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Coffee? Yes, please!

Coffee with Foam

All through college I hated basic brewed coffee. My first brush with the glory that is coffee came in the form of a Frappuccino. The frozen coffee drinks fueled me through hours of studying, but it wasn’t until I got my first job out of college that I learned to appreciate and love a mug of freshly brewed hot coffee.

I worked at a museum and it was always freezing in my office, so I turned to hot coffee as a way to warm up when I forgot a sweater at home. I slowly grew to love coffee and convinced Ryan to register for a coffee maker when we got married.

Once we had a coffee maker of our own, I began buying different flavored coffees to try and have discovered some incredibly delicious and unique flavors over the years. Does drinking flavored coffee disqualify me from being a real coffee drinker? Probably. But I just love it so much!

Below you will find a list of some of my favorites!

The BEST Flavored Coffees

A quick note: I do not love ridiculously strong coffee, so most of the flavors below are medium or light brews. 

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas

During the holiday season, this is one of my favorite flavored coffees to brew in the morning. The decaf and regular versions are both incredibly fragrant and combine coconut, sweet caramel, roasted nuts and vanilla flavors to create a fabulous cup of coffee. One of my best friends used to work at Barnie’s and said this is always a best seller and I can understand why! It’s a favorite for sure!

  • World Market Chocolate Pecan Pie Coffee

World Market Coffee

My sister gave me this coffee for Christmas. (My family knows flavored coffee is the way to my heart!) From the moment I opened the bag and smelled the ground beans, I knew I would love this coffee. It almost tastes indulgent and the smooth notes of pecan and chocolate keep me coming back for more.

Godiva Pumpkin Spice

This is a seasonal flavor that I snatch up every time I see it for sale in the fall. The pumpkin pie flavor is very strong and since I usually find pumpkin spice coffee flavors a little dull, I was thrilled to taste cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and creamy vanilla in every sip of this coffee. Plus, whenever I brew this coffee, the whole house smells like fall! (As I searched for this coffee flavor online, it looks like it may have been discontinued after this past autumn. I hope this is not true!)

Peppermint Creme Coffee Fresh Market

I think this flavor may claim the top spot in my favorite flavored coffees list. I pick up a bag or two every December from The Fresh Market and try my best to enjoy it sparingly so it lasts for a few months after Christmas. I can’t get enough! It tastes amazing combined with hot cocoa for a delicious peppermint mocha. 

S'Mores Coffee

I owe Ashley a big thank you for putting this coffee on my radar. The graham cracker flavor shines through and when I’m feeling rather indulgent, I’ll top a cup of the coffee with whipped cream to make it feel extra special. It’s light, fragrant and flavorful.

Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Coffee

The Fresh Market sells this coffee around Valentine’s Day every year and at first I thought I would not like it at all. I am not a huge fan of chocolate and raspberry flavors together, but after I sampled a cup at the store, I had to throw a bag in my cart. I’ve been enjoying this coffee a few times a week ever since I bought it back in the beginning of February.

Favorite Coffee Extras

Here are two little extras I use to brew my perfect cup of coffee:

Refillable KCup

Since Ryan is not a coffee drinker, we bought a Keurig coffee maker so I could brew one cup of coffee at a time. I use my refillable K-cup all the time since it allows me to brew whatever flavored coffee I am loving at the moment. It’s fabulous, more cost-effective and better for the environment that typical K-cups, too!


I cannot get enough of frothy milk on top of my coffee. It makes a home-brewed mug feel extra special! I love my Aerolatte milk frother. I simply microwave milk or almond milk and then froth it with the frother before pouring it on top of my coffee. I’m convinced it is the little things that take a boring mug of coffee to the next level!

Questions of the Morning

  • Do you love flavored coffee? If so, please share your favorites below. I am always on the lookout for new flavored coffees to try!
  • What is your go-to drink order at a coffee shop?


  1. says

    I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with coffee and nothing beats a cafe-bought cup since I don’t have my own coffee maker @ home. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap where I live and I realize a total waste of money…and can put extra pounds on re: milk and not eating proper meals! However, I love a strong black coffee with just a little bit of froth from warmed milk warmed spooned on top. Some cafes have coconut milk, otherwise I just get regular. 🙂

    Do those flavored coffees contain sugar though?? What flavors it exactly….? I WANT THEM ALL!!!


  2. says

    I want to love flavored coffees, because I loooove flavored coffee CREAMER, and it’s chock full of sugar usually. However, flavored coffees are always so, so weak, and I enjoy a strong cup of coffee. I do not understand why they can’t make a strong flavored coffee!


  3. says

    I love coffee and make myself a cup to enjoy every morning. I usually just stick to the unflavored varieties, but am so glad to have this list. I will have to start trying some of these and venture out a little. Thanks for sharing Julie!


  4. says

    Trader Joe’s has a somewhat new-ish type of coffee called Coffee Cocoa, which I think is just coffee beans and unsweetened cocoa if I remember correctly. It basically tastes like a mix between coffee and hot chocolate. I know you don’t typically shop there but if you’re ever near one, definitely pick it up! It tastes like regular coffee, but with a slight chocolate twist :).


  5. says

    I am just not a coffee girl. I know so many people can’t live without it, but it just makes me feel so sluggish and gross! So if I go to Starbucks I’ll get a passion iced tea in the summer, and a peppermint hot chocolate in the winter, both delicious!


  6. Jessica says

    I always drink my coffee straight up black, and I’m a Starbucks imprinted duckling, so most coffee tastes too light for me. I always order darker roasts, and I’ll make drip coffee with espresso roasts at home.


  7. Andrea D. says

    Currently sipping a fresh cup of strongly brewed Caramel Brownie roasted at a local coffee shop in my town, added some sweetened vanilla almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. Making it in my own house is so much cheaper and the smell lingers all day in here 🙂 I am obsessed.


  8. says

    I don’t use flavoured coffees often. In the morning, I wanta straight up brew. If I have a coffee later in the day then I like to indulge in a flavoured coffee, but then I’m usually not at home. I do need to look into a milk frother though, it really does make all the difference with a coffee!


  9. says

    I am a strong coffee in the morning person (think Cuban coffee) but I can’t do any after lunch or I will not sleep. I do think I could maybe do a flavored coffee mid afternoon for a pick up though. Thanks for the suggestions


  10. says

    I’m more of a tea person these days, but I do love flavored coffees on the weekend. There’s some really delicious-sounding coffees here. A Fresh Market just opened by us – looks like I’ll have to check out their coffee selection.


  11. says

    I switched from coffee to tea when I moved to San Francisco. It was actually a forced switch, because the first few weeks I was here my coffee maker in my stuff hadn’t arrived and I got sick of going down to a coffee shop every morning, so I started drinking green or black tea. Honestly, I haven’t looked back.

    My go-to drink at a coffee shop is green tea matcha! So hot right now. You MUST try matcha, if you haven’t yet. Happy Tuesday!


  12. says

    Because of all these delicious flavors, I WISH I drank coffee! But I just can’t make myself like it. I’ve never liked it…so I never, ever drink it. My co-workers always tell me I’m crazy! The closest I ever get to drinking coffee is a mocha, heavy on the chocolate 🙂


  13. Amanda says

    Love this post, Julie. Thanks for the recommendations! This made my cup of coffee I’m currently drinking (Starbucks Pike Place Roast) suddenly taste less-than-exciting 🙂


  14. says

    If given the choice, I always choose flavored coffee over regular — especially now that I’m doing Paleo and have to drink it black. We have a chocolate flavor at work that I’m pretty sure is only brewed by me. I work at an ad agency, and my whole floor is men, so they scoff at my flavored lady coffee as they brew a too-strong pot of regular. Animals.


  15. says

    I LOVE my milk frother! It has made all of the difference in my morning coffee experience! I never like coffee either, but through years of drinking “coffee” in the form of lattes and frappucinos , I learned to love just a plain drip coffee. Trader Joe’s has a great pumpkin and gingerbread coffees at the right time of year. Another one of my favorites is Peet’s coffee in any of the flavors! You can find it at Target now where before it was hard to find!


  16. says

    Great post… and so appropriate for my morning. I just invested 36 dollars in my groung Dunkin’ Donuts coffee this morning. It was on sale at CVS.

    That Target smores on sounds soooo good, especially since you said the graham cracker tastes shines through.


  17. says

    I love my coffee! And the best combo of flavored creamers and flavored coffee. Like Vanilla cream and pumpkin spice makes me think I am drinking the expensive latte!!


  18. says

    I’m not a HUGE flavored coffee lover, but when I choose one… It has to be The Donut Shop’s Coconut Mocha KCups (Target has them). It is SUCH a good combination and so, so good!


    • says

      I’ve been dying to write it!! I am waiting on pictures from her photographer. I only took five grainy pictures myself and didn’t want to share a recap without some more images.


  19. Ashlee O. says

    I am an iced coffee drinker, even in the winter! I will make the switch to hot for a brief period during the pumpkin spice and egg nog seasons, but then I’m right back to iced caramel lattes come January. Recently, I’ve been trying to cold brew coffee at home to save some money. I’ve never bought flavored coffee grounds- I may have to try something here soon and see if I can be won over to hot coffee (or see if there is a flavor that lends itself to cold brewed coffee). 🙂


  20. says

    I am OBSESSED with flavored coffee!!! OBSESSED. I went on a 7 day detox/cleanse a few weeks ago and coffee was the thing I missed most. My favorite flavors are Millstone’s Hazelnut Cream (when I’m home) and Panera’s Hazelnut (when I’m out).

    My FAVORITE coffee shop drink is a grande Starbucks non-fat 1-2 pump caramel latte (4 pumps is soooo much sugar!) I have also ordered a soy latte, yummy. Can’t do ‘skinny’ b/c I do not like the taste of the artificial flavor.

    I also use the K-cup refillable container…. 1. to save money and 2. to cut down on the recently publicized cancer-ish hazards of heating up the plastic Kcups…

    LOVE your blog!


  21. says

    My husband and I are both coffee addicts (OK, not technically, but close.) He prefers dark brewed coffee and my favorite drink is a Hazelnut latte, so we usually compromise and get Hazelnut flavored coffee. I’ll totally second Shannon’s comment about Highlander Grog, it’s like caramel-butterscotch dessert in a cup!

    If I’m looking for a good coffee at a cafe, I’m also a big fan of Cuban coffee or a super dark roast called Yemen Mocha ( I discovered that at a cafe I worked for in college, and no other dark roast can even compete!)


  22. Jenna says

    I loooove the Archer Farms coffee at Target…my favorite ever is the Red Velvet flavor! It is so amazing I hid it from my husband so he wouldn’t know we had any left hehe. Also, Dunkin Donuts Jelly Donut flavor is really good!


  23. Reya says

    Ahh, you HAVE to try Brooklyn Beans’ Oh Fudge coffee for Keurig. It’s the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had and add a little bit of vanilla creamer.. so good!


  24. Lori says

    You are my hero of the day! I have serious love of coffee! Lol! At Christmas time all my secret Santa’s bought me yummy coffee’s and mugs! Hahaha…
    Question: I have started to workout in the morning before work. (Love your blog post on that!) Is it bad to have coffee (I do 1/2 caf) before a workout? I have about a 25-30 drive to the gym.

    Thanks for today coffee suggestions!


  25. Jennifer N. says

    My go-to coffee shop order is just plain ol’ black coffee!
    I am a HUGE fan of flavored coffee since I don’t sweeten or add creamers. You’ve got two of my faves on your list already: Chocolate Raspberry Kiss and Peppermint Creme (my holidays are NOT complete untill I have this coffee!)
    Here’s what I currently have in rotation:
    – Dunkin Donut’s Chocolate Glazed Donut and Blueberry Muffin
    – Archer Farm’s Chocolate Covered Strawberry
    – Archer Farm’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie
    – Aldi (dont remember the exact name) Toasted Coconut

    Loved these coffee posts – let us know which flavors you try next Julie!


  26. says

    I used to be a fancy coffee drinker until 5 years ago I switched to drinking just regular coffee. It cracks me up when I go to Starbucks and everyone is ordering their fancy, complicated drinks. I’m always the plain one asking for a pike. Honestly, regular coffee with a dash of cinnamon is sweet enough for me. My favorite coffee is Starbucks vanilla flavor.


  27. says

    I LOVE flavored coffee!!!! Omg my favorite is this green mountain pecan. SO FREAKING GOOD !!! I need to get one of those keurig cups you have so I can put in my own coffee !!! My go to drink if i go to starbucks (in the winter) is a skinny peppermint mocha latte LOVE.


  28. says

    We’re coffee snobs over here. My husband roasts our own beans, and we have a fancy-schmancy espresso maker. I’m okay with flavored coffee, but I prefer the taste of really good, black coffee. Too bad I’m cutting out caffeine for a bit, I miss my morning cup(s)!


  29. Libby Harmon says

    I feel like we have the same coffee palette! I can’t get enough of Fresh Market’s flavored coffees 🙂 Although peppermint creme is my favorite, their cinnamon hazelnut is a very close second. You should definitely give it a try!



  30. Alexa says

    I think my all-time favourite Kcup is Folgers Vanilla Biscotti. But I also like any hazelnut, Van Houtte Creme Brulee coffee, Van Houtte White Chocolate Mint Kcups, and Chocolate Cherry coffee from Traverse City, Michigan. YUMM! oh i’ve also had a godiva one but I can’t remember exactly. probably chocolate truffle or something. Other than that, any dark/bold roast please!


  31. says

    My favorite coffee is Caribou Coffee… the Lacuna! I keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh, but when I take it out every morning to put in my refillable K-cup, I take a big whiff and smile. ha! Best way to start a morning if you ask me. I use vanilla creamer, and one day my goal is to be like my dad and drink it black!


  32. says

    I love the Godiva Pumpkin Spice too! It’s a good one. And that World Market Chocolate Pecan Pie one intrigues me – sounds yummy! I go back and forth with flavored coffees. Some I’ve tried are TOO flavored for me, and I don’t like them. I really love a quality hazelnut or cinnamon flavored coffee.

    As for my go-to coffee shop order, it depends what time of year it is. In the winter, I love a simple vanilla or cinnamon latte. In the summer, I love an iced coffee with cream! Frappuccinos are always a fun treat too.


  33. says

    I’m so glad you posted about coffee! Every time you mention any of your Fresh Market flavored coffees I get jealous. I’m in Portland, and not only do we not have a Fresh Market, but I think it must have to do with all of the coffee snobs here, there isn’t much in the way of local flavored coffee. Don’t get me wrong, we have AMAZING coffee…but I want some flavors! But I am a bit of a snob too, and hate buying ground coffee–once you start grinding your own beans it’s hard to go back. Anyone know of any flavored coffees that come in bean form? Thanks!

    I did have some amazing cardamom flavored coffee the other day–yum!!


  34. Anne says

    I am in love with all I the Archer Farm’s flavored coffees! (With the exception f their pumpkin flavor oddly enough!)

    I live grabbing whatever is in sale, which is always changing since they rotate flavors weekly it seems.
    Right now I am loci their strawberry white chocolate flavor… Yum!


  35. says

    My go-to coffee shop drink would definitely have to be a large nonfat latte with with two Splenda. Love it, and I think it’s even better in the iced form. I’d switch it up, but when I do, I think I tend to pack on too many calories!


  36. Sara says

    I recently tried the My K-Cup and the coffee just didn’t taste good; it was pretty watery even though I filled it up. What is your trick? How much do you put in it?


  37. says

    Ahh that reusable k-cup is GENIUS! I just got a keurig this weekend and after I finish the sampler pack that came with it, that will be my next purchase. Great timing for this post : )


  38. Catherine @ foodiecology says

    I love coffee, and strong-brewed ones are my favorite. Now that I’m pregnant, I’m drinking just a *tiny* cup of French Market dark roast in the AM, but before, my go-to was the yellow-packaged Cafe du Monde coffee with chicory (apparently chicory may be risky during pregnancy, so I didn’t want to take my chances). I mostly drink coffee because I love the flavor (why I add just a splash of milk into mine), and I love an espresso from time to time. Generally I don’t do flavored, but I make an exception for TFM’s peppermint crime. It’s so good and I’m glad I found it via your blog!


  39. Chrissy says

    Ahh thank you so much for this! I am a flavoured coffee FIEND, and a total coffee addict, so I’m always on the lookout for new flavors. Will definitely be bringing some of these into my rotation 🙂


  40. Steph says

    I love blueberry flavored coffees and coffee with cinnamon in it! I have had the blueberry muffin one from Dunkin Donuts and it’s pretty good, but still on the lookout for an even better one. 🙂


  41. says

    i’m not a fan of most flavored coffee, i like my espresso flavored with syrups. strong coffee is my jam. my mom always brews trader joe’s wintery blend during the holidays, it’s pretty tasty.

    my go to order is a non fat vanilla latte with and extra shot of espresso, no matter the size.


  42. says

    The boyfriend and I are obsessed with coffee (though he drinks way more than I do). Every time we go to the store, he can’t leave without a new bag. It’s a delicious problem!


  43. says

    I bet if I had that little milk frother I would drink a lot more coffee at home! For now I’m all about the black coffee, but your drinks look AMAZING.


  44. says

    That’s so crazy. I was similiar. I never drank hot coffee when I was younger. I lived off Fraps in college from my local D&D. However, I wasn’t in them regularly. I would get occasionally an iced coffee from D&D when I was pulling doubles, but never anything that I needed.

    Now, this semester of graduate school, I actually need caffeine. I detoxed off Mountain Dew last year (maybe this is why I didn’t drink coffee??), and this semester, I knew I needed some pick-me-ups due to working all day then late night classes. In the mornings, I brew enough for him, enough for me, then enough for a little bottle for when my night classes start. I like to tell myself that I’ll detox off coffee when this semester is over, which I think is possible; we use so much more coffee now!


  45. says

    The hazelnut coffee from Panera is my absolute favorite. I recently discovered that they sell it at the grocery stores now, so I’m hooked! I have my own coffee pot in my office at work, and people are usually coming in asking for a cup, so I try to have fun options.


  46. says

    Here are some of my favorites!

    New England Coffee – Blueberry Cobbler flavor (Publix)
    Dunkin’ Donuts bagged coffee – Blueberry Muffin and Chocolate Glazed Donut flavors (Publix and Target)
    Paramount Coffee – Fall In Love Caramel Nut Delight and Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Spice flavors (can find at T.J. Maxx!)


  47. says

    Do you have a flavored coffee suggestion that would ease an non-coffee drinker into loving coffee haha? Similar to you in college, IF I have coffee, I’m a skinny caramel macchiato girl. I want to try something that isn’t too strong and bitter!


  48. Linda says

    I love the coffees at World Market. If you join their free club, you get a free bag after you purchase 6. You can earn double points on Wednesday.


  49. Carly says

    I love New England Coffee flavors – Cinnamon Hazelnut is my favorite, followed by Blueberry Cobbler and Macadamia Nut. Also love Jim’s Organic Coffee-Toasted Praline is delicious. A holiday favorite is Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint!
    My go to drink at Starbucks is just a cup of the Pike roast (I actually don’t like flavored syrups in my coffee, doesn’t taste the same as when it’s brewed) or a soy latte 🙂


  50. Chelsea says

    I do love flavored coffee – lately I’ve been addicted to the Harry and David coffee in my reusable K-cup. They have flavors like Chocolate Cherry Decadence,Moose Munch, Peanut Butter Moose Munch, and my favorites Tiramisu and Northwest blend which is praline! I love to get the sample packs 🙂


  51. says

    I am probably the most boring person when it comes to coffee! Just a little half and half or milk. 🙂 I am going to try and branch out because so many of these suggestions sound yummy 🙂


  52. Amanda L says

    I LOVE the Kahlua k-cups!! It’s so good and I love the way it smells when it’s brewing, so maple-y and wonderful. I’m always a little nervous when I brew a cup of it at work though, I’m scared people will think it’s alcoholic! haha


  53. Brynn says

    I love the Carmel nut flavor by archer farms as well. We have a local coffee shop that had a snicker doodle roast. It is perfectly sweet and has a nice cinnamon note that is just like enjoying the cookie.


  54. says

    Love this. They all look soo good. My favorite K-Cups at the moment are the Brown Sugar Cake ones by Gloria Jean’s & Island Coconut by Green Mountain. And for the refillable K-Cup I just bought Dunkin Donut’s Peach Cobbler…all super yummy and can be found at Target! 🙂


  55. says

    TOTALLY with you on the flavored coffee. It feels like a special treat to wake up in the morning to a new rich flavor. I love Target’s flavors (especially Chocolate Cherry!), but I frequently scour the food aisle at Marshalls for fun new options!


  56. says

    It’s pretty much past my bedtime and this post has me craving coffee! I’m usually super boring with my coffee choices but all of this has definitely inspired me to hit up the store tomorrow!


  57. says

    Yum!! We drink coffee everyday at home. My husband makes it, and he prefers his coffee rich and dark, so we never buy the flavored kinds. I think I would like it! I order a soy latte when I am out. We got a fancy espresso machine as a wedding gift, but I can’t figure out how to use it. I think I need to try a frother like yours!


  58. says

    This is such an awesome post! I LOVE coffee! The only flavor of coffee that I do NOT like is Hazelnut, I’m not sure why. My favorite coffee is Caramel Drizzle by Foldgers. Any caramel flavored coffee is a win in my book 🙂


  59. says

    I just bought a Keurig (finally!) a few weeks ago so I have gone a little crazy ordering coffee from Amazon and Keurig. This post is perfect timing! I am currently drinking Green Mountain caramel vanilla. Mmmm! i do enjoy flavored coffees but have found that I can be picky about the taste. I don’t seem to like hazelnut anymore. Or really anything with chocolate. I prefer to eat my chocolate, I guess.


  60. says

    I too love flavored coffees! We normally drink 8 O’clock French Vanilla but recently tried Life Is Good Banana Bread abd it’s amazing! ! I just found out it’s on sale at Publix through next week and can’t wait to stock up!


  61. Kaycee says

    New England Coffee Cinnamon Sticky Bun is delicious! My local grocery store brews it fresh every day [along w/ other yummy New England coffee flavors]. I add in some whole milk and splenda and it literally tastes like a flavored latte instead of just coffee- except w/o all the calories and sugar!


  62. says

    I absolutely love coffee and I’ll drink any kind, I dont care what’s in it(there’s a strong place in my heart for Kona blends, and Dunkin Donuts Original, though…since that’s what I’m used to around here in NJ). I actually gave it up for Lent and I’m pretty excited for Easter as a result, LOL.



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