Enrique Iglesi-What Now?

Did any of you guys out there struggle to get out of bed this morning? I think my body was really hoping for a three-day weekend when the alarm went off a little after 5 a.m.

Once I felt Ryan throw off the covers next to me and hop out of bed, I knew I should do the same and stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth, throw my hair into a messy bun and head to the gym.

It wasn’t easy getting there this morning but once I was on a treadmill next to Ryan completing 20 minutes of incline walking with 5 minutes of running thrown into the mix, I felt much more like myself.

After 20 minutes of cardio, I headed into my usual Monday morning BodyPump class. Good news! The instructor showed up today, which was a lovely change from last week.

Today’s class was challenging! It was a brand new release (well, new to me… not sure if it’s the most recent release) and included Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” which pumped me up!


Side note: I definitely thought Enrique Iglesias’ name was Enrique Inglesias until I just Googled that video. Ya learn something new every day. Just like the whole Lululemon vs. Lulumon debacle.


After the gym, I walked home with Ryan and leashed up Sadie for a 20-minute walk before showering and making myself a delicious breakfast.

Today’s creation is a new one that I planned around a fantastic-sounding flavor of cream cheese that I picked up at the grocery store yesterday.

bagelwich 031

Honey nut!

I had high hopes for this cream cheese because it reminded me of a cream cheese I used to love in high school. Upper classmen at my high school were allowed to go off-campus for lunch and my friends and I would frequently visit Great American Bagel where I would order a toasted bagel with half vegetable cream cheese and half pineapple walnut cream cheese.

I called the bagel half spread with veggie cream cheese my entrée and the pineapple walnut half my dessert!

So nutritious, I know. Winking smile 

This morning I spread the honey nut cream cheese on half of a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin and spread peanut butter on the other half before topping the two with apple slices.

bagelwich 035

It was quite a delicious little bagelwich!

bagelwich 039

bagelwich 037

Time to do that typical Monday thang… Work. Oh yay!

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