High Road Craft Ice Cream

This week Ryan’s boss is in town from England and last night I finally had the chance to meet her over dinner.

artisinal dish ocala

Since she has been enjoying rather indulgent meals out every night since her arrival and was in the mood for something not quite so heavy, Ryan suggested heading to the Artisinal Dish, our favorite spot for fresh, local fare in Ocala. The Artisinal Dish is part gourmet grocer, part restaurant and Ryan and I love it!

Artisinal Dish

I met up with Ryan and two of his coworkers at the restaurant a little before 7 p.m. and immediately selected a drink from the beverage case. They have tons and tons of different flavored sparkling waters and as a sparkling water fanatic, I was excited to see Ayala’s sparkling herbal water available.

ayala's sparkling water

I selected the lavender mint sparkling herbal water and loved every sip! I wish this stuff was easier to find and more readily available at the grocery store because it is fabulous.

Once we placed our orders, we hung out and chatted for a while until our food was delivered to our table. Ryan and I decided to share a pizza.


I also got the grilled scallops salad for some greens and ordered a side of the beets.

grilled scallops salad and beets

Ryan ordered a side of the curried sweet potato salad (the one that inspired my at-home attempt of the recipe) and I had a few bites of that as well!


It was just as good as I remembered. Yum! 

Before we left, I browsed around the freezer section and stumbled upon the most fantastic-sounding ice cream: High Road brown butter praline craft ice cream.


Of course I had to try it!

As I was looking for High Road’s website, I stumbled upon a review of the ice cream on The Ice Cream Informant’s blog and agree with every word. And yes, there is a blog dedicated to reviewing ice cream. After I found this fantastic blog, I naturally searched it for a review of the elusive Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk to see whether or not we share similar tastes. After reading their review of my beloved ice cream, I saw that they gave it an “A,” so I now know their opinion can be fully trusted. (Hear that Ben & Jerry’s? People love Oatmeal Cookie Chunk! Please don’t take it to the flavor graveyard!)

It was a fun night!

Questions of the Morning

  • What is your all-time favorite ice cream flavor?
  • If you were going to start a blog that reviewed one kind of food or drink, what would you review? 


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