Sun Spot

It’s a cold one out there today, huh!? Okay, so my cold is nothing compared to the cold many of you are experiencing, but temperatures in the low 30s feel pretty darn chilly to this Florida girl.

And my Florida dog can’t get enough of the sun spots all over our house today.

Dog in the Sun

Sadie loves to camp out right in front a window so the sunshine that streams through warms her up. She’s a resourceful little lady.

goofy dog

Sadie in the sun

Once I arrived home from work today, Sadie basked in the rays while I assembled a quick lunch to eat before it is time for me to make the two-hour drive to Jacksonville. (I’m spending the night at my parents’ place since my flight leaves out of the Jacksonville airport early tomorrow morning.)


Lunch came together easily thanks to leftovers from last night’s BCS National Championship party.

I made myself a burger topped with guacamole and ketchup and served it with a clementine and Pirate’s Booty.

guacamole burger


It filled me right up and should tide me over on the drive to Jacksonville.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

P.S. Blog reader Leigh emailed me to tell me that my favorite Old Navy Active pullover is on sale so I could share the information with you guys, but unfortunately it’s already sold out. I figured some of you might still be interested in the 40 percent off all Old Navy Active apparel sale anyway, so I just wanted to pass it along. Thanks, Leigh! Two items that caught my eye: 1/4 zip jacket (I like the heather gray but the black and light gray are only $15) and the compression leggings (I have them in black and love them)


  1. Em says

    Sadie is such a cutie!

    Would you mind telling us what kind of suitcase you use- the one in the picture from your last previous post? I’m going to be traveling a lot this year (and I know you do as well) and am in need of a sturdy carry-on!


  2. Kelsie says

    yay! thanks for the old navy recommendations – i just got 3 tanks, a pair of running shorts, a 1/4 zip fleece, and compression leggings for $63! what a steal :)


  3. april says

    as a southern californian, i completely understand what you mean about being chilly, even though our temps in LA are nothing compared to those around the rest of the country right now!

    hope you have a fun and safe trip to park city tomorrow! can’t wait to see pics. utah is on my bucket list of places to visit :)


  4. says

    I love when animals bathe themselves in the sun spots in the house, they always look so nice and cozy:) Pirate’s Booty I miss that addicting stuff oh so much, probably a good thing its no sold in Iceland. Have safe travels and enjoy your trip!


  5. says

    Ok, my dog does the exact same thing. Anywhere there is heat he is right next to it! During the winter he likes to park himself right beside the wood stove heater we have!


  6. Sara Lopez says

    Hi Julie! I got the 1/4 zip jacket and I wear it to the gym often. I also have the compression leggings and they are so comfortable! I love wearing cute workout clothes as I run to prepare for my second season of high school cross country :)


  7. Jillian Mitchell says

    Haha, we call that the “ray of death.” My cat does that too and she looks so comfy and will lay so still she looks dead lol.


  8. says

    Successful trip!
    Your dog is simply charming ;) When I was a child (not that that I such adult now) I liked to be in these solar spots on a floor… Especially in the morning. And I can’t present at all that my parents when, waking up thought, saw me sitting on a floor in light spot.


  9. says

    I bought a pair of the compression leggings last weekend ($15 in store, I was thrilled!) but I was so disappointed when I wore them for an at-home workout last night and my husband informed me they were incredibly see-through. Have you had any trouble with that? It seems like the charcoal pair was better but the black definitely won’t work at the gym (for me). Major bummer! If you have any suggestions for other black leggings I’d love to hear them, because I really need some!


  10. Jessy says

    My first time seeing a vizsla dog was Sadie. My husband and I are seriously considering getting one for our next dog. Would you get one again? I know they are VERY active and loyal dogs. We have researched a lot… I just want to hear from a person vs a website. Thanks Julie!



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