A New Functional Workout

Working at a gym has completely renewed my appreciation for showers.

On Tuesday mornings I lead a beginner’s running group on a 5K run at 9 a.m. Though 9 a.m. may not seem that late in the day, it’s late enough in the morning for the humidity and heat to be raging in Ocala. Everyone returns from the run absolutely dripping sweat.

Unfortunately I often don’t have time to shower between this quick run and my first personal training client of the day, so the sweat ends up drying on my body until I work up a sweat again teaching water fitness after lunch.

I’m pretty sure I spent the entire cool down song of today’s water fitness class fantasizing about my shower. I felt absolutely disgusting, but I’ve come to realize that the nastier I feel pre-shower, the more amazing my shower feels. It’s like that quote, “Without the bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet.” Without nasty dried sweat, my shower ain’t as sweet.

Now I feel clean and glorious and life is good!

Other than feeling like a gross mess, work today went well.

Functional Workout

In between appointments, I took some time to update the functional training board. I forgot to snap a picture, but since I had my notes in my purse, I detailed the workout below:

Functional Workout

I think that may be my workout tomorrow!


Lunch today was enjoyed in the break room.

chicken salad with trail mix

I packed myself chicken salad that I made using leftover chicken from last night’s oven roasted chicken dinner.

chicken salad

I wrapped it up in a whole wheat tortilla and enjoyed it with a side of trail mix.

archer farms trail mix

All of this food talk now has me daydreaming about dinner…

Hope you guys are having a lovely Tuesday!


  1. says

    Lovin all your workouts, can’t wait to try this one out! Question, what do you use to make the cute postings of the routine? I know I use picmonkey a lot to edit pictures, but didn’t know if you used another program to create them. Thanks, Julie!


  2. Julie says

    Do you have any tips for making good Chicken Salad? I totes attempted to make it the other day and it just tasted like carrots, mayo and celery with chicken. Lack of flavor/combination! Help! 🙂 Thanks!


  3. says

    Yup…I totally get you on the shower thing. After a sweaty workout, I always feel so much better once I shower. It’s kind of amazing! Love that workout. I got to try that out asap! BTW…the chicken salad looks delish!


  4. says

    I literally rushed around into town and back this morning, leapt into my car to drive to my Mum’s and fantasized about the shower I would have when I got there the whole journey! Nothing better than a long-awaited shower!


  5. says

    I think making chicken salad is one of my favorite and easiest ways to use leftover chicken. I actually am going to eat that today for lunch. And I totally agree – a shower feels the best after a hot, sweaty run!!


  6. Robin S. says

    I am so glad I discovered your blog by accident a couple of months ago. I’m 23 and currently working for RCCL as a singer/dancer and trying to stay healthy in a job where food options aren’t always the most accommodating. I have found your workout routines have sparked a drive in me to do my best to stay fit and active and healthy even when it might not be the easiest thing to do! Thanks for covering so many topics too. I have recommended your site to literally ALL of my friends and enjoy making your recipes whenever I’m home on land. Thanks again Julie!


  7. Ali says

    I just did this functional workout for the second time in a week and it doesn’t fail to leave me in a puddle of sweat and breathing heavy! Thanks for posting it!


  8. says

    I love functional workouts and am always looking for new ones so I don’t fall back to what’s easy for me. The best part about them is that you need little to no equipment and get a great workout.



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