Resuming a Routine

Hello! I’m back! After several days away, it feels good to return to somewhat of a routine today.

I arrived in Ocala around dinnertime yesterday. The past four days in Sarasota with my girlfriends were wonderfully relaxing, rejuvenating and just plain fun! I’ll be sure to share some highlights from our trip with you guys soon!


I also owe you guys a wedding recap post or two (or three… let’s be real, we all know I’m not exactly brief when it comes to wedding recaps)! Leslie and Ross’ wedding pictures from their photographer arrived in the mail while I was away and I can’t wait to start sorting through them! I hope to begin writing the recaps after work today.

Leslie and Ross' Wedding 431


My main requirement for breakfast this morning was that it had to be something healthy. Throughout the past four days, I’ve consumed my fair share of cake pops, Cheez-Its, wine, French fries, mojitos and other not-so-healthy fare.

It felt good to sneak some greens into my morning meal in the form of a green protein pancake.


Plus a hot mug of coffee with lots of foam and a sprinkling of cinnamon on the side! 


See ya after lunch!


  1. says

    Glad that you’re back but even more glad that you had a wonderful time on your mini-vacation with your girls! You look radiant and so happy in your pictures :). Livin’ the good life!

    Can’t WAIT for the wedding recap! I can already tell from that one picture you posted that they turned out wonderfully :).

    Have a great day!


  2. says

    Yay for the wedding recap!! Love those! Oh and I absolutely know what you mean about how good it feels to get greens in after some not so healthy eats. It can sometimes just be such a great feeling to get back into that routine!


  3. Brynn says

    I love to get away, relax and enjoy myself but I equally love coming home and getting back into my routine. It makes me appreciate the way I treat my body and mind.


  4. says

    Vacations are great, but sometimes getting back into a routine is the best feeling. I’m glad you had a great weekend! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!


  5. says

    Always nice to be away and break up the routine but just as nice to get back into it. I always crave really good foods after indulging on a vacation. I also think routines and familiar foodsake is feel safe and comfortable. When we don’t know what to expect, it brings on some anxiety and stress. Some people think having a routine is too ridged but I say it significantly reduces my day to day stress.


  6. Courtney says

    This is random but I really like that paisley coffee cup! I love routines too and getting back on “healthy food” track after a trip.


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