First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring from Sadie!

happy vizsla dog

Sadie and I had quite the intense backyard play session last night. Ryan went golfing with coworkers after work, so I made sure to send him a plethora of picture texts of Sadie to help hammer home the point that the 10,000 rounds of fetch Sadie and I played together can only mean one thing: I am slowly inching closer to the coveted spot as her favorite. (Mommy 2014!)


I hope you guys are doing well today! Ryan has been a little under the weather since Sunday and this morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat. I rarely get sick (knock on wood), so I am hoping this passes quickly. Ryan and I always say that he gets a little sick and passes it to me, causing me to get a little sick, and then I pass it back to him and he gets really sick. I’m hoping that pattern won’t repeat itself! I want to enjoy a healthy weekend!

We skipped the gym this morning in favor of sleeping in which was a glorious decision. I may try to sneak in a workout after I teach TRX, but I have a lovely lady doctor appointment on the agenda in the early afternoon, so time will be tight. Perhaps an evening Ballet Beautiful session at home will be today’s workout instead?


Breakfast this morning was prepared last night.

overnight oats with almonds

Overnight oats topped with slivered almonds filled me up!

Now I’m heading out the door to teach.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Linz @ Itz Linz says

    We are finally supposed to have nice weather here in St. Louis today! Itz about time! You better believe I’ll be spending lots of time outdoors!


  2. says

    I’m always vying to be the favorite dog parent too (though I’m pretty sure I already am)! I just got over a cold and I’ve discovered that Airborne is amazing for shortening colds so they go away really quickly. Hope you can hold off getting sick!


  3. says

    Random thing to try for a sore throat: sprinkle freshly ground sea salt on your tonsils and let it sit there for 30-60 seconds then rinse/spit. It is supposed to kill the sore throat germs. I’ve done it when I start to get one and it really helps!


  4. says

    I think this is the week for people getting sick! I’ve been feeling awful the last couple of days, and I know a couple of people feeling this way too! Hope you feel better! Lots Vit C, water, sleep, and of course a sadie play time definitively leaves you feeling better! Love her faces!


  5. says

    Yay!! Happy Spring to you :) Aw, I just love that picture of Sadie, it just shows her personality well. Hopefully it’s just allergies!! I’ve been feeling like I might be getting a cold lately, and I rarely get sick, but I always feel this way around this time, and it’s always allergies.


  6. Jeannie says

    Allergies maybe? It is the first day of Spring after all! I’m always teasing my boyfriend about being the favorite puppy parent – we send each other bragging photos of puppy love all the time. ;)


  7. Brittany says

    The favorite dog parent is pretty opposite in our house. When we adopted our English Setter, Lando, we picked him up in Tennessee and had to drive back up to northern PA. Since Ryan does 99% of the highway driving I got 6 hours of bonding time and now Lando never leaves my side. When I have to travel he keeps Ryan company but constantly looks for me to be walking through the door. He may have a favorite but he sure loves us both and that’s what matters most! :)

    Happy first day of Spring! Lucky us….it’s snowing outside! Again.


  8. says

    Wow, I didn’t even realize it was the first day of spring – I hope Mother Nature knows.

    Does Ryan stay home on those “a little sick” or still go to work? I’ve found that staying in can make a difference in whether I feel better or get worse.


  9. says

    Sure doesn’t feel like the first day of Spring here, woke up to snow again! I have a half marathon on Saturday and the forecast just keeps getting worse and worse.
    Hope you don’t get sick. Take some rest time!


  10. says

    Everyone in my office has been sick for the past few weeks, so I’m hoping I can stay healthy. I haven’t been sick for three years… so I might be due! I, too, tend to fight off most sicknesses but pass them on to my husband who isn’t so lucky.

    And I love this post! I wrote one just like it with my sweet pup Knox and then was pleasantly surprised to see Sadie enjoying the Spring weather, as well. :)


  11. says

    YAY spring! Although I live in a place that’s basically always spring haha so I can’t really talk (San Diego). :)

    Shoe question — any recommendations for a shoe to use for just regular gym sessions (fitness classes, elliptical, incline treadmill walking, weight training)? I have beloved running shoes, but want to get a new pair just for non-running activities. Ideas?


  12. says

    Sadie is so adorable. I know all about the 10,000 rounds of fetch. We have a steep hillside in our yard that leads to another level of grass, so I always start at the front of the house, send the ball over the hillside and wait for Goose (our vizsla) to come back. It’s great because he has to run the whole way down the yard, down the hill and back up. Tires him out pretty quick. It’s amazing how much energy they have!


  13. says

    Yayy for the first day of spring!! This past semester I have inevitably been kind of sick. Being in a sorority we tend to pass our sickness around. Most of the time I can avoid it for awhile, but it always reaches me. The past two weeks our chapter spent a lot of time together preparing for Greek Sing, so it seemed like we all had some form of sickness especially those two weeks. Sick season needs to pack up and leave.


  14. caroline says

    seriously, cram as much ginger into your smoothie as possible. i just throw a good 1.5″ chunk in there when i’m feeling sick and it zaps whatever 1st symptoms away!



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