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Good afternoon!

I hope your Tuesday is a fabulous one so far.

Work today went well. Two coworkers and I hashed out all of the details for tomorrow’s big Livestrong program launch and I’m really looking forward to working the event. I think it will be a great resource and provide former cancer patients, or those currently undergoing treatment for cancer, a great opportunity to improve their endurance, strength, flexibility and balance in a safe and comfortable group atmosphere. I’m excited to lead my first group!

I also taught water fitness and updated the functional training board with the mini outdoor boot camp workout I completed last week and posted on Instagram. It’s fast and sweaty!


In between work today, I took a break to grab lunch at home and bring Sadie to the vet.

chicken with salad

I made myself a big salad with butter lettuce, asparagus, grilled chicken, almonds and Bolthouse Farms yogurt ranch dressing.

bolthouse farms ranch

It was great!

Back to the Vet 

Once I had food in my stomach, I leashed Sadie up for her appointment. We actually visited the vet on Friday for Sadie’s annual shots and that appointment went well.

dog hates vet

Can’t you tell?

Well, on Sunday, I found a lump on Sadie’s leg that seemed to come out of nowhere. Since Sadie previously had a cancerous lump removed, our vet told us to monitor her and bring her in if any lumps surface in the future, so I made an appointment for this afternoon and took her in, praying for the best.

The vet felt her lump and said that since it appeared on her right leg, he thinks it could just be a reaction to the rabies vaccination she received on Friday, but her history of fibrosarcoma makes him nervous. He said we could simply monitor it or send a sample of the cells in the lump to a lab to be examined to see if they pick up on anything questionable. Even though sending the cells off for examination isn’t cheap, it’s totally worth it to me because I would be so, so upset if we didn’t do it and the lump ended up being something serious.

We should have the results back from the lab in three to five business days. I’m praying for good results for my sweet little lady!

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  1. Linz @ Itz Linz says

    Zoey has gotten bumps after shots before, too. My vet said cancerous lumps don’t just appear overnight, so here’s to hoping all is well with Sadie! xo


  2. says

    Sending positive thoughts to your Sadie! The same thing happened to my Callie and it did turn out to be her shot. But it did take a few weeks to go away. See how big it is (for Callie it was the size of my fingertip) and write that reference down so you remember. That helped me!


  3. Bayley Johnson says

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way for Miss Sadie! The waiting game is the worst, but thanks goodness you caught whatever it is early!


  4. says

    I feel like dog owners are just like “here TAKE MY MONEY” Sasha just got spayed yesterday and looks so miserable in her cone that we went and bought a comfy cone (its all flexible and soft) to make her happier while we are at work. She is only 1 and still hangs in her crate during the day. So many dollars.


  5. says

    Do everything you can possibly do to help Sadie live a long, healthy, happy life! I know I wish I would have been more pro-active with my sweet boy (black lab, who I had for 11 years) before he lost his battle with osteosarcoma. Praying for Sadie!


  6. Lori says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 17 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Like Facebook Anymore! Had the best laugh before starting my work day! Thanks!!!!


  7. Krista says

    We just picked up our 8 week old vizsla named Koda yesterday and I’m already a nervous wreck taking her to the vet next week. She had a lump on her neck from her shots but the breeder said it should go away in a few weeks. I sure hope!


  8. says

    SO scary when health problems with pets arise! They become like kids to us and I agree.. I’d never forgive myself if I avoided a procedure then it ended up being something serious. Keeping my fingers crossed for Miss Sadie!


  9. says

    My parents have a doxie & whenever she gets her rabies shot, she has to stay at the vet to be monitored. She swells up w/ lumps all over her body & face from it & has to be given medicine. It never happened in the past & then one year, all of a sudden she was 3 times her normal size. Thinking only good things about Sadie!!


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