Heat Things Up Workout Playlist

Ready to heat things up during your next workout?

Nothing motivates me to go for a run or work up a serious sweat in the gym like a killer playlist packed with upbeat, energizing music. 

Here is the latest playlist I’ve been listening to on mornings when I need a little somethin’ extra to help my workout along.

Heat Things Up Workout Playlist

Heat Things Up Workout Playlist

Some of the songs are several years old, but they never fail to pump me up. I love an eclectic mix of music, that’s for sure!

I hope this playlist adds some energy to your next workout!

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  1. says

    I love both Avicii and Martin Solveig. I also love a good throw back to Whitney. I love having a mix of old and new songs on my playlist for the times I get bored of all the new songs I’ve had on repeat or when I put my iPod on shuffle and a random song that used to be my favourite comes on at just the right time!


  2. Erin says

    The pitch perfect finale song is on my workout playlist too. Love that movie!!! Did you hear there is a Pitch Perfect 2 coming out???


  3. says

    I love that you put the Pitch Perfect songs on here, haha! I have them on my running playlists too. (Did you hear they’re potentially making a second one?!)


  4. Fiona MacDonald says

    I did that cardio workout the other week and was SOO sweaty by the end! Thank you for the awesome playlist too, I needed something to boost my workouts and this will do JUST the trick! ;)


  5. says

    It’s great to see a girl’s side to a good list. You got some Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, to that Pitch Perfect soundtrack (amazing). I usually have a lot of indie songs or upbeat classic songs on mine and that gets me through with ease. But if I really need the boost I must play “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Huston. Yea, I know I get judged but it’s so uplifting!! Everyone has a guilty pleasure haha. Great post!



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