    My all time favorite ice cream flavor was in my hometown’s old ice cream shop and it was called Crazy Vanilla: vanilla, cherry and blueberry ice cream 🙂 Since I have never seen it since, my next favorites are mint chip and anything cheesecake or praline flavored 🙂


  29. says

    That ice cream does sound amazing! And a blog dedicated to reviewing ice creams, that’s my kind of read ;). Would be so hard to choose one favorite flavor of ice cream though :P. If I had to choose I’d have to say Dulce de Leche.


  30. says

    I looooove Late Night Snack (Ben & Jerry’s). Chocolate covered potatoes chips in ice cream may not sound delicious at first, but it’s actually the best thing ever. I’ve never tried Oatmeal Cookie Chunk but it seeing as I love oatmeal raisin cookies, it would probably taste amazing!!


  31. april says

    my all-time favorite ice cream flavor is either peanut butter chocolate or cookies & cream!

    p.s. i love your shorts! so cute 🙂


  32. says

    I have no idea what my favorite ice cream is because there’s too many good ones, but Half Baked by Ben and Jerry’s is definitely up there! Hands down, I would review dark chocolate. I can’t get enough.


  33. Sara says

    Favorite flavor is Handel’s coconut cream pie, it has chunks of pie crust in it! i also liked this ice cream I got at united dairy farmers last night called sugar cookie.

    If I could review only one type of food it would be cookies! Pretty much all other food I would get sick of, including ice cream.


  34. Jenn F. says

    I love Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and a flavor I get at my favorite ice cream shop at the beach….Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

    Love your lipstick, can you share the brand and color?


  35. says

    Cake Batter ice cream is by FAR the best ice cream ever (in my opinion, obviously.) Coldstone nails it, but due to the high calorie content I opt with the Frozen Yogurt Cake Batter (Yogi Castle wins for best cake batter flavor!)

    Honestly if I were going to blog about one food it would HAVE to be ice cream. It has and always will be my favorite dessert and guilty pleasure!


  36. says

    I miss ice cream so much! Darn my body’s inability to handle dairy. But I’ll still have a bowl of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream every so often. Her flavors are absolutely incredible! My favorite is Brambleberry Crunch. She might be my very favorite thing about Ohio.

    Also, that scallop and greens looks amazing!


  37. says

    This restaurant sounds so good! I love going to local restaurants to try fresh foods and local fair. I would love to review Thai or Indian food! I love both of them but they can both be so bad if its not a good place or I order the wrong dish.


  38. Lindsey says

    Julie I have a question for ya!

    Would you recommend working out despite beig sore from your last workout?

    I am very sore from strength training my legs Tuesday & tomorrow I’m supposed to do legs again but not sure whether soreness means I need recovery or I should work through it.


  39. says

    I love when grocery stores have eatery’s / restaurants attached 🙂 I find myself always grabbing a bite to eat before shopping at whole foods, this way I fill my belly with nutritious/delicious food & avoid impulse purchases due to hunger cravings 🙂 Ps. That ice cream looks delicious!


  40. says

    I work right next door to a frozen yogurt shop and it’s been so hard to not go every single day. After reading this, today might be the day I break 🙁


  41. says

    I’m not sure I could pick one ice cream flavor, I love all ice cream! I just love fro yo right now because you can get a little bit of everything.


  42. Stacey says

    I’d for sure have to go with Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough. I like to think of it as a classic. As for a food to review, I’d choose BBQ sauce. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect kind.


  43. says

    Yum! All this Ben & Jerry’s talk reminded me that as a kid, my favorite flavor was Ben & Jerry’s White Russian. I’m pretty sure I had no idea that it was inspired by a cocktail and wonder in retrospect if my parents were concerned…


  44. says

    all time favorite ice cream flavor is a tie between coffee and green tea!

    if I could only review one thing it would be either chocolate soufflés or ramen. i’m equally obsessed with both.


  45. Christine says

    I love High Road Craft!! They are from Atlanta, so it is available fresh, as in they open their warehouse for tastings. It’s on my list of to-dos soon!


  46. Jodea @ chillichocolatelove.com says

    Ooh, great questions! Pistachio is my favourite, followed closely by hazelnut, both of which I had in Italy recently and they blew my mind. Blogging about one food? That’s tough. I’ll go for frittatas. There are endless combinations! For a review it would be cupcakes!


  47. says

    I would review pizza! I LOVE pizza and can eat a lot of it haha. One of my favorite shows is Man vs. Food! I would love that job, I mean I couldn’t do the food challenges but would love traveling and trying all the delicious eats!


  48. Lisa W. says

    That sweet potato salad looks incredible, makes me want to lick the computer screen. 🙂 My favorite ice cream right now is Steve’s Ice Cream – Brooklyn Blackout. It’s milk chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding….incredible stuff. The only place I’ve been able to find it is at The Fresh Market, but if you looooove chocolate, it’s definitely worth trying.


  49. Callie Johnson says

    My all-time favorite ice cream is Chubby Hubby by Ben & Jerry’s. This fantastic concoction of deliciousness is amazing and it has been love since first bite! This is not to be confused with Chunky Monkey, which can be found most anywhere. Chubby Hubby is highly elusive, and I have yet to find a store in my town that carries it regularly. Good for my waistline, but it makes for a sad little lady.


  50. says

    Ice cream is amaaaaazing–I usually take forever to decide what I want and then just get mint chocolate chip haha. Or vanilla soft serve with sprinkles! Oh and hands down I would review pizza. Can you imagine how fun that job would be?


  51. says

    I love your shorts in the photo! Super cute! 🙂 Where did you get them? The scallops salad looks sooooo good! I’m obsessed with seafood and shellfish. My all-time favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip but I also like cookie dough and butter pecan! 😉 If I had a blog solely for reviews I would definitely review either cookies or oatmeal. I could never choose just one!


  52. says

    Oh I love High Road Ice Cream and the brown butter praline is my all time favorite. They also have a bourbon brown butter one that is yummy. The factory is actually located right outside of Atlanta. I have not been on a tour yet but have heard a lot of good things about them. High Road is an Atlanta staple! Oh and this my be strange but the brown butter praline and the brown butter bourbon are both tasty when used as the creamer in a cup of coffee!


  53. Amy McLaughlin says

    Jeni’s Ice Cream is my favorite! It is based out of Columbus, OH and she has all kinds of crazy flavors. My favorite is Salty Carmel but some of the others that are great is Goat Cheese with Red Cherries, pistachio and honey, and queen city cayenne. She always has something new to try. She has one with corn and blueberries that is great too.


  54. says

    I just have to say, it looks like the photo of you with the ice cream is a selfie (yes, I know that’s an obnoxious word, but I can’t think of another one). It’s GREAT! Every time I take pictures of myself, I look like an alien because the camera angle is off or I’ve cut off half of my face. You’ve got some skills, girl 🙂


  55. Ashley says

    1st of all–I am a HUGE fan of the Ben & Jerrys Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. Sooooo good. One of my faves. Secondly, I’m also a huge fan of every single High Road ice creams I’ve tried, but the praline one is the best. I guess we are ice cream soul mates! haha


  56. Diana says

    The Artisinal Dish looks like an awesome place! I wonder if there is a place like down in Sarasota. Your shorts look super cute..where did you find them?


  57. Tristen W says

    That ice cream looks so amazing. I have been in LOVE with ice cream lately. The addictive flavor in my freezer right now is a chocolate fudge with brownie bites…to. die. for.


  58. Alison says

    I love a really good pistachio ice cream! Or black cherry.
    That’s actually awesome that there is an ice cream review blog! I’m gonna check it out right now. If I started a blog to review something, it would be to review nut butters! I’m giddy just thinking about that idea.


  59. says

    Julie, if you like the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, I think the Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns flavor would also rock your world! They’re my top 2 flavors and it’s like choosing a favorite child.


  60. Jennifer says

    There is a teenie, tiny farm in Delaware called Woodside Farm. The Creamery at Woodside Farm is a small stone building, next to an old stone farmhouse that churns out the most incredible freshly made, on site, ice cream. I know it was once featured in Gourmet magazine! The Raspberry Chip is divine, so decadent! And the kids love the Dirt flavor – yes, there are gummy worms slithering through that Dirt:) With other flavors like Motor Oil, Peanut Butter and Jelly to complement to standard Chocolate, PB Swirl, etc, there is something for everyone. You can sit outside under the huge oak tree at their picnic tables and savor every bite. Ahhhh, I’m dreaming of my next visit already!


  61. says

    LOVE the oatmeal chunk!! I had sent a million (okay, maybe a dozen) emails to B&J when it was first halted after being a limited edition. I was so psyched when it came back with the “by popular demand” label (and felt personally responsible for the triumph!) and then it started disappearing. Odd that it is on the website but so impossible to find….Glad to know I’m not alone in the search/frustration!

    I do recommend the limited edition Cannoli. And while I’m not a fan of the namesake/inspiration, the Red Velvet is good too. For me, it is all about having good “chunks” (def the reason I tend toward B&J…..if only I didn’t keep confusing a container with a serving!).


  62. says

    When we lived in Orlando we were obsessed with Edy’s slow churned birthday cake. It was (sort of) healthy, really inexpensive and amazing – high praise from 2 chocoholics. The flavor was retired but they brought it back out this summer as a limited edition, anniversary flavor. If its available in Ocala, you must try it! I am also dying to try Jeni’s roasted strawberry and marscapone.

    If I were to stick to only reviewing one type of food, I actually think its be “healthy” snacks. There is a plethora of random stuff at our local co-op (kale chips and granola and granola- less bars, oh my!) that I would love to try out.


  63. says

    Love those shorts! My favorite ice cream has to be a tie between mint chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate 🙂 If I had pick a food to review I think it would be pizza. Thin crust, thick crust, meaty, veggie, artisnal, simple… just so many options out there! That restaurant looks so fun! I love sparkling water, too and that lavender one sounds delish!


  64. says

    Being in Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s is a favorite of course… but disappointing when I go out of state and get get it cheaper. 🙁 Just recently I came upon B&J’s Cotton Candy – Limited Edition! SO good!! I typically prefer either a mint chocolate chip or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough though.

    If I was going to review food or drinks, it would be buffalo wings… I like trying them when I go out and about. It’s amazing how often I’m disappointed with their greasy-ness.


  65. says

    Thanks for the mention – sooo glad you enjoyed the ice cream. The experience looks delightful! Thanks for including High Road in your evening! Thanks for the tip on the sparkling water too…I’m a fiend!



  66. Erika says

    My all time favorite ice cream is Mint ‘n Chip. I’ve loved that ever since I was a kid.

    As far as blogging about a certain drink…I’d choose coffee chillers. I don’t really drink hot coffee but recently I tried a mocha chiller from 7-Eleven and it was delicious! Needless to say I’ve been getting one every week, sometimes twice.


  67. Allison says

    Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk is by far my favorite flavor of theirs…I can’t find it ANYWHERE anymore 🙁 Your new ice cream find sounds fabulous



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