Arrival in Atlanta

Hello from Atlanta!

We made it to Atlanta in what felt like no time at all. For some reason I was under the impression that the drive was nine hours, but it was more like six and a half. Not too shabby! I didn’t even have to break out the entertainment I packed.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about our drive to Georgia was the fact that I, the queen of highway hypnosis, didn’t fall asleep. Well, that’s a lie. I did fall asleep… but only for 10 minutes.

I awoke to Ryan veering off the highway to a rest stop singing, “Come together… right now… and take a pee,” to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Come Together.” I think it’s safe to say someone was getting a little delirious!

Clearly it was time for lunch, so we took a nice break at Subway for some sandwiches.

ritz carlton atlanta 003

I ordered a roast beef sub on honey oat. I love that bread!

ritz carlton atlanta 002

ritz carlton atlanta 004

A little before 3 p.m. we arrived at our hotel.



ritz carlton atlanta 007

And what a hotel it is! Open-mouthed smile

When I first blogged about our plans to visit Atlanta, I had two blog readers (Hi Anne and Jemma!) tell me to stay at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Atlanta. Jemma emailed me to say that she visited Atlanta on business and that the location of the Ritz was ideal – smack-dab in the middle of downtown – and that the rooms were plush and beautiful. I was immediately intrigued!

I emailed the Ritz earlier this week and reached out to them about our trip and was beyond excited when they agreed to host me and Ryan for the weekend. Talk about amazing!

Another thing that is totally amazing?

ritz carlton atlanta 006

Personalized pillows! Recognize those initials?

I was blown away when I saw a fluffy “JF” pillow on our bed. (Do you think I can keep the pillow case? I’m not sure how this works…)

ritz carlton atlanta 005

As for the bed itself… what a bed it is! So comfortable and clean. It’s the kind of bed you want to snuggle up in at night, sleep in late in the morning and order breakfast in bed… and not move… ever.

Of course we have to move around because we want to make the most of our trip to Atlanta. But, Mr. Bed, we will be back.

We have dinner plans with friends who live in Atlanta this evening, so I gotta go get pretty!

Scuba diving with whale sharks in the morning… Eek!


  1. Morgan says

    I am an Atlanta native!!!
    If you need a suggestion for Sunday brunch, head to Murphy’s in Virginia Highland…..I also highly recommend Two Urban Licks!! Best Mac and Cheese everrr.

    Have fun at the aquarium.


  2. Elizabeth says

    I took my monogramed pillow from the hotel montage in beverly hills a few months ago. My friend who works there said that they can’t really do anything with them after and that they don’t really care as long as you don’t skip out the door holding it above your head. But maybe ask since the room is free. Haha. Have a fun weekend!!


  3. says

    Have a great weekend! I totally agree about the ‘it never hurts to ask’! For example last night my friends and I had gone for dinner and the restaurant gave us complimentary homemade white chocolates! Now me being a choc lover prefers dark chocolate had to ask if they had any of those in the back! My friends were getting all sorts of embarrassed but guess what- they did…anddd of course everyone much preferred them to the white choc!


  4. Caitlin says

    I live in the A! You guys should check out Six Feet Under on the West Side for dinner/ drinks at night. They have the best view of the city from the rooftop deck.
    If you want to check out stuff that Atlantans are into, poke around Scoutmob’s Atl site for interesting happenings. Have fun!


  5. says

    you get to stay at a ritz carlton free? you are so lucky! i have always dreamed of staying in one of their luxurious hotels! and those pillow cases are awesome! have a great trip!


    • says

      95% of the time, people ignore me… but sometimes i get lucky! have you tried making a media kit about your blog? i made one after seeing katy widrick ( post about it and it really helps b/c it’s professional and lays everything out there. highly recommended!


  6. Yolie @ Practising Wellness says

    Oh my gosh, that hotel looks so swanky! How on earth are there JF intiials on your bed…do they do that deliberately?! They can’t keep a whole warehouse full of initialed pillows, right? I’m confused, lol! 😛 Whatever the reason, so cool! And absolutely amazing that you were able to stay there for free! Happy Atlanta exploring! 🙂 xyx


  7. Colleen says

    So glad you are visiting atlanta! I’m a long time reader and I believe this is my first time commenting. Anyway, you have to go to Empire State Sputh for a dinner if you can. It’s a fantastic contemporary southern place in midtown near piedmont park. There’s lots to do in the area–Take a visit to kai lin art if you can– it’s a great gallery on peachtree around 5th street. If you’re downtown you’re close to Castleberry hill which is loaded with great galleries and cool restaurants!
    Have a great time here!


  8. says

    It looks like your having fun. I’ve never been to Atlanta before. It looks like there. The Ritz is always a sure bet when traveling. Although I’ve stayed there many times I’ve never had an monogrammed pillow… Did you have to ask for that? JW

    Fairmont hotels are another good standby!


  9. says

    Dang Julie, that is AWESOME 😀 Go you for the free room– that is so cool! And pillowcases?! I have never seen that either! I would hope you can take them- & I’m really curious if Ryan got one too. 🙂
    Hope you guys have SO MUCH FUN!!


  10. says

    yay for being in GA!! i just moved to Georgia (Athens) in April for a job at UGA and I have to drive through Atlanta to visit my hometown in Alabama. I like Atlanta as a city (it was the first/only “big” city i ever saw growing up) but i HATE the traffic!! On another note, i’m getting married next month and i think we might be going to Orlando for the honeymoon!! i need to go back and read your post about the non-theme-park side aspects of orlando!!


  11. says

    oh my gosh this is soo crazy but the subway you stopped at is in my hometown! 🙂 we have like five subways in Tifton, Ga and I definitely recognize that one. Such a small world!



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