A Bit About The Blogger Survey

Today began with key lime pie overnight oats!

overnight oats

I used a cup of key lime pie Greek yogurt as the base and then added almond milk, chia seeds, oatmeal and walnuts to the mix.

It tasted like a very Key West breakfast!

Yesterday was kind of crazy around here, so I am hoping today will be a little less hectic. I have to work but have a nice break in the day where I plan to sneak in a workout of my own and stop by to say hi to you guys at lunchtime. I missed you yesterday!

And now, since it has been months since a survey has popped up on the blog and that’s just not okay, I’m participating in a fun survey that Natalie tagged me in a few weeks ago. I’d love for you to play along in the comments section of this post!

A Bit About The Blogger Survey

  • What was your go-to food or snack as a child?

bagel bites

My after school snack of choice was Bagel Bites served with a side of TRL and Caron Daley. I ate them with a big glass of orange juice because nothing goes together like pizza and orange juice, right? Eh.

  • What got you interested in health/fitness?

I think I’ve always been interested in health and fitness but it became a more prevalent focus in my life following my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis.

  • You’re stuck on an island for a month and can only eat three foods. What would they be?

Apples, almond butter and oatmeal. (But if I didn’t care about nutrition I would say three different flavors of ice cream.)

  • Favorite and least favorite body part to train?

Favorite = Shoulders

Least favorite = Legs

  • Favorite and least favorite health or fitness fads?

Earth Origins Juice

Favorite = Juicing! Fresh juice seems to be rather trendy at the moment and I’m a-okay with that. Love it!

Least favorite = That whole low/no carb thing. No thanks.

  • What is the hardest workout you have ever done?

I honestly don’t know! I’ve done a bunch of hard workouts though and love trying new things.

  • What is the first movie that made you cry?


  • Your #1 pet peeve?


  • Your dream job?

Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown’s job!

  • Hairy arms or hairy legs?

Hairy legs. I already shave my legs anyway, so I’d just keep on keepin’ on.

Questions of the Morning

Your turn!!!

  • Go-to snack food as a child?
  • Dream job?
  • #1 pet peeve?


  1. says

    •Go-to snack food as a child? Oreos. 5 for me, 1 for my german shepard. Somehow, neither of us were overwieght.

    •Dream job? Artist/blogger/yoga instructor (I’m working on it)

    •#1 pet peeve? Smoking and open mouth chewers. They’re tied.


  2. Emily H. says

    Go to snack food: definitely chicken nuggets or english muffin pizzas. I just recently made these with my boyfriend for a low key week night dinner (healthier than the ones I used to eat) and they were SO GOOD. he’d never made them before! I was like how were you a boy scout, we did it all the time in girl scouts?!

    Dream Job: Travelling yogi or doggie day care owner. In actuality I’m an analyst in healthcare!

    #1 pet peeve: people who get red drinks all over their faces when they drink! I can’t believe this still happens when you’re an adult. haha


  3. says

    go-to snack as a child: homemade banana bread (my mom always had some baking!) or nutri-grain bars. (p.s. I had to laugh at your snack b/c I just blogged today about making homemade ginormous bagel bites for dinner the other night. haha!)

    dream job: being a mama! (so doing it!)

    #1 pet peeve: smoking!!!! especially near me. I am a kind person, but when people do it near me, I want to swat it out of their mouth.


  4. says

    Go to snack: I honestly can’t remember…it’s been a long time. ;)

    Dream job: I LOVED being a teacher and I LOVE being a mom. Since I quit teaching to be a stay at home mom and my kids will be grown soon, I’m starting on my next job, travel blogger…and I’m loving that. This makes me realize how lucky I am to have always done things I love.

    Pet Peeve: SMACKING!!! And one of my kids does it! ARGH!


  5. says

    My go to snack as a child was definitely goldfish! And I loved apple juice with anything! I’m not sure what my dream job would be, maybe a wellness director. But what I really want to do one day is have kids and be a stay at home mom. :)


  6. Ashlee O. says

    snack: pickles, including the juice. My mom was horrified and tried her hardest to keep me from gulping pickle juice.

    dream job: animator for Disney back in the heyday of hand animation.

    Pet peeve: When people live in a CONSTANT state of pessimism or criticism.


    • Nikki says

      I would drink the juice too! It would make me feel pretty darn sick and what I imagine it feels like to be slightly drunk though. Grandmas pickles all the way.


  7. Jan Klein says

    Favorite snack as a child is a toss up between bread & better, pickles & french fries
    Dream job would be something with dogs. I just love them!
    Pet peeve…being interrupted at work. It drives me crazy.


  8. Lauren says

    Favorite snack: Smoothies! Nothing’s changed there :)

    Dream job: I laughed out loud when I read your answer because I’ve been telling people for the past decade that I want to be Samantha Brown when I grow up. Talk about living the dream! But realistically, I’m headed to law school next year and my dream law job is helping eliminate human rights violations.

    #1 Pet Peeve: Being interrupted.


  9. tricia says

    Childhood snack: Goldfish and they still are! I can’t keep a bag in my apartment for more then 2 days so I stopped buying them!

    Dream Job: I’m doing it! Event planner :)

    Number 1 Pet Peeve: When people scrap their fork against their teeth..eek!


  10. says

    Go-to snack food as a child?: We always had oreos in the house, I could eat an entire row and not even worry about it. Now if I eat more than 2 I want to crawl in a corner and put myself in time-out from the guilt.
    Dream job?: Food critic!
    #1 pet peeve?: Open mouth chewers and chompers! Ugh so annoying!


  11. says

    Go-to snack food as a child? – pizza rolls, i could scarf down the whole box,sorry i’m not sorry

    Dream job? – handling charity donations for large corporations or just some very rich person.

    #1 pet peeve? – passivity / incompetence, which is probably why they keep the undergrad interns away from me :)


  12. says

    Childhood snack- Pizza rolls!

    Dream job- I’d like to have Anthony Bourdain’s life and just travel the world and eat.

    Pet peeve- when people crunch things (like chips or popcorn) before their mouth is closed. Drives me nuts!


  13. says

    Childhood snack- Tony’s personal pan pizza (pizza themed snacks seems to be the go-to!)

    Dream job- Anthony Bourdain’s job; Food + Travel= perfection

    #1 Pet Peeve- Negative people; life’s too short for that nonsense!


  14. Traci says

    Go-to snack food as a child? Mozzarella sticks! It was the best to heat up a couple of those and then dip them in marinara sauce.
    Dream job? Writer/editor/artist. I’m a website editor for a publishing company right now, but I would love to go freelance and write/edit about healthy living, food, and fitness eventually. Also, yoga studio owner.
    #1 pet peeve? Acting without thinking of how others will be affected.


  15. says

    Favorite Food: Pizza and chocolate milk (together). I guess I’m just as weird ;)

    Dream Job: ANYTHING that lets me stay home with my baby! Just returned to work from maternity leave and its sooooo hard.

    #1 Pet Peeve: When people decide theyre too busy to wait in the line (in traffic) and try to cut you off at the very front! Im sorry, I waited 20 minutes to turn… you absolutely may not wait less than 1! lol


  16. says

    Go-to snack food as a child? Anything chocolate!!!

    Dream job? Acting, a travel show and my own non-profit organization against children obesity!

    And in the island I could survive with oatmeal, almond butter and bananas, on a not so healthy option: ice cream, chocolate and cup cakes!


  17. says

    We are complete opposites when it comes to training! I love training my legs because it makes me feel on top of the world. Especially doing the leg press; that thing makes me feel like the hulk haha. And i highly dislike training shoulders. Most likely because of the fact its on of my weaker parts and the day after I train them I get the worst headache ever. Don’t ask me why because I haven’t a clue!

    Favourite after school snack as a kid was ritz crackers and orange pekoe tea. Me and my friends could go through a box of those no problem. Sometimes we’d even throw a little honey on them.


  18. Katie Cook says

    Favorite go-to snack as child: as bad as they were, Toasters Strudles! Deliciousness! Dream job: Dietician! I’d love it! Pet Peeve: People talking on a cell phone while in a business. I think it’s rude.


  19. Nikki says

    1). Favorite go-to snack: Mr. Noodles (often dry). Bean and cheese burritos were up there too!
    2). Dream job: Stay at home mom.
    3). Pet Peeve: I don’t think I have just one… and it depends on my mood. One might be leaving dirty dishes in both sides of the sink… leave one side clear please. Thanks. Or when you have just one food item (ie: delicious mango) left at home and you have been drooling all day thinking about and inticipation of eating it when you get home, and then find out someone else beat you to it.


  20. says

    1). Favorite go-to snack: Oreos and E.L. Fudge Cookies. I ate a disturbing amount of them. I should be dead.
    2). Dream job: Working for Run Disney. Or Jungle Cruise Tour Guide at Magic Kingdom. Or zookeeper!
    3). Pet Peeve: Obnoxious chewing. I have to leave the room when a certain co-worker eats apples. ARE YOU AN ANIMAL!?


  21. says

    Fun survey! Um…Bagel Bites and OJ? Interesting. ;-) I honestly don’t remember snacking that much as a kid. I’m sure I did, I just can’t remember what I had! I think my dream job would be to work in a bakery and ONLY do the baking and decorating. I don’t wanna do any of the business side of things. There are so many things I’m interested in, I think I could do a lot of different things and be happy. But, I’ve wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, and I’m 4 years in now. So, I guess you could say I have my dream job!


  22. Andrea says

    Childhood Snack: Fruit by the Foot
    Dream Job: Rachel Ray’s job when she would travel to different cities and sample foods for $30 a day or Brooke Burke’s gig on for Wild on E!
    Pet Peeve: People talking loudly on their cell phones or complaining in general


  23. Libby Harmon says

    •Go-to snack food as a child? I was suuuper into colby jack cheese cubes when I was younger!

    •Dream job? a health/fitness writer or editor for a health/fitness magazine

    •#1 pet peeve? picky eaters!!!! The types that won’t even try a bite because they are dead convinced they would hate it, even though they’ve never tried it.

    :) Libby


  24. says

    Go-to snack food as a child? Dunkaroos!! and once I finished all the cookies just eating the frosting
    Dream job? Maybe a professional travel photographer? is there such a thing?
    #1 pet peeve? disrespect for those around you whether its talking on your phone in a nice restaurant or ignoring someone who is trying to hold a conversation with you.

    Great survey!!!


  25. says

    I love this! And I used to be a HUGE fan of those pizza bagel bites. Childhood at its best :)

    -Go-to snack food as a child? Pillsbury crescent rolls and strawberry banana juice. Not necessarily together, but that probably happened too.

    -Dream job? I want Samantha Brown’s job too!!

    -#1 pet peeve? When people use profanity too often (like, every other sentence).


  26. Elisabeth says

    Go to childhood snack foods – Pop Tarts, cold cereal (especially Rice Krispies, Rice Chex, Raisin Bran & PB Cap’n Crunch), Cheetos, Cheez Its

    Dream job – doctor (probably a forensic pathologist)

    #1 Pet peeve – hmmmm… probably noisy eaters!


  27. says

    Go-to snack food as a child? Pretzels, I think. Sometimes I’d get on a chips and salsa kick.

    Dream job? Celebrity health and fitness guru. :)

    #1 pet peeve? Right now–people not turning their headlights on in the rain! I can’t see your cars, people!


  28. Sarah says

    Go to snack: apples
    Dream job: same as you! I’ve always wanted Sam Brown’s job and have watched her show for years. I’m so disappointed in travel channel for not playing it anymore.
    Pet Peeve: When at dinner with friends, they are in the middle of telling a story and just stop because they start looking at their phone. Like hello! remember who you came to dinner with!


  29. Rachel Waggoner says

    #1 As gross as some of you may think this is, I would say my favorite snack was deer sticks that we had. It was rare because after hunting season we would eat them super fast, but that which a cheese stick was the BOMB!
    #2 My dream job is being a national sales director with Mary Kay cosmetics! (:
    #3 When people put the toilet paper under and not over. So silly but it makes me so mad!


  30. says

    I’m commenting super late (because why not and because Brittany from Delights and Delectables linked to your questions today).

    First of all, I’ve never had bagel bites, but in Junior High I was obsessed with pizza bites! We had them at every sleepover!

    How cool would it be to have a job traveling the world?? I think my dream job would involve my own schedule with something in the fitness/health/wellness industry.

    Pet peeve? I guess I don’t have anything that drives me crazy all the time…usually I have to be in a bad mood and then everything is my pet peeve haha


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