Bubble Wrap Beast & Holiday Pretzel Treats

First things first…

I just want to take a minute to thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful comments about our wedding video. Obviously it is a very special and personal thing to share and I truly cherish all of your loving words. Ryan and I feel so grateful to Merri for capturing such a wonderful day in our lives and I’m so glad you enjoyed a sneak peak into our special day.

I also love how you guys all seemed to enjoy the same parts I love… Ryan’s face as I walked down the aisle, Sadie going crazy in her bridal gown, my grandma saying she “smiled all night in her sleep,” a special hug from my dad, my nervous excitement with my mom, sister and bridesmaids… It was all so special.

Though Merri taped everything you saw in the video, she had help from a friend of hers named Rob (seen in the white shirt this post) when it came to editing the footage and making everything flow. Since some of you expressed interest in creating a similar video for loved ones in your life, I thought you might be interested in Rob’s contact information. He may be reached via email at robz1010@aol.com. Obviously I highly recommend him and his wonderful video-making ways! 😀

Okay, now we shall get back to our regularly scheduled evening post!

Bubble Wrap Beast

christmas treats 039 She may look sweet and innocent, but inside this doe-eyed vizsla is a wild bubble wrap popping beast! christmas treats 062

christmas treats 058christmas treats 069

Wedding presents are still trickling in and Sadie is still loving the packaging.

While waiting for some Christmas treats to bake in the kitchen, Sadie and I had a field day popping bubble wrap and making a mess.

Ryan arrived home in the middle of the madness and found us looking like two two-year-olds who just got caught coloring on the walls. 😀 Fortunately the beauty of bubble wrap isn’t lost on Ryan and he completely understood our popping frenzy.

Now about those Christmas treats…

Holiday Pretzels

I make holiday pretzels every year around the holidays as a sweet treat for coworkers and friends. My mom made these a couple of years ago for our family and we all fell in love with them!

They’re so easy to make and look festive and delicious at the same time.

You only need three ingredients:

  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate wafer candy
  • Red and green M&Ms

christmas treats 020

To begin, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Lay out pretzels over a cookie sheet and top with chocolate wafer candy. christmas treats 021I like to use white chocolate or white chocolate mint flavored wafers, though any chocolate wafer candy will work. You may find the circular disks at any large craft store such as JoAnn’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Now place the wafer-topped pretzels in the oven and let bake until the chocolate is soft, about three to four minutes.

Remove the chocolate pretzels from the oven and immediately press an M&M on top of each one, with the “M” side face down. christmas treats 032 christmas treats 027

Allow to cool until the chocolate hardens.christmas treats 026Once the holiday pretzels are cooled, transfer them into an airtight container.

christmas treats 040I transferred a bunch of my pretzels into a Santa tin and tied them off with a festive red ribbon for one of my gifts for my Secret Santa as part of Tina’s blogger holiday gift exchange.

christmas treats 049christmas treats 052Maybe I have you! 😉


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    So, is it weird that I’m totally heading to the store after work tomorrow to grab the ingredients for these Christmas pretzels? I was going through your delicious desserts section and couldn’t stop drooling over these. I will keep you updated on how they turn out! Btw I love your blog – it’s so entertaining and you always know how to balance your sweets and your daily exercise perfectly! I’m taking notes 🙂 thanks for all the knowledge, honesty and laughs that you, ryan, and sadie spread to your readers!



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