Everybody Dance Now!

It’s no secret that I was a big JTT lover growing up. I thought Jonathan Taylor Thomas was such a dreamboat and fell in love with him on Home Improvement. For those vegetarian readers out there, did you know he’s a vegetarian?


Eat your heart out, ladies. (I probably could’ve thought of a better expression for vegetarians, huh?)

Anyway, for me, JTT reached his peak in the movie Man of the House. I’m not gonna lie, I still love that movie. Chevy Chase + JTT + Farrah Fawcett = Win.


My favorite scene in the movie occurs when JTT, Chevy Chase and the other members of the Indian Guides do a rain dance to C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat.”

Everybody dance now!”

Not only is that song absolutely fantastic on its own, but it always reminds me of Man of the House and my long lost love for JTT. Basically, I love it.

When that song came on during the biceps track of the BodyPump class I took at the gym today, it took everything I had not to drop my weights and do my own rain dance in the middle of the room.

You should probably listen to it right now. Your Monday will be a little brighter, I promise.


Breakfast this morning was the old stand by.

chocolate smoothie 002

A chocolate peanut butter cup smoothie! Nice and portable because I’m taking this baby to go.

chocolate smoothie 003

I’m off to the Social Security office. Any guesses what I’m doing? I’ll give you a clue: It’s something I should’ve done months ago.

Weekend Catch Up

Playing catch up from the weekend? Here’s a brief summary:


  1. Emily says

    I crushed HARD on JTT. He was totally the Biebs of our generation! You know you’ve made it big when you hit the covers of Teen Bop, Teen Beat, Teen whatever. Then we all grew up and moved onto Leo DiCaprio after “Titanic”.

    PS – Julie, I stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago and I can’t get enough of it! I always look forward to what you will come up with next. Keep it up!


  2. says

    Loved JTT and that movie!

    But even more, I loved Jonathan Jackson and “Camp Nowhere”. 🙂

    Name change time! I’ve been married almost 3 years and still haven’t changed my passport. Oops!


  3. says

    I’ve recently been revisiting my childhood crushes. I wish I saved all those old copies of Tiger Beat so I an giggle at how obsessed I was. All of us should start a list of the 90s crush-worthy guys and have a where are they now blog! I keep it no secret that I’ve always been in love with Hanson, so I can get that page going!


  4. says

    Ohhh emmm jeeeee! I’ve been following you for about 15 months and have been so nervous to leave a comment (no idea why!). After reading about your love for JTT, Man of the House, and the rain dance, I knew I had to comment. Definitely my favorite…also, his squirrel named Numb Nuts! (I’m so mature. Ha!) Love the blog!


  5. Mel says

    Great call with Man of the House! I need to DVR that next time it’s on TV because it truly is a classic. One of the opening scenes when Farrah tells Chevy that breakfast is usually yogurt, fruit and granola (after he makes a huge breakfast fail) is what I think first inspired me to try the concoction. Now even the mention makes me hungry!


  6. Amanda Jewell @ Science&Bananas says

    Um I was totally obsessed with both JTT and Devon Sawa (umm hello Now and Then hottie)! Sadly, they both kind of peaked at around 16 🙂


  7. says

    Oh I loved JTT! And that movie was awesome 🙂 Every so often I see that it’s on the movie channels we have.
    I was so sad when he left Home Improvement! Also did you know that show first started 20 years ago?! And I didn’t know he was a vegetarian.


  8. Mandy P says

    um, i can’t believe you love that movie too! in all honestly, my girlfriend memorized the dance and i could probably show you 75% of today if you asked me! i heart jtt too!

    btw, an eggwhite sandwich with jam rocks my socks. thanks for the gift julie!


  9. says

    Ha! I love that song and that’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the movie.

    Too bad that WAS his peak, I had such a crush on him and could have used more face time of him.

    Good luck over the next two days, had my first BodyPump experience last Monday and recovered by Saturday! Great work out though!



  10. Katie says

    I loved that movie, too!! I have had that song on my iPod a few times and I get a little giddy when it comes on during my run. My boy and I have also recently started watching Home Improvement dvds at night, we are both big Tim Allen fans 🙂 The library is great for finding old shows on dvd that are surprisingly always available…haha


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