Another Wooly Look

More Wool!

  • Beige short-sleeved sweater: Forever 21
  • Brown camisole: Forever 21
  • Maroon wool skirt: J.Crew (Outlet)
  • Brown tights: Banana Republic (Outlet)
  • Brown riding boots: Colin Stewart (via Victoria’s Secret)
  • Gold bangle: Banana Republic (Outlet)
  • Gold wishbone necklace: Etsy (The same one I bought for my bridesmaids!)
  • Gold headband: Gift from my mom

And two more things…

  • Sorry for not posting yesterday. Apparently all the women in my building ate tacos for lunch because the bathroom was hoppin’ every time I went to snap a quick photo and I’m not about to look like a looney taking my picture in a public bathroom.
  • As you may know, I am obsessed with the website for great deals on designer clothes. I fell in love with the dresses by Alexia Admor that were on sale on the site today. Just wanted to give you guys a head’s up in case you’re in the market for a cute cocktail-type dress! They also have discounts on The Culinary Institute of America and Cuisinart products today. Happy shopping! šŸ™‚


  1. Madeline says

    I was wondering whether you liked your Colin Stewart boots from Victoria’s Secret. I’ve heard mixed things about their clothes and shoes in terms of quality, have you owned your boots for a while? How have they held up in terms of wear and tear?


    • says

      i got them at the beginning of winter & they’ve help up really well! that being said, i also bought a pair of colin stewart wedges before that were really awful. they were really cheap looking and i ended up returning them.


  2. says

    Haha, you will have to show us and we can help you decide which one you should keep or if you should keep them all!

    I have an addiction to dresses as well and I am sure my fiance would be happy to know that they were all sold out in my size.


  3. says

    Sometimes when there are only a certain amount of an item left on Ruelala it gives me an extra push to buy it! It’s like “Oh other people like these too” šŸ™‚
    Totally love the maroon skirt and keeping up the Valentine’s Day festiveness


  4. says

    Cute outfit! The skirt totally looks like leather in the picture, not wool.

    I am obsessed with Ruelala! BCBG is my fave brand ever but I could never afford their stuff at “real life” prices. I can’t decide whether it’s good or bad that they are on Ruelala pretty regularly. Good for my closet, bad for my wallet, I guess šŸ˜‰


  5. Nicole says

    Very cute! Question…are those boots flat or heeled? Also, do you feel like they run true to size? I am on the lookout for something similar but I have had trouble with ordering shoes from VS before. Thanks!



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