Donna 26.2 Breast Cancer Marathon Relay

donna marathon medal

The highlight of my weekend was, without a doubt, the Donna 26.2 Breast Cancer Marathon relay. Participating in this relay was my dad’s idea. He watched runners pass by my parents’ place during the race last year and felt incredibly emotional and inspired since my family has been directly touched by breast cancer. When he… 

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Leslie’s Bridal Shower

Leslie's Bridal Shower

Late Saturday morning, my mom and I hosted a bridal shower brunch for my sister! We had way too much fun planning the shower, prepping the food and getting a little crafty. My mom and I really enjoy crafting and did as much as we could during the week or two before Leslie’s bridal shower… 

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Thanksgiving 2013 in Sarasota


On Wednesday afternoon, Ryan, Sadie and I headed to Sarasota to spend the holiday weekend with my in-laws. It was so great to have a few days to catch up with family, eat delicious food and enjoy time away from everyday commitments. Participating in the Turkey Trot has become a Thanksgiving Day tradition and though… 

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Season’s 52 Jacksonville

season's 52 jacksonville

Our celebratory dinner at Season’s 52 last night was the perfect way to honor such a big milestone in my mom’s life. My mom, dad, sister and I had reservations at Season’s 52 in Jacksonville and before we arrived, I let the restaurant know the reason behind our special dinner. They did such a wonderful… 

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