Acupuncture Education (and The Voice)

Now that we are several weeks into the LiveSTRONG program that we launched at our gym last month, it’s time to introduce participants to new things that relate to their overall health and wellness. Each week we’re going to bring in a guest – typically a group exercise instructor or a speaker – to either take participants through a workout out teach them about something that may benefit their health.

Last night we had our first speaker, a doctor of oriental medicine, address our group. Erica Olstein, DOM, AP, of A Better U Healthcare, shared her knowledge about the benefits of acupuncture and the different kinds of wellness therapies she offers.


I have obviously heard of acupuncture and cupping before, but I found Erica’s presentation very educational and would love to try acupuncture in the future.

Today I’m heading off to the Cancer Alliance of Marion County meeting to speak about LiveSTRONG and encourage local organizations to refer people to our program. Hopefully we’ll secure more speakers, too!

The Voice

***SPOILER ALERT – Don’t keep reading if you DVRed the show!!!

Last night, right when I arrived home from work, I flipped on the TV to catch the very end of The Voice. Apparently I’m much more invested in this show than I thought because I participated in voting for a contestant in a television show for the first time in my life.


I immediately logged into Twitter to cast my vote to save Caroline when I found out that she was up for elimination. (And how cool it is that live tweets can immediately save someone!?) I want her to make an album because she has such a beautiful, soothing voice that I would love to listen to when I’m cooking in the kitchen or relaxing around the house. I’m so glad she made it through!


When the alarm went off this morning, I really wanted to stay in bed but knew that my busy day today meant that if I didn’t work out first thing this morning, a workout wouldn’t happen at all. Time to haul my butt to the gym!

I completed a leg workout and three rounds (instead of six) of my 6×6 workout and called it a day.


Breakfast today was another batch of overnight oats.

chocolate almond butter overnight oats

They look a little brown (and disgusting) because I ended up stirring some chocolate milk and almond butter into the mix before topping everything with a sprinkle of dried cranberries.

Now it’s time to blow dry my hair and head out! Have a great day!

Questions of the Morning

  • Have you ever tried acupuncture or cupping before? What did you think? If you haven’t tried it before, would you want to?
  • If you are watching The Voice, who do you want to win?

My two favorites this season are Caroline and Matthew. So talented!


  1. Meghan says

    I love acupuncture! I had a lot of success with it, and used to go on a monthly basis, until my acupuncturist moved. One of the coolest things happened when I went when I had a nasty cold. She did some points to help with that, and as I was laying there, I could actually feel my sinuses start to clear! Now I just need to find someone new to go to.


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