Evening Fetch

On Saturday Ryan left for a work training in Italy so every day I’ve received picture text updates of amazingly beautiful sights and ridiculously delicious looking food. I’m missing him a lot this week, but we will be reunited tomorrow!

Since Sadie and I were on our own last night, we enjoyed some quality time together in our backyard and played multiple rounds of fetch.

Happy Vizsla

And since this picture of another dog playing fetch cracked me up, I just had to share it with you!

if it makes you feel any better i found the ball


After fetch and dinner, I did a few loads of laundry and started packing for this weekend. My sister and her fiancé are spending the night at our place tonight before the three of us carpool to Sarasota for Merri and Pete’s wedding weekend early tomorrow morning. (Ryan is flying into Tampa and will drive down to Sarasota early tomorrow evening.) My sister’s fiancé, Ryan and Pete were all in the same fraternity in college and Ryan and Ross are both groomsmen in the wedding. It is going to be ridiculously fun and I cannot wait for wedding weekend festivities to get started!


Breakfast this morning began with an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake.

egg white oatmeal protein pancake

I’ve been really feeling protein pancakes lately, huh?

egg white pancake

I also had an orange on the side that I almost finished while I was prepping my pancake.

Now I’m off to work. It’s going to be another late day at the gym, but I have a little break in the afternoon, so I’ll be sure to pop in and say hi.

Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. says

    Haha! Sadie cracks me up. I totally know what you mean about the travelling husband thing. I deal with it allllll the time. Thank goodness for technology. Italy sounds like a pretty great set-up for work training though, I must admit!


  2. says

    Sadie is so cute, I love how she always seems to be smiling in every picture :) Italy??? What company does he work for?? I need to go work for them so I can go there hahaha! After seeing that dog covered in mudd, it made me think about my dog and if that happened to her, I’m not sure what I would do, especially if I was at a park or something. If I was at home, no big deal just hose her off, but otherwise…..that would be difficult hahaha.


  3. says

    I am definitely going to be trying the Pumpkin Protein Pancakes that you have on your Pancake Round up page. I’m going to go with plain greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese though. Hell, I may have them for dinner tonight:-D


  4. Jillian Mitchell says

    My hubby leaves for Chicago on Sunday. He will be gone for two weeks and this is the first time for us. I am going to miss him so much, it will be just me, the boys and the kitty.


  5. april says

    i think i’d like to have ryan’s job. not exactly sure what he does, but his work travels seem to be pretty awesome. ;)

    yay, another wedding weekend! hope you have a BLAST!


  6. dalia says

    sadie is adorable as always! and i love love love your placemats. every time i see them in one of your pictures it takes a minute for me to realize it is a leaf, haha :) very season appropriate!


  7. says

    How funnnnn! You seriously have so many weddings to attend and be a part of!!! ;) and oh nan I thought the muddy dog was Sadie so it made me go “eeeeeek poor Julie!” Haha


  8. says

    So fun you guys can travel so much, but it’s so hard being away from the spouse!
    Do you use any syrup or jam or anything on your pancakes?? Peanut butter perhaps?!


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