First Ocala Hike

Ryan and I were so excited not to have any commitments at all this weekend for the first time in months.

Neither of us can remember the last time we didn’t have one legitimate commitment on our weekend calendar, so it felt fantastic to be completely free today.

We decided to make the most of our free time and take advantage of one of the nearby hiking trails.

hiking 163

We loved hiking when we lived in Orlando, but had to drive a good distance to get to some quality trails like those at Weikwa Springs. Moving to horse country has its perks and a plethora of hiking trails are only a short distance from our house!

At the recommendation of a park ranger, we first completed the Swamp trail which was a two-mile loop that led out to a boardwalk overlooking Silver Springs.

hiking 173

hiking 181

The springs are absolutely gorgeous. The water is crystal clear and you can see the whole way to the bottom of the springs without a problem.

We hope to find kayaks to rent in the area to take out on the water sometime soon.

There was one little hazard lurking near the springs…

hiking 180


We saw that guy from the boardwalk, so there wasn’t really a safety concern, but definitely something to be aware of should we ever kayak. Very cool to see!

hiking 174

hiking 172hiking 175

hiking 182

When the Swamp trail merged into the Sinkhole trail, we decided to follow the trail to add another mile or so to our hike.

hiking 184

In total we completed just under four miles and had a blast.

The trails were gorgeous and the weather was perfect!

After hiking, we came home to grab a quick lunch.

Egg sandwiches for all!

hiking 157

My sandwich included two fried eggs, muenster cheese, tomato, roasted garlic hummus and arugula.

hiking 159

hiking 160


We downed our sandwiches, quickly showered and were off again to the movies!

I talked Ryan into seeing Breaking Dawn. I thought the movie was okay.  Truth be told, I don’t really love any of the Twilight movies, yet I still have the desire to see them all since I read the books. The birth scene made me feel nauseous! I don’t like seeing anything bloody and watching medical scenes in movies or television shows always make me queasy. Good luck to me during childbirth, huh?

And now I must rush off because we’re heading out to watch a Christmas parade!

Enjoy your night!


  1. Julia says

    Weird question but….how much does Sadie weigh. I see you often picking her up and wondered how heavy she was. Reason I ask is because I’m looking into getting the same kind of dog….so freaking cute!


  2. says

    We took our dogs on that same hike about a year ago and it was AWESOME — until we got home and found about a dozen ticks on them! Still cool, though. Makes me miss New England, where the hikes are h-i-k-e-s. Like, for realz.


  3. says

    A gator!?!? Wow, that is so cool. I’m from Vancouver (bears, mountain lions, and that sort of thing) so I can’t even fathom seeing an alligator! Have you seen one before?



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